Mahek 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Archie sees Mahek’s face

Mahek 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Archie glares at Neev. Mahek comes there running and saves Neev, her veil falls off, Archie is shocked to see her face, she recalls Mahek and Mahek is alive?

Shaurya is looking at Mahek’s photos on phones.Dolly asks him to go and talk to Archie.

mandhar and Banwari comes to Shaurya’s house. Mandhar shouts. Shaurya comes there too. Mahek is in veil. neev comes there and hides behind Shaurya, Vicky and Dolly comes there too. Neev says I dont want to go back to my father, he beats me. Archie comes there and looks on,she thinks what if Shaurya sees her face? Shaurya says to Mandhar that I will give you 5 lacs to you, Mandhar asks for what? shaurya says you can cook sweets for marriage, contract will be of 5 lacs. Mandhar says I want 10 lacs, 5 for sweets and 5 for keeping

Neev here. Shaurya says okay, you will have them but till you are here, you wont be yelling or raising hand on them. Mandhar agrees.

Archie is worried and thinks what if Mahek is back and playing games with her?
Harish comes to Shaurya and asks why he is playing 10lacs to Mandhar? Shaurya says I wont hear any opinion in this matter, I have decided.

Mandhar drinks wine and says I became rich.
Mahek comes near pool and sees Neev putting diyar around it, she laughs. Shaurya comes on balcony and sees Neev playing too, he smiles. Shaurya looks at Mahek’s photo and says to keep Neev safe, I have kept him here with me, I did right? I know you would have done the same thing, he smiles looking at he photos and recalls his moments with Mahek, tai hai plays as he hugs her photos, recalling his marriage with her, their sweet moments, dances and romance.

Archie comes to her room and throws things away, he says what the hell is going on? servant asks if she needs anything? she screams to leave. Her father comes there and asks what happened? you went to Shaurya’s house for diwali? what happened? Archie says Shaurya is mine, she cant comeback, not possible, I will stop her, I will not let go close to Shaurya even if I have to kill her again. Her father asks her to have medicine, you have anxiety attacks, Archie says stop it, he asks her to tell him everything, Archie tells him how she saw a girl of Mahek’s face, she says if thats not Mahek then who is she? her father says she has Mahek’s face, she is not Mahek. Archie says even then I cant allow Shaurya to see her, psychology says that he will react like that even if he sees a girl that has Mahek’s face, I have to see if her nature is like Mahek too.

In morning, Mahek is drying clothes. Archie comes there and says I brought chocolates for Neev, she asks Mahek whats her name? Mahek says Vandana. Archie says your bangles are nice, you are young for a mother, when did you get married? Mahek says around 7-8 years. Archie says you dont remember? Mahek says I dont remember so much, Archie asks how old is Neev? she says 6 years, Archie asks her more questions, Vandana says actually I had an accident and.. Mandhar comes there and says Vandana, what rubbish are you talking? Make tea for me. Mahek leaves. Archie thinks Kanta chachi can help.

Archie comes to Chandani chowk, she says its a filthy place, someone throws thrash at her, Archie shouts at her. Sonal comes there and scolds woman for throwing thrash at her. Sonal asks Archie what she is doing here? Archie says I came here for some work, Sonal asks if she know their house address? Archie says Shaurya told me about it, let me meet your family.

Archie comes to Sharma house. Jeevan says we were not happy when we got to know that Shaurya is marrying but PD made us undertand that Shaurya needs to move on in life, Ravi says Shaurya needs care too. PD says Mahek is not here anymore but she wants him to be happy ever. Archie says thank God for accepting me, but Shaurya is not happy completely because he has negative memory associated with Mahek and that is Kanta, till Kanta Chachi doesnt forgive him, he will remain in pain. PD says we all want Kanta to forgive him, it was an accident but Kanta doesnt accept it. Archie says Shaurya talks about Mahek a lot, can you tell me about Mahek more? jeevan and Ravi tells her about Mahek’s habits. PD says once Mahek broke her ankle and had to get plate to rejoin it. Archie thinks about it. Kanta comes there, Jeevan says this is Archie, Shaurya’s would be wife. Kanta glares at her and says what she is doing here? why you all are chatting up with her? Jeevan says one minute.. Kanta says I dont want to hear anything, Mahek has been gone for one year and she is marrying Shaurya? she wants to rub salt on our wounds? Archie greets and turns to leave. Sonal says I am sorry Archie,
Archie says its okay, I had to hear it, she leaves.

Mahek asks Neev to eat food, he says I dont want to eat it, she says I made parathas, he says I liked them yesterday but not today. Mahek makes roll for him and says this is paratha swing, eat it. He eats it. Neev is playing around, Mahek says if you dont want to eat it then I will make someone else eat. Banwari asks his wife where is her son? she says I dont know, they hear noise. Neev runs out of house. Neev sees a caravan going on, he runs to caravan and enjoys bhajan.. Mahek comes out and starts searching for Neev in caravan. Shaurya arrives there in car. Mahek is looking around for Neev, she takes off her veil and looks around. Shaurya sees Mahek in his car mirror, he sees her face and says Mahek?

PRECAP- Shaurya comes in caravan and looks around for Mahek, he sees a woman’s back to him and approaches her thinking its Mahek.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Very soon Archie will need a psychologist…

    1. leisa s morris

      hahahahahaha oh naz gd one…dat archie is a real mental case… i c a straight jacket in her future lol

  2. Writer please put all these funny and mischievous people (Banwari, Banwari’s wife ,Mandhar , Archie and hospital staff ) in jail. They had not lost their memories and bring a psychiatrist. Do not show that money can solve everything . Twist the story please. ………………

  3. Aww writers nonsense nonsense remove this show if it can’t get any better with mehak and shurya

  4. ChandaMaya

    Does not matter what serial it is all the serials have amnesia as it’s main issue . . . I think the writers are suffering from their own amnesia.?

  5. I like this serial for the strong character of Mehak. Now the writers are making this show very irritating.

  6. And Saurabh tiwari doesn’t like any negative comments about this show. On Facebook he said he would delete persons from the page if they were to make negative comments about the show.

  7. I am sure ZKM will loose if Sharya and Mehek will struggle apart. It’s getting boring, Nikki and ajay where ok at lease mehrya were together.

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