Mahek 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Mahek 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to family that Shaurya has to live like this, this is what adjustment means, right Shaurya? she takes water bucket from Shaurya and says bring your own bucket of water from kitchen, he says what? Mahek says geyser, is not working so you can boil water in kitchen and if its irritating you that much then you can go home. Mahek holds his arms/biceps and says tough guy right? Shaurya smirks, Mahek gives him empty bucket and says all the best, she smirks and leaves. Shaurya helplessly looks at bucket.
Shaurya comes in kitchen and tries to boil water. Mahek is smirking at him. Shaurya glares at her, he puts hot water in bucket he boiled and brings it to washroom. Mohit is in bathroom. Mohit comes out but Ravi says i have to hurry, he goes in bathroom, Shaurya is irritated, all

are smirking at him. Jeevan asks Ravi to come out fast, Shaurya is under pressure. Ravi comes out, Shaurya goes in. Ravi says Mohit you should have given me newspaper, Mohit says there is no photo of yours in it. Family listens some noise coming from bathroom. Jeevan says seems like he is breaking things inside in anger. Kanta asks Jeevan to go and check. Jeevan knocks and asks if everything is fine? they knock door. Shaurya comes out of bathroom in towel only, Mahek looks away. Jeevan asks are you fine? Shaurya looks at Mahek and smiles. Balwant asks what happened? Shaurya says there is dirt in bathroom, Jeevan says its fungus, i asked Mohit to call cleaner to clean it. Shaurya says i slipped on it and broke faucet, water is flowing down now, Jeevan says water is freely flowing? PD says dont worry hero, love makes people slip and break things around them, all smile at this, Shaurya sweetly smiles at Mahek but Mahek huffs and leaves.
Khanna slaps Vicky and says you did fraud in business, Vicky says you and your son have taken our business, Sameer says Khanna why you are slapping everyone these days? Vaitlana comes and says how are you? he is Sanjay’s right hand man and can take money, Khanna says Vicky is something because of Shaurya only, Vaitlana says are you drunk that you are praising Shaurya? and that loverboy has made fun of his whole family, you and your son is trending for drama, Khanna angrily leaves. Vaitlana says if Shaurya didnt start loving Mahek then i would have broken this father-son duo, i have to do something.
Shaurya says sorry to family for breaking faucet, Jeevan says its no issue. Shaurya says i will call plumber. Mahek comes there and says Mohit call plumber, Shaurya says i am sorry that you guys are facing problem because of me, Mahek says why you dont you go back home then? Mansi says he will eventually leave after 5days without you or with you, Mahek glares him while Shaurya smiles at her. Mahek ask everyone to leave. Ravi asks Mansi to stitch his button, she starts stitching button, Ravi jokes that romance in old age is something else, i break my button so you can come closer. Shaurya smiles at couple and looks at Mahek suggestively, Mahek huffs and leaves.

Scene 2
Rajiv calls Shaurya and says where are you? we have hotel work, Shaurya says i am busy, i cant come. Rajiv says i dont have decision making ability, how will i do meeting? Shaurya says sorry bro, you have to handle next five days, i am busy.
Shaurya comes to Mahek and says my shirt’s button is broken, she says which button? Shaurya breaks button and says this one, Mahek says do this drama in your next show. Shaurya says when Ravi’s shirt button broke then Mansi tuck it, i dont have to say more, Mahek says Mansi tucked it because she is his wife and i am your nothing. Mahek starts to leave but Shaurya pulls her closer and says you might not be my wife rightnow, but you will be mine, if you agree then we can marry today only, Mahek says i wont marry you, i am not your wife, Shaurya says you might not be my wife but you are wearing my ring so you are my fiance, are you tucking button or should i take matter to elders? Mahek glares at him and brings thread and needle. She comes closer to Shaurya and starts stitching his button, hum tum song plays, Shaurya tucks Mahek’s hair behind her ear, she looks at him and gets lost, Shaurya puts hand on her waist and pulls her closer, Mahek mistakenly pricks him with needle, Shaurya winces, Mahek gets worried and asks if it hurt? Shaurya says so much care? Mahek says i am not able to bear this kind of cheesy Shaurya, she huffs and leaves, Shaurya smiles.
Mansi asks Ravi to eat food for her sake, she says you work so hard. Ravi says if you make me eat with so much love then i can eat all. Kanta asks them to behave, you both are old now. Jeevan tries to get butter but Kanta scolds him for intaking so much butter. Shaurya comes there, Jeevan asks him to have paratha, Shaurya looks at oily food and gets worried. Jeevan says we are a weird family, our PD is old and chill, Balwant is strong and Ravi-Mansi are clear and transparent, Nehal is delicate yet tough, Mohit is stubborn and lazy and Kanta is simple and desi and Mahek.. she is polite, humble but really strong, Shaurya smiles and is mesmerized seeing Mahek in red dress and smiling at her family. Kanta says you called me dull? Jeevan says not at all. Jeevan asks Shaurya to sit and start eating. Mansi says to Mahek that how he will eat this oily food? make something continental for him, Mahek says sorry, this is what our family eats and he has to eat it otherwise he can go back to his home and eat what he wants there, we are punjabi and we dont start day without parathas, Shaurya smiles at her.

PRECAP- Mahek cries and says to Shaurya that why you are doing this? just leave. Shaurya says then come with me to my world, lets go with me, Mahek says our worlds are not same, why dont you understand? we are not made for each other, i am sorry Shaurya you lost today, she weeps and puts red cross mark on his performance board, Shaurya says there is nothing about winning or losing but i promise you that from tomorrow, you will be marking my victory marks with your hands, just remember it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode. Hey guys I am a silent reader of the updates as well as your comments. Can I too be a part of the ZKM family?

    1. Moni7

      Yeah katy ofcourse welcome to mehrya family…..

  2. Moni7

    Hai my dear mehrya family……i started laughing like anything on seeing shaurie… Oh man !!!!wat a love !!!!!…poor boy.. ?feeling pity at the same time….this motta bonda mehak sharma she s doing too much ??…..she have to pay for her deeds…… asusal naughty boy played with her?????…. actually he knows how to handle mehak vry clever???….vry good question y she wearing that ring she could have give it back na!!!!!….how dare she give him a red tick?????….i won’t forgive u motta bonda mehak….. sharma?…

    1. That is so mean of u!!!! body shaming a girl. She is girl with perfect figure and cuteness. She is far better than stick bodied and flat chested women.If u have issue with that character u are free enough to say abt tat. But whom u r mentioning motta bonda is samiksha! Moreover scripts are written by men so they portray women in a stupid way. So just chill and enjoy serial.

      1. Moni7

        And mind u language rashaya!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Maanu13

        Rahasya dr,we r here to discuss our feelings…so we can talk anything without abused language…we have full right to talk what we think no one can stop us… Moni didn’t use any abuse language she just make fun of samiksha bcoz she loves shaurya that much…is there any wrong In it???
        Even me too call her like Motta bonda only bcoz from the starting we use to call her by this name..

      3. Maanu13

        We don’t talk about her figure or body shape ok…keep that in mind…we used the phrase Motta bonda from the 1 St episode of India’s super cook show…that means we r mentioning her by her own cooking in that episode…don’t take too personal on this…plz….

      4. Moni7

        Rashaya. ….m not a shit to comment none sense…..i never used that word for portraying shamishka…..just for sake of entertainment said that word …even in that serial mehak was taunted by everyone bcoz of her weight…i already mentioned plz don’t it take it personally….!!!! iF U DON’T KNOW SEE MY OLD COMMENTS!!!!……i like shaurya khanna’s character not karan vohra same i like shamishka jaswal not mehak sharma… . inga iruka i mean mehrya family ku idhalam theriyum…i used to tease everyone like shaurie angry bird mookan shaurie… mehak mutta bonda mehak….all are just for fun…..m not hurting them personally….i don’t know who is shamishka then how vl i comment on her don’t have any rights to comment on her…..this s serial s fictional story…m seeing it as fiction …. in mehrya family everyone know vry well about me….m nt a that kind of cheap girl to hurt others …hope u understand….don’t comment about me….

      5. @moni actually u should understand and all who are commenting here bad about tat girl. It just a damn series. Any person who have seen this series reads ur comment will think u r speaking about living person lol tat girl whom u r scolding will be earning 20 k to 30 k per day

      6. no its not fun calling a person fat or mutta bonda or wtever is making fun of their body . Mehak is character but that person whom u r mentioning fat is samiksha. And its wrong to name a person mentioning their color, size, height . Yeah this not abuse but not less than a abuse. Even shaurya is dark complexioned. So hw will it be if we call him kala. And as u have right to say ur opinion same way even I have mine. Moreover even I didn’t use in any abuse in my comment

      7. Maanu13

        Rahasya have u noticed that no one is offending moni or me for calling mahek in that name…bcoz we r normal ppl we understand jokes and laugh at them..not like u…what Ur prob …

      8. haha fun and insult is two diff thing, lol k its ur opinion I cant help it. bye

    2. Moni7

      Sweta dear??????….super???….no dear maanu said i like shaurya more than mehak so oly that girl s saying karan is black kala…kala khadoos …no issues baby Just leave it….

    3. Maanu13

      Oh my sweetie,u came for our defence ….I love u dr ????????????
      Exactly rahasya go and consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible… Otherwise u should suffer alot ?????

    4. hahaha seriously that kala kadoos who was always insulting mehak for being middle class suddenly fell in love with her. He tortured her so much in that competition but that doesn’t matter . Now she is just distracting him so that he goes to his house and live luxury life these all girls have issue Because of ego he did that then he will take revenge from her. But girls only like such cheap character in real life also lol girls have lost mind. even though its a imaginary character no girl cant like it. on other side mehak being simple sweet girl who making him understand their families are diff. which is true evn in real life middle class and high class cannot mingle together. even marriage bet diff caste, religion, country also possible but not dif status k.

  3. Moni7

    He Left his business reputation luxury life for this mehak sharma but she showing attitude?????…. Mehak this s for u my side ????…punch on ur face??….told him to make hot water …don’t worry one day he vl throw that same hot boiling water on ur face girl??…m waiting for that moment ….damn sure he gonna take revenge ….then y r u crying idiot mehak ????…!!!!!!kazhundaiyum killi vittutu thootilaiyum aati vidra!!!!!!…..and this mami thai vizhavi…how she look ??omg!!! she s not looking like a mom of vicky
    Avankku sister madhiri irukka…her makeup her dress ???plz give her a

  4. Moni7

    Even i didn’t like this lover boy avatar of shaurie …want that arrogant egoistic Shaurya khanna back plz??????…..smirks nd killer simile….. copycat shaurie???….button stitching scene butterflies in my stomach?????????…. chumma sondhaiyae thirumba thirumba sollitu keeral vizhundha CD madiri….v r not made for each other???….. konjam antivirus software update panni plz avala konjam format pannuga pa…periya padyappa ramakrishnan!!!neelambari!!!…..angry mode la kattra… doesn’t suits her….and this angry bird mookan shaurie keep on similing i don’t understand y ????!!!!!! Avlo love va!!!!! I can’t believe it….i remembering prakash raj vasul raja mbbs…whenever he is in tension vl simile ???…and shaurie doing that !!! katti pudi vaithiyam!!!!?????? to mehak sharma like our kamal
    sir….ore gillugillippu dhan…i forget to mention this song frm ghajini movie ????oru maalai ila veyil neram….unakaetra alaga yenai mattri kondanae???yeah shaurie sacrifice everything for his love mehak !!!….yet she doesn’t understand shaurie’s feelings… intentionally hurting him but he accepting it with cute smile ???….i have a question for u Mehak if u really don’t want him in ur life then y r u nt slapping him whenever he try to get close to u ….u too lost ur thoughts on seeing him !!!!..then y r u denying it madu motta bonda mehak …..just hate u ….

    1. Hi everyone..good evening to all…Wow…akka..oru maalai ila veyil fav sng..neenga shaurya smile a vache semmaya avana varnikiringa ponga…suprji suprji suprji..????

  5. Big hai 2 all my dear MEHRYA FAMILY the episode was nice well said Moni7 this mehak is showing 2 much attitude she has 2 pay this 100% revenge trap is waiting 4 her button wala scene was superb anyways waiting 4 nxt

    1. Moni7

      Hai nayana dear. How r u…yeah revenge…. waiting for that oly.. plz make it soon CVS…

      1. Hai Moni7 iam fine dear wat abt u? same here iam also waiting 4 revenge sequence

  6. Moni7

    He looks soooooooooo adorable cute handsome in blue color shirt causals ?????umaaaaaaah … more doubt y costume change??????he s in cream color coat and white color shirt ???…. Mehak wearing that same red salwar… he simply admiring mehak as she s a Cleopatra???…chappa mooki mehak sharma…?…..mansi n ravi kaalam ponna vayasu la edhukku romance adha pathu ivan copy adikiren ada chai… shaurie ku idhu koda theriyala ????…

    1. Maanu13

      Hahahahha ama la…Nama aalu shaurya pacha mannu onnumey theriyathu la athan copy adichu romance panran…,???????????????
      Shaurya u r the bestest lover❤❤❤❤

      1. Moni7

        S maanu avan pacha maanu dhan shaurie pavam poor boy… now became copy cat too….but avanukku theriyadha sattam ondrum illai ???….avan enga red tick green tick la feel pandra ..avan feelings ellamae mehak kitta ipdi close sa polam nu dhan think pandran…poor boy…

  7. Moni7

    Red tick or green tick it doesn’t matter…at the end of 5th day u vl be with him ….no other go mehak u have to go with him??????he vl get his reward first kiss m sure about it,????

  8. Moni7

    Who vl get a boyfriend or lover or husband like shaurie u should feel lucky Mehak sharma….but u idiot showing attitude and throwing tantrums…u don’t know how precious he s ….frm angry man to lover boy now to office boy…all bcoz of u … undoubtedly for u oly for u….i kill u mehak if say anything again ??????…go pack ur bag and leave our house …go to shaurie’s house as bahu and mrs.shaurya khanna….mariyadhaiya avan koopdra appovae poidu avlo dhan ….illa nee avlo dhan unna koonuduvan…..

    1. Maanu13

      Exactly nobody ll b lucky as mahek..but she showing so much attitude…y she is unnecessarily scolding or taunting shaurya..he is new to this atmosphere how can he know everything from the 1 St day itself….

      U r irritating as mahek..hate u????????

  9. Hey people iam new here n u all don’t mind me commenting here ?…We all love shaurya ??and he loves mahek so we should not say bad about mahek coz shaurya will feel bad….hope u all don’t get angry on me

    1. Hope u all don’t mind *

    2. Moni7

      Hai mehrya….s ofcourse …but wat to do i like shaurya more than mehak…lol?????… so welcome n keep commenting….

    3. hai Mehrya123 welcome dear feel free 2 comment i also like his smile its like 1000watts volt

    4. Maanu13

      Ofcourse welcome mehrya… keep commenting

      1. Thank u Nayana n moni?
        Moni I don’t loke him more than mahek ??

      2. Thank u maanu ?
        N sorry for typing mistakes ?….moni u like mahek more ???i meant

  10. Moni7

    Again sry for few typing mistake …hell this auto correction….

  11. Moni7

    Today also he killed us by his cure cute expressions chance less shaurie ??????❤❤❤❤❤….again u stole my heart baby❤❤❤❤….” idhaiya thiruda “…….kallan da nee shaurie…..sweet thief stealing girls heart ??????❤❤…ur punishment is u have to do this again n again…..

  12. Sad Shaurie…Mahek, hate u to the core. Y she is troubling him…Pple keep supporting family members..Then y is she not
    Supporting him if he is considered as a family member. She is creating situations purposefully to trouble him. Shaurya mamaji is coming soon to Mahek’s home n I heard he will be cooking a dish for Mahek..Excited to watch upcoming episodes.

    1. Moni7

      Yep mehrya even i saw that spoiler alert regarding new entry n cooking wala scene in upcoming episode…me too excited ….

    2. Maanu13

      Yes mehrya…she want him to suffer and accept his defeat and leave from her house… idiot mahek y u always troubling shaurya from the beginning she only troubled him for a day she give happiness as a lover at the end of the day she again became a torture queen……fedup wit u mahek…
      Shaurya plz leave that idiot girl…she didn’t worth it…

      1. Moni7

        Ha ha ha ha torture queen?????

      2. Maanu13

        ????? s

  13. Moni7

    Good night mehrya family..

  14. GeethuNivas

    super ep want to read it again and again, hw can ther be a hindi drama without stitching button scene, i amm so happy and keep smiling on reading precap, mehak chow sweet of u, avlo love iruntha yen ipdi kastam padanum, pesama avan kuda poidalamla, kandipa sk avala kutitu than poha poran…… inimel over jolly scenes than irukapothu…… happy romance mehrya family

    1. Moni7

      Adha dhan naanum soldren geetu….avan romba feel pandran???????…poor boy???….s stitching scene isqhbaaz la kodda la shiva.?????

  15. I feel vr bad for shaurya. Y this. Y he is not to office being mahek family member y dont he go to office. Because of her he is going to loose his business his family. Mahek i feel sad on u

    1. Moni7

      No dear don’t worry mehak is oly for our lovable shaurie…..

  16. GeethuNivas

    hi kathy and mehrya welcome to our cute world…. keep chatting gals

  17. GeethuNivas

    moni cool cool sk mathiri patner ???????????, after marrge revenge start panalum paniduvan pola iruku, bt ipathaiku he s charm, mehak s falling for him again and will fall in the future….

    1. Moni7

      Avan kandippa revenge eduppan geetu…enanku adhu dhan vennum nalla irukkum pakka??????….s ore romance dhan appo dhan avan chumma irundhan????

  18. Aaiysha

    Hi guys plz join to me in MEHRYA family

  19. Aaiysha

    Hi moni and I accept u r feelings

    1. Moni7

      Hai aaiysha welcome dear keep commenting dear…..

      1. Maanu13

        Aaiysha welcome dr.. keep commenting

  20. I think if sharuya leave then she will miss him

    1. Moni7

      Yeah dear Leila…she definitely miss him…if he left her. But don’t worry he won’t???…he will win the competition and make her realize that he s loving her more than anything in this world….same way mehak also love our shaurie soo much that y she can’t see him in pain…so oly she cried and tell him to leave….they both are made for each other…..about the future again a big question???? Dunno wat gonna happen ..vl wait n see

  21. Moni7

    Hai my dear mehrya family…..m not hurting or scolding shamishka …..just saying about mehak sharma which is a fictional character….who s not real…. shamishka really looks cute ….. again and again m saying it is mehak sharma not shamishka …..if u guys think m wrong sry for that……@ rashaya how can u say that v are brainless plp?????????….. V criticizing mehak sharma’s character in zkm!!!!! NOT SHAMISHKA!!!…and if u r not understand…… i can’t help it ……

    1. Maanu13

      Exactly I agree wit u

      1. Moni7

        Thank u maanu???

    2. Ya moni aaka totally agree wid u just ignore dis type of ppl who don’t know anything wht we r saying n talking rubbish bout us huh..

      1. Moni7

        Thank u soo much sweta dear…live u dear

  22. Moni7

    And v are not a fool to comment on samshika jaswal….

  23. hi to all mehrya family members CMG to the episode :button stitching week ah iruku (ex: shivika) only romance but I need to see revenge plz mehak ,shauriya Ku OK solu apo than nanga parka mudiyum romance with revenge (romange) ah

  24. Mini yaar actually sameeksha jaiswal is a slim beauty.inorder to do justice to the role of mehak she put on weight.

  25. Moni7

    Love u dear sweta

  26. And I think shaurya is acting.serial hai to twist Hoga na.his sudden deep love for her is suspicious.i think he need mehak as a chef for his restaurant or he wants mehak to set his broken family as he know how much mehak value relationships and family.i apologize if I said anything wrong about mehrya.

    1. Moni7

      Hai sagarika welcome dear…no need for apology…u r free to share ur comments here…it s mehrya family…so no issues…even i felt the same way …he s pretending to be good….vl wait and see dear…..

  27. Hi mehrya family friends I little busy bcz 2mrw my baby birthday so I can’t comment and moni don’t mind yarum yedo solrankanu keep it up ur comments so many fans of ur comments and yesterday also super episode

    1. Moni7

      Hai alamu… thank u sooo much dear…s naa comments panni ttu dhan iruppan…. convey my wishes to ur baby ….happy birthday?????

    2. hi mangai akka advance happy birthday to ur baby if u don’t mind what’s ur baby name?and moni sis don’t mind others words ur rocking i coming to this site daily to read ur cmts

      1. Moni7

        Thank u nila dear…luv u soooooooooo much baby???????? s ofcourse i never mind…vl rock asusal dear……

    3. Maanu13

      Hi alamu,happy birthday to Ur baby??
      May God will shower all his blessings to Ur child…

  28. Moni7

    My dear mehrya family ….plz vl stop this nonsense issue now itself….no more arguments …..just leave it….thank u sooooooo much for ur support my dear family…and this is called family ??????luv u all my dear cuties?????❤❤❤❤❤….vl wait and watch ….. waiting for today’s episode…poor shaurie…




    1. Moni7

      Thank u jayakumari dear…luv u soooooooooo much….well said dear….?????…..kind of misunderstanding….

      But u all proved v r mehrya family… lucky to b a member of mehrya family????…no words to explain how much m happy now after seeing all ur support….our family is always the best family????.. feeling blessed coz of u all…. family members are the pillars of every family…v are pillars …. strong pillars luv u babies?????????❤❤❤❤??

      1. Maanu13

        Thanks for the support jayakumari…☺☺☺☺moni v r always wit u ..don’t care abt those ppl who r back biting….

  30. Thank you moni di.i read sameeksha jaiswal put up wait in order to do justice to the character.she is very slim

    1. Moni7

      Hai sagarika… i didn’t know that she put up weight….great artist????…she deserves a big applause ?????frm all of us…she s doing great job…cute cute expressions…thank u for ur info dear…

    2. wow I didnt knw that. She is indeed great. It takes lot of courage to put on weight in this generation where people have dirty sarcasm towards women figure.

  31. Preethiilang

    Hi mehraya family….today episode was superb…..mehek u r doing too much yar…..shaurya poor boy facing lot of problem because of her??…..mehek dnt try to become khadoos it does not suits you………but shaurya ur looking so cute in romactic avatar and also in khadoos avator…love u shaurie…..?……then his question was right y she is still wearing tat ring…

  32. Preethiilang

    Hey moni dr dnt get tension for silly things…..we knw tat we are not teasing samiksha……Lot of friends knws our very well so dnt get irritate of someone shit comments and all…

    1. Moni7

      Thank u preethi dear?

  33. Moni akka yaro solradhukaga neenga comments panradha stop pannadhinga.unga comments padicha semma entertainmenta irukum. Please keep Commenting akka.

    1. Moni7

      Hai hema dear kandipa dear vl comment…just ignore….thank u dear…..
      And hai priyanka dear thank u so for ur compliments ….. enaku andha song favourite?????

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