Mahek 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shaurya agrees to continue wedding ritual with Archie

Mahek 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya says to Karona that I know Archie saved my life but she is my friend, I cant love her. Archie comes there and hears it, she says aunty? Shaurya and Karona gets tensed. Archi says can I talk to Shaurya alone? Karona aunty you go downstairs, we will talk and take decision together, Karona nods and leaves.
In function, Archi’s father says to Harish that this is embarrassing. Harish says Karona will bring Shaurya. Nehal says to Sonal that Shaurya is not happy with this marriage. Sonal says after Mahek and Shaurya’s love, he cant be happy with anyone else. Dolly comes there and says cant we try to make Shaurya happy? Mahek left but he cant drown in misery of her leaving, we should try to make him happy. Nehal says why you are scolding us? we didnt force Shaurya to leave

from here. Sonal says Nehal she is right, Shaurya should move on in life.
In function, Neev comes and finds laddos, he thinks to eat them all.
In room, Shaurya says I am sorry. Archie says we are friends, I understand you, I wont scold or cry, we are friends and can say anything without thinking if I will get angry on you or not. Archie says do you think you are doing what I am doing? it was not easy to forget Sahil, its so much difficult to forget first love. She tells her story to Shaurya (which is muted). Archie makes him sit and says we became friends because we could share pain, we cant forget first love but we can share pain with each other, from the time I have come in your life, you are focusing on business more, I am not braggin but we all need friends, everyone needs shoulder to cry on, this marriage is just a way to keep us alive, to share our misery together but if you dont want this then I will make everyone understand, I will make fmailies understand situation, you just be happy. Shaurya starts thinking. Archie silently counts till five. Shaurya turns and stops Archie, he says I am coming. She smiles.

In function, Shaurya and Archie arrives again and sits down for ritual. Vicky hints that they look great together. Archie smiles at Shaurya. Nehal says to Sonal that Shaurya’s mischievious smile has gone away.

At Sharma house, Kanta is trying to control baby crying, she calls Mohit and says your baby is crying too much, call Sonal and says comeback, enough to social meetings. Mohit calls Sonal but Jeevan takes phone from him and ends call. He glares at them and says what are you both doing? you want everyone to cut ties with Shaurya and his family? you want to share your anger with everyone else? this is useless. Kanta says useless? Mohit takes baby and leaves. Kanta says to Jeevan that you think its useless but Shaurya snatched our happiness, what Shaurya is doing? its not one year since our Mahek left and he is getting married? Jeevan says Shaurya wanted to die by getting drunk, he was in misery but that girl saved him, she was his doctor but had humanity. Kanta says she was doctor, her duty was to treat him but she loved her patient? which doctor does that? and Shaurya’s family was so eager to make him marry again? Jeevan says its not wrong, Mahek’s death was an accident, what do you want? Shaurya to not live? to keep punishing himself? Kanta says he can do anything he wants. She looks at Mahek’s photo and says I will forgive Shaurya in this birth only if my Mahek comes back, tell me, can you bring my Mahek back? Jeevan sadly looks on.

In function, all are praising Shaurya and Archie as a couple. Vicky donates money for them. Mahek is in veil and is watching all that, she is seeing blur flashbacks of her wedding. She says where is Neev? I have to find her. In function, Neev is hiding and trying to get laddos. Priest asks Karona to make Archie wear chunri. Mahek sees Neev eating laddoe in corner.
In function, Sonal says to Nehal that I have to call Mohit,I will go out. Nehal says one minute, this Archie looks so fake, they laugh. Karona makes Archie wear chunri. Neev finds Mahek coming to him so he starts fan. Fan blows air and Archie’s chunri blows away, it falls on Mahek’s head. All look on. Neev thinks I did mistake, I will get beaten by Maa now. Archie’s father sees Neev near fan, he brings him out and says who is this kid? Shaurya says relax, this was nothing. Priest says chunri fell on some other woman, this is bad omen. Shaurya says I will bring that chunri and end this ritual. Mahek is trying to take off chunri but gets tangled in chunri, she murmurs that I should lock Neev in room. Mahek takes off Chunri. Shaurya comes behind her and says excuse me? Mahek looks on, Mahek is about to turn at him but grandpa comes there. Mahek says Neev has been running here and there, he has destroyed whole function. Grandpa says sorry to Shaurya and says I will set him right today. Shaurya says its not needed. He asks for chunri. Mahek wears veil on her face and turns to him, she extends chunri to him but it falls from her hands, they both try to catch and mistakenly Shaurya catches her hand in process, Shaurya feels something touching her hand. Shaurya says sorry my head is dizzy, it was a mistake, he leaves her hand, takes chunri and leaves. Grandpa says to Mahek that you leave, I will bring Neev. In function, Vicky says you are Panwari lal’s grandson right? Neev says you are that guy’s brother who has big car. Archie says to her father that take this irritating kid away. Archie’s father comes to Neev and says this irritating kid destroyed function, he even stole sweet, father is about to slap Neev but Shaurya comes there and holds his hand.

PRECAP- Shaurya says to Neev that you mischievous kid, are you ready to eat gol gappas? Neev says I have been ready for them. Shaurya sees Mahek behind Neev in veil, he says you are his mother, you come with us too. Mahek says no no. Neev says Maa please come with us, please please. He drags Mahek to go.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i thought monday difently shaurya see mehek face…… i am waiting monday episode

    1. Who wears veil in this generation !! Seriously y do ppl seriously wana create such huge drama !!

  2. Love and marriage in this serial is only a temporary thing in this serial so viewers dont consider love and marriage as serious things

  3. What kind of Drama???????????. Hard to watch. This is modern era. Writer please stop this.

  4. Horrible terrible and miserable too….can’t be watched anymore…..absolute bakwass….twists can be of interesting way also…read extensively before being a writer …

  5. Irritating episode…and I absolutely dislike Archie… ??????????

  6. Another reason why i dont like how these serials are going is because the writers keep building you up only for a fall; everytime you think well yes shauyra will see mehek it is always some shit either the veil fall on her face or she actually pulling the veil over her face all this simidimi from the writers and after going through all these deterents they bring in the same girl that throw meheks ass in the river so that shauyra could marry her a set of damn nonsense and then to add insult to injury how convenient in all these serials the good one always get killed off and there is always an exact replica of that person to take her place my gosh how dumb are these writers lol well woh apna sa i dont know what to say about that i give up on that serial because nobody wants to hear anything about reincarnation we wanted to see the real adi and his new love married and nisha ass get thrown in jail and also all the other bad ones pay for their deeds it is not about reincarnation we could do without that in this 21st century lol

  7. Yes completely agree with you sapphire. None of the writers are learning us good things. Only crap and shit. Is this the way they lives with each other in real life.

  8. Crap crap how long more these drama gonna continue after she gets her senses Artie will try to break them up writers stop this bullshit that’s why I am not watching I just decided to read today complete nonsense

  9. Boring…Boring…Boring….the writer needs to catch a big wake up…STOP all this bullshit immediately.
    All viewer are getting frustrated and angry with the write, the story is just continuing in circles. I don’t think Shaurya and Makeh will ever live a happy life together. This series is just stressing us out. I will never watch this programme again.

    Disappointed viewers

  10. the writers, program directors and all people involved back screens need to catch a wake up and living in the real world…you all are becoming the laughing stock of todays programmes. You all need to visit other countries and get a life because it seems as if you all are living a very old fashion lifestyle. BORING, BORING, BORING. This programme is just moving in circles there is to much of repetition in the series.

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