Mahek 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Abba sees Mahek with Shaurya

Mahek 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek tells Nehal and Kanta about abba. Kanta says they are very dangerous. You have to be careful. Mahek says I am scared too but they have Shaurua and Neev. I can’t sit here. Kanta says stay strong. We are both with you.

Arman brings nahida to white chilies and says she will work here until mahek is not well. Mahek cooks food there. Arman says to chefs go and do your work.

Ravi and Jeevan wonder what is happening. Kanta comes to them. She says there are customers on the truck. Please bring the stuff. Ravi says Shaurya brought this new girl here. Kanta says its his restaurant.
Minister’s daughter comes and says I feel really bad for Mahek. Shaurya says we have nahida here. She tries her food and says contract is safe. Nahida is a great cook. Arman goes somewhere. Kanta follows him. kanta calls Mahek and says I am following Arman. He is probably going to Neev. Kanta follows Arman in the market. She loses him in people. She calls Mahek and tells her.

Scene 2
Mahek serves everyone food.

Arman and his men enjoy Mahek’s cooked food while shaurya eats and old bread. He is in tears. At night Mahek comes to Shaurya. She gives him food. He says please go someone might see you. He swipes her tears. mahek says please come out. I am so alone without you. She holds his hand and makes him eat. Shaiyra says any news of Neev? She says no. They both eat together. Abba is coming downstairs. Mahek sees him coming and pretends to throttle Shaurya. She says I hate you people. Abba says what happened? She says he was calling me by names so I throttled him. Abba sees a piece of bread near him.

Scene 2
Next morning abba and Arman explain the plan to Nahida. Kanta calls her. Arman says focus here not on phone. Abba comes to hospital pretending to be doctor.
Mahek cooks. She says why was chachi calling?

Precap-Abba says there’s a traitor between us. I will dial this number and everyone will know who that is. He calls the number and Mahek’s phone rings.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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