Mahek 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajiv says to contestants that Shaurya designed this bronze bull competition in which you had to give your 100%. Best dish of today was from Ashmit, you are going to next round, Ashmit is happy. Rajiv says second is Riya, Shaurya says Riya you cook really well, i can see you create nice dishes not drama, he stares Mahek. Rajiv says 3rd number dish was from Miss Chawla, all clap, Chawla says i will be first in next round. Rajiv says 4th is Sushant. Rajiv says last two contestants are Mahek and Indar, one will go to next round and one will go back home. RAjiv says both of your dishes were good but there was something less too which we couldnt ignore, good food is art, the person which put more heart and soul to dish was Mahek, Mahek have sigh of relief, all claps including Shaurya. Rajiv says garlic rice

was nice Mahek, you are going to next round, Mahek glares Shaurya.
Host congrats Mahek, Mahek says aunty came in clinic, whats her name? Host sees Shaurya and leaves. Mahek turns and slips but Shaurya catches her in his arms, they share eyelock, Shaurya lifts her and presses her wounded finger, she winces at pain, he says i am sorry, i dont like to give wounds nor to pain them, Mahek says its okay, she is about to leave, Shaurya says dont think i am planning to throw you out of show, you are enough for that, if you are thinking that you are fully selected then you are wrong, he shows her score card, he says other judges gave you 8 out 10 but i gave you 10 out of 10, Mahek is shocked, Shaurya says you know why? i dont want you away from me, i want you to stay here in this competition near me, i will torture you, you will cry and run and do lots of drama which will increase my show’s TRP so dont think that you are going to next round because of you talent, you are in this competition, because i want you to stay, dont eat more sweets today. Mahek says my brother slipped in childhood and hit stone, he started talking crazy so my chachi took him to clinic which made his mental state fine in two days, i think you should go to that clinic, you need it, thanks for your support, Mahek leaves. Shaurya says i like her, it will be fun to break her.
Mahek is outside venue, she listens someone calling KK, she says Karela king here? She turns to see its Shaurya hugging woman who gave pep talk to Mahek. Shaurya asks woman how come you here? woman says i missed you, Shaurya says aww mother. Mahek listens it from far and says this sweet woman is devil’s mother. Mother says to Shaurya that someone called you devil kumar, she was participant, she got hurt on finger so came to clinic, Shaurya recalls how he cut Mahek’s finger, he says i have some work, i am coming back, you sit in car, he goes. Mahek runs to his mother, she asks her to calm down and asks what happened? did devil kumar said something again? Mahek says i am sorry, i didnt know Shaurya is your son, mother says if you knew, then you wouldnt have told truth? Mahek says dont tell him, i am sorry. Mother calls for tea and says drink tea, you must be tired, Mahek says you? she says i dont drink tea, mother says you think Shaurya doesnt know what world says about him? dont worry, i am in your team, atleast there is someone who is willing to fight, Mahek says you dont know what you did for me today, can i touch your feet? mother says if Shaurya is devil then i must be witch for you? she laughs and says daughters dont touch feet but hug mothers, she hugs Mahek. Shaurya comes and sees them hugging, he says holy cow, what she is doing with my mother? Mahek says to mother that i should leave. Mahek starts leaving but Shaurya blocks her way, Mahek tries to dodge him but mistakenly throws tea on his suit, he says blo*dy idiot, she says sorry, give me coat, i will give it for dry cleaning, Shaurya says do you even know how expansive it is? he comes closer to Mahek and takes off her dupatta, Mahek is stunned and glares him, Shaurya wipes his coat with her dupatta, both stares intensely, he comes closer and puts dupatta on her shoulder, he covers her with dupatta, Mahek looks in his eyes, music plays, Mahek says you have manners or not? your mother is nice and you talk to girls like that? Shaurya says its fine till show but dont you dare to interfere in my life, Mahek says i dont like to interfere in your life, your mother is very nice lady, what she did for me, i can never forget it, i am in this competition because of my chachi and your mother so i went to greet her, Shaurya says dont you roam around my mother Other wise your life will turn from goodnews to badnews, blo*dy middle class, he leaves, Mahek stares him. Kanta comes to Mahek and asks how did she get injured on finger? Mahek says nothing.
Shaurya is in car with his mother(who advised Mahek to fight for herself). Mother says what that girl said that you are huffing so much? Shaurya says she is not my type of girl, she is dramaqueen. Mother says you had many girlfriends but nobody remained in life for more then 15days, Shaurya says they show their reality in 15days only, Mother says i told you to move on, forget that painful past, Shaurya says how can i forget? see fate n my hand, no love, no girl, no marriage, there is nothing in my fate, i had to go through pain that now i dont trust any woman. Mother says but.. Shaurya says leave it, why did come to shoot today? she says cant i come to meet my son? he says you are mother of most eligible bachelor, you can come anywhere to meet me.
Kanta and Mahek comes home. Kanta says how did you get hurt? She says to Mansi that they think thisis joke, first they insulted her and now they cut her hand, i will meet this show’s owner myself.
Shaurya’s mother comes out of car, she slips on stone, Shaurya runs to her as she winces in pain, Shaurya shouts on servant to throw stone away, he takes mother inside house.
Kanta says to Mahek that what is his name? Shaurya? Mahek says it was not his mistake, i mistakenly cut it, Kanta says you are working in kitchen for 12years but it never happened, Mahek says i never happened to come on Tv too, i am fine dont worry.

PRECAP- Kanta says to Mahek that she has to fast for Karvachauth, Mahek says again? Kanta says you fast to get good husband. Shaurya says to his mother that she doesnt need to fast for karvachauth, father says keep your opinion to yourself, Shaurya retorts is he scared that if mother doesnt keep fast then something will happen to him? father glares him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This serial is going too slow ….. at this speed ,soon everyone will feel boring ..

  2. Awesome epi…waiting for the past of shaurya to be revealed… Dono Ki luks bahuth intense hai..

  3. Please anyone say do mehek know the one she chats with is shauraya..

    1. No sweety,till now she doesn’t recognise that person is shaurya.When his mother calls him KK then mehek turns around to see who is KK.But when she saw shaurya then she has never taken a name of KK.She gets scared bcoz unknowingly she complained about shaurya to his mother.Then she has never taken a name of KK.So till now she doesn’t recognise him.

  4. Hey guys kya m aap logo ko join kr sakti hu. I really love this serial this serial is quite different from others. Mahek is so sweet but shaurya heis so rude to her but I love them. Hey my dear Rayna I miss u alot yr but now from today I’m here to comment daily.

    1. Hii my dear Naina,join us.I too missed you a lot dear.Now I am happy that you will comment daily.

  5. Hello athya,ishwarya,vavachi,arshi,BBB and others
    Loved today’s episode.So that lady is shaurya’s mom.His mom is so sweet.Thank God that atleast his mom is not rude like shaurya.Mehek will get a good and sweet son-in-law.But plz cvs reveal the suspense soon.

  6. hi rayna ayshu vavachi and new frds… r u guyz….

    am back ………guys am so happy. …aftr a long time. ..I had came to my mom’house. …….enjoying lot…..but the sad thing is jus came for 3days. ….

    missed u lot frds…

    and about episode. … was nice …..shaurya’ mom is so sweet…..waiting for upcoming episodes

    shahek rocks. ….luvng them. …

  7. Hii rayna Naina Athya
    Vavachi ishwarya nd all frnds….

    Episode is so nice…..

    1. Hey yr I miss u alot yr iam happy to see u here.

  8. Iswarya_santhosh

    Hi guys… Rayna, athya, vavachi, bbb, arshi and all others…. Episode was really nice… I like it very much.. I repeatedly saw the episode for 3 times… I love the episode… Before shaurya used to taunt mahek i felt like he is taunting me and whenever i saw him i really felt irritated… But now a days i really like him…
    If someone used to irritate us regularly and one daywe didnt saw that person means, we feel like missing him… The same old strategy, they r showing here.. But i like this show…

  9. Hi everyone am new in this show.. can someone tell me what’s this big hatred of shaurya towards mehek? And who does mehek chat with online?

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi dida! Welcome to shahek group??…
      Shaurya and his Frnd rajiv came to a cooking competition as a judge…. there he met mehek as a contestant… Rajiv tastes her food and he likes it very much… So he took shaurya to the dhaba, where mahek works, (rajiv wants shaurya to taste maheks food)but mistakenly mahek (without her conscious) add too much salt in the dish…. shaurya yells at her for this mistake… And taunts her cooking…. Shedidnt know about the extra salt so she gave answer to him…. Problem starts from this point… Basically shaurya doesnt like middle class people… After realizing her mistake, mahek cooked a dessert for shaurya and went to his restaurant, again shaurya insulted mahek…. But becoz of her dessert his hotel got 5star ratings… So rajiv wants mahek to participate in shauryas cooking show, but shaurya doesnt like her… Once the show started, shaurya used to insult mahek… one day Mahek was not able to tolerate him and ranoff from the show… After realizing her mistake she came to the set and think that the room is rajivs so she entered and asked him to give one more chance, but that room was shauryas… Again the problem started…. Shaurya wats to break her confidence , but mehek wants to show her brave to him….

      No both shahek didnt know anything about their chatting frnd… Mehek and shaurya are chatting with eachother without knowing the identity….

  10. Thanks ishwarya_santosh

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