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Mahek 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chachi says to Pammi that Mahek is very good cook, Pammi says we can cook good too but we should have money to buy grocery first. Ajay comes there and points his mother to lets leave. Pammi says we should leave, Chachi asks them to wait, Ajay says Bua is coming, we have to leave. The abruptly leave. Family is enjoying match, Chachi shouts that they left and you people are enjoying match? Balwant says we didnt see them going. Chachi calls Mahek and asks what happened? didnt he like her? Other Chachi asks if she got nervous? Balwant says be must have felt that she is over weight, its all waste of time and money. PD asks Mahek to tell, Mahek says i just said that i work at Taj dhabba, Chachi says why did you say that? why didnt you say that you work at Taj hotel? Pd says you lied and scolding

girl? Chachi says i am trying to get proposal for her? She will get old like this then people will say that we didnt take care of orphan girl, this is third proposal who rejected, some dont like her working, some dont like her weight, we lived workin in kitchen but boys like working women now, thats why i lied, i thought i would handle after proposal is approved, you wont understand, she leaves, all leave. Mahek cries and says see Chachi’s BP increased because of me again, PD says dont worry, cook some sweet dish India won match.
Chachi says to Chacha that her parents are dead, we have to find suitable guy for her, i tell her to take care of her like Nehal, but all she does is cook and cook, i told her to lie a little but no, she has to act all pious, he asks her to calm down. Chachi says her father left FD of 5lacs for her, its value is now of 8lacs, remember i wont serve a single penny on her marriage after that, only that 8lacs will be served, i wont serve my Mohit’s money on her, chacha asks if he can sleep now? Chachi says fine.
Mahek is cooking. Mohit come and says you are acting like nothing happened, nobody cares about you and you are cooking for them again. Mahek shows him guys outside house and asks if they scold you then will you feel bad? he says no but why would they scold me? Mahek says exactly, only people who care about you, only they scold you, not some outsider. Mohit says got it. Mohit sees her cooking sweet dish and tastes it, he likes it, Mahek says you will see how mood of everyone will change eating it, Mohit says you are kitchen king, she says Kitchen queen. She takes picture of her cooked dish.
Mahek brings the dish she prepared for Chacha and Chachi, Chachi asks her to take it away, then asks her to keep it there, Mahek says Chachi have this elaichi chachi, your BP will be controlled. Chacha thanks her. Mahek goes to all family members and give them dish. chacha eats sweet dish and says Mhmm.. its so tasty, chachi asks him to silently eat, he asks her to eat, he wont tell anyone, he offers her, she eats it and loves it. All family members enjoy it. Chacha says our Mahek is talented, chachi stares him. Grand father Balwant doesnt eat dish prepared by Mahek and puts it outside his room on table. Mahek sees it and wipes her tears, PD(par dadi/great grand mother) sees it.
Mahek comes to childern room and takes laptop. Mahek looks at her mother’s photo in laptop and says you were right, good food can mend heart strings, oneday my heart will be attached to someone through food too. She sees Karela king’s profile on social media and says who is he? Otherside Hero is shown. Mahek checks his profile and says we dont have any mutual friends. Mahek reads line on his profile cover “Good food better life”, Mahek says he thinks exactly like me, who is this guy? She messages him and says why did he send me request? why he is not replying? she waits for his reply and says i dont care if he is not replying, she waits for it. Otherside Karela king switches off his laptop and stretches his arm. Mahek sees that he is offline now, she stalks his profile and sees Nutuella dosa dish. Mahek comes in kitchen and serves first food to God, she recalls how her mother taught to serve food to God first as he is provider of food to them. Mahek then cooks Nutuella dosa. Mahek comes to PD and gives her lemonade, she leaves. PD calls orphanage and asks manager to come today.

Its morning, Chacha and Mohit fights for washroom again. Balwant complains about gastric problems, PD says you are always having problems. Chachu comes to dining table and hints her wife to come, she goes with him. Chacha is getting ready, he says to Chachi that its not good to go this early, Chachi says its about girl’s proposal, we will pacify Surindar, Ajay is educated and have degree but doesnt have job, he wants working woman, lets go and talk to Pammi.
Chachu and Chachi are dancing in their room, Chachi says because of Mahek’s proposal, i forgot, we will tell family, Chachu says we wont tell anyone, i know family, they will react, its not like we are buying gold biscuits, when it will come then everyone will see, chachi frowns, he asks her to smile and asks if she prefers red or green?
All family member are eating breakfast, Mohit likes chocolate dosa, nehal says its not like something very special, Mohit says atleat girl know other than flirting on mobile. Chacha says to family that me and Chachi are going to meet Pammi for Mahek’s proposal. Balwant says you cant change bronze into to gold, ask her to continue eating these dosa so that she will be come enough fat so her neck would not be seen too, drama which happened wasnt enough? if marriage is in her fate then it would have happened or would happen. PD says because of your antics like this, i did permanent treatment.

PRECAP- Chachi asks Mahek if she is hurt listening Balwant’s words, Mahek says if I got married then Blawant dada wouldnt have to see my face. People from orphanage comes to take Balwant away, Balwant threatens them to leave and asks who called them? PD says i called them and ask them to take him away, they start dragging him out of house but Mahek tries to free Balwant and says how can they take him away forcefully?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hii guys good show and I m also here from vk family actually yesterday I was bsy how r u all Kathy di siddhi

    1. Kathy

      Dear… U can comment on 17th update on vishkanya page dear…it’s still active on finished show list….

  2. Kathy

    Thanks Atiba for the update …

  3. Tara

    hmm interesting..lets see where it takes us

  4. who is the useless Balwant?

  5. Iwaniya

    whg didchachi say like that…. I thought she loves mehek as her daughter but no……I was. wrong….

  6. this show looks interesting, will give it a look, let us hope this turn out better than all the rest of zee shows

  7. Wow I like the pair of this show.Mehek and Kerala king.Very nice.

    1. Hey my dear m tumare liy yaha bhi aa gi kesi ho yar mujhe TEI bhut yaad aa rha h. Yar mane news m sona h ki colors pe koi nayee show m hame twinkle aka jasmine dekh ne ko mile gi i am happy to know about this. Ye show bhi kafi acha h i like it.

      1. Hello Naina,loveeeeee youuuuu a lot.Mujhe tumhare bina bilkul acha nahi lag raha tha.I love u a lot naina.Plz give me promise that you will never leave me alone and you will keep commenting here.Thank god you are here for me.

      2. naina…..i think the new show on colors is devanshi where our favourite jasmise will be shown

    2. Are yar paka m tujhe kabhi akela nhi choodugi promise or mane tumara TEI ka last comment padaa tha aaj or mujhe pata chala ki tu mahek dekh ne wali h or m tabhi samj gi ki tu comment jaror kare gi to mane socha aapni bat to ho hi sakti h r8 so i am here for u and for me. And i love u too threee fourrr and so on.

      1. Aww how sweet.Naina tu v dekh rahi hain kya mehak.

  8. Iwaniya

    good morning everyone…..

  9. Aahana

    ..nice ….interesting…
    Hopefully it turns better..

  10. Trishita yar saayad devanshi nhi to or ek serial suoru hoga sangharsh to os m jasmine dekhe gi.

    1. Yes naina maine padha ki sangharsh show mein jasmin dikhegi.Aur male lead hain siddharth shukhla.But so sad I will not watch it.Agar sidhant gupta male lead hota toh kitna acha hota.

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