Mahek 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mahek cooks Panjiri like old times

Mahek 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
One man sprinkles water on Mahek’s face, she wakes up. Shaurya, Neev and Banwari comes there, Neev says its my mom. Mahek wakes up and covers her face with veil. Shaurya takes out energy bar and asks her to have it. Mahek thinks why I feel like I have been in this position before? Shaurya and all others sit in car. Shaurya says maybe its the temperature change that made her fainted, he switches on AC for her. Neev asks her to eat chocolate bar, he moves her veil but when Shaurya looks at her, she covers face with veil. Shaurya gets call from Archie, he says what? I am coming.
Shaurya comes to hospital. Archie is crying and hugs him. Archie recalls flashback how she hit her father deliberately to call Shaurya to her. Archie hugs him and smirks. Shaurya takes Archie’s father’s

wheelchair and leaves with them.

Shaurya brings Archie’s father home and makes him lie in bed, father thanks him. Archie says papa you rest now. Shaurya says to her father that dont worry about pooja tomorrow. Father says If I couldnt come then Archie will come. Archie says he must be in pain. Archie’s father says I might not come but Archie will come. Shaurya says okay I should leave. Archie holds Shaurya’s hand says thank you, Shaurya moves his hand away and says take care of uncle, bye, he leaves.

Banwari says to Mahek that I am making turmuric milk for you, Neev says I can massage your head. Banwari says I think we should take your for checkup. Mahek says no I am fine, I just felt dizzy near that place, it was weird there, I will feel better drinking this milk, Banwari nods and leaves. Neev asks Mahek how she got ill? Mahek says so you get to know how I feel when you get ill. Mahek makes Neev lie his head on her lap and starts singing lullaby to him sweetly.

Archie comes to her father Arvind and says wow you are so nice actor, you said exactly what I wanted you to say, I love you so much. Father says Archie you didnt have to lie to shaurya, if he finds this out then it will br problem. Archie says you are getting old so dont take stress. Archie takes wine from servant and says get lost. Arvind says you didnt have to do what you did today. Archie says he diteched me for that dumb kid so I had to call him back, you used to much money to send me to study psychology in London and I am using study of human behavior that Shaurya is in my pocket, when I saw him first, he was perfect, he is dashing, perfect, loving and rich then I realized Sahil was just way to make me meet Shaurya and Mahek was just way to make us meet as Mahek had no standard to be with Shaurya, I know human psychology thats why I have impressed Shaurya and his family and dont you worry, whoever comes in middle of me and my wishes, I change their lives’ directions.

Mahek is sitting on bed. Banwari is sleeping on floor. Mahek mistakenly drops glass on floor bu Banwari doesnt wake up, she leaves room as she can sleep.
Mahake comes near pool side of Shaurya’s house and recalls blurred flashback again, Mahek thinks what mess is going in my head? how can I tell this to anyone else when I dont understand it myself? Shaurya is in garden and talking to client. He turns and sees Mahek sitting near pool, her backis towards him. Shaurya recalls his moments with Mahek, he starts approaching her, both are restless. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays. Shaurya stops and thinks what I am doing? Shaurya steps on water pipe and says shit.. Mahek sees him and runs away from there before he can see her face. Shaurya sees her gone.

Scene 2
In morning, Shaurya calls Archie and says its just diwali pooja, you dont have to come, she says dad is fine and I am coming to your house. Dolly comes there and says they have sent such bad sweets. Shaurya says if Mahek was here then she would have cooked best Panjiri (sweets). Archie hears it. Shaurya says to her that I will call later and ends call. Archie asks driver to take her to sweet place.

Neev says to Mahek that I wont take bath, I am bored here, I cant roam around here, I cant play here like in village. Mahek says I will make sweets for you? I will make Panjiri, Neev says you have never cooked it, Mahek says I must have cooked it sometime, he says no I always remember sweet dishes you cook, you have never cooked it. Mahek thinks if I have never cooked it then how do I remember it? Banwari comes there, she asks if he remember she cooked panjiri ever? he says I dont eat sweets so I dont remember. Mahek asks if he can bring stuff for Panjiri so she can cook? he nods and leaves.

Archie is looking for Panjiri at every sweet shop but they say its Diwali and all sweets are sold.

Mahek is cooking Panjiri. Neev says there are rats roaming in my stomach, cook it fast. Banwari comes there and says seems like you cooked it before. Banwari thinks poor girl must have cooked it in her earlier life. Mahek says I dont remember it cooking but I remember its recipe. She makes Neev taste it, he eats more and says its tasty.

Archie comes to Shaurya’s house. Neev is singing that Maa made panjiri, very tasty panjiri. Archie hears it, she says to driver that I want panjiri, my mother in law asked for one thing and I couldnt bring it? she acts like crying. Banwari comes to her and says if you want Panjiri, then I will bring it, she says thank you. Banwari gives a a bowl of Panjiri, she thanks him. Neev says no this is my panjiri, Banwari says Maa is making more for you. Archie says thank you, sorry Neev. She thinks if he didnt give it to me then I would have killed that kid Neev and took it.

Archie comes to Khanna family and says to Shaurya that I heard you talking about Panjiri so I cooked it, taste and see how it is. Shaurya gets tensed and thinks Mahek’s panjiri’s taste is still in my mind and heart, how to tell them this. Archie asks him to eat it.

PRECAP- Mandhar says to Karona that my family is leaving this house. He drags Mahek(who is in veil) and Neev, Neev falls down, Mandhar says pick up your heart piece fast otherwise I will break his legs, he is about to raise hand on her but Shaurya comes there and holds his hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Archie,Banwar,Banwar’s wife,Mandhar,Hospital staff they all should have gone to jail. Where is the law ???. Writer please do not confuse the whole serial.

  2. Sasha

    Seriously this serial lost its spark.. So boring track..

  3. Hi everyone…the story is going behind the limit…pls stop the nonsense..we want our old shaurya Kanna.mehak ur acting is super ..we want our old angry bussinence man…

  4. Why you are killing the story, This is the only show which is very interesting. Now the writers killed this story also. Why you making this much boring. Please quickly change the plot.

  5. Please give the serial its due. Just for TRP dont kill the characters and tarnish their earlier performances. Now there is no zest, spice or thadka here but a ride around the mill sort of tracks. Its better the mehrian fans give up watching such thrash tracks……………….. ever love tracks never need a separation, memory loss, reincarnation, double roles, defied deaths etc to boost trp, just with lots of love and understanding they can develop the story line without disturbing the protagonists role retaining their romance and understanding indeed!!!! 🙂 hopefully the CVs, PHs sense this and get back the mehek and previous glory of zkm at the earliest.

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