Mahek 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek blames Shaurya for sending goons

Mahek 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya is driving.
Mahek is caught by goons and try to fight them. Shaurya comes there and runs to her.
Sajita is calling Mahek and says she is late again, Swati asks what happened? Sajita says she is not picking up call, she doesnt care how tensed I am.

Shaurya is searching for Mahek around, he finds her phone on ground.

Coach comes there, Sajita asks where is Mahek? Coach says Mahek destroyed everything in anger, he tells about her rustication. Sajita gets dizzy. Swati is calling Mahek and thinks where are you? come home.

Mahek is tired and grabbed by goons, one goon is about to stab her but Shaurya comes there. He recalls their last birth’s death in blur. He runs to her and beats goons. Mahek starts beating them too. Svetlaa hides and sees this, she says

he doesnt leave her. Goons run from there. Shaurya tries to help Mahek but she shouts dont come near me, what do you want? he says what? Mahek says you are a man, you want to suppress women, they were your goons and you wanted to kill me, I didnt want to keep a relation with you but today you crossed your limit, first you tore my clothes and now tried to kill me, Shaurya says you are in anger, dress was a mistake, Mahek says I wont stop today, I will bring your and your father’s truth out, first you send goons to kill me and then act like saving me when I dont let them kill me, you just want to harm me because you have to show your manliness, go and win that trophy and give it to your cheating father, Shaurya raises hand at her but she says stop, I did a mistake of trusting a man, thinking you are my friend but you are not a nice person let alone being a nice friend, she leaves.

Svetlana comes to baba and says this is all drama, your mantras couldnt do anything, what is this drama? Baba slaps her and says this is first time my mantras failed, you dont know power of your enemies and you didnt tell the truth so you will bear my wrath. Svetlana says no please help me out.

Mahek comes home, Sajita says how all that happened? Mahek says you people wont believe me. Sajita says I told you that we should go back to village, Mahek says it was not my fault, everything was done by Shaurya, his family is with him but my family is with me too because I am a girl, so I should remain silent, I wont stop now, I will fight now, she leaves.

Scene 2
Shaurya gets drunk and recalls Mahek saying that he cant be a friend to anyone and he is a cheat man, you are like your father to suppress women voice.. darmiyan plays, he recalls their lovely moments. Shaurya sits in car and looks at her band.

Svetlana says to Baba that I should have told you the truth, find some way. Baba says they were born again, their love has too much power, they have comeback to take revenge from you. Svetlana says I will do anything as you say. Baba says they dont remember last birth but if they fall in love and come closer then they will remember their last birth and it will be your end.

Mahek’s hand hurts, Swati bring medicine to her. Mahek says Shaurya sent goons today. Shaurya knocks on door. Mahek opens it and Shaurya falls in her arms, all come there. Mahek says move away. Shaurya says finally I am closer to you. Sajita asks her to take him inside.

Aarosh comes to Baba’s den and doesnt find Svetlana there.
Svetlana says to her goons that keep an eye on my enemies, you should know about their every act, now go, goons leave.

Swati and Mahek puts drunk Shaurya on couch. Shaurya pulls Mahek to him and says dont leave me, I cant live with you, my heartbeat stops, Mahek pushes him away. Sajita says he wont understand till he doesnt get kadha, she goes to make it. Coach pushes him away from Mahek and says my one slap will make you piss. Shaurya says you must have loved someone too, please dont let me go away from Mahek, do her kanyadan. Mahek is stunned. Mahek says I will beat him. Swati says no. Shaurya says to Mahek that love me, I need love. Mahek pushes him away. Swati tries to stop her. Mahek says I will beat him to pulp. Swati asks her to stop it, he will scream if you beat him and police can come too. Mahek looks on.

PRECAP- Shaurya says to Mahek that I fight with you but still think about you, I feel like I know you, I wont let you go away from me, Mahek says I will kill you, he says kill me but I wont go away, because.. he cups her face and says I love you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Awhhhhhh can’t wait for Monday.. ?????????

  2. Me too Sapna awwwww it looks like we are in for the lovey dovey stuff from the two of them can’t wait to see them in action, today’s episode was good after a long time.

  3. Waiting for Monday episode. I miss the first Shaurya and mehek

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