Mahek 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya spends a night in Mahek’s house

Mahek 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctors treat Kanta. She sees Mahek’s side. She says that girl.. she loses control. Doctor asks her to calm down. She holds Jia hand but doctors take her to OT. Mahek sees flashbacks too. Doctor says where is blood? Mahek says let me check.
Yuvraj says shaurya didn’t come back neither did he tell if he is coming. A car stops outside.
Rashmi and sweeti come in. He says what are you two doing here? Sweeti is angry. She says aren’t you happy? We can go back. Dadi says your tongue is so long. She goes to he room. Rashmi says where is shaurya?? Dadi says he went out for some work.

Shaurya donates blood. Mahek comes in. He pretends to be calling to dadi. He says was daddy’s work more important than someone’s life? I had to stay here and do this. Mahek

says you should go home now. He pretend to be fainted. Maehk calls doctor. Swati comes in. They look for doctor.
Rashmi gives Yuvraj meds. She says I wanted to talk about sweeti. Yuvraj says I am going to sleep. I have more thins to do.
Sweeti says ma if you couldn’t talk then I will leave. We were all made aside when he got shaurya. We don’t need him either;. I will live my life my way. You have three days to talk to him or I will leave.

Doctor checks shaurya and says you should go home and rest and eat something. He says my dad will see. I can’t go home like this. Mahek gets him up. He says thanks Mahek. i will go somewhere. He tries to walk. Mahek says stop I will talk to ma. You can stay in my house. MA will understand.
kanta is under treatment. She says Mahek.. Mahek was here. Nurse says please stop. You can’t go outside. Kanta goes out.
Sajita says you want him to stay in our house? Mahek says he helped us. Swati says he can’t stay in my house and that’s enough. Shaurya says its okay Mahek I will manage. He pretends to be fainting. Swati says ma can’t you see how weak is he. He did such a nice thing. Mahek says ma he came here to drop us. he donated blood. What kind of human are we. Sajita says for one night he can stay in our house. Shaurya says thank you aunty. He texts Yuvrak.

Scene 2
They come home. Coach says are you crazy? How can you bring him home? You will regret this. she says swati said too. He says he is fooling you both.
Shaurya says to coach I know you don’t like me. But I am not like my dad. I really want Mahek to become a champ. Coach falls asleep. Shaurya tries to sleep and says there are so many mosquitoes. When coach falls asleep he sneaks outside. Coach says where are you going? He says washroom.. Coach says washroom is here. He says I need water too. Coach says your bottle is here. Shaurya says oh I didn’t see. He says in heart if he didn’t wake up Mahek would have been in my arms. He tries to sleep. Mahek and Shaurya both see nightmares. Mahek says what is all this? And why I missed Shaurya?
Precap-Mahek looks at Shaurya trying to sleep in the lounge. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa…I didn’t have the heart to say what you said on yesterday’s forum but the truth is…I’m missing Shaurya and Mehak of first season, I’m missing their Jodi terribly. I’m not connecting either with these new avatars, I’m watching and hoping that I’ll get the same feeling when they connect but these writers are making it difficult for me. You know…the original is always the best. This is definitely starting all over again and it’s going to take considerable time for me to accept both actors in their new roles. Do you remember in ETRETR season 3? None of us who were there from the start, were able to connect with Eisha Singh’s role as Naina…no matter the same face, we had a hard time accepting this new character and I for one had many negative things to say it I’m not ashamed of owning up to my criticism of the stupid dotish track the writers foisted upon us. I don’t know why these creative teams don’t just close up a serial by leaving us with good memories when they run out of ideas!! Whatever happened to short and sweet??? Mehak had a good run, this serial had the best family unit ever, in my book and I’ll always remember that. I’m waiting…to see how things shape up here..

  2. Naz,today I am here to share the agony of seeing my favourite star Messi’s debacle …I couldn’t believe him playing like a novice…..if the first game against Iceland had left me gasping for air,the second act saw him reduced even further…he just reminded me of a toothless big cat…He seems to be nursing a mental blockade when it comes to the national team….Anyway I can only say that I did n’t see Messy at all in this World Cup….He was just a very pale shadow of his brilliant former self. They say that Argentina has still a chance if they beat Nigerians and Iceland loses to Croatia,but I say the Messy &co don’t deserve to win…The way Ahmad Musa of Nigeria scored those two goals was brilliant particularly the second one…Anyway I am happy that another of my favourite team Brazil is doing well and heading the group…I like this upcoming star Neymar….I think the media should stop hyping up the Messi brand and allow this poor guy some peace of mind….the stress of standing up to an entire nation’s expectations is a huge burden and many players buckle under the pressure.. In their playing years Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar faced the same stress..But Cricket is a different game and they had chance to recover,,,,you have test matches ,one dayers ,20 -20s in addition to World Cup…in football we know that the World Cup that comes only once in four years is the only stage to perform…In the next one ,there won’t be many familiar faces….Naz,I am very sad for this brilliant star,Messi ,who looked completely helpless and absolutely ashamed of himself on the field…What a terrible burden to be a star!

  3. With regard to this so called second seasons or reincarnation dramas ,I fully agre with you…they can never match the original.Though I didn’t see the first season fully ,I can make out that Mahek and Shaurya of this season can never connect to us like they did in their previous births…Like they say ,in everything ,the first time is special and the later can not match it…the same with ETRETR …like you I will be more than willing to watch the first two seasons Infact it will be a pleasure but not the next two ,particularly Naina’s… ,Naz,Zee started showing promos of yet another new serial ,supposed to be the greatest love story of this year..don’t know which serial it will replace.Infact all the four Jeet Gayi ,WAS ,Piya Albela and even mahek should winf up .May be WAS because Nisha has succeeded in killing Arjun again ….Anyways tonight’s interesting match is between Germany and Sweden…I will side with the Germans…..but Football is an unpredictable game ….let us see what is on cards..

    1. Just last evening I happened to see what was taking place on WAS and I did wonder what had happened to that abominable woman called Nisha some time back and to my shock, the woman is still around! Well…you know we are light years away on episodes so hearing you say she succeeded in killing Arjun/Adi a second time around, is mind-boggling…writers are sane or just as loony as Nisha you think? I’m just so amazed…. I hope this is the end of the serial though. I haven’t seen promos of new serial as yet but you said its touted as a great love story, so now my interest is piqued… Lol… In a few hours time I’ll view the Germany vs Sweden game, since we are some hours behind the eastern time zone…and yes, this game is so unpredictable, I’m backing Germany too. Brazil had a better game after, since Neymar is world’s priciest player, too much pressure is rightly placed on his and Messi’s shoulders but my goodness Lakshmi, I felt for Messi, I could just feel his pain, I’ve never seen him so dejected although he did mask his disappointment but body language is a very revealing brute and now that Nigeria has won……sigh!!! Yesterday’s game with Switzerland vs Serbia was super, those goals were epic…the month is moving so quickly, I believe the Swiss have qualified for the round of sixteen but they still have one game to go if I’m not mistaken… Let’s see what surprises we get this World Cup.. Next 8yrs it’ll be in North America and Mexico but I’ll be 8yrs older, I would love to see a live match in the flesh providing I’m able as I am now…

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