Mahek 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sheetal pours kersone on herself, Sonal says maa. Mahek says what are you doing? Sheetal says dont come near me, i will burn myself. Sonal says why are you doing this? Mahek says i beg you to stop it. Sheetal says stop there, she asks Sonal to decide if she wants her mother’s life or Mahek’s support? Nehal says what has happened to you aunty? Mohit says we are requesting you, we are just helping me Sonal. Mahek says dont do this, i am just with Sonal. Sheetal lights matchstick and asks Sonal if she chooses Mahek or her mother? Mahek or Mother? Sonal looks at Mahek helplessly, she leaves Mahek’s hand and starts going towards Sheetal, she comes and stands beside Ajay. Ajay says aww, Mahek you couldnt do anything, my brother Rohit will marry Sonal two days later, do come, it

will be fun, Mohit tries to attack him but Mahek stops him. Sheetal takes Sonal in house. Mahek, Nehal and Mohit leaves sadly from there.
In hotel, people are coming to eat. One guest says that finally public is coming in restaurant, i hope people like it, Shaurya says ofcourse. Shaurya’s family comes there too. Sanjay congrats Shaurya, Shaurya thanks him. Media person says to Sanjay that Shaurya has taken your father’s legacy ahead. Sanjay says he has left even his father behind, right Shaurya? Shaurya says yes i wanted to make night good for Sanjay as he has come out of jail recently, he deserves one treat, Sanjay says i hope we enjoy dinner.
Mahek comes home and says to Kanta that Sheetal has gone mad, she cant see that Sonal call be happy with Rohit. Kanta says we did everything we could, we cant do anything now. Mohit says just call police and they will take care of Ajay and Rohit. Jeevan slaps Mohit and says its not easy to deal with police, when police will ask what is Sonal to us then what will you say? just shut up, she leaves. Kanta looks at Mahek and leaves too.
Sanjay asks Karona are you waiting for someone? Karona says no, Sanjay asks where your daughter in law? its big day for Shaurya and she is not here, Karona says she will come. Karona waits for Mahek. Shaurya’s family start eating dinner, they dont like it. Shaurya comes to investors and says you must like food. Svetlana makes disgusted face eating food. Sanjay says its good food. Karona gets Mahek’s call, Mahek says i was busy, what you wanted to say? Karona says today is Shaurya’s hotel’s launch, i wanted to inform you, Mahek says i totally forgot about it, i will come there, Karona says dont worry, i am here. Mahek ends call and says it was important day for Shaurya, i should have been with him.
Sonal is sitting in room and recalls sheetal’s words, how she emotionally blackmailed her. Mohit jumps on her window and knocks, she says Mohit? she opens window and says anyone can see. Mohit gives her phone and says Mahek has sent it, atleast we will be in touch now, you didnt eat anything right? Sonal says no. Mohit says i brought your favorite bread pakora, remember you used to steal my pakoras in childhood, i have brought it for your now, he makes her eat with his hands, Mohit says dont worry everything will be fine, dont lose hope. Sonal is in tears, Mohit says eat or else i will eat all. Sonal breakdowns and hus Mohit, she says everything is finished, Mohit hugs her back and says nothing is finished, dont worry, i am with you, Mohit looks on.

Scene 2
Shaurya gifts delicacies to guests and customers. All leaves. Guest says to Shaurya that tomorrow’s day is important for you, today some customers, some journals came, tomorrow these people will review your food, they will write blogs and will tell media, we are waiting for their review, their review will either make this restaurant successful or failure, tomorrow will be decision day, he leaves. Sanjay says to Shaurya that wow, everything was perfect like Shaurya himself, Vicky congratulates Shaurya. Karona asks Shaurya if he tasted dishes? Shaurya says yes, why? Karona says nothing, Svetlana smirks.
Shaurya comes home. He sees Mahek in blacony. Shaurya takes off hsi coat, Mahek comes there and takes coat from him, she says sorry i couldnt come to your restaurant launch, Shaurya says i didnt invite you, why would you come there? Mahek says it is necessary to taunt everytime? cant you talk normally? Shaurya grabs her hand and says i do what i want, i dont do drama like you do, Mahek says what drama i did? Shaurya says acting like nice wife, Mahek says that is not drama, i am trying fully that our relationship workout. Shaurya glares at her, he pushes Mahek on bed, Mahek falls down, Shaurya hovers above her and says why are you trying? i left you at wedding venue but why you are trying? do you love me that much? Mahek pushes him away and tries to go away, she gets up from bed but Shaurya keeps her dupatta stuck under his thigh, Mahek tries to pull her dupatta back but Shaurya pulls it towards him and Mahek falls in Shaurya’s arms. Shaurya mischievously looks at her, Shaurya asks do you love me that much? Mahek stares at him and says yes i love him a lot, the person who respected my PD and my family, the one who gave name to our relation, i am still finding that Shaurya because that Shaurya is hiding behind this cruel Shaurya, she looks at Shaurya in tears and hurt, she pulls away from him leaving her dupatta with him. Shaurya takes her dupatta, he covers Mahek with dupatta fully, kaun tujhe yun pyar karega plays. Mahek sadly looks at Shaurya and starts leaving but Shaurya says Mahek.. Mahek stops. Shaurya says dont have hopes from me, you are finding Shaurya which was fake,
Shaurya says to Mahek that you think i will change by you trying all this? you think i truly fell in love with you while i was fooling you? maybe i fell a little bit in love. Mahek is surprised to hear it. Shaurya says but i love you very little and i love myself much more, i love my business, my career, my restaurant, tomorrow you will get credit too for your recipes but only i will get success. Mahek smiles and says what is the need of success which you cant celebrate with anyone? but if you are happy then i am happy, best of luck for tomorrow, she lovingly smiles at Shaurya, Shaurya feels guilty and looks away from her, he turns around to avoid her.

PRECAP- Mahek says to Shaurya that those are my mother’s recipes, i know how to cook them, i am just requesting you to let me work in your restaurant for a few days to teach those recipes. Shaurya has his hand injured and bleeding, Shaurya says i dont need you Mahek Sharma, what you that i am street dog which needs to depend on someone? i will make those recipes work without your help, Mahek looks on disappointed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg omg the last 3 seconds shaurie u steal the show da but pls CVS let it not b what v c I hope there is some suspense as to y shaurie doing all this the faint hope still is there moni di I love ur comments ur amazing at sarcasm and pls CVS I really want shaurie not angry Bird mookan

    1. Moni7

      Hai ramya..

  2. Hiiiiiiiii…….guys how are you………
    Nice episode ……….

    1. Moni7

      Hai shabnam

  3. Wow today episode really awesome a specially shaurya I may be I fell little bit love wow that’s super. … I am waiting Monday episode moni dear how are you ma I miss you two days ma

  4. precap…poor shourya. …..I think sanjay jarur kuch gadbad kiya hogaab…oos recipies ke sath….compulsory he hv to take mehak help…den he helps mehak in sonal matter….aftr ll its clr…he loves mahek little bit…so i m eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes

  5. hai I’m New to this group.can I please join?I have been a silent readers all this time…

    1. Moni7

      Welcome to mehrya family daphine

    2. Welcome daphine

  6. atlast shaurie said he loves her a little..i used to watch many serials..rather than those super heros ..i feel shaurie is different and impressive..he does not have anybody else shade..his own standards…

  7. with ” a” little bit of love he could do something(ajay,fire,swetlana drama) for mehak..then if he starts(though already melted)then it would be gr8.

  8. Preethiilang

    Hi mehrya family…….today episode was nice and ok oly????…….Sheetal y din u burn urself aunty i expected so much tat u ill commit suicide all went in vein????………..As expected not oly sonal everygirl ill choose is parents oly???……

    Today episode after a long time back mehrya moments it was nice?????………but 1thing i wnt lky to say abt shaurya he speaks lky our hero kamal hassan ????……..he says i hav a love on ur little bit but i love my self more ufffffff????……..covering mehek wit her duppatta its nice but shaurya does not use to take advantage of mehek at anytime???……..u poor girl try to finding the old shaurya!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I felt very pity for mehek eyes full of tears oly???………atleast shaurya hav little bit of heart wen she congrats he was not able to see her????

    Precap karma wat ever u r doing ill get as a gift in return???…….u cheated mehek for receipe book now ur restratuant has gone flop???

  9. had a doubt?? whether shaurya dishes were really horrible..his mom also didnt say abt tat..or not upto mehak level

  10. Preethiilang

    Today shaurya voice sounds like VTV ganesh voice???

    1. Moni7

      Same feelings….

  11. hii moni diii….hiii achu diii… And all meherya fannnnn…..
    Today episode…. Omg ek dam bindass tha….
    I love our meherya moment….
    Bhut time bad dhikhai diye h so..
    I m enjoying there moments…????????????????????????????
    So many mixed feelings….

    1. Moni7

      Hai sapna dear…yeah me too mixed feelings…..

  12. A whole new love story is going to start. The writers of this show have changed the whole track. We people thought of a different kinda love story. And about online chatting,i feel mehek and shaurya don’t have net recharge . Mehek baby, u piss me off. No hard feelings.

  13. karma is a bad b*t*h

  14. Moni7

    Hai mehrya family…
    Geetha dear am good…how are u….

    Coming to episode…. wowwwwwwww?
    I hope u all aware of new whatsapp update ??!!!!….
    Suddenly i didn’t find anyone’s status?
    (Status enga da kannom)?…
    Instead of status now whatsapp story…

    Am damn confused and irritated ….

    Same happening in ZKM????…
    Shaurya☝ yes Little bit of love???..
    He is similing at mehak today..nice…

    Precap… horrible dish???…. then y always blaming mehak????.

    Apart from this…he having some throat problem i guess…(thondaiyil keech keech??…Vicks sapdunga ?)

    Regarding TRP…they blaming fan club???….but the real problem is poor story and screenplay…

    Adhan avan venna nu soldran la po ma mehak unakku oru arya surya vikram ajith vijay madhiri kedaippanga…

    (Plz mehak move away from shaurya khanna…start ur new life with the one who deserves to be with you…)

  15. I think he will remember wat she say n call her to his restaurant to help him

  16. Yay! He loves her (which is obvious) and he said it! There is hope for him after all. I hope he let’s her help him, because he will fail without her.

  17. i think this serial is the copy of “ask laftan anlamaz” some what similar

  18. Can’t wait to see what the writers do with the subplots. Mohit will get to find out more and the association between the scum Pammi and Sheetal, Ajay trio to Sanjay’s ultimate plan to use whomever and whatever conveniently to hurt Shaurya and of course Mahek. This newly forming bond between Mohit and Sonal will be the window to the behind operations of these villains. Poor Mohit he will be embroiled in all this mess. I am interested to see how the writers weave this subplot.
    Lol! I knew it, Shaurya’s dishes(?) a flop!!!! He’s such a baby, he still would not accept Mahek’s help. He is a real foolhardy man. He might seem the epitome of perfection but his heart is less than perfect.

  19. ChandaMaya

    I still wish ZKM the best. The serial is still better than some others which are slow moving and predictable. I am okay with being patient with how things develop. I guess we have no choice, so sit back and enjoy.

    Shaurya loves Mahek. Love is different from infatuation, so if Shaurya has been edited loved then he will have to discover it himself. I don’t think this is a story of unrequited love. Mahek has a pure heart and true to herself. She is brave enough to admit her love for and to Shaurya. It is not a sign of weakness to show one’s vulnerability. Mahek is confident in her love for Shaurya and she is willing to take the risk of losing. Shaurya is obsessed with winning material things. Little does he know he won the greatest thing, someone’s love who is willing to sacrifice everything – Mahek! Let’s see what this bit of love he feels. He is really fighting his better descrestion.

  20. Latha

    I think today shauri missed Mehak a lot in his white chillies and it hurts him a lot. We can see the pain in his eyes while talking to her and he told that he loves little bit . shauri dear its beginning and it will be continued……..

  21. I think Mr. Khanna is too caught up with his manhood . . .He really does not want to share his glory (so-called) and power with anyone, especially happy Mahek, who he stole from in actuality. I am really curious to see what happens when his review is negative. He needs Mahek more than he realises, but he also has a jealousy towards her, because of her inherent gift: that is, her cooking. She cooks with great joy and love – the secret ingredient.

  22. Can somebody tell me where is shauryas granma?

  23. The episode was just awesome. I am eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode. What a meherya moment was there. Just love it.

  24. Shaurya know that he can’t survive without mehek even his restaurant but I think that he doesn’t know that. Because his big ego he doesn’t realize that. He never knew what it mean to give love. He only wants love from others. It will be very painful to accept that.therefor is mehek the right wife to help him. She will go through pain but shewill not give up. She is strong

  25. Cuteprincess

    …shaurya should feel that he cannot live without mahek…

  26. Christina

    Hi mehrya members how r u all???hope u remember me..moni di,latha sis,preethi ilang sis n all vk members..missed u all alot..hope u all will again accept me as ur family members..
    Take care…

    1. Moni7

      Hai chotu…miss u badly…

      1. Christina


    2. Preethiilang

      Hi dr hru…..we too miss u girl???

      1. Christina

        Fine n how r u??

    3. Latha

      Hi dear how are u …….Me too missing u….

      1. Christina

        I am fine n how r u??

  27. He feel little bit of luv 4 her,wow…

  28. hi frndz i am new here and am a fan of ZKM

    1. Latha

      Hi abhija welcome to this group dear…..

      1. thank u latha

  29. sonal will merried to mohid by changing of grooms at mandap feeling sad for shaurya but what’s mehek mistake

  30. Hey moni di,latha di,preethi ilang,christina,maanu n all mehrya family
    Hope u remember me n hope I am still a part of this family. After a long time I am back.Very sry for not cmting n sry to all ff writers. I am having my xm’s so can’t be regular but I will try cmting.

    Today’s epi was gud one.After a very long time mehrya scenes…really loved it…Shaurya he has really a big ego…but really love him n his attitude…Mahek she is really very sweet…well said what’s the use of sucess which we can’t celebrate with anyone…

    Moni di u r right smtimes I too feel that Mahek should go with someone that she deserves…

    1. Moni7

      Hai twinji are you..all the best for your exams???

      1. Hi moni di,
        I am absolutely fine n what about u di..

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