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Scene 1
Balwant says to Jeevan that Ajay is good relation for Mahek. PD says are you God? Balwant says i am elder of this house, i am not furniture, i cant bear this modern standards of this family. Mahek will marry Ajay only, i will leave house if Mahek doesnt marry him. PD says when you will roam on streets then you will know. Balwant huffs and leaves from there. Nehal glares him.
Ajay is sadly sitting. He says to Pammi that i was trying to get Mahek but your ego is big. Pammi says dont stoop to low, they will come on their on to us.
Nehal comes to Ajay’s house and slaps him. She says you kept calling me baby and love and when you saw fatso Mahek’s money, you went behind her like dog. Ajay says the girl who goes on long drink before marriage, they are just for use and we

marry girls like Mahek. Nehal says i will show your messages to everyone. Ajay says see this first. He shows her photos him intimate with Nehal, he says if you show my messages then your photos will go on internet, now behave like i am your brother in law, in year or two, i will divorce Mahek and will marry you. delete these messages and asks Mahek to say yes to proposal, get lost now. Nehal is in tears seeing her pictures of kissing Ajay. Nehal goes out of his room and breakdowns.
Balwant packs his stuff to leave house. Mahek is in her room and sees Shaury’a gift, she recalls Balwant’s words that Ajay is best for Mahek. He looks at gift of cooker and oil which Shaurya gifted. She recalls how Ajay insulted her for being homely girl, then how Pammi insulted her that she cant even marry their driver, then how Ajay proposed her again. How Balwant wants this marriage to happen.
Balwant is leaving house. Jeevan says dont be childish. Balwant says when kids stop to listen to elders then they are not needed in house. PD says i am tired of this oldie, i want to see if he has guts. Kanta says dont fight, you both are eldres. Balwant says i want Mahek to Ajay but no one is listening, it shows there is no value of my words here, let me go, let me die. Mahek comes there and says we wont let you die grandpa, i used to call you daadu before my parents die but because of my mistake, i lost that right but today, i wont repeat mistake to loose my daadu again, you wont die but happily live with all of us, you have to bless me in my wedding and send me from this house, then you will see my face in functions only, i am ready to marry Ajay, all are stunned. Mahek says if you are happy with that, if you think this is right then i am ready to do it. PD says dont take such beig decision because of his blackmail. Mahek says you made me learn to live for others so you have to be with me when i am doing it. SHe says to Balwant that i will marry when and how you want me to marry with smile, i dont want anyone to cry anymore, all should be smiling, Mahek leaves. Balwant asks Kanta to call Pammi and tell her we are ready, Kanta is tensed.
Mahek says to Kanta and PD that i am not in pressure, you made me fast for guy so i am getting guy. Kanta says you are doing this for Balwant, think about your happiness. Mahek says if this marraige can bring happiness here then i will be happy in Ajay’s house and no prince charming will come for me, PD says maybe there is really prince charming for you, who will come to you. Door knocks. Mahek says i will see who it is. PD says dont know if she has peace in her fate or not.
Mahek opens door and sees Shaurya there, she is stunned and staring him with big eyes, he softly smiles at her. She says you here? he says i am sorry, i shouldnt have come without telling, Mahek says no, no actually you came suddenly thats why.
Balwant says to Kanta that Mahek has taken right decision today, she agreed with me, it shows she still has my blood, PD says she agreed with it so you dont live on footpath, she is scared of you and this is not right, she leaves. Kanta starts leaving too but Balwant asks her to call Pammi.
Mahek asks Shaurya to come inside, he says i will leave, i just came to give this to you, he shows her paper bag, she asks what is it? Jeevan sees him there and goes inside. He comes to Kanta but sees her finalizing Roka with Pammi tomorrow, she says we will meet tomorrow, she ends call. Jeevan says i saw ghost, Shaurya Khanna has come. Kanta says again? Balwant says i will see. All come outside and see Shaurya there, Balwant asks whats in this paper bag? Balwant takes it from her and sees apron in bag, Balwant taunts that seems like your business is not going well so you are opening laundry business? Shaurya gets angry being taunted but tries to keep calm, Mahek helplessly looks at him, shaurya says this is Mahek’s apron, she left it on show so i came to give it. Balwant says are you that free that you will go to all contestants houses to give apron? Kanta says sit Shaurya, we will bring tea. Balwant says we dont have time for all this, there is Roka in 24hours, we have to do preparations, Shaurya asks whose Roka is it? Balwant says i cant have roka at this age, its Mahek’s roka. Shaurya is shocked and says Mahek’s roka? she got committed suddenly? Mahek looks away, Balwant says we dont print posters for wedding, if you are done then can we start our work? Shaurya sadly looks at Mahek and says i should be get going, he greets them and leaves, Mahek is sad too. Shaurya is going to his car, Mahek runs behind and says Shaurya Sir.. Shaurya says Miss Sharma what happened? did i insult you or your family for bringing apron? Mahek says thank you for bringing apron, that apron was with me in supercook’s journey, Shaurya says and you left it there. Mahek says i am sorry for Balwant’s behavior, you came here all the way and he taunted you, shaurya says thats okay, earlier you came to my house and today i came here, life is about give and take, i was thinking that after giving you apron, i would ask if we can go for coffee but.. i didnt know that tomorrow is your Roka. Mahek says i even didnt know it. Shaurya says really? you sad your family loves you a lot, what happened then? they fixed your roka without telling you? Mahek says a lot has happened in recent past and thats why i am doing this marriage, i cant share everything with you but you cant taunt my family like that. Shaurya says sorry, its my old habit, i couldnt avoid it, Mahek says change this habit, its more hurtful than slap, Shaurya says i am sorry, Mahek nods and looks down, Shaurya stares her and says i should leave.. one more thing, whoever you are marrying, think before deciding, if you take wrong decisions then sometime wounds dont heal in whole lifetime, take care, he pulls her in hug and gently hugs her. Sheetal is going from there and sees them hugging, she is stunned and says there is something going between them for sure. Shaurya breaks hugs, he sits in his car, Mahek waves at him, Shaurya leaves.

PRECAP- Mahek asks Nehal why you are crying? Nehal says you destroyed everything and now showing fake concern? Mahek asks what happened? Nehal says you wanna know what happened? will you be able to bear? Pammi and Ajay comes to Shaurya’s house and says we are Mahek’s inlaws, she is marrying my son. Karona says Mahek is getting married? Shaurya asks why did they come here? Pammi says to invite you on Roka, will you come?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Super episode. Saurya & mehek wonderful.

  2. shaurya hugged mahek seriously something is wrong & wat a dialogue he said 2 mahek Life is all abt GIVE & TAKE that means mahek give a tight slap & return he will take revenge its a guess ajay is disgusting dadaji rudely spoke 2 shaurya and he in a silent mode definitely kuch toh hai………. why did pammi invite shaurya 2 roka ? waiting 4 nxt week

    1. Hey nayana,
      Shaurya is right life is about give n take.I really think that Shaurya has changed.Today there were a lot of Mehrya scenes.Luv it especially the hug.

  3. Preethi ilang

    Hi friends how was ur day…..episode was superb…lot of mehraya scenes….shaurya sudden hug surprised me a lot… i always use to say this guy want mehek always closer to her so he is using this kind of way…….i feel really pity for nehal too ……

    1. Latha

      Preeti I didn’t expect this from our Shaurya and me too surprised after seeing that hug.

  4. Latha

    Except first part episode was superb. I don’t like Balwant he was emotionally blackmailing Mehak. PD always giving right counter to Balwant????. Comming to our hero sharurya awwwwwesome and mindblowing and also when shauri stares Mehak his eyes was full of love???????. Atlast mehak’s sincere advice and that hug was awwwwwesome❤❤❤. Lots of love from my side and Love u shauri sooooooooo much???❤❤❤.

  5. Latha

    I loved today’s episode very much especially that hug.

  6. Shaurya ne mehak ko hug kiya sweet…as to dono bahat cute lag rahe the….

  7. I loved shourya’s acting today omg…??? the hug showed his love for mehek…….now I would love to see the show daily…..eagerly waiting for the Roka not to happen

  8. hii everyone.. todays episode was really good.. i dn think shaurya just came to give the apron. he is upto something.. maybe if its good or bad i just want them to stay together.. cant wait to see mehrya together.. i wld hve enjoyef even more if they went fr a coffee.. missd tat scene a lot.. and nehal shld tell mehak everythng cz she can do smethng to stop everythng and expose ajay.. and if they do so thn thy wld surely seek shaurya’s help and we can see lots of mehrya scenes.. everythng is happening very fast.. i hope even the mrg cmes very fast so tat smethng wld happen and mehrya ll be together forever.. lets see wat cvs have planned for us.. thy wld surely suprise audience so as to increase trp.. keep watchng the show.. and how r yu all guys.. it has been a longtime since i commented.. i was caught up wid some work.. happy to see a lots of comments in our forum

  9. shaurya amazingly looking gud in his new soft avatar. guys any idea if Mahek will get married to what?

  10. “Life is all about give and take”!!!!!!

    Yea chal kya rahi he Shaurya ki deemagme!!!
    Lagtahe thappar ki v “give nd take” chalega.

    Uski akhno me kuch he aur baatome kuch aur. I’m cnfsd.

  11. Super epi. Mahek shouldnt marry ajay . Shaurya is planning for his revenge . Whether it is worst than agra .dont known . Anyway it is nice to see mahek &shaurya together

  12. this is so stupid!! how dare balwant to blackmail mehak like that? then he wiol regret it when he comes to know of ajays truth. n that nehal… why is she soo unfeeling and doesnt give a d××× about her sister who does alot for her? even that time she spoke alot to mehak then mehak made horrible food for shaurya to taste the first time at the eatery and then she apologised but fat lot of good that did. I like shauryas bew attitude towards mehak. way to go!!

  13. The hug was quite shocking and suprising but that scence was the best of all

  14. Hey guys,
    How r u all?I am too willing to know which Shaurya do u like the old Shaurya or the new one.
    Now let’s come to today’s epi,the epi was too gud n shocking.Shaurya hugged Mehak.At that moment I wanted that scene to freeze but but Mahek didn’t respond.
    So that greedy pammie invited Shaurie to the roka.N what did that Ajay say he will divorce Mahek but that is not possible as Mahek is only of Shaurya.Awesom plus fab epi.Luved it to the core.

  15. shabnam yadav

    nice episod

  16. Omg I missed watching yesterday’s episode…sooo happy to know that shaurya hugs mahek ……..I have to wait till Monday mrng to see these episode re telecast…

  17. I read in a link that shaurya family will bring proposal for mahek to marry shaurya …this is shaurya new plan to take revenge on mahek, and mahek family will accept the proposal and force mahek to marry shaurya..mahek will get a doubt that this is shaurya new trick.

  18. geetharamasamy

    today really suprised to me shautrya hug mehek at the moment i really frezeed awesome scences only only starting love scences and how dare you balwant to blackmail like that its really sad … and ajay dare you said to nehal after finished marriage i will divore mehek i really kill you ajay .. i think shaurya really stop is marriage and engagement

  19. Latha

    Moni what happened to you no comments. I think u r ok.

    1. For the first time,I didn’t see moni’s cmt. May be she is busy.

    2. Moni7

      Hai latha dear…net slow adha..??…she throw everything on him… shaurie picking her shoes..???? following her … remembers vodafone add….plz no scolding just for fun i said….???

    3. Moni7

      But coming to the promo….how can I forget that slap it still …..(nee adicha adiya naa epdi marappan dee adhu innum kannathala dhan irukku idhula edho oru ulkutthu irukku)…. something fishy….

    4. Moni7

      In last episode …shaurie said i won’t trouble plz delete my number…later if u have any problems make a call??….i won’t meet u again…u go in ur way i go in my way…next day morning itself shaurie is in mehak home …cling cling calling bell standing with paper bag apron in it..he always finding a way to get closer to her…fraud shaurie???then try to Brain wash mehak… decision about marrying ajay….and asking pammi aunty y did u come here??? But he is in roka ceremony
      with teary eyes??…on wedding day he s quite normal …nthg much emotional…he itself shock seeing mehak rejected ajay… following her picking her things nd holding it like her boyfriend…and finally placing her hand on his cheek saying “NEVER”…which is vry much suspicious….i don’t think so he told it on a good way….he still remembers what she does to him….something fishy…i guess we going to see new revenge drama frm shaurie side…poor mehak….. bcoz stil i can’t trust shaurie he can do anything …..

  20. guyzzz what is this happening .i want to see shaurie happy.i dont want meher to marry that ajay.i m very eagerly waiting to watch what is going to happen.i want this show even on saturday and sunday also.i cant spent my time .i have to wait for 2 days to know the story furthur……:(:(:(:(

  21. Now the story turned too much interesting.. While smiling shaurya looks so nice.. I love it

  22. I love the twist of serial.. It’s being even more interesting.. Shaurya’s smile… Haaa i love it

  23. Hey guys did u all see the new promo…I don’t understand the dialogues but still mahek is opposed to get married Ajay and walk out from mandap…and our super cute shaurya walk behind her holding her shoes and she throw her dupatta( chunri in Hindi I think)and hr holds that too..they both sit in a park bench and she ask him that u forgot my slap and he holds her hand and keep it in his cheeks and said never….and mahek feels shy and down her head…lovely promo… waiting for episodes…

    1. Hey Maanu,
      Ya I saw the promo.Too gud yaar.Seriously the last part where our cutipie takes the hand of Mahek n puts it on his cheeks n says kabhi nai(never) ,that was the best part.Can’t wait to see the next epi.

      1. Yes me too eagerly waiting for it…

  24. new promo out..

    dialogues r not clear.. can anyone translate and give full updates pls..
    promo link:

    1. Bella

      Hi siya….Mahek rejects ajay…on their marriage day…..their marriage wont happen…..

  25. I’m waiting for Shaurya and Mehek’s love story, I think it’s going to be beautiful. The show might not be KKB but I think they’ll surprise us.

  26. Bella

    hii everyone………i am new here…….i am also an huge fan of Mehrya

    1. Latha

      Welcome bella

    2. Moni7

      Welcome bella keep commenting….

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