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Mahek 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
PD scolds Jeevan and Ravi and beats them with stick for being drunk, she says you insuled yourself in inlaws house. Jeevan and Ravi are not drunk anymore, Jeevan sits in Pd’s feet and ask her to beat them more, Pd leaves, Jeevan cries and says we lost your minds. Ravi cries and asks Kanta to forgive them, we dont desverse to be forgiven but i promise to never touch wine again, Kanta says move back, we went for daughter’s proposal but you got insulted there, because of you people, i cant show face to anyone. Ravi fold his hands to Mahek and says forgive me, he sits in her feet, Mahek says what are you doing? Jeevan and Ravi fold their hands infront of Mahek, Mahek says you both are my strength, my pride, you did mistake but its small, dont do this, they cry and ask her to forgive

them. Shaurya comes there and sees everyone crying. Shaurya is hurt seeing all this, Jeevan tries to sit in his feet, he says you people didnt do anything, Jeevan says forgive us, Ravi cries and fold his hands, Shaurya says dont embarrass me, Ravi says because of our mistake, Mahek and your relation should strain, forgive us. Mahek says Shaurya i want to talk to you, she weeps. Kanta says we all will go inside, you both talk here. Mahek says no, there is no talk in my life which i cant do infront of you people, i will say everything infront of everyone. Mahek says to Shaurya that i dont want to do this marriage, all are shocked, Jeevan says dont say this, Ravi says please dont do this, Mahek says let me say, my family is my priority and there is no one above them for me, we are emotional people and do mistakes, we dont know how to roam around high standard people. Shaurya comes to her and holds her arm, he says i say sorry on behalf of my family, forget it, Mahek says its not about forgiveness, maybe we are not made for each other, we have distance between us like dream, my truth is my family and my dream is to be with you, Shaurya says i have come to close this distance, Mahek says you cant close it, marriage happens between two families, two cultures, not just two people. Vaitlana was right, there is no match between your and mine family, we are like two opposite banks of river, and even if we get married for sake of our love, it wont workout much, our marriage will break due to our realities. Kanta says dont worry Mahek, we are with you, we will set everything right, Mahek says i know you all are with me but let me feel once that i am with my family too. She says to Shaurya that to be with you, to enter your world, i would have to break all ties with my family or family would keep getting insulted all life but i cant accept my family’s insult, all cry hearing it, Shaurya sadly looks at Mahek.

Scene 2
At night, Shaurya is in his room and recalls Mahek’s word and how she broke off relation. Otherside Mahek is crying in her room, recalling their moments, Jo behji thi dua song plays, they both are hurt and broken. Mahek takes her phone and calls Shaurya. Shaurya picks her call, Mahek is weeping and not saying anything, Shaurya is pained listening her cry, Mahek says i am sorry, whatever is happening, i am sorry about it, she cries and drops her phone, Shaurya ends call, he puts phone near his heart. Mahek looks at ring in her finger which Shaurya gave to her, she cries more seeing it. Kanta sees Mahek crying in her room, she is hurt seeing it, Nehal comes there and asks Kanta to do something. Kanta leaves from there being helpless, Neha is sad seeing Mahek’s state.
Its morning, Mahek is leaving for office. Kanta says listen to me, think about it once more, dont take haste decisions, Ravi says dont say no, Shaurya is really nice guy, you will be happy with him, Jeevan we are no match to his family but you are matched with him, Kanta says you will adjust there, Ravi says we would come to meet you there on festivals and you can come here anytime you want, PD says give her space, Mahek says the world where my family doesnt exist, i dont exist there, Ravi hears dog barking, he opens gate of house and sees Shaurya with his luggage and puppy, all are shocked. Shaurya comes inside, Mahek says you? this puppy? Shaurya says his name is tamatar lal, remember? Mahek says why have you come here with your luggage, Shaurya says its obvious i didnt come to buy grocery here, Mahek says to Shaurya that middle class families have many work at morning not like rich people whp have many servants, so dont waste time and tell me why you are here? then leave, Shaurya says i want to part of your life, she says what? He says i will live in your house from today, Mahek is confused. Shaurya says to Kanta that i want to me part of your world and life, Mahek thinks that we are no match so she doesnt want to part of my family but can i be part of your family? Jeevan chacha tell me can i live here with you people? Mahek says i dont like jokes, Mahek says you think its all easy? what you want to prove by doing all this? Shaurya says whatever happened at my house made you upset, you cant be part of my family but i want to be part of your life, please Mahek i want to live with your family, please let me in.

PRECAP- Mahek is leaving for office, Kanta asks her to eat lunch and go now, Mahek starts leaving but slips and falls on Shaurya who is lying in their porch. She says why you are doing this? you cant stay at my house, Shaurya says why not? i have right on this place too, this porch is outside your house, Mahek says i told you we cant be together ever, dont do all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  4. episode was good Mehek decision was very sorrowful but for them both love the way of Shaurye he is just too ….
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