Mahek 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek takes Vicky’s breakfast to his room. She sees him seeing the footage. He says you can’t see it yet. I have to edit it first. She says let me see please. He says no. The glass breaks in all this. He says its okay. Breaking of a glass is good.
Mahek sees the video.. Inspector says to Shaureya the woman you are going to marry you killed her parents in an accident. I am the inspector who investigated this case. Imagine what will happen when mahek gets to know you crushed her parents under your car. Mahek stands in a shock. The glass cuts her hand. Mahek runs downstairs crying. She is totally shocked. Vicky says please listen..Shaureya says mahek stop what happened. He runs after her. Mahek comes near pool and cries her heart out. She recalls the video. Blood is dripping from

her hands. She recalls her moments with her family. She recalls her parents. Mahek recalls when they died. She recalls always looking at their picture. Shaueraya comes and says mahek listen.. She shoves him and sits down there in tears. He says what happened? She says you.. He says I what? She says was that right that I heard? You can’t do that. Shaureya says what are you talking about? My parents.. You can’t kill them. Shaureya is shocked. She says you can’t do that right? Please say all that is a lie. Tell me this is all lie. Someone is joking with us right? Please say something. Shaureya is silent. He recalls that accident. Mahek says tell me you didn’t do it. Please say once. Why are you silent? Please. Say. He holds her hand. Shaureya is silent. Mahek is in a shock. She is sobbing. Mahek says this is not right? Shaureya says I.. This is truth. Mahek is totally dazed.

Doli says where are shaureya and mahek? What if they have gone on honeymoon without telling me? Doli says where are you?
Shureya stands up while mahek sits in a shock. he says it was an accident. I was just 14. Please trust me. I was innocent. Mahek tries to stand but she can’t. Shaueray holds her. She says don’t touch me. Don’t even come near me.
Doli asks servants if they have seen shaureya and mahek.
Shaureya says please forgive me. This is what I wanted to tell you all this time. Mahek doesn’t listen to him. She can’t walk. Shaureya holds her. Mahek is sobbing. He says I was young. Please trust me. She says you killed my parents. You took my parents from me.

Mahek hits him. He says hit me do what you want please. I wanted to tell you all this. Doli is looking for them everywhere inside the house. She sees them in the garden. Doli says come inside we have to do the rituals. Mahek says go away from me. Just leave me alone. I dont’ wanna talk to anyone, He says please listen.. She runs inside. Shaureya runs after her. Mahek locks herself in the room. Shaureya says please let me in Mahek. Please listen to please. Please forgive me. Please give me one chance to explain. Mahek sits there and cries. Shaureya says why are you not saying anything. She cries and sobs.

Mahek breaks the stuff in the room. She recalls the video. She recalls her parents. Shaureya keeps knocking outside. He says please open the door. Give me one chance. He says I always wanted to tell you. Mahek says please go from here. Leave me alone. He says I won’t go anywhere. I will stay here with you. She says I dont’ wanna hear your voice. Shaureya says I know it was my mistake. Please forgive me. Please say something.
Mahek sits in the bath tub. The water keeps pouring on her. She is drowning. Shaureya says please listen.. Don’t do anything wrong. Mahek recalls when her parents died. Shaureya tries to break the door.

Precap-Shaureya tries to break the door.
mahek is drowning in the water of bath tub.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wht an episode now exited for monday

  2. Oh my goddddddd I can’t see this situation both of them I can’t………..this tooo much quickly scences director what it’s this…….. I after saw today episode I am really upset and freezed …….. this is serial only but I can’t think like that it’s today episode really heart touching scences I am really got sadness today episode mehek please forgive shaurya ….he done a big mistake on childhood only he is 14 years only please mehek forgive please……

  3. I’m happy….at least now mehak got to know the truth……here after no one will threaten their family……I’m sure true love will never be separated…mehak will surely forgive shaurya……

  4. Feeling sad for both of them.

  5. Today’s episode was heartbreaking to see the performance of both. Pls Mehak forgive him.

  6. omg what a episode today mahak’s acting is so natural today she made me cry and shourya too.this episode is so heart touching.till yesterday I was very angry on her but today after seeing her acting now my anger is vanish.I hope she forgive shourya I really can’t see shourya and mahak in this condition.feeling sad for them.

  7. Sarah check my reply to u on 25 may’s page of piya albela

  8. Oooo god what a performance,,, really very heart touching scene,,,, mehrya u both just superb,,,, I can’t see u both like this state,,,,I am very sad,,,, I know mahek this is very difficult to forgive shaurya,,, but try to understand shurya was just 14 years old,,, he is innocent,,, plz plz mahek plz forgive shaurya,,,,,
    Wait for Monday’s epi,,,,,,

  9. OMG quick known mehak truth it revealed instantly, i like this serial that which is not dragging to broads, i hope from next monday show will be going to increasing more interest.

  10. Chaaya

    Mahek is treating this all as if Shaurya deliberately pulled a trigger . . .all this philosophy of forgiving prior to marriage!! She is choking on her own words. A bit too melodramatic on her part. Shaurya is the own suffering more. Mahek will put him in prison, just watch!!!

  11. Chaaya

    My theory is that there were two cars involved and Shaurya swirved but really did not hit them. There was another car involved, so the mystery will unfold and Mahek will come to know this herself. I think Mahek’s mother or father has some secret too. Innthese details the deD is never quite dead. I think Mahek’s mother or father is still alive somewhere. The police inspector wascthe investigator, so he probably knows all of more as and manipulating Shaurya and his family. I think Shaurya’White Nanny knows a lot more.

    1. Ishika_Jindal

      Hey i am a newcomer i would like to say that mehak’s parents can’t be alive as their dead bodies were shown

      1. Chaaya

        Yes, I get it from a logical standpoint, but this is serial land, and what I meant is that anything is possible, like the wrong body, underground planning, etc . . . .just as the Chachi turned thug and is now good again! How about Sanjay, Mama missing? There’s no logic there, so one can assume anything with these serails. Everyone in this soaps have at least nine lives. Then there is instant action just by looking into the eyes of a deity!! So I am not as daft as you might think . . .

      2. Chaaya

        Oh, by the way, welcome.

  12. Chaaya

    What I am not hearing or seeing in this serial is the moments that people gobtontheir private altar or to their istadeva to pray . . . Oh how fate works in this world! A human would ask the coordinator, why? How? The play of fate is filled with irony.

  13. As u said he was only14yrs old that time geetha but if you are in mehaks place what will you do.Yours statement is right but mehak can’t believe that shaurie hit her parents.Anyhow they both acted very well.Hi chaya dii where are our friends they stop commenting that’s why I too stopped.But the serial is interesting now that’s why I commented.

  14. Ishika_Jindal

    Yeah i agree with that and thanx

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