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Mahek 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek and Shaurya are talking at night. Mahek tells Shaurya that they can change anything if they are together. Shaurya says I swear to keep working hard on things and we will win over everything. Mahek and shaurya goes to their places and sleep.

A woman from neighborhood comes to Sheetal and tells her how Pammi and Ajay threw Sharma family out of house and how her daughter is basically on roads now and how people are taunting and commenting about her family. Sheetal says Sonal is my daughter and I am capable of taking care of her.

At Ratan’s dhaba, everyone is waiting for washroom to get free, they have difficulty to use one washroom for many people. Kanta comes to Sonal and asks her to take rest. Balwant says I havent even got a cup of tea since morning, Mahek brings tea

for everyone. Shaurya comes to Mahek and says one investor has agreed to invest in business proposal, everything will be fine if he agrees. Balwant says what will be fine? you both fought against fate and became one but God is miffed and your love has brought us on roads, nothing is going to be fine, Ravi asks him to think before speaking, Balwant says I thought to take my last breath in my house but you both took away my house too. Pd says we all have lost our houses, if you cant help then dont say rubbish. Shaurya feels bad. Sheetal comes there, she is shocked to Ratan’s small room, she says oh God what have you done with my daughter? you people are living like cheap people but dragging my daughter too. Sonal you come with me, Kanta says Sonal she is saying bitter things but you have to take care of yourself and baby so go with your mother, Sonal says fine but I have one condition, she has take all family members with me, Sheetal says have you gone mad? they are bearing results of their deeds, you come with me and live peacefully, Sonal says they are my family now and I will bear everything with them with a smile now. Mahek smiles and hugs her. sonal asks Kanta to do her head massage, Kanta says you should go to your home, Sonal says I am at my home, home is where I have love and family, Sheetal gets miffed and leaves. Vicky says their strength cant be broken as its based on love, Shaurya smiles.

Rohit says to Ajay that Shaurya have created a good house. Pammi asks servant to make lasagna for her, he says i dont know how to cook it, she says then learn it. Sheetal comes there and shouts Pammi where the hell are you? Pammi says dont shout, Sheetal says I dont care whom you brought on roads but if anything happens to my daughter then I will burn you alive in furnace, Pammi says get lost from my house, Sheetal says I can make this house of yours in ghost house, I can forget relation too, Ajay says how are you blackmailing my mother? Sheetal says you and maybe even your mother doesnt know who is your father, I know you people made robery happen in your house and took insurance from company, I know many things and if I start speaking.. Pammi says what do you want? Sheetal says I want shelter on my daughter’s head, Ajay says we did everything to throw them on roads, Sheetal says if I start telling your stories then you will be in jail, you have one hour to bring Sonal in her house, just one hour to take decision, she leaves.

Mahek and Sonal cooks lunch for family. They serve it. Mahek is working in dhaba, she sees Shaurya sitting in dhaba and in deep thoughts, she hugs him from behind, Shaurya says what happened? arent you scared today that someone might see? Mahek holds his hand, she cups his face and says people can question our love, you are sad because of that? Shaurya says what if what Balwant said is right? we are together but it costed them to leave their houses and did we snatch everything from them? Mahek says love always increase, we might not have house and money but both families are united today, look at them with love eyes. Shaurya sees Harish and Balwant sharing food, he smiles and says you know you make me learn everything new every day, he pulls her in a hug, she says anyone can see, Shaurya says they will know that we are in love, she smiles and hugs him tightly. Shaurya gets a call and says what? Mahek looks on.

Shaurya and Mahek comes to Mahek’s house with Khanna and Sharma family. Kanta says why will he do it? Ajay opens Sharma house, Pammi says dont worry Ajay, I am playing chess not giving them house back. Sharma and Khanna family comes there. Jeevan says why you want to give house back now? Pammi holds his hand and says my heart has come on you, I felt bad to see you on roads but didnt want to give house back but Sheetal came and cried to give house to her daughter so I agreed, Ravi says so you are giving us house back? Pammi says yes but on rent, if you people pay me 1lac rent per month then you can live here. Ravi says wow, you are giving us our house that too on three times more rent? Sheetal comes there too. Pammi says Sheetal says I will take rent afterall its my house and if they cant give it then they can leave. She smirks at PD and Kanta. She asks what is the decision? Jeevan says how will we give one lac? Shaurya says done, I agree to the rent, Mahek looks at him, he hints her to remain silent. Pammi says you have to give 75K in advance in four days, if you dont give it then you will be thrown out of house, Shaurya says thanks for the offer, you will get your money. Pammi says you have four days to pay 75,000/- she leaves. shaurya says to Mahek that I dont have any answer but this is my chance to give Balwant grandpa his house back, Balwant says this all for me? Sharma and Khanna family goes in house.
Ajay says to Pammi that why did you give them house? Pammi says if I didnt give them house then Sheetal would have sent us on jail and dont worry they cant get earn 75K in four days, no one would pay them even 75 rupees. Shaurya and Mahek hears it, they close house door on Pammi’s face.

Scene 2
Jeevan says to Shaurya that how will we bring 75K in four days, Shaurya says we have got chance to get this house back and we will find some way to earn money. Kanta says this all happened because of Mohit, dont know where he is hiding. Shaurya says dont worry, money will be arranged. Vicky says I used to splurge 1lac in a party, Ravi says welcome to struggles of life. Kanta says we can sell furniture, Harish says no way, there is no arrangement of AC here and you want to sell furniture too? Shaurya gets call and leaves. Sonal says I can ask on job and ask for overtime. Shaurya comes there and says even if we arrange 75K by selling furniture, then what will happen after four days? how will we pay more money? Mahek says Sonal you dont have to do overtime, I know 75K is difficult to arrange but we will find some way. Shaurya says I request everyone to calm down, I will handle everything, I have talked to one venture capitalist. Harish says Karona if you have listened to me and have not given everything to Shaurya then this wouldnt have happened, you didnt listen to me and named everything to Shaurya and see we have nothing now. Shaurya feels bad hearing it. Mahek looks on.

PRECAP- Shaurya pulls Mahek closer, Mahek asks Shaurya to go away, she has to go on work, I am working at Ratan’s dhaba, Shaurya says but why? you think I am not capable of earning money? he tries to leave miffed but Mahek holds her hand and says I know you are more than capable of handling everything, I am just helping, Shaurya says do whatever you want, he storms off in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. precap is a bit cheezy!!!

  2. I think they should find a way to set up all of them wicked6demon to get back everything

  3. fans support karo serial ko fans are strenth of serial and sab fans demand karo vicky and nehel ki shadi ke grand function ki kyunki mohit ki shadi short me lapet li thi ye shadi to twists and bahot sare function ke sath ho jaye

  4. Anyone can tell me where is Vicky’s wife?!?! lol

    1. ChandaMaya

      Probably ran away with a servant man!!!!???

  5. But Vicky is already married to sruthi

  6. It will be gud to see if all evils r conquered in a week’s time and gud days start with entertainment which all r waiting for, we loved d serial but it took a route of other boring serials, hope it becomes d best with showing a gud happy world,and lots of healthy entertainment

  7. ChandaMaya

    Oh my, merry-go-round! Mafia gang, yes Chaaya sis. Read your past comments. Losers don’t work they steal so the crooks will always fail. Blinded by greed. Shaurya will make a come back doublely with Mahek at his side now and they will build a bigger and better home. Well, they will succeed again.

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