Mahek 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mansi and Kanta are writing down things they need, she asks Nehal to call mehndi applier, Nehal says why dont you ask Mahek, Kanta says she has returned from show and has injured her finger, Nehal says from the time, she has come on Tv, you have made me servant, she goes.
Nehal calls Ajay and says i am fasting for Karvachauth, he asks for whom? she says you, he says but we are not married, Nehal says girls fast to get good husband, Mahek fasted last year but she didnt get you, Ajay says you are fasting this year, maybe Mahek will get good husband this year now.
Kanta says to Mahek that she has to fast for Karvachauth, Mahek says again? Kanta says you fast to get good husband, Mahek says but Sonal got married not me, Kanta says if you prayers are long then you will get more good

husband, go to sleep now.
Shaurya’s mother asks Nans why there is shopping bags here? Nans says its online shopped for Karvachauth, mother says i like buying in markets, those small markets and small shops, she asks Shaurya will he take her for shopping? Shaurya says i am not asking you to not shop but whats the need for fasting? you are not in age to fast anymore, father says keep your opinion to yourself, Shaurya retorts is he scared that if mother doesnt keep fast then something will happen to him? father glares him, Shaurya says think about someone else for once Mr. Khanna, mother says Shaurya says this is festive day, cant we stay like family? please, Shaurya says tell me where i have to take you, i will go with you for Karvachauth’s shopping, he leaves. Khanna(shaurya’s father) asks mother to come in room.
Khanna says to his wife that tell Shaurya not to show ego because he is rich, i was rich when i was his age too, when i try to talk to him, he is ready to bark, she says these are wounds of his life, it wont fill so easily, Khanna says till when you will keep remembering that thing? what rectification should i do to make you forget past? She says i can forget it but Shaurya wont forget it, they sadly look away from each other.
Shaurya is punching his punching bag angrily and recalls flashback back of some cemetery and death and kids beating one kid. He sighs.
Its morning, Sharma family is celebrating Karvachauth. Mahek is applying mehndi to her hand. Jeevan and Mohit are doing household chores, they are sad. Kanta laughs seeing Jeevan washing clothes, PD says this karvachauth is for men to know how difficult is household work, Jeevan says its not easy to run shop too. Mahek says he is right, Sheetal says these men should know how much we work, PD says free your husband for one day, let him go out on movie otherwise he is always looking through window of his room sadly, all laugh. Women start singing and dancing. Sheetal is dancing with Mansi, and Mahek. Sonal gets call from her fiance Vicky and says how can come rightnow? i cant come, she says okay i will try, she ends call.

Scene 2
Shaurya’s mother is getting mehndi applied to her hand, nans says it will bring color to your hands like your deep love. Shaurya smiles at them. Mother asks if Vaitlana will apply mehndi? One classy woman enters house. Nans says she doesnt like sindoor, fasting and mehndi.. She sees Vaitlana glaring at her and says she is here, Vaitlana scolds her servants to take her shopping bags, she does room spray and says all sweating, Nans asks her to not drink wine today, Vaitlana says i said all are sweating, She asks her servant to bring her cigarette. Shaurya comes and says to his mother that i am going for work, i have asked servant to bring all things you need, he gives her kiss on cheek and says bye Nans.. he is about to leave but Vaitlana says look here too handsome, Shaurya glares her. She aks if he is going on date as he is dressed up? Shaurya says Mami(aunt) you have time for that kind of things not me, i am going for meeting, she caresses his blazer and says it seems expansive, you like expansive things, Shaurya says i have learned things from you, she says in rich people’s house, if you keep cheap things, they become expansive too and we have raised you for 12years so.. Shaurya angrily looks at her and leaves giving his mother look.
Sonal says to Mahek that Vikcy wants to meet me, please come with me, Sonal asks Kanta to let Mahek go with her, Sheetal says Vikcy has bought new flat, i wont allow Sonal to go alone so let Mahek go with her, Kanta says okay go, Sonal and Mahek leaves.
Mahek and Sonal are leaving house when they find one lady in veil(its ajay in veil), he say in woman’s voice that i am here to sell bangles to Nehal, Mahek says go in, they leave.
Shaurya comes to apartments, he says to agent that i am buying these flats for my workers. Mahek and Sonal comes to same apartments, they meet Vicky in other flat beside him, Sonal says to Vicky that this is our new home? i will decorate it with flowers daily after marriage, he says as you say love, they lean closer, Mahek coughs. Shaurya is checking flat and asks about electricity and all, Agent says i will ask owner and comeback, till then you check this flat, he leaves Shaurya in flat. In other flat, Vicky and Sonal are busy talking with each other, Mahek looks arounf flat.
Ajay comes in Sharma house dressed as woman, Pd asks who is she? she says i am your neigbour, PD asks him to take off veil and show face, she says i will show face to my husband only as this is Karvachauth, i have come to meet Nehal, Nehal comes there and says i didnt call her, she sees its Ajay under veil and says yes i called him, she takes him from there.
Vicky, Sonal and Mahek enters bedroom of flat, Vicky brings Sonal closer and says this is our would be bedroom, how you find it? she says its very nice, he kisses her hand, Mahek feels shy and leaves from there to give couple privacy. Mahek comes to balcony of flat. Shaurya comes to balcony of his flat, they are standing in adjacent balconies, both close their eyes and feels breeze, they like peace and sigh calmly.

PRECAP- Shaurya comes in one room of flat and finds Mahek there, he says you? are you following me? Mahek says i have more important works then to follow you, Shaurya says whatever, he tries to open door of room but its locked, he says to Mahek that you have done this to make me stuck here right? Mahek says what are you saying? he says door is locked idiot, Mahek checks it and shouts for guard to help, both are stuck in same room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Love the precap !!!! <3

  2. Precap is nice ..
    .hi frnds…how r u all?????

  3. good episode

  4. Wow today’s episode was so good I’m enjoying this serial. Kya suspens h yr shauyra or os k papa ka. I think ki oske papa unlogo ko choood k chala gaya ho ga aur is liy shauyra mr.khanna se nafrat krta h. Pr jo bhi ho kal vaala episode or bhi mast aaye gaa. Aaj sabse jaada hasee to ajay or nehal ko dekh k aa rhi thi. Hiii BBB I’m happy to see u here thank u yr for your comment and a bigger thanks to Rayna for here to keep commenting daily. Love u guys.

    1. Hi my dear Naina,how are you?I am very happy to see you here that I can’t tell you.Love you too dear.I am happy that you are watching this serial.Keep commenting like this.I missed you a lot when you were not commenting.Glad to see you back.

    2. I am fine Naina.Lots of love for u.

  5. Hiii guys BBB and Rayna how r u guys. Today’s episode was awesome and it was too funny to see ajay like this super and I’m just waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

    1. Hey Naina,is this your comment or you are new.In above comments your dp was like earlier but in this your dp is changed.Plz tell me dear.You are naina or here is new Naina.

      1. Don’t worry my lovely and dear frd I’m the same naina but i really don’t know how it will happen. I am fine dear what about you. Are yr kya bataoo en dino bhut busy thi yr admission k chakar m but now I am free to do anything so I’m here for u guyz love you guyz.

  6. Aarya

    Precap is interesting….. kk nd ms chats r not showing now a days….

  7. Really the precap was awesome

  8. Hi…rayna,athya,iswarya, vavachi nd all frnds..whr r u all?

  9. I’m fine nd thank u Naina…Today’s episode is vry nyc…Aap kese hain??

    1. M bhi achi hu yr .

  10. Hii guys….Naina,BBB,Athya,Arshi,Ishwarya,and others.I am fine dear Naina.
    Now coming to the episode I liked it.Today’s episode will be more nice.Shaurya and mehek will get locked in a room.I am very excited for this.Plz cvs reveal the suspense of shaurya and his father soon.I can’t wait for it anymore.May this is a slow serial,but mehek and shaurya’s chemistry is going fast as compare to others serial,am I right guys?And that’s what I like about this serial very much.Waiting for today’s episode.

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