Mahek 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya runs from the detention

Mahek 26th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to Vicky and Nehal I don’t trust this Nehal. Why can’t shaurya see all this? Nehal says he wont’ trust us. Mahek says yees he thinks he is always right. I won’t let him do something that might harm our hotel’s image. Nehal says I will come with you as well. Arman hears.
Mahek says I think Shaurya is behaving this way because I wasn’t here for a year. He will be fine. He needs some time.

Arman is praying. Mahek wakes up and sees Shaurya isn’t there.. She wakes up. Shaurya goes to room and changes clothes.

Mahek wonders what is Shaurya doing here at this hour? Shaurya kisses Neev in sleep. Mahek smiles. She hugs him from behind. She says till we are together everything will always be fine.

Scene 2
The party

starts. Minister says I hope the taste will be amazing. Minster says there will be kids dance after that food. Shaurya says kids dance wasn’t there in list? He says how does that affect your menu? He says we don’t have food for kids. Minister says its okay. Arman says in heart kids shouldn’t be harmed. They shouldn’t pay a price for what elders do. My brother died in a same blast. He calls someone and says we have to abort the mission. There are kids here. His master says what about our kids that are being killed? This mission can’t be aborted now.

Mahek says to Shaurya you look stressed. He says no I am fine. Vicky Nehal and Jeevan come there. Jeevan says I am so happy. I will meet ministers today. Mahek goes in kitchen. She says Shaurya get everyone’s entry done. He says sure.
Shaurya is trying to get out of his jail. He tries to steal he lighter. The terrorists are watching the place on TV. One says they don’t know they will all burn and die in a while. Shaurya takes the matchstick and lits the place on fire. All the terrorists are scared and they run out. Shaurya comes out.
Shaurya calls Karuna and says come here. I will sit with Neev Karuna says don’t worry about neev. He is asleep. I will stay with him. Mahek says thank you so much. Karuna says I know neev is very important for you and all of us. I will take care of him.
Karuna says you will handle everything there. mahek says you owned Shaurya the same way I owned Neev. I learned this from you. Mahek sees Nalini. She says I will call you later. Mahek says to Nalini what are you doing? Wherre are you taking all this? Nalini is silent. Mahej says where are you taking this blender? Are you okay? We need it here in kitchen. Can I ask why? Nalini says in heart there are bomb wires in this blender what to do/ She says I wanted to check it. It wasn’t working fine. Mahek says lets check it here. Mahek checks the blender. Its working fine. Nalini says its working. I will check rest of the stuff.

Shaurya runs from the detention. He is walking in the streets. He sees an auto. Shaurya asks people for help but no one helps him. The terrorists see that Shaurya has ran. He says we have to findd him and get him back here or Arman will kill us. Shaurya is on the road. He asks a man what time is it. He says its 7. He recalls at 8 they will start their mission.

Precap-The terrorists stops Shaurya.
Arman says to Nalini this is my mission. Nalini says we will fulfill this mission. Shaurya is in the truck.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow this series is getting so incredibly interesting that no one is commenting awesome!!!

  2. Oh my gosh. I love this series. But common people you making this more and more ridiculous. Terrible plot with the stupid terrorist. I’m a Hindu but you bringing Islam into the story. Are you trying to cause more problems as if this world doesn’t have to fear terrorism. Seriously guys grow and write proper plots and terror is real. Yes Muslims are known for it but you making things worse and people should fire the writers. Really guys.

  3. Jayashree….i’m watching, sometimes i have nothing to add. LOL

  4. Ritesh, Honestly i like that this show decided to have a controversial story line, although i’m neither Hindi or Muslim it is sadly the way of the world today, the thing is to separate the extremists from the ordinary people of faith, all religions all over the world have there extreme element. For me this is fiction and i take what they show as fiction time will tell how the show Mehek handles this delicate issue.

  5. Well, here my 2 cents
    correct me if I am wrong.. this show was about ” love” love story
    what does terrorist line and religion got to do with it. they have taken away the soft side and I know my friends and I checked out. we are waiting to see when the end of this lousy terrorist non-sense.

    most of us deal with harsh reality on daily bases. we just wanted to see a show (love story) to escape for maybe 1 hr, but nooooooo.. they had to put a lousy curve ball. any how

    have you all noticed Shaurya is not as built as before, he looks very skinny and shorter…

    we will tune in when the old shaurya( broad shoulder, built, topless and all) come back and have the romantic lines back..
    in the meantime, we call this show ” Ramboooo the bad version terrorist” :):):) sorry I am so put offffff

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