Mahek 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek acts drunk and says to Shaurya that you did drama at my house and now its my turn. Mahek goes to stage and starts seductively dancing on Laila mein laila, Shaurya angrily looks at her. All are enjoying Mahek’s sensual dance on stage, Mahek smirks at Shaurya. Chef comes to Shaurya.. Shaurya turns around and see it was all his dream and Mahek is not dancing in real, he thinks Mahek is showing me stars in daylight too. Some guest Akhil meets Mahek, he asks Shaurya if he can dance with his lovely if he doesnt mind? Mahek says he wouldnt mind, he is nice, Shaurya says ofcourse you dont need to ask me, you need to ask her. Akhil brings Mahek to center stage and puts hand on her waist, Shaurya gets jealous seeing it. Akhil twirls Mahek and dances with her. Mahek is enjoying, Shaurya

comes on dance floor and glares Mahek. Shaurya comes to Akhil and says if you dont mind, can i dance with my wife? Akhil says ofcourse she is your wife, he leaves, Mahek smirks. Shaurya starts dancing with Mahek, he says you have got the chance to dance with Shaurya Khanna, i did it so that you dont embarrass me, yourself and investors being so drunk, Mahek says dont lie, you are dancing with me because you were jealous, Shaurya says dont give yourself so much importance, any girl would die to dance with me, Mahek says agree that you cant see anyone else dancing with your wife, your man ego woke up and brought you to me, half or full, we have married, you know you can deny but these eyes tell reality of heart, all clap for them, Mahek moves away from Shaurya but Shaurya pulls her closer, spotlight falls on them, they start dancing on Meherban song, Shaurya lifts Mahek and twirls her, they share eyelock while romantically dancing, Shaurya pulls Mahek in his arms, Mahek puts hand around Shaurya’s neck. All clap for them. Mahek moves away from Shaurya. One guest says this was best performance, Mahek holds Shaurya’s arm, all clap for them, Shaurya smiles at Mahek who smiles back. Sonal calls Mahek but Mahek is busy in party and doesnt see her call.
its night, Mohit gets call from Sonal, he takes call and asks why you are calling me at night? she tells him something.
Mohit calls Shaurya, Shaurya says to Mahek that why your useless brother is calling me, Mahek sees Sonal’s miscalls on her phone. Shaurya gives Mohit’s call to Mahek but she says to Mohit that i will call you later. Mahek calls Sonal, Sonal tells her something, Mahek panics and says i am coming, she ends call, Shaurya asks where you are going? Mahek says i have to help Sonal, i am going, Shaurya says if you go out in these clothes at night alone then you will need help instead of Sonal, Mahek says you entertain your guests, dont act like you care, i will handle myself, she leaves.
Mahek comes on road and tries to call Mohit. Shaurya coems tehre and says why you are standing on road alone? what if anything happens to you? Mahek says why do you care? Shaurya says i dont care, if you had accident then your family would blame me, they would tell media and all, tell me what happened. Mahek tells him about Sonal(which is muted), they leave.

Scene 2
Mahek and Shaurya comes to isolated road, they see Sonal hiding under roadside cart. Shaurya puts coat around Sonal, Sonal has bruises on her body and faces, she is injured. Shaurya asks who did it? Sonal tells them how her would be husband Rohit took her to party where men were drunk and abused her, Shaurya says i will set him right, they think they are real men, blo*dy losers, Sonal says to Mahek that i tried to contact you but didnt get through, Mahek says i was so busy in my life that i didnt talk to you, i am so sorry, Mahek says you both were happy together then how this happened? Sonal says not everything is like what it seems, in start he used to be loving, caring, then when marriage started coming near, he said that he wanted money for his MBA degree and wanted money in dowry when i said that its not right, Rohit raised hand on me first time, i told my mom, my mom was ready to give dowry saying that its normal in arrange marriages, since then he kept raising hand on me and abusing me, my mom didnt take any action but just warned Rohit, i didnt know whom to talk to, whom should i discuss with. Then today, i got to know Rohit went to party. Flashback shows Ajay and Rohit in same party, they are dancing with call girls, Sonal comes there and sees Rohit dancing closely with girl, she slaps Rohit and says what is this? Rohit says how dare you raise hand on me? he slaps her. Ajay says she is Mahek’s friend and like Mahek, she forgot woman’s real standard too, Rohit is shown slapping Sonal and making her forcefully drink wine, he calls his friends and grabs Sonal by neck, he says she is my fiance, have fun, he throws her in arms of different men and then throws her on ground, he grabs her hair and says today is valentines day and i will enjoy with her which you all will watch live. He throws her on ground and tries to rape her, Soanl tries to push him away but Rohit slaps her and says i will show you your worth, all men are enjoying Rohit harassing her, flashback ends. Sonal says i ranaway from that party, flashback shows Sonal pushing Rohit away and running out of party house, Rohit with his friends start searching for her but he hides, fb ends. Sonal cries and says Mahek save me, i dont want to go back to Rohit. Mahek says dont worry, we will punish and teach lesson to Rohit. Sonal says no i want want any drama, he is not good man, he is an animal, Mahek says we will teach him lesson, we will not let any girl marry him, we will blacken his face and drag him to police, you will not live in feat but after fighting for yourself. Shaurya gets Mohit’s call and says i am with Sonal, i will tell your details later, he ends call. Sonal hugs Mahek and cries, Mahek emotionally looks at Shaurya who feels bad and angry on Sonal’s condition. Shaurya tends to Sonals’s wounds and says lets go. Mahek makes Sonal sit in backseat of Shaurya’s car and sits with her, Shaurya sits on driving, he looks in back mirror at Mahek, mahek is sad, Sonal says what will i say to my mother? Mahek says i am with you, dont worry, Shaurya holds Sonal’s hand and says to Sonal that the day will come when you will forget what Rohit did with you but Rohit.. he will never forget what he did and how he had to pay for it, he will remember this mistake of his daily, i promise you that Sonal, Mahek proudly smiles at Shaurya.

PRECAP- Mahek takes Sonal to her house, Balwant asks what happened to her? Mahek says Rohit beat her, Mohit says i wont let him stand anymore, i will beat him to plump, Shaurya says will you keep talking or go to party and break his legs? Mahek says Mr. What are you doing? shaurya says i am handling matter my way. Shaurya and Mohit comes to Rohit’s party and starts beating him and his friends, someone hits Shaurya on head, Mahek sees it and screams Shaurya..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. woo ow. ..wat an episode. .. This s wat a real man will do.. i am really waiting for Tmrw episode. ….

  2. I hope shourya will be alright…

  3. OMG????? sonal. blo*dy idiots they all must pay for there behaviour with sonal . Poor sonal really so sorry for her .we have seen pain in shaure and mehak eyes very heart touching episode .I was disturbed by knowing all those stupid incidents not only in serial but also outside the world .nothing should happen to shaurya in tomrw episode kill those idiots

    1. Moni7

      Somi dear…wat to do we are living in such a society…..still asking , fighting for our rights and justice…

  4. Moni7

    Hai mehrya family….again abusing a girl/sonal now both verbally and physically… Shaurya used to abuse verbally ?..wat the hell ??..

    ZKM reaching nxt level….????

    How suddenly shaurya turned soo good/no difference between rohit and shaurya…(he too abusing mehak)…

    Hurting /humiliating is wife… also a big offense…..

    I read in spoiler.. Shaurya fall in love with mehak….again from the beginning..
    Marupadiyum mudhalla irundha????

    Without any guiltly conscious shaurya standing in mehak’s house…

    How many times they will change the characterisation of shaurya khanna..

    Bad to good to bad to good to bad to good????????

    Jealousy part is too good…rest all usual drama of indian serials….

    1. diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………………
      don’t think negatively ,,,,,,,,,,,,,I strongly feel shaurya did all this for some reason !
      there are somethings that’s is still yet to be reveled – like where is Rajeev? he dint know about book!

      1. Hi Likhitha, Well said dear, i agree with you.

    2. Dear Moni, don’t upset yaar, Shourya loves a lot mehak but he can’t recognize that feeling i think if u dint observe that after sonal said story of abusing he felt some thing realizing expressions and in his car he was looking to mahek sadly through mirror, in that time i got hope on shourya that he is doing all this to mehak was some thing hidden story behind him, and also he given oath to sonal that he will take care of her , and am sure to tell about sonal condition in fictions sake but it is very obvious happening in society as well, who can stop that , in spite of strict sections are available for abusing related crime and new laws are coming for women and child welfare but no body will change and their perceptions, and i don’t think so that how many are getting justice for their loss. never will change the society, so we have to careful ourselves and don’t trust anyone blindly.

      take care lovely girls and be careful in every bit of a moment.

  5. nice episode!!
    hilarious imagination
    caring hubby
    precap mass

  6. Moni7

    Precap..I loved it… someone hits on shaurya’s head…he deserves it…
    Nalla mandaiya la pudunga ji… pondati mela kasu thooki podran…oruttu kaitala nalla podunga… manda odaiyattum….

    He console sonal…funny scene??…did he forget wat he done to his wife???…
    Mehak also accept shaurya..just bcoz husband……

  7. poor sonal!!!
    atlast it was mohit who picked up the call
    from start i felt sonal and mohit both r gud together!!
    but this may not happen as sonal is to be mehak”s age

  8. very nice shauriya is caring for her wife and even her friend
    ice is melting slowly ( I mean jealous of shauriya on mehak)

    moni I love all ur ff due to exam I didn’t read all today only I read it is love all and ur phrase in the starting of ff it’s awesome dear I love it thanks for make us enjoy and laugh

  9. Omg wow today episode awesome ,wonderful shaurya got a jelous really superb hai moni chellam how are you ma

  10. ChandaMaya

    ZKM is exposing and handling the ugly truth about abuse. . . It is a social commentary. So e subjects are handled this way to expose the ugly reality for a lot of women . . . Young women too.

  11. Moni7

    Suddenly he became Buddha??…. wowwwwwwww…..zkm 3 months pin nokki sella podhu( 3 months rewind ..)…

    Lover boy is back….plus comedy piece ajay???….

    Most entertainment piece of zkm…ajay ?????…..avan na pathalae enakku sirippu varudhu…??…

    Anyway he going to get from shaurya.. Shaurya feels jealousy if ajay try to flirt with mehak….

  12. ChandaMaya

    February 20, 2017 at 9:03 am – Reply
    ZKM >))))))))))))))))))))))))?at the awards did great!!!!!!! Here’s to ? ??the cast well done! Congratulations!!!!?on popularity. You did great! Now make us proud and happier!! Favourite grandma . . .Kudos to PD, Favourite sibling team, here’s to Mohit, Nehal and Mahek!!. You really know how to enjoy yourselves as a cast. Love you all. Shaurya looked great. (Karan Vohra’s wife, so beautiful!, Cheering her hubby on). Great dancing all. Also best dancing family at wedding, favourite award. ??

  13. Moni7

    I love that jealous shaurya(poramai la pongran…. aadai adhu en pondati da?????..(she is my bewi)…..
    Naa dhan aduvan nu oodi varan??
    (He can’t see her dancing with someone else…shall I dance with my wife??…funny boy..ur wife …y u need permission???…..

    Shaurya why ur face turns red…are you feel jealous????

    Shaurya….me !!!…oh no no no….i put makeup today heavy makeup(foundation doesn’t match my skin tone that’s why…no ntng else….why should i feel jealous??(naka ava en pondati daaaaw….?????..en vayiru yeriyudhu… stomach burning shaurya ku… ayio ayio en pondati en pondati adralae avan koda??

  14. Moni7

    Shaurya time for action….mehak ipdi pandringa lae ma?.. atha naa irukum podhu nee da chellam ipdi pandra

    (Am here my baby why are you dancing with him….?)

  15. First of all episode was an epic and changing Shaurya character again again get the serial off track and Moni thanku for writting is in English the most and keeping my words

  16. ChandaMaya

    Shaurya has a lot to think about hearing the absolute ugly story fromSonal . . . I think he has to learn where his true compassion lies as a man, in this character depiction of him. I am p!Eased that ZKM is taking on this subject to hit viewers as a social commentary. Iif this issue is not e posed women will continue to live in the shameful dark of their husbands and boyfriends abusing them. It is not so easy for some to just walk out as it happens in the west . . .This happens all over the world and women sometimes cannot even go back to their families. Once they are married it is harder. A lot of women have no recource but to live in shelters for bused women. It’s worse when there are children as well. The ugly truth has to be exposed and sometimes film, media and television is the way to get this problem out in the open. As a society, it has to be addressed. This is more than just a silly serial, ZKM are taking on very serious underlying themes . . . This creatures public dialogue. It’s better handled this way rather than a documentary because the mainstream women an men look at these shows more.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Oops, meant this creates dialogues in family, forum, such as those one, and many more mediums. It’s time to expose male dominance a d it’s ugly truth.

  17. Raniboudy

    hello to all!! cool episode and Moni dear, please don’t be so negative about this, I think it is good for the serial to have a change in character once in a while or else the series become boring and redundant, if Shaurya falls in love again with Mehek that will be good so that she can revenge… and we know that Shaurya has never liked physical abuse on women, eventhough he has abused in his own way, but he has always been protective even in his deceit, so I think we should give time for the series to show us what they have in store. Love you all!!

    1. Moni7

      Rani dear…..oki dear??

  18. ChandaMaya

    ZKM, thank you for being brave to deal with real issues of human behaviour and attitudes regarding social divisions, male domination, females and marriage expectations, arranged marriages, love, etc.,. Let’s keep the dialogue at a higher level!!! Good for you ZKM for taking on the lead. A lot of modern western soap operas actually do write into the stories issues affecting the characters as issues are also faced the the larger society.

  19. ChandaMaya

    By the way, love the dancing scenes Mahek and Shaurya. You will both become an exemplary couple when you find your purpose in life as a couple not as mere indivuals. Mahek and Shaurya are stronger as a team, not as individuals. I hope they will put their petty issues aside and help Sonal, together in a greater cause.

  20. Preethiilang

    Hi mehrya family… episode as both taste sweet and kaaram(chilli)……Mehek u look too beautiful in saree chanceless ???……..Shaurya dream is also bad like him????…….jealously part was superb today shaurya was dying hard too dance wit mehek poor boy ????………

    He din love mehek then y he is running behind mehek lky hutch dog?…….u neeed help if u go out in tis dress???…….semaya sight adhichu eruka mehek ka ettula eruthu theritu???

  21. Preethiilang

    Mehek vera orutha noda dance adhuratha avanala thaaga mudila poramai la pokitha kattu puchi(instects)???……then shaurya dialog girls are dying to dance wit him ah today he was dying to dance wit mehek????……..

    Dei dream kuda decent varathu pola bad boy shaurya khanna????…….then how suddenly today he become so much good seeing sonal in such situation he got to much emotional???……

    Dei fraud shaurya khanna u left mehek in marriage mandap and ran away frm their and speaking abt rohit cruelity?????…….enna kodumai sir ethala???……

    In thirukural one seiyul is there “Theeyinal sutta poin ulllarum aerathey navinal sutta vaadu” verbal abuse is more powerful than physical abuse????…….because in verbal abuse people will mentally affect here tis idiot is abusing mehek in tis way oly and today he is speaking lky a Mahhan(saint) to sonal??????

    Excited for precap pls people dnt hit on his head pls hit on his mouth ???……because atha vai tha avalavu hurt panuthu mehek ka already avan loosu ah tha eruka so mandaila adhikathigaa pls???…….vaiyala podhuka pls naa moni ya vechi operation panikorum????………

    Spoiler as given shaurya ill fall for mehek and start to love ah???……..ada pavigala ava receipe book kay mehek kitta atha alavuku romance panna eppo real na enna panna poranoo pls mehek pls be careful????

  22. ChandaMaya

    Stub, great update today. . . Really on script, great science depiction. Thank you!!!!

    1. ChandaMaya

      Oh no, great scene depiction!

  23. ChandaMaya

    Thank you, Atiba!!!

  24. ChandaMaya

    Shaurya is just fighting his real attraction to Mahek. Poor guy!

    And why is it that men are ust like the animal kingdom, they solve issues with a good fight. My my,! All part of life. Even the demi gods in myths fight. Be it Zeus or Shiva. The human condition! I am sure we are entertainment to the invisible world!!! Lol! I guess this sounds weird, but I really love reading great mythogies from various civilizations. If any of you are familiar!Jar with the Norse mythology, as well as Greek, the Puranic age is part of the great ancient myths as well.

  25. ChandaMaya

    Guys, this episode has some really good acting. I am really appreciating ZKM for their acting. I think a lot of the actors in ZKM are part of the Delhi theatrical society.

  26. Hi mehrya family n my lovely Friends…??
    How r u all…today after a long time k i liked the show…??
    Shauris dreaming abt mehaks item song…silly n cheap fellow…LOL ?
    Mehaks dance with other guy n our hero fuming with flames…gud to c ???
    Mehak taunting n reminding him abt his ego tat too in a drunkard n s*xy tone…wow ??
    And tat sensual mindblowing dance…? ? juz loved it ??
    ?And then sonal issue…i know its a big drama again…but tiz is how society is…
    ?Though we either dont accept or rather ignore to accept…its the ugly truth…
    ?Wen it comes marriages though the girl is highly educated and earning handsome of money still her parents has to spend a lot…actually speaking today dowry had become fashion…
    ?tat they give with style…like gold,house,car,land etc etc…whrin it creates competition between family,neighbours causing damage to society…
    ?I actually feel now ZKM is actually ice-breaking the womens issue happening to us and around us,which is known or unknown to us…
    ?it even gives clues tat we need to fight for our rights rather than adjust or accept…
    ?All this is fyn…but as told by her dear friend moni…shauri’s sudden change is wat very funny…
    ?bad to good-good to bad- bad to good…not stable…
    ?A man who played love pranks n left mandap during wedding and later abuses verbally his wife gets pity and promising sonal is very very funny…unacceptable man…???
    ?even i read in telechakkar tat shauri remembers wat he did with mehak n falls in love for her…ooooo bullshit…???
    ?but am little releived with tiz serial tat lil tension part is over…

  27. ChandaMaya

    Simple explanation: sometimes humans in desperate situations, even if they are the worst of enemies become allies to fight a greater demon – meaning greater evil or injustice. This is what is going on in the dynamic of Mahek and Shaurya with the Sonal issue here, now.

  28. ChandaMaya

    Oh no, I hope the KKB amnesia theme with the head injury to Shaurya is not going g to be in the ZKM world . . . No, please, I have had enough of these amnesia storylines. Too much concussions!! , Hey KKB did great at the Rishtey awards also! Congrats to KKB as well.?

  29. No words to express it was just brilliant ..the way shaurya said ..”deewana bana dia” his attitude ..can’t express ..I think it’s Ajay who hit him from behind ..he is a moron ….& shauraya is a one man army 🙂 ..I just love him ..mehak pataka queen & both look just fabulous

    1. ChandaMaya

      I cannot stand that empty head, ignorant Ajay character. Ikh, yuk?

  30. Reality is good sometimes. Life is up and down, and people are not one, two or three dimensional . . .Humans are multi dimensional, and life is complicated and the complexities both on the micro and macro levels need some attention. A magnifying look into the human realities around the globe. Romance is not love . . . Lust is not love. Many vices all around. If you want to escape in fantasy then maybe this serial is not good for you, but I really think ZKM is trying to balance the fantasy p!Us the serious topics as best as they can. I think I have a new found respect for the serious side. Let the romance blossom into the meaning of real love. Shaurya has an altruistic side, after all. Can’t wait for the next episode now.

  31. This bad, good / good, bad dichotomy plays out in everyone. In a second one’s mind can go from bad to good, or vice versa. I surely know I am not perfect. We all have inherent contradictions. These characters are fictional with realistic traits. What is perfection of character? These characters are being portrayed with real flaws and contradictions.

  32. As for the interesting emotional dynamics . . . Just love the tango type dance, but I would love to see a real tango between Shaurya and Mahek.

  33. Just take it all for what it is worth . . . Whether it be Hollywood or Bollywood, try to take it in with a detached view. Dramac has been a form of entertainment through human tribes, civilizations, etc. but film, media, has taken on a different effect on the minds of the masses. Media can move, manipulate (as well) many peoples, and societies. I get it, violence, conflict can really be harsh to look at on the screen. It can really be difficult for the human mind. As personal observation today’s entertainment all over the world is becoming intensely more violent and corrupt. You will surprised if you researched the origins of Hollywood and Bollywood. Television. Is a subset of the greater entertainment industry.

  34. Nice episode

    1. Hey di…… are you….it,s really nice episode

  35. Hi my dear buddies, that was a nice episode (that would we needed Friends) after long days it seemed like something better episode, Mehak pretention was a good and how way shourya felt jealous on mehak dance with someone, he grabbed mehak towards him to dance, he mesmerized of her beauty, she really very pretty in saree (Red and gold combination saree, it’s too hot) I enjoyed a lot on their dance, they both looked beautiful, nice chemistry between them.

  36. Hi Mehrya Family
    It’s been a while. Hope everyone is well?
    Mehak character has really strengthened which im really happy for.
    The thing i dont understand is why is Mehak still insisting on staying at Shaurya house, what is she planning? I’d be sad to see if she makes him fall in love with her and drops him like a hot potatoe.
    Shaurya character is so unpredictable, he is a like a chameleon . He changes his skin all the time. When do we actually know when he is being sincere or he putting up a facade for some gain again.
    Once bitten twice shy
    Sonal being physically abused is no less than Shaurya’s emotional and mental abuse on Mehak.
    Its fine that ZKM wants to shed light on the reality woman abuse but the Hero of the show should be brought to his senses as well.
    Love n light to all?

  37. OMG Shaurya lost his memory????? This very rubbish writer. How could you do that to us. Is the same crap like kkb. This is more than enough ?????. If is true than I’m very broken.

    1. hi geeta if it is real, bullshit and bullshit, really scrap, that would be a blo*dy idea of writer.

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