Mahek 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sheetal brings Sonal outside her house. Sonal says you are hurting me, leave my hand. Sheetal says try to learn being patient. Pammi says to Sheetal that because of you my son is in jail, i wont spare you and your daughter now. Sheetal says i am sorry, i will set this Sonal right. Pammi says if my son doesnt come out of jail in 2hours then i will make sure that Sonal doesnt get married in this life, i will make your life hell. Sheetal starts beating Sonal and says why you didnt die? Mahek comes there and pulls Sonal away, she hugs Sonal. Sheetal says to Pammi that i promise to free Ajay and Rohit till evening. Mahek says cant you see pain and wounds of your daughter? how can you do that? Sheetal says this is all happening because of you, you have provoked her, she can get beaten but now she

will not get married. Mahek says wow, she is girl so you cant suffocate her, why didnt you kill her when she was born? you want her to get married to that animal just to protect yourself in society? just to get free of daughter’s burden? you have given birth to her, how can you do this with her? we dont want marriage like that where we die daily, she is better unmarried, atleast she will live her life, you heart doesnt burn for her? you have given your Sonal to animal. Pammi says he is my nephew, how dare you call him animal? Mahek says i am not talking to you so dont interrupt. Mahek says he is doing this before marriage what he will do later? these are families who burn their daughter in laws, they burn them and say sorry our daughter in law got burned and just put her picture on wall and start finding new daughter in law, you know why? its because of mothers likes you. Sharma family hears it too, all clap for Mahek. Sheetal says these people are clapping now but they are same people who will taunt me if my daughter doesnt get married, they will make die hearing about my unmarried daughter. Sheetal is beating Sonal in her neighborhood, Sharma family is there. Sheetal says to Mahek dont make me open my mouth, my daughter is not like you who is living at someone’s house without marriage. Mahek says i am living at my inlaws house according to my will and moreover i can comeback to my family house any time, you know why? because they support, my family is with me with each step. Kanta smiles proudly at Mahek hearing it. Sheetal says this family is honorable who give away daughter to anyone and their son is goon but we are not nice people because we want to get our daughters marry? Mohit says stop it or else.. Sheetal says else what will you do? will you beat me too? Kanta says lets go inside. Sheetal says to Kanta that your half son in law didnt do good today, if your Mahek try to disrupt Sonal and Rohit’s marriage then i will forget we are neighbors for 30years, she takes Sonal and leaves.
Sheetal and Sonal comes home. Sheetal calls husband and says find money to bail our son in law out, this girl has put shame on our faces, i want money right now, do anything but arrange money, she ends call. Shetal says to Sonal that when Rohit will come out of jail, you will get married to him in 5days.
Pammi is in police station. Sheetal brings money for bail. Pammi says i dont need money, they are already bailed. Ajay comes there and hugs Pammi. Sheetal asks Rohit if he is fine? Sheetal says who did bail? i sold my property to bail but who did bail? Sanjay comes there and says keep your money, it will be useful in your daughter’s wedding, i am Shaurya’s uncle but i am your well wisher. Pammi thanks him for helping, Sanjay says we are friends now, we are relatives s dont worry. Sanjay hugs Ajay and says friends are friends but enemy of enemy is friend too, Ajay smirks.
Mahek says to Kanta that what has happened to Sheetal? she should poison Sonal instead of marrying her with Rohit, Kanta you try to make her understand that she is doing wrong, how can she do this with Sonal? PD says people like Sheetal just know how to burn houses of others, they just are interested in breaking houses, you dont worry. Kanta says topic is heated now, we should calm down and then think what we can do, she leaves, MAhek looks on.
In police station, Sheetal says to Rohit that come home with me, i will do bandage of your wounds. Rohit jerks her away. Pammi says to Sanjay that we already arranged bail money but you bailed them before us, you have bought us. Sanjay says i have helped you and you will help me, Pammi says i will do anything you want. Sheetal says Rohit is angry. Sanjay says make him marry your daughter and he will be fine. Sanjay says to Pammi that make Mahek get trapped so she wont have time, keep Shaurya and Mahek away from each other, tomorrow is big day for them, make sure to maintain their gap, Ajay says why do we need to do it? Sanjay says Pammi has understood, you fool, Pammi smirks.

Scene 2
In hotel, Shaurya says to his chefs that this is big day, everything should be perfect, top decorations, top food, everything should be excellent, its time to open restaurant now for commoners so buck up and go to work, all leaves. Shaurya asks head chef Karan if you didnt understand what i said? Karan says if you called Mahek here then it will be easy for us and you taste dishes, Shaurya says i dont have time to keep tasting dishes, i have tasted them, they are fine, cant you cook dishes? why you need Mahek all the time? i want everything perfect tonight, go to work, Karan leaves. Karona comes there and hear all that.
Mahek is riding scooty. Karona calls her and says i want to say something, Mahek says i will call you later, she ends call and takes Mohit’s call.
Ajay is pulling Sonal out of house, Sonal says i dont want to go, Sheetal says dont say a word. Mohit calls Mahek and says Sheetal is taking Sonal to some farmhouse, come here fast. Sheetal says to Sonal that dont say a word. Kanta asks Sheetal if she is mad? you have made issue of your daughter, why you are pressurizing her? if she takes wrong step then you will regret it, Sheetal says Sonal is my daughter so dont interrupt me, keep your talk to yourself. She drags Sonal away. Jeevan says to Kanta that let them do what they want, they dont have brains. Mahek is hearing all that on call. Mahek says to Mohit that follow their car and see which farmhouse they are taking her, dont do any mistake.
Sheetal, Pammi, Ajay brings Sonal to farmhouse. Ajay drags Sonal and brings her in farmhouse. Sonal says please let me go, Ajay says i will get you sister in law once we go inside house, he pulls her to go in house. Mahek, Nehal and Mohit comes outside farmhouse, guard says you cant go inside, Mahek says we will go inside, she pushes him away and goes inside. Sonal sits in Sheetal’s feet and says dont make me marry Rohit, i will die, Sheetal says i dont want your drama and your tears, be silent. Mahek comes inside and sees Ajay dragging Sonal in house, she says leave Sonal. All are shocked to see her there. Mahek pushes Ajay away, he falls on floor. Sonal hugs Mahek. Ajay tries to slap Sonal but Mohit holds his hand and says did you forget how i beat you last day? dont even dare to raise hand, Sheetal says you are goon of Delhi? i will call police. Pammi asks Mahek if she thinks this is her inlaws house too that she can come here? Mahek says i dont care about your insults, you want to call police? call them and i will tell them about you people locking Sonal here, Sonal is an adult and can take care of her life, you cant force her to do anything. Pammi asks Ajay to pull Sonal away from Mahek. Mahek says to Ajay that if you dare come close to Sonal then i swear i will break your hand. Pammi asks Sheetal if she will do anything or remain silent? Sonal cries and says to Mahek that please save me, do something but please take me away from here. Mahek says to Sonal that dont worry, i will see to it who stops me from taking you from here. Mahek starts taking Sonal with her. Sheetal brings kerosene bottle and says Sonal if you leave from here then my deadbody will go from here. All stop from leaving. Mahek and Sonal looks at her, they are shocked to see kerosene. Sonal cries.

PRECAP- Sheetal pours kerosene on her body, Mahek says what are you doing? Sheetal says dont come near me, Mahek says please try and understand aunty, Sheetal says you shut up, i will burn myself, Sonal you tell me what you want? your mother’s life or Mahek’s support? Sonal looks at Mahek in helplessness.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Moni7

    HAI dears….sheetal better u die….?

    1. ChandaMaya

      My sentiments also . . .Burn baby burn! What a mother!

  2. hi mehrya family, how r you all,
    todays epi was bit sad,
    I am just waiting for shaurya & mehak’s story………..
    I hope director uncle doesn’t make ZKM boring just like others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    hi moni darling!
    dolly dear, achu, ammu, maya,……………….

    1. Moni7

      Hai babu liki…yeah kind of oki oki episode…

    2. Hi darling likhi, how are you, yes me to it’s boring.

  3. Moni7

    Too emotional filled episode…with a good message.

    “A friend, in need, is indeed a true friend”

    I love it❤?❤

    Sanjay planning to spoil white chillies’ grand day celebration i guess…

    By the way I didn’t find any wound mark/scar in his forehead ,which he was actually showed with a mark in chit chat interview of balachokar and karan …?

    1. moni……………………….
      tum be na………….
      actually yes good message.
      di I am missing your rocking comments…………
      I want my rocking moni darling back………….wid fantastic comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. hi moni dear, how are you, yes given good message, i am also like it.

      1. Moni7

        Ammu dear m fine dear….you???

  4. Hi all ,so clear know that is why SHAURAY is not admitting his feelings he knows all these creeps are out to get him and he is protecting Mehek.

    1. I totally agree wid you dear

  5. Someone please “SLAP” Sonal’s mum. This lady is just out of control better yet I think Sonal’s dad should come and offer to burn her????

    1. ChandaMaya

      Lol!!! Lol!! ?

  6. Preethiilang

    Hi mehrya family……today episode no mehrya scenes little boring full of emotional blackmail???………moni u r right better u die tat too along wit pammi and ajay pls wen u ill commit suicide???………

    Still the world ill be lky tis ah they ill be forcing a girl for marriage witout her concern???…….All the devil becomes friends oh god ZKM is full of villians
    1 villian?sanjay
    2 villian ?Swetlana
    3 villian?Comedy piece Ajay and his balloon mummy pammi
    4 villian ? rohit and sheetal
    5 villian KD comedy piece

    So zkm is oly full of villians????……..biggest 420 fraud of ZKM is shaurya khanna????……….

    1. ChandaMaya


  7. I think shaurya will come now to help mahek

  8. Woweee people!!! it’s seems like we have to get the Avengers ready with the amount of Villains they have lined up???
    Like Seriously ZKM team?

  9. It better she burns to death n plz leave with mahek i think shaurya will reach there n stop her

  10. Preethiilang

    Now they are posting because of fans club trp rating is going down ah???…… putting clipping and all trp ill down ah yaru kitta loosu pasagala story out of track la pogum pothu kandipa trp downla tha pogum venaikala???………

    First they started the story for food then it shows male dominant suddenly women empowerment then now again they shows domestic violence of women so director itself was literally confused abt the story???……..s offcourse zkm team each and every artist of serial are very much dedicated their acting was picture perfect expressions everything was superb???……..pls try to utilise the artist potential zkm team????……….instead of blamming fans club try to understand ur loopholes of ur story director uncle???

    1. Well said preethi, I agree with you.

  11. Today episode very boring I have one doubt tomorrow is big day? Means what day hai friends how are you all

  12. The episode was boring. No mehek and Shaurya scene.

  13. ChandaMaya

    I don’t like it, lots of wickedness to come now. . . All the villans gather in one camp now. That stupid woman, Sheetal. Typical emotional guilt; threatening g to kill herself! Poor excuse of a human being. I guess women are a commodity. Sold for a little or sold for a lot. Wow! I guess this attitude is still rampant. It happens in rich homes too, so this is not just class specific.

    Hope Shaurya’s opening dishes flop without Mahek!!!!!!

  14. ChandaMaya

    Lower than scum, such behaviour, but this really does happen in some walks of life. Unfortunately, a lot of women end up dead, simply a statistic. A lot of parents use guilt tactics to threaten their children. I hope they let that crazy woman burn – Sheetal wants to burn herself then do it. Let’s see what will happen in the upcoming episode. I hope they call the police to witness it. Lots of mental cases in the world, totally consumed by their own selves, their cheap power and control on others. Wow, Sheetal educates her daughter to live with a backward-minded thug. Wow, really smart (just my sarcasm)!!

  15. Anyone please tell about the new promo….

  16. NYC episode…… But nooooopoooo interesting

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