Mahek 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Mahek takes stand against Mandhar

Mahek 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya says to Mahek if she made Panjiri? Mahek nods. Shaurya asks how did she learn to make it like that? Mahek looks on. Neev says she watched recipe on TV. Mandhar calls out to Vandana. Mahek starts leaving with Neev, Shaurya tries to go behind them but Archie comes there and says I have brought your sherwani. Mahek and Neev leaves.
Shaurya says to Archie that you might think I am going mad but I fell Mahek is everywhere, I tasted panjiri and I felt like Mahek made it. Archie is tensed but says that you love Mahek a lot thats why you imagine Mahek everywhere and about Panjiri, Mahek’s recipes were famous and people used to follow them so anyone can try her recipe. Shaurya nods and leaves. Archie is tensed and thinks i will deal with this Vandana once I am married to Shaurya.


Mehndi ceremony starts. Sharma family comes there without Kanta. Khanna family welcomes them. Archie arrives there too nicely dressed. Everyone praises her.

In kitchen, Mandhar is cooking sweets, he gets to know that one ingredient is less and asks worker to bring it.
Mahek is working in kitchen too and asks worker to bring more onions, worker goes to bring it.

In mehndi, everyone is dancing and enjoying. Archie smiles at Shaurya. Shaurya looks on.
Mahek is in kitchen area and is tensed. She goes in function.
All are enjoying and dancing in function but shaurya is sad. He recalls his functions with Mahek. Mahek comes there in veil. Archie shows her mehndi to Shaurya, Shaurya recalls Mahek’s mehndi, he gets tensed and says to Karona that I will come in a minute. He turns to leave and is lost in thoughts. Vicky comes to him and tries to talk to him but Shaurya is lost. Mahek is outside venue and looks around. She is closer to Shaurya but he has back to her, Mahek recalls blurring flashbacks while Shaurya recalls their moments. Shaurya gets angry and stops music. All turn to him. Shaurya says to Vicky that ask Banwari to start his performance. Mahek looks around and thinks why I keep seeing blurring images? and this mister?

Mahek comes in kitchen to Julie and says I keep feeling some images and blurry figures like I am trying to remember something, is there something that I know? can you tell me if something happends? Mandhar comes there and hears it. He shouts that now I will beat you, woman should not think or talk, you dont want to live? I will kill you today then your doubts and questions will end, she says you are thinking wrong. Mandhar says seems likeyou like in Delhi and want to leave me? want to know who I am? you have kid with me of 7 years old that you gave birth to, Julie asks him to stop it, Mandhar says she wants to question things? she will say that she have relation here, that she knows people of here so you can leave your husband? Mahek says there is nothing like that. Mandhar says you shameless woman, he tries to strangle her but Mahek pushes him away and says what kind of husband are you? he asks her to shut up, she says I wont shut up, I wont bear your beatings silently, you keep blaming me when I havent done anything wrong, you question my loyalty constantly, the people who do that are not faithful themselves, its not but you who is not faithful.

In function, Archie says to Shaurya that can I have dance with you? Shaurya nods. They all starts dancing, Karona asks Sharma family to join too, they reluctantly agree. Neev says Banwari that can I bring mom here too? I want her here to dance too. Banwari nods and they to go bring her.

In kitchen, Julie asks Mahek to calm down otherwise this Mandhar will make it an issue, Mahek says I wont stop today, I am not scared, there is something missing, you allare hiding something from me, what is it? Mandhar fumes in anger, Julie asks him to leave but he pushes her away and says today I will put sense in you, he attacks her with rope. He brings shovel and says today I will beat you so much that you will have no complain then, he tries to beat her but she holds shovel, Julie asks him to leave her, Mandhar throws away shovel and strangles her, he says I gave you house and you are holding my hand? I will break you today. He throws Mahek on ground and stands on her burned foot, he curshes it, Mahek screams in pain and yells to save her. Shaurya is in function but feels someone calling out to him. Mandhar strangles her too. Neev comes there and tries to push Mandhar away and says dont beat my mother.
In function, Shaurya turns to leave but Archie asks him to dance with her, he says sorry, I am not in mood.

Neev bites Mandhar’s hand, Mandhar moves away from Mahek. Mandhar says are you and your mother think I am an enemy? He grabs Neev to beat him but Neev shouts hero/Shaurya. Shaurya is in function and thinks something is wrong.
Shaurya comes in garden and calls out to Neeb, Neev tries to scream for him but Mandhar puts hand on his mouth. Julie comes to Shaurya. Mandhar silently takes Mahek and Neev from there. Julie asks Shaurya what happened? he asks where is Neev? Julie says he is with his mother, she is ill, Shaurya says we can take her to hospital, she says no its mild fever.

Mandhar brings Mahek and Neev to room, he throws them on ground and ties their hands and feet, he gags their mouths so they cant shout.

Shaurya says to Julie that if there is problem then tell me. Mandhar comes there and says you have hired us for work, we can take care of our family. Shaurya says whats your problem? I am trying to help and still you are saying rubbish? Mandhar says I can break you hand easily, Julie asks him to stop it, Mandhar says why he is focusing on others wife? Shaurya says stop saying rubbish, I am bearing you

PRECAP- Shaurya says to lord that I never stopped in your mandir and prayed because I never had relation with you, you took Mahek away from me but then why you keep making me feel Mahek’s presence around? I am begging you to today to show me a way.
Shaurya comes outside Mahek’s room and thinks that why I keep feeling like Mahek is around? I am moving on, marrying someone but I am still you Shaurya, he moves hand to open door. Inside room Mahek is tied and sad.
Archie and Shaurya are in mandir as groom and bride, Archie smirks and thinks I will be Archie Khanna soon, she makes Shaurya wear garland but Shaurya doesnt move,
Archie thinks why he is not making me wear garland?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Both Shaurya and Mehak are too much tortured by these villies. Honor a lady and don’t show this type of episode. This should not be happened in real life. Khana’s house they don’t have CCTV?
    All these villies should be punished.
    1) Archie – She is akiller
    2) Banwari family (except the child) knowingly did this crime.
    3)Hospitals staffs (who took the money and Doctor did not take care of the situation properly.)
    4)Doctor hiding Mehak’s xray
    We are not in 18th century. Please change the story. Whole world is waching this serial.

    1. Thank you Vivek, for saying this. I don’t have strength left in me to say it. I fail to see why Shaurya has to marry again, would marrying another woman ease the pain of losing Mehek?? This is the solution to Shaurya’s plight…furthermore, it’s time that Vicky take a wife… These serials are full of drama but no substance. In this day and century, people like the khanna family have so much money to splurge on a wedding but can’t install CCTV cameras!!! The more progressive the wealthy become, the more regressive their thoughts and thinking are…not to mention the he writers of these serials…all the brains at work eventually go in hibernation…

  2. Chaaya

    Just disgusting and cheap! No different than what diseased minds of writers in the West . . . If you research the Bollywood, mainstream entertainment industry you will realise it comes from the colonial masters of illusion. The true genius of Indian drama was suffocated for an adapted style of Western minds: “The first films every produced in India’s Bollywood were soundless short films. The Lumiere Brothers created them in 1896 at the Watson Hotel. It wasn’t until May of 1913 when the first movie filmed by an Indian was released for viewing in Bombay.”

  3. Chaaya

    There is a pattern of evil and corruption in the entertainment world and if they don’t follow it then they won’t be financed by their secret society world.

  4. Chaaya

    Halloween freaks of the industry . . . Truly look at how entertainment is becoming darker and darker.

  5. Yes chaaya I’m completely agree with you.

  6. Chaya, you comment is very accurate. The serials have indeed become darker. I was watching zee rishtey awards where the new vision for zee was embellished and how hypocritical of the network to highlight their women’s empowerment theme as their network’s agenda when every single female character in their serials are abused, humiliated, still covering with a veil , mocked and even killed off without even knowing what marital happiness is about or marriage consummation. How could people in love marry but instead of living like normal married folks, have to battle mean in laws, obsessive lovers, devious friends,co workers and other family members for property, wealth, status and a chance for one moment of happiness or one night of marital bliss….I live on the west and all these years, from the 80:s and backward, women on screen dressed like how women should dress, I thought it appropriate about the modesty of Indian actresses and admired them in their beautiful sarees or salwar kameez but these days since the 90’s, all we see is skin and more skin. The more flesh they reveal, the better roles they end up with. Why have Indian cinema become like Hollywood now?? Such a shame!!! Sorry for rambling on… forgive me but this is just to say,I agree with your assessment.

  7. Very very disaapointed with the twist in story for Mahek. There is just far to much of verbal and phyiscial abuse. If the writet has nothing interesting to write just end this series. It is just dragging and becaming to boring. From the time i have started watching Mahek there has never being happy series where the family parties and enjoy each others company. This programme Zindagi Ki Mahek has just become too serious for my liking not a series that i look forward to watch anymore.

  8. Really Killing the show now… Why can’t Shaurya and Mehek just be happy together! Or facing situations together instead of her not being able to remember the man she’s supposed to love… Why does Shaurya HAVE to marry that ugly rat Archie anyway, she shouldn’t get away with what she did to Mehek… Zindagi ki Mehek is getting very boring and stupid… Before I used to wait to see what’s going to happen next now I’m not interested like before.

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