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Mahek 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to Shaurya you think this is all joke? you cant be part of my family, our lives are different, we can never become one, all are sad hearing it, Mahek says my family got enough insult, dont complicate it more. Mahek ask her family to go inside, they leave, Mahek looks at Shaurya and says leave from here, he smiles at her, Mahek closes door on his face. Shaurya thinks.
Karona is ready for breakfast. Vaitlana comes there and is ignoring Karona. Shurti comes there too, Vaitlana says if Shaurya is thic much embarrassed that he cant come for breakfast? i know it must be embarrassing to bear his inlaw’s drama, Karona says you are wrong, infact he has gone to say sorry to his would be wife and her family, Vaitlana says i cant believe it, they drank and did so much drama and

he went to pacify them? i should not forget dirty waters goes in dirty water in the end. Karona glares her.
Mahek is trying to select dress to wear. Nehal comes there and says you should go to mental doctor, Mahek says help me sort these dresses otherwise leave, Nehal says you cant help yourself, he left everything for you and you closed door on his face, what is going on in your mind? which guy leaves everything for a girl these days? how romantic, Mahek says these romantic things look good in movies only, Nehal says i will bring him in house if you dont, Mahek says dont you dare help Shaurya in his advances.
Balwant says to Pd that when Mahek doesnt want to marry Shaurya then why Shaurya is sticking to her like bubblegum? isnt he worried about society? Pd says its love and no one is scared in love.
Jeevan says to Kanta that i doubt if Mahek is doing right, what you think? Kanta says we are bearing all this because of you, if you had been in control then this wouldnt be happening, Jeevan says forget old things, think what will happen next?
Mansi says to Ravi that Mahek wont be pacified easily, she should give one chance to Shaurya, Ravi says our Mahek thinks about far ahead, if families are not joined then klove doesnt work out.
Balwant says this Shaurya is irritating us, its good Mahek said no for marriage, PD says first step to love is deniel only.
Mahek starts leaving for office. Kanta says did you eat breakfast? Mahek says i will eat in office, Kanta says dont lie as you are not able to look in my eyes, Mahek looks at her and says why you get to find out everything? i am hungry but i am getting late, what should i do? Kanta says i will cook something quickly for you, Kanta goes to cook. Family listens some noise outside house. Kanta gives lunch to Mahek. Mahek comes out of her house, she slips and falls on Shaurya who is lying on bed he has placed outside her house, Mahek looks at Shaurya, they share eyelock, o re piya song plays, Mahek is emotional being so close to him. Mahek asks what are you doing here? Shaurya says i am breathing in cholestrol air, it feels nice, Mahek moves away from him and says what are you doing? you cant stay here, Shauray says why not? this is not part of your house, this is public place, i pay tax so i have right on this area too, neighbours agree with him. Mahek says you can try anything but nothing can happen between us so dont embarrass my family sitting on road like this, Shaurya says so allow me in your house, Balwant says leave from here or else i will throw you away, this is not charity house that you can come inside and live, he asks Mohit and Jeevan to throw him away, Jeevan says what are you saying? Mohit says chill grandpa. Balwant asks neighbours to throw him away. neighbours charges at Shaurya, Shaurya takes off his jacket and shows his biceps, Jeevan gets scared, Balwant says dont scare us with these biceps, i will call police, Shaurya says i willcall commissioner, you talk to him, Balwant gets scared listening commissioner’s name and moves back. Mahek says i fold my hands and request you to leave, why you are doing all this? Shaurya says because we love each other a lot, i am not asking for a lot, i am just asking for a chance, i know there are problems between us but we can find solution, we dont have problem with each other so why should our love suffer? tell me Mahek? Mahek says i am going office and you Shaurya, i wont allow you inmy house ever, you will be gone till evening, she starts leaving, Shaurya says try to focus on work if are able to not focus on me, see you in the evening, Mahek huffs and leaves.

Scene 2
Jeevan comes out of house but all neighbours are taking selfies with Shaurya. Jeevan pushes them away and goes.
Kanta and Mansi bring groceries from store, Shaurya take bags from them and ask them to let him hold it, Kanta stares him, take bags from him and goes in house.
PD sees Shaurya lying outside house and is uncomfortable on hard bed, Pd asks Nehal to give him pillow. Shaurya passes flying kiss to PD, PD waves at him. Balwant comes there and sees them exchanging glances, PD says there are mosquitoes here, i was not waving, come and kill mosquitoes, Shaurya laughs.
Mahek is in her office. Nehal comes there and says you fought with me in morning and now called me to office? Mahek gives her bag and asks her to give it to him, Nehal teases her and says i will give it to my Hj, Mahek says who hj? Nehal says hone wale jeeju(would be brother in law), Mahek says jeeju my foot, did he do any drama? Nehal says he is celebrity there, PD gave him pillow, mohit gave him water. Mahek says enough, he will leave till evening, give him this food, he wont like home cooked food, Nehal says you modern Juliet, i will take commission for this favor, Mahek asks her to leave, Nehal leaves with food.
Nehal comes to Shaurya and shows him lunchbox and says your HB sent it, Shaurya says HB? Nehal says hone wali biwi(would be wife), she knows you cant eat food of here so she sent it, Shaurya opens lunchbox and sees salad, he smiles and says Mahek you love me more than myself. He starts eating salad.
Kanta sees Shaurya still sitting outside and ask Nehal to go and make coffee, she goes. Shaurya says thank you Chachi, i needed coffee. Kanta comes to him and sits on his bed, she says enough now, drink coffee and go back home, do you even realize how much Mahek can be disrespected by people because of you sitting here, people will gossip about it, i am like your mother, i am pained to see you like this, i know you both love each other, if fate wants you both to meet then you will meet but you should respect Mahek’s decision, you wont get anything by sitting here, so just leave from here, Shaurya just smiles and looks at her, she asks what are you looking at? he says your eyes, they resemble Mahek a lot and one more thing resembles Mahek, that is being stubborn and now i am part of your family so i have to be stubborn too so i am not going anywhere, Kanta says so keep sitting here, Shaurya says i wont allow anyone say anything rubbish about my would be wife, i havent made these biceps for nothing, Kanta says dont act like hero. Mahek comes there and sees him still outside her house, he says hi, she glares him.

PRECAP- Shaurya is lying outside Mahek’s house at night and is shivering in cold weather. PD says to Mahek that look at Shaurya, he might get frozen in your love, Mahek gets worried and calls Karona. She asks Karona to call Shaurya back to her, Karona says he loves you and will fulfill it, its between you and him and i am no one to interfere, she ends call, Mahek worriedly looks at Shaurya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hi to all my friends (mehrya family) cmg to the epi wow karan u r rocking yaar specially the dialogue mera hone wali biwi shauriya in sharma’s house is like that jun pio the rich(Korean serial BOF ka character name) is in his lover home jandy a laundry girl

  2. Moni7

    @maanu…s politician dhan….congress party ….she doing cameo role in his husband’s film …bow bow bow… po de

  3. Moni7

    Preethi dear appo unakku stomach burning illaiya….m vry Frank enakku pathikkittu varum…patha apdiyae red agum en face rendu periyum onna patha …vidu ippo type pannum pudhu koda irritating dhan irukku enna pandrathu lead pair seri ponga nu mannichitten……

  4. Hii latha moni sweta mannu rayna ishu arshi christiana preethi nayana nd my all frnds….i miss u lot
    ……gd evng…kese ho sab?

    1. Hi BBB, I’m good wat abt u???
      Y u r not commenting dr??

  5. Kese ho sab? I miss u a lot…. hi moni latha sweta preethi maanu rayna nayna twnj nd all my frnds

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    4. hai BBB iam fine wat abt u ?

  6. hi guys how r u all know i am very late to comment but what to do get chance now
    epi was fantastic specially shaurye rocked he is soo…. in his present acting every could be fall in love with him not that of madly love but atleast every one will definitely start liking/loving him

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