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Mahek 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahek says to Shaurya that if you cant eat parathas then you can go back to your home, we are punjabis and our days dont start without parathas. Shaurya says i will eat for sure as i am punjabi too. Mahek huffs at him. Family gives him butter on paratha too, Shaurya sadly looks at Mahek and puts butter on paratha and starts eating it, Mahek is surprised, Shaurya offers her but she glares at him, After breakfast, Shaurya has stomach ache. Pd says to Mahek that you know he doesnt eat oily food but you couldnt cook for him when he is doing so much for you. Shaurya is in pain, Jeevan says it must be gastric, he makes Shaurya do yoga positions, Ravi asks him to drink this syrup. Kanta asks Mohit to take Shaurya to room, Shaurya leaves. Mahek is worried, Kanta looks at her disapprovingly.

comes in room, Mohit says call me if you need anything, he leaves. Shaurya says those parathas destroyed my stomach. Shaurya turns on heater but gets his hand burnt. Mahek comes to him and blows air on his hand, she gets worried and says cant you see? she puts ointment on his burnt hand, Shaurya winces. Mahek cries and says why you are doing this? go away, i cant see you in pain, go away. Shaurya says then come with me to my world, Mahek weeps and says why so stubborn? we are not made for each other, you ate my home’s food today and this happened with you, Shaurya says i will become habituated, Mahek says you are pretending to not understand? you are not able to walk without even getting injured, you dont understand what i feel thinking that i would have to live my life without you, every moment, my breathing stops when i think about it, Shaurya says why you have tied yourself? why suffocating yourself? Mahek angrily looks at him and leaves.
Mahek marks red tick on Shaurya’s performance board, she says sorry you lost. Shaurya says there is no guarantee of winning and losing, tomorrow you will putting my victory marks and after 5days, i will win you, i dont loose and i heard that love has power but i can feel it now, he turns Mahek towards him and says i love you Mahek, he intensely looks at her, Mahek gets lost in his eyes.
At night, Mahek is lying in bed and recalls Shaurya’s deeds and staying at her home. In porch, Shaurya is thinking about Mahek too, how she gets worried for him. Mahek recalls how Shaurya claimed that he will win her, she wipes her tears. Shaurya is playing with puppy, agar tum saath ho song plays. Shaurya lies to sleep. Mahek goes to sleep too but is unable to sleep. She looks at Shaurya from window and sees that he is not sleeping too, she recalls their happy moments together and is restless while Shaurya is smiling to himself. Mahek helplessly gazes at him and weeps. Shaurya sleeps, Mahek comes in porch, she sits near door and keep looking at Shaurya sleeping, recalling their proposal, their intimate moments, she smiles at him, Shaurya feels cold, Mahek comes to him, tries to touch him but stops herself, she covers him with blanket, Shaurya wakes up and sees her, Mahek gets tensed. Shaurya stares at er, Mahek tries to run from there but her dupatta gets stuck, she says leave it Shaurya, Shaurya says turn and see. its puppy pulling on her dupatta not Shaurya. Mahek smiles at puppy and takes him in her arms. Shaurya says be careful with him, he is only witness of our engagement, why you came here? were you missing me? Mahek says i dont get sleep at night, Shaurya says even i dont get sleep at night, we are match made in heaven, Mahek says we dont match at all, Shaurya says i know, we have different life styles, different family values and all, what you want? want me to make posters of all this? Mahek says i will bring turmeric milk for you, Shaurya says recalls how his internet friend said same ingredient to put in milk to get sleep, he asks Mahek if she has some other sister too? she says no why? he says nothing, Mahek leaves.

Scene 2
Its morning, Mahek wakes up to shouting and counting of family. She says i dont need alarm now as Shaurya keep making mess. Shaurya has lifted PD in his arms bridal style, Kanta says this is no way to joke. Mahek says what is all this? put her down, Shaurya says i didnt bring my gym equipment so i have lifted light weight sweet PD. Pd says Mahek you are feeling bad? he can lift you in his arms too, Shaurya says no girlfriend, if i lift her then my arms will break, Mahek says you dont deserve to lift me, PD says you are jealous thats why saying this, Mahek huffs and leaves.
Vaitlana calls someone and asks him to meet Sanjay, she ends call and throws her phone away, she says all are useless.
Mahek says to Sonal that Shaurya has made serious matter a game, all are in his team. Sonal says who love like this in this age? forgetting everything for love. Mahek says this is not love, he is stubborn, there is patience in love but he is stubborn, soon this bubble will burst and then only truth will matter and and truth is that our worlds are different, Sonal says he came to live in your world, Mahek says he wont be able to be part of it, he will loose and go back, Mahek says family members are getting attached to Shaurya, he will leave and family will cry without him, Sonal says only family will cry not you? tell me if he leave now, wont you be sad? do you love him or not? Mahek looks down, and says you wont understand. Mansi says Rajiv has come Mahek.
Rajiv says to Shaurya that you are camping at Mahek’s house and has left new hotel, dont waste my time, Shaurya says your time is important but my life is more important, Rajiv says what is important? to forcefully marry Mahek? put on gun on her head and marry her, Shaurya says enough, i respect you but i will take my life’s decision, Rajiv says you are making mistake, destroying your own life but i cant so goodbye, he angrily leaves, Mahek has seen all this and is worried seeing Shaurya and Rajiv broken ties, Shaurya tensely looks at her.

PRECAP- Vaitlana comes in jail, her husband is dancing with policemen. He asks Vaitlana where is your pet? you have been feeding him so where is he? Vaitlana says he is there, her husband looks at dark cell where someone is standing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Moni7

    Hai mu dear mehrya family…. superb episode …our lovable chocolate boy shaurie said I LOVE U MEHAK??????….. today’s episode is too emotional….the way she cried and applied ointment …i too cried????….poor mehak she s not able to see him in pain…same way he too cried???… rajeev as v expected earlier he s the one who is going to back stab our shaurie?as per mami’s plan….feeling pity for shaurie?…

    1. Maanu13

      I feel sooooooooo sad for shaurya??????????
      No one in the world can’t love like this…. nowadays I’m falling for him….?????????
      Mahek plz accept him and try only once..he willingly spend 5 days then y don’t u????
      I think her love is not strong enough to match shaurya’s❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      Love u shaurya❤❤???????

  2. Geetharamasamy

    I think Now start fb Chating scences today very nice I love this serial so much………. I pray God this serial will come top ten serial list this year

  3. Hey, I think Shaurya surely wants to take revenge. I still remember that when he told after Mahek slapping him she has become hero and Shaurya has become villain. Now, by doing all this pple will hate Mahek and he will become hero once again.. as he is doing so many things for her to get married with her. Anyways, this thought keeps on changing as and when Shaurya shows his love to Mahek. Hey the suspense is still on..Karela king and Meera sharma chapter is not yet closed.

    1. Solace

      Mehrya even I also have that doubt from that day shaurya become soft..whatever happens I’m happy…becoz if he loves mehak really then it’s so good..if he ‘s seeking for revenge and later fall in love that will also NYC…we have to wait for it…

      1. Moni7

        Ha ha ha similar to ur ff solace …m badly waiting for that….

  4. Moni7

    But how cute he s …. happily ate that parattas with butter… ???….lift pd n did exercise…he s too naughty??… Got hurt in heater shout in pain ??he s doing everything just for his love….i can’t believe it is rajeev sir…he betraying shaurie omg !!!!! Big shock for me….. tamatar lal s so cute today….bit her duppata ???…he s not going any where not even to his office ….acho ??….plz mehak accept him…say s to him…that mami’s evil plan …. she started her game dunno how shaurie gonna handle it…. already mehak playing in his life n now rajeev ….poor shaurie?….

    1. Maanu13

      Ya I feel too for this..mahek yena ma neenga ipadi panreengaley ma…….avana accept panu apa tha ava poi work ah Papan…avan future ey gali…love vantha girls boys future ah gali paniduvanganu ketturuken ipatha pakuren mahek sharma plz do something??????

  5. Missing nok jhok scenes of Mehrya badly. The episodes were really awesome especially those three episodes of karva chauth and when she danced at Shaurya’s home, and when Shaurya saved her from lorry drivers..I don’t think those kind of episodes can be seen in near future. I really miss them and as and when I have time I got to ozee player and watch those episodes.

    1. Moni7

      Yeah mehrya me too missing those Awesome episodes…bcoz he became too good which is highly suspicious…s wat u said s correct he becoming hero in in front of mehak’s family..and she became villan…. in-between mami and co…new entry mama ji and our rajeev sir…

  6. Moni7

    Karela king nd meera sharma….ssssssss he remembers that turmeric milk recipe?❤❤he could have ask her …mehak u know meera vl b a wow moment ??????but he didn’t ask her???….he would have blackmail her saying that v are made for each other if he come to know that fb chat …??…cha miss panniten pa shaurie….but very funny la u want me to make a poster !!!!!… enough stop saying it….

    1. Maanu13


  7. shabnam yadav

    ye soru kitna sweet lg rha hai or sorya ki smail too good
    kya mehek sory ki kya halat bna diya yar bechara…….
    bt kuch v kho yr so romayntic o button lgana and hand jalna marham lgana so sweet mehak
    apka to jwab nahi mahek
    bt soru v km ni dekhi kaise pratha khya o v ghi k sath
    mujhe to lagta hai sorya real me love karta hai mahek se
    so romayntic episod
    l love this show and i love ????? u soru

  8. Nice episode

  9. Moni7

    Tamil movie comes to mind is something something…same jayam ravi here our shaurie suffering s lot…n trisha who can’t see him in pain as our mehak ….but here in our show prabu s mehak itself .. dual role for mehak????…. supporting villans are shaurie’s family members similar to that movie….???song from kadhalan movie ennavale adi ennavale en idhayathai thirudi vittaiyai……..???? Kadhal endraal miga avasthai endru unnai kandathum kandu kondeen????….it exactly suits shaurie…for mehak song from majnu movie ????mudhal kanavae mudhal kanavae marupadi en vandhaiy????….

    1. Solace

      Moni dear namakku ulla edho wavelength irukunuh nenakiren..naanum indha filmathan Hindi it is also remade as ramaiya…vastavaiya..aana onnu dear andha padham mathiri nama shaurya kuh edhu aagala…adhuvaraikum sandhosam….OK dear today’s episode was NYC ryt..nannum azhudhuten…?????…

      1. Moni7

        Same pinch solace dear…..???apdiya hindi remake veriya….adhuvae telugu la irundhu sutadhu???…mostly ravi movies telugu remake dhan siddarth movies??as v know…ayio shaurie?????

      2. Moni7

        Adhan dear !!!Manick Bhasha madhiri irundha avan ippo verum manickam ma akkitalae mehak….!!!….???? sandha na thendral gal jennalai thandittal naiyama …kadhalin kelvikku kanavanin badhil enna mounam ma……innum innum enna
        enna seiya pogiriya ???? kandukonden kandukonden

      3. Moni7

        Sry typing mistake…???sandha thendral laiya jennal gal thanduthal naiyama????

    2. Ha ha dual role…pavam shaurya….pls accept him mehak….illaina moni akka readya irukkanga???….

      1. Moni7

        Priyanka dear…….baby ma noooooooo baby ma noooooooo…. shaurie enaku ka… appo latha dear and preethi and ishu enna murder panniduvanga…more over avan la enakku venam already leading la irukken…avan list la mehak ethaanavathu koda theriyala.????

      2. Moni7

        Irundhalum PD koda vida matran… naughty boy???… ellaraiyum oru kai pakardhu….PD vandhu patti….karala kattai madhiri thooki thookki exercise pandren????…. mehak ka thookana koda namakku oru entertainment ta irundhu irukkum…enna soldringa makkalae❤???… avanukku koda patti irukkanga but avanga la ippo kannom…. avanukku pati (patiophilic)… attraction towards Patti’s…

      3. Preethiilang

        Hi priyanka….shaurya ka mehek illa na ….we hav options dr like latha,preethi,ishu appadi nu orey list hey eruku da…..moni vanthu shaurya va periyaapa mathiri pakkura….so avan entha list la kidaiyathu…

      4. Latha

        Preeti super super Monima eppadi irukka chellam Preeti comment parthadarkkappuram. Hahaha…

    3. The Tamil movie is Something Something Unakkum Ennakkum,it is a remake of telugu movie Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana,recently the film was remade in hindi called Ramaiya Vastavaiya

      1. Moni7

        Yeah sunitha … siddharth movie…naanum pathu irukken dear….

  10. Mehek is too much.but why shourya is not going for work? Challenge is accepted but work time is not part of that challenge.full time why he is sitting in her house?because of this attitude he can loose rajiv also.but rajiv is a nice character .pls dont make shourya and rajiv part ways.already enimies of shouryas life is increased.i think that new enemy is rajiv.but its soo sad shourya……..pls make mehek and shourya together .

  11. Solace

    Hi r u all??today’s episode was NYC..especially when mehak cried when shaurya got hurt was awesome…yes still ms and kk chapter not over…today only I was thinking abut that…that the team left that ms and kk track incomplete..thank god today they just showed us some hope that it will be revealed…I just wanna see mehrya’s expression when they get to know that they were fb friends…oh god I’m really interested…???…today’s episode is jus awesome…I just loved it.shaurya u r making me crazy for u..???????????????…I’m OK with all shaurya karela wala shaurya and pyaar ki chashni mein dooba hua shaurya…guys what do you all think??is shaurya really loves mehak???or he’s seeking for revenge…tell ur views frnds and yeah I’m OK with both..becoz if the story takes that point then love hate relationship will be more interesting..the os I have written also based on this only…frnds plzz read and share ur comments yaar..I’m waiting….

    1. Moni7

      Shaurie neenga nallavan na illa kettavan na!!!!!! Untold story of zkm… shaurie ??????yaru neenga ??? Big question mark dear….my personal opinion is he is faking and pretending to be good…en kitta ketta naa REVENGE dhan solluvan….

      1. Latha

        Kettavan aana nallavan ..

      2. Maanu13

        Me too moni…revenge?????

    2. Latha

      Hi solace no revenge it’s pure love.

      1. Moni7

        Paaaaaaaaaaaaah enna oru support???

      2. Preethiilang

        S latha u r correct no revenge….only love

  12. Preethiilang

    Hi mehraya family…..wat a heart touching episode guys….poor shaurya to get back is love he is ready to go to any level…..every girl wnt get tis type of boy friend?……went he got hurt mehek eyes filled in eyes yar tat is pure love she can feels his pain…….today shaurya said love gives power…it is really true….?PD u r lucky shaurya as lifted u in ur arms…..

    1. Moni7

      But I love koda moonja oorunu vechi dhan sonnan….en…. preethi u want him to lift u baby????????

      1. Preethiilang

        Public moni wats up va solara

  13. Preethiilang

    I think soon karela king and meera sharma ill come to knw abt there true identity….both acting were super yar……mehek ur expression super yar???…..shaurya u r rocking man???Yes mehek u hav to play careful wit tamtarlal because it is oly witness of our choclate boy…….

    1. Moni7

      S dear tamatar lal oly witness ??….but adhu epdi satchi sollum????…wow cute family shaurie mehak tamatar lal…???…like 3 roses ,…..

  14. Moni7

    M so happy today …. aiyo ayio ayio sollitan sollitan ….. I luv u Mehak nu sollitan???..?? sollitanae avan kadhal la sollum podhey sugam thaanga la???? finally he confessed his love ???…adra adra adra shaurie???❤❤..sudden na sonnan ore shock ah pochi….plz mehak think ?? ivan yaro ivan yaro vandhadhu edharkaga sirikindran rasikindran unakkae unakaga ????…song from minnale movie….motta bonda mehak say s to
    shaurie….!!!!!!avan vinaidhandi vandhu irukkan unakaga so nee plz un veeta
    thandi po avanukkaga !!!!!!

  15. semma episode.

  16. Moni7

    Rajeev??????? Mami and co?????… they don’t have any work…????… oruthunukku ethana peru dhan villan na varuvinga…list of shaurie’s villan…. father mami ,ex gf,mami’s ex, mami’s current husband,new entry ex gf ,ex frnd rajeev… podum podum list lengthy ya poittu irukka .. in-between mehak vera torturing him.. evlo adichalum thaanguran avan enna avlo nallavan na da nee!!!!!!

    1. Maanu13


  17. By seeing today’s precap I can say that Rajiv is back stabbing our shaurya…….he is the blo*dy cheater……he’s today’s behaviour was totally unbelievable….rajiv was not like that before……my god enemies in shaurya’s life are increasing and he has to fight with that devils all alone and that dumb girl Mahek can’t even support his love…felling very pity for shaurya but he is the very strong man.he will fight against his enemies all alone as he is the only lion king of the forest

  18. By seeing today’s precap I can say that Rajiv is back stabbing our shaurya…….he is the blo*dy cheater……he’s today’s behaviour was totally unbelievable….rajiv was not like that before……my god enemies in shaurya’s life are increasing and he has to fight with that devils all alone and that dumb girl Mahek can’t even support his love…felling very pity for shaurya but he is the very strong man.he will fight against his enemies all alone as he is the only lion king of the forest

  19. What’s going on ? Very interesting today.
    His enemies are very dangerous.
    Episode 10 september 30. Scene 04:20
    Shaurya tells his friend : he can not lie if doesn’t wear glasses..

    Episode 58 december 7.
    08 : 30

    Shaurya tells Mehek again. Next time you wear glasses.

    i trust him.

  20. Soumi

    Hello friends. How are you all? As I am just not ok Shaurya is being more and more irresistible day by day . whether he is working on a plan to take revenge or just being in love I don’t understand at this moment, but does it matter to us? Today is heart touching episode pain, , sweet love confession, cute naughtiness with old gf pd, love it just. ♥♥♥♥♥ but I am disappointed with tomorrow’s precap.

  21. Moni7

    Shaurie cried so mehak cried !!!!!!…shaurie cried….. so moni cried????….i love to see that angry bird mookan shaurie?????…when he started scolding rajeev …my life my zindagi is more important…????..s y can’t he try to marry at gum point …but gun point n his head….kind of blackmail…????nee illa na sethuduvan mehak senjiduvan???…

  22. Maanu13

    Good morning my mehrya family,how r u all??hope for a great day ahead☺☺☺☺☺

    I didn’t watch the episode but I saw the paratha scenes… Shaurya feels so pain ….love is so painful yar…my dr Shaurya plz leave that stupid mahek and go then take care of Ur job…

    She want u to leave????????but she feels the same pain
    She is crazy saying the same again and again…plz try to understand mahek no one in this century can’t do this…he totally left everything for u…..
    But I’m sure as shaurya said he gonna win in this 5 days challenge…let’s wait???

    1. Moni7

      Yeah m good…. maanu……kadhalukku kaga ellam pochi shaurie ku…life yae gali….ore oru ponnu dhan avan life upside down…but still ivanukku epdi ivlo love romba love pandran…. accept panna mudiyala ennala… kandipa oru paiyan adhum ava adicha appram ipdi la love panna mattan…

      1. Latha

        Moni kutti yaar sonna shauri kku life gali nu inimel thaan pudhu life arambam dear. En accept panna mudiyala, kadalil ithellam sagajamappa adivangaradhu. Inimel No more kadoos only lover boy……

  23. Moni7

    Mehak love shaurie to that extent..which she can’t see him in pain…whenever he s in pain she felt that pain ….so oly she cried Badly… shaurie too his eyes filled with tears…plz mehak marry him…

  24. Moni7

    @preethi … shaurie enakku periyaapa madhiri ya ?????naa eppo sonnen… illa illa idhalam boongu attam ????..naatama theerpa mathunga ….plz naa othukka maten…naa enakku periyaapa la illa??… shaurie enakku shaurie dhan. .. darling shaurie???….naa list la dhan illa…but m in special mention spl category

    1. Latha

      Moni theerpu oru tadava sonna 100 tadava sonna madiri.

      1. Moni7

        Me pavam illaiya en pa ipdi pandringa…..plz illa enakku kovam varum solliten….azhudhuduvan……???….. enakku romba keshtam ma irukku… shaurie s always shaurie darling….

  25. Moni7

    Sry typing mistake shaurie periyaapa ila enakku….plz ipdi la sollathinga …manasu romba valikuthu ??????

  26. Moni7

    Solace and achu ff… simply amazing ….plz everyone…. have a look on it…u plp really like it …????

  27. hahaha kala kadoos I love u also he is saying seriously. when mahek told she has smile and tears. Love u mahek

  28. hahaha lol kala kadoos while expressing love also he is serious but mahek was very cute.
    She had smile and tears during her proposal…….. cute mahek :* kadoos shaurya >:O

  29. hahaha kala kadoos while proposing also serious look. Mahek is sweet. She had a smile on her face during proposal. kala wala kadoos shaurya

  30. GeethuNivas

    so many lov butterflies around sk other than mehak, its full of colors now-a-days…….
    keep loving mehrya fans……

    1. Moni7

      Yeah dear…v are the colors?????

    2. Latha

      Yes geethu u r8 dear….

  31. GeethuNivas

    sk shld fl proud becos of so many tamil fans, bt i am mehak’s fan (sk ah vida knjm athigam)…..
    anyways serial ah bore adikama directors move pananum

  32. GeethuNivas

    hi latha, s dr

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