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Mahek 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek sees Shaureya sleeping outside. He feels cold. He lits fire near his bed. Mahek looks at him. .. says it is so cold ask him to come in. Mahek says did I ask him to to stay out? Mahek calls .. and says aunty can you ask Shaureya to come to you. He is sleeping in cold, he would get ill. She says he loved you he will do it right and it is between you two. And I am glad to hear that you care for him. Mahek comes out. Shaureya says gave up? You are here to take me in. Mahek says no. It’s cold. He throws away his quilt and says no it isn’t. She says why are you being stubborn like kids? I feel like slapping you. He puts her hand on his face and says slap me. she says leave my hand. She pinches him. He says were you a cat before this life? Mahek goes from there. Shaureya says mahek,

in next 12 hours you will take my hand and take me inside the house. Mahek leaves.
Shaureya says I just asked for a simple love story. Wedding, romance, honeymoon, kids but this Mahek wants to sacrifice like Romeo. Mahek comes out again. He says I knew you can’t see me. I thought it would take 12 hours and you melted in 12 minutes. She gives him flask and says it has hot milk chocolate. and wear this cape and gloves. And leave tomorrow. He says what if I am drowned under snow by tomorrow? And I won’t wear this monkey cape. He drinks the milk and says it’s the same taste that I like. He says please sit. He drinks the chocolate milk. Mahek says hurry up return me the flask. The song ‘sanam re’ plays in background. Mahek takes the flask and goes back in. He wears the gloves and cape. Mahek peeks out. He says I have become a monkey now. He wraps the quilt. Mahek locks the door.

Scene 2
Next morning, Vaitlana says on call don’t call from jail. Let me handle this mater.
She says to Khanna I want to talk to you. He says what you want now? A gym?
Vaitlana says I think this house doesn’t remember that Sanjay is in jail. Khanna says what happened? Vaitlana says Sanjay is not well. But he has to be sarcastic in everything. Sameer says can he be house arrested? Vaitlana says you stay home, you even remember when you went office last time. Khanna says you will get me stuck. Why don’t you ask your son who has been under grounded for a couple of days.

Mahek wakes up with alarm and says I am late. SHe comes out and says good morning but PD isn’t there. She says where is everyone?
She sees media outside covering that shaureya has been sitting outside this house since last night. She says I am sure shaureya has done this drama. Shaureya sneezes and the media covers him. Reporter says have you been outside like this for any of your ex girl friends? He says no I never found anyone like her before.
Jeevan says don’t be stubborn like this. Balwan says you will fall ill. We will take you to doctor and then home. He says no no I am fine. Reporter says how long do you plan on staying here? Shaureya winks at Mahek. She leaves in anger.

Vaitlana says on call i have talked to your jeja ji you will be out in a few days. And that Shaureya is sitting outside Mahek’s house like a romeo. He doesn’t know I know everything. The day he gets to know who back stabbed her he would be finished. Just come out of jail.
They bring Shaureya in. Tamatar lala comes near Balwan he gets scared. Pd says don’t worry it won’t eat you up. Shaureya says thank you for brinigng me in to PD.

Precap-Mahek says Shaureya you came to our house, but you will become a member only if you live the way we do and pay rent.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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