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Mahek 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guests asks Mahek how she cooked food? Mahek runs and comes to kitchen, she takes deep breaths and says relax, why i get jittery infront of people? she calms down.
Mansi comes to chachu Ravi and says i never lied to Kanta, they will know, Ravi says just tell them we are going to mandir, Mansi says i never go to mandir, she will not believe, Ravi says God didnt give you brain, just tell them, they will trust.
Kanta says to Chacha Jeevan that i feel there is something fishy with Ravi.
Mansi says to Ravi why cant they tell family about it? Ravi says Jeevan doesnt wanna change and doesnt wanna let others change, even after so many years, Jeevan wears sarees to sell it, i have got salesmen for it but he doesnt listen. Dont tell anyone, when it will come then they will all know,

lets go now.
Balwant comes and in lounge and sits to read news paper, he checks his pulse, PD teases him by counting her breaths. Mansi and Ravi are leaving, Kanta asks Mansi and Ravi where are they going? Ravi says we are going to mandir to pray for Mahek, Kanta says why bother God? Ravi says let us go, we are getting late, Jeevan says its mandir only, Ravi says please let us go, he takes Mansi out.
Ravi and Mansi meet a boy in market. Ravi gives money to boy and says can you park your bike a little ahead, i need parking space later, boy does.
Ravi and Mansi comes to showroom, they see their car which the bought, he says i have named her laali(red), Mansi says its not good. One couple comes there and thanks them for doing aarti of car. They sit in car, Ravi says get down this is our car, couple says this is our car. Manager comes and says to Ravi that this is not your car. Manager says your car got burnt down, it was in godown and it caught fire, Ravi and Mansi gets tensed, Mansi says our laali.. manager says its not big deal, you will get car in 2 or 3 days, Ravi says what we will tell at house?
Kanta asks PD where is Mahek? Pd says she went to Sonal’s house, Kanta says what was the need? PD says if my friends were alive then i would have spend time with them too to back bite about you. Kanta says dont know where Mansi is too, she calls Mansi but Mansi cuts it. PD says you never go to kitchen, Kanta says it was me only who made Mahek eat in childhood, you keep taunting.
Jeevan and Mohit are selling sarees in shop. Mohit is irritated that father is wearing sarees to sell it. Kanta comes there. Jeevan says Ravi’s shop is closed, how will his business work like this? Kanta says they are praying to God, seems like they will beg for groom for Mahek.
Kanta comes home and asks Nehal to bring water for her, Nehal says you need cool water, she leaves. Mahek comes there, Kanta says why you came so late? Sonal’s mother and father comes there. Kanta asks how was Roka? mother says it was great, guy is great, Sonal told that guy has siz packs, his house is nice too, they have given such heavy ring to Sonal, she asks Kanta why she didnt come? you have to come in wedding. Sonal’s father says this wouldnt have happened without Mahek’s help, we had less food for guests so Mahek cooked restaurant like food so quick for guests and saved us, Kanta glares Mahek. Mother greets PD and asks her to eat sweets, PD says yes i got to know that your cow is being settled, mother asks Balwant to eat sweets, he says you know i have diabetes, Sonal’s father says these sweets cant be like Mahek’s cooked food. Sonal’s mother Sheetal says to Mahek that i will cook in your wedding. Kanta is about to scold Mahek, Sheetal says to Kanta that if your girls are not getting married then dont worry, Mahek can get work of being cook in weddings, this way she will earn, i have one more idea, open restaurant for Mahek, My daughter is getting married before yours, its not easy to get girls married, you have to sacrifice a lot, she leaves, Kanta is hurt and sits down. Mahek says i am sorry, Kanta says you want to get married or to cook in marriages? Mahek says i just tried to help, PD says it was her friend’s Roka, Kanta says didnt you see how Sheetal taunted? she is always competing with us, she says to Mahek that when will you get married? we have no proposal for you, PD says dont start again, Kanta says time will pass and Mahek will become woman, nobody is worried about girls in house, she says to Mahek that you wont go to dhabba from now on, go to walk with Nehal daily, Pd asks not be dictator, Kanta says i have right on her, i am her mother and you can call it my dream, responsibility or burden but i have to get her married, she says to Mahek that you will start dieting and no sweet dishes from now on, she asks Mahek to not to frown, her face looks more chubby.
Mahek comes to her room, she opens laptop. Mahek sees Karela king Shaurya has sent her turmeric milk recipe posted on his timeline. She gets angry and messages him that first you unfriend me and you have audacity to post my recipe and tagged me too? he messages her that her recipe did wonders, cheers. Mahek says what should i do? i sent him rude message, i called him robber too, i should apologize. Mahek writes “I sometimes boil like milk, i am sorry, friends?”, Shaurya writes “milk doesnt boil that soon”, Mahek smiles and writes “friends?”, he says “friends”, she smiles and writes about what happened in Sonal’s roka, she writes that when people asked me about how i cooked, i couldnt say anything, i got tensed. She sees Shauray is offline, she says he is weird.

PRECAP- Chachu Ravi says to Chacha Jeevan that i wont give extra money for Mahek’s wedding, Jeevan says how we will do it alone? they have to contribute, whole family bickers about dowry problem. Mahek says to PD that i am not tensed about wedding but there is so much arguments because of dowry, i feel bad.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So fast.. U r gr8.. Keep up.

  2. thnks for update atiba
    and about episode its nice …………
    I hate tat sonal’s mom … mehak helped her in roka still she taunts tat she didn’t get a proposal………I didnt watch the episode …but imagined while reading
    shaurya is reslly weird …….I can’t get his character ….sometimes he cheers her and same time he unfrd her…….
    looking forward for more episodes
    pls show shaurya’ lifetoo…….

  3. mahek +shaurya= mahury
    shaurya+mahek= shahek
    frds pls choose any one name for this pair….
    or tell me any other name …….

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Shahek is also good

  4. sry its maherya

  5. sry its maherya ………is tat ok

    1. Shahek is good

  6. Iswarya_santhosh

    What about mahesh? Ooops it sounds like a boy name… But it is very common na?
    Oh… Im sorry i forgot to introduce about myself… Hi guys myself iswarya… I wish to join u guys…

  7. Yes Athya,Shahek is good.
    Now I want to see their first meeting.

  8. hi ishwarya and chittychat…….is nice to meet (chat) with u drs……. I too like shahek …….guyz why dont u introduces urself….leme start
    am athya …….my age is 20……. sm from Chennai ……and u guyz….???

  9. hi rayna ….how r u… also waiting for their first meeting dr…….

    1. Hello athya..I am fine dear.And how are you?I am 17 yrs old and I am from Ranchi.

  10. wowww “MAURYA”

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    Hello athya….im iswarya from Bangalore…… Whats ur original name Athya?

  12. And I am Kiran from Bhubaneswar.. 🙂

  13. am good ranya
    ishwarya my original name is athyafathima dr…….. hi kirr and mahek

  14. waiting for today’s episode ….
    atiba dr pls update asap

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