Mahek 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mandhar takes Neev and Mahek with him

Mahek 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Archie gives Shaureya panjiri. He recalls Mahek used to make it. She says what happened?
Neev says to 1Mahek you gave them my panjiri. I want panjiri. It was mine. Mahek says don’t talk like bad kids.
Archie says I made is specially for you. Neev comes and says it was mine. My mom made it for me and dadu gave it to her. Dadu says stop it. Don’t say that. Archie says don’t scold him uncle. That makes him lout. Archie says sorry sweet heart I thought dada ji kept it for you. I am sorry neev. she pulls his cheek. She says when did I say I made it? I said i got it made from your mother. I was ordering it at sweets but uncle said they have it at their house. He insisted so I had to take it. Dadu says you are right. Shauerya says Neev you are my friend right? Don’t

talk to elders like that. Shauerya returns her panjiri and leaves.
Karuna says Neev come here. She gives him panjiri and says smile now.

Scene 2
Shauerya is on his way. He sees a car and stops.
Neev is crying. Doli says this child is loud. Karuna says let me check. Karuna asks bhandwari what happened? She says let me see. Its Mandhar he says Bhandwarri and my whole family. I am taking them from here. My dad is out of his mind. Even when I asked them not to.. he took my family here. Doli says we have bhandwari ji money for his services. Mandhar says you can keep him here forever. I am heere to take my wife and son. Lets go or I will pull you. Neev says leave my mom’s hand. He bites on his hand. Mandhar says they are my family and I am taking them. Karuna says they are my guests. You can’t behave with them like this. Mandhar says no one can stop me. He pulls Mahek. He is about to hit her. Shaureya holds his hand and beats him. he says you have no shame? You don’t know how to behave with women? Shauerya’s guards grasp him. Neev cries and says I don’t wanna go. Please leave me. Please do something something. Mandhar is pulling Mahek and Neev. He had to leave them. Mandhar puts her in the car and says I am going. Archie says let them go shaurya.

Mandhar says now you see what I do. Mahek says why do I feel like I am forgetting something there?
Mandhar says bus will come in an hour. Neev says I want water. Mandhar says that man was fighting me? Neev goes somewhere. Mahek looks for him.
Shauerya wonders why was neev crying like that?
Mandhr says I will go home and make her mine.

Scene 2
Archie comes to Shaureya and says your last days to spend alone then I will be with you. Change now. He says thanks.
Archie and Shaureya go arti together.
Mandhar says bus is leaving lets sit in it. Where are mahek and neev? maahek comes and says Neev is nowhere. Mandhar says if he goes to that house again I will kill him.
Archie drops arti and it burns her hand. Shauerya says you should have been carful. He brings first aid.

Mahek is looking for Neev everywhere. Shauerya applies med on her burn.
Neev hides and comes outside Shauerya’s house. He says I won’t anywhere. I will bring ma here as well.
Archie comes out and sees Neev. She says he is back? She asks guards.. Neev says to Archie I wanna meet hero. Archie says get out of here. She shoves him out. mahek comes and holds him. Her duppatta falls. Archie is dazed to see her face.

Precap-Mahek says don’t touch my son. Archie says how can Mahek be alive.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. I hope tomorrow Shaurya sees her face. I was hoping they tasted that desert. They are dragging this out too much. It would be nice if Neev saw Mehek’s picture and said that is my mom that would get Shaurya playing detective.

  3. Boring… Shortest comment ever, from me…

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