Mahek 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Karona says to Svetlana that dont make a scene here, Svetlana says you want to see a scene? you really want to? she throws wine at Mahek’s face, all are stunned, Svetlana says you want more scene? she throws water on her face and says see I have made her pure to be our daughter in law, Shaurya shouts Mami.. Karona slaps Svetlana and says how dare you do that? Svetlana that this cheap girl dared to enter our house? Shaurya says out, he grabs Svetlana’s hand and drags her out or restaurant, he says i will see you at home, she says i will not spare you too, Shaurya yells out, she leaves. Shaurya runs to Mahek and hugs her and says i am sorry, i will throw her out of house, i promise i wont let it happen, Mahek says its okay, i know she doesnt like me, you remember my family used to not

like you, Jeevan Chacha broke this restaurant, Kanta Chachi made you get beaten by goons but you won their hearts with your goodness so I will win hearts with my goodness, promise me to not take any action, i will handle everything my way. Karona says she is more sensible than my son, she asks Shaurya to do announcement. Mahek cups Shaurya’s face and asks him to smile, he looks at her and smiles.

Shaurya says to guests in party that Meera Sharma is not with us today whose dishes you are tasting but we have her daughter Mahek, Mahek never told me but i know she wanted her mother’s weird dishes to be tasted and praised by people so i have arranged something special for her on this occasion. He calls Mahek on stage, Mahek comes there and asks what is all this Shaurya? he says take off curtain from object and you will know. Karona is getting call from someone and she is tensed. Mahek takes off curtain from a large portrait of Meera Sharma, Karona is shocked, Shaurya says this is Meera Sharma Mahek’s mother. Karona says she is Mahek’s mother? Mansi says yes and all recipes were written by her, Karona gets tensed. Shaurya reveals book and says this is coffee table book and Meera’s recipes are in it, i want all people in india to know about her recipes. Karona thinks what game God is playing with us? Karona gets call, she takes call and says dont call me again and again, i told you that you will get your money, give me time, I am in a party, what you did in parking lot, if you do that again then you will not a single penny from me, she ends call and turns to see Kanta standing there, she gets tensed. Shaurya opens champaghne and celebrated. Kanta says to Karona that i wanted to say sorry to you, i have hurt Shaurya and Mahek, i just kept seeing his bad side not his good side, Shaurya has forgiven me and i want you too, Karona says you dont have to say sorry to your own people, i am sorry on Svetlana’s behalf, lets forget everything and hug, they hug each other. Kanta says Meera was very close to me, Shaurya has won our hearts by giving her this much respect, Karona gets tensed hearing her name, she tries to drink water but glass falls from her hands, Kanta asks if she is fine? Karona says yes, she leaves, Kanta looks on.

In party, Shaurya asks Mahek if he can have a pleasure of dancing with her? Mahek nods and smiles. Shaurya takes her hand and puts other hand on her waist, he dances with her on Tum mile, Mahek sees Shaurya’s hand on her bare waist, she says keep it only dance, not take a chance, everyone is seeing, Shaurya says let them see, they should know who has right on you, Mahek says my family and your mother is watching us, i am uncomfortable, can we stop dancing? Shaurya sees one guest eyeing Mahek’s bare waist with lust, he gets possessive and grabs Mahek’s waist tightly, guests drinks wine and tries to get closer to Mahek and strikes with Mahek while Shaurya is dancing with her, Shaurya gets angry and grabs his collar, he says how dare you touch her? Mahek asks him what is this foolishness? stop it, Shaurya shouts on guest, Mohit and Ravi tries to stop shaurya, Guest says if she is that special then keep her in treasure box, Shaurya gets angry and slaps guest, he beats guest, Guest says i will not spare you Shaurya, guest leaves. Shaurya says i am sorry Mahek, he sees Mahek gone. Kanta asks him why you get so angry? why you start beating people on such small things? Shaurya feels guilty hearing this.

Scene 2
At night, Mahek is in her room and thinks that i shouldnt have left party, Shaurya beat him because he was misbehaving but i am scared of Shaurya’s anger. Sonal comes there and says you should be thankful to get such possessive husband. Mahek says this world is filled with lustful people and he cant beat everyone, his anger is so much, what if he kills someone someday? Shaurya comes there, Mahek glares at him and says i wont listen to your apology, go and become goon. Nehal and Sonal leaves. Shaurya says i will stay here and say sorry, how dare he touch you? Mahek says will yoyu beat everyone that touches me? Shaurya says yes you are my Mahek. Mahek says what is this my Mahek? i am not your property and i dont like this violence, you are educated and you want to handle everything by violence? what will people say? she pushes him away, Shaurya looks at her intensely, he pins her to wall and puts her hands above her hand, she winces, Shaurya says i dont care about people, i will beat everyone that tries to touch you, i will bust every eye that tries to look at you with lust, i love you Mahek, he grabs her hand forcefully, she winces in pain and says you are hurting me. Shaurya sees Mahek’s finger get cut and blood oozing from her wound, Shaurya sucks on her finger and says you are my Mahek, mine only, Mahek hugs him tightly and says ofcourse I am yours and if i am yours then you dont have to fight with anyone for me. Nehal and sonal comes there, Nehal says leave something for marriage night too, Kanta chachi is coming so run Shaurya, Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and kisses her hand, he leaves. Sonal says he is so romantic, i should send Mohit to him for romance classes, Mahek blushes hearing it.

Karona comes in garden, mysterious person comes there, Karona gives money to mysterious person and says dont comeback in my life, if Shaurya sees you then he wont spare you, I have removed CCTV footage of you trying to hit Mahek with your car otherwise Shaurya would have found you anywhere and wouldnt spare you.
Shaurya is driving to home, Mahek calls him and asks if he reached home? he says no, i am just reaching there, if you are missing me then I can comeback to you, its just few days then we wont have talk on call, remember tomorrow we have to go to shopping, she says yes, he ends call. Shaurya arrives at home and sees some silhouette in garden. Karona says to person that dont you dare threaten me again, this is your money, dont interfere in our lives now, you should be concerned about only money and leave our lives. Shaurya ignores silhouette in garden and goes in house. Karona is hiding in bushes in garden and prays that Shaurya remain away from his past.

PRECAP- Mahek and family surprises Shaurya on his birthday. Shaurya sees whole room decorated with balloons and ribbons, he sees cake and gets angry, Mahek says surprise and claps for him. Shaurya kicks cake away and tears all decoration, he grabs Mahek’s shoulders and yells how dare you do all this? on whose saying you did it all? who asked you to do this? Mahek gets scared seeing him that much angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. sach mein pagal ho gaya yeh ladka…

  2. Achho paavom mehak..enn indha shaurya kadoos didir didirunnu maaranae theriyala..aduthu idukku sry solluvaan…..
    Mehak should learn more to manage him…director sir.pls make them marry soon and give them a happy life.

  3. Today’s episode is nice but shaurya s becoming possessive towards Mehak

  4. Hai my dear sweetie babies how are you to all I hope you are all good I really miss before two days…….. today episode supers shaurya done a great job but shaurya please control you self too much you showing it’s not good mehek always your property only …. coming to recap toooooooo much angry you showed to mehek every girl to do only like this husband …… I thought mehek mom and dad car accident involved shaurya a part ….before first 20 episode shaurya thinked some flashback it’s like one car accident met… it’s mehek parents accident…….. director uncle I hate you its toooooooo much twist……. we are all waiting mehraya marriage only but you showing too much unexpected twist…. anyway I waiting tomorrow episode buys my dear friendsir take carexit good night

  5. Aree,,,, ye shaurya na kuch ajib sa hain,,,,matlav,, inko samajna bohot e impossible hain,,, kavi kavi mahek hurt ho to he angry on this,,, and sometimes he hurts mahek only for his psycho anger,,,, and mahek says right what is this yrrrr,,, mahek u r only mine,, u r only mine,, I have only rights,on u,, such a stupid things shaurya,,, u r educated,,,u r a intelligent guy,,,, so why u said like such an stupid words,,,, we all,,, and u known very well that mahek is only urs,,, so just stop it:,,,,,,
    and precap,,, again u hurt mahek,,, shurya u just only concerted to control ur this foolish anger,,,, and i think shurya must be hate his birthday date,, or cake,, ab kyea bolu,,,, kuch vi ho sakte hai,,,, bhai avi to mahrya ki shadi ko maro goli,,, enhe to time lage ga yrrr,,, OK all mehrya fans,,,!!!! good night,, byyyyyeee,,,

  6. Saxenasapna

    Yrrr ye shaurya ko kya ho gua h…
    Itna pagal ho gya h…
    Kuch bhi kr deta h…
    Ye tho dusra sobhgyabati…. Bnta ja rha h…
    Bat yr shaurya ko dekhkr dr lgta h…
    Ye kya krne lga hh.
    Hum kisi se piyr krte h.. Tho kya usko taklif kese de slte h…

    I really don’t understand that Man…

    1. Sarah2

      Ufffff yar kya compression kiya hi aapne kha shubhagyvti Ur kha shourya uss serial ka ek episode bhi nhi dekha jata tha.shourya kuch Jada hi possessive ho gye hi lekin ye sab Jada din nhi chalne to confirm hi ki shourya bhut pyar kerte hi mahak se

  7. shaurya is really nice ,romantic person but when it comes to be angry. NO!!!!! he doesn’t know how to control his angry. And that is not a good thing.

  8. shaurya must take anger management class for mehek’s safety

    1. hahahhahahhahahha

  9. Chaaya

    It’s not so black and white . . There is more to Shaurya’s troubled past and he has a lot of violence that happened to him when he was young. He is not justified in his actions but he must have been a very sad child being unwanted and having always to fight for love in that cold, wicked environment. Instead of only looking at one person’s actions view the entire sequence and see that Karuna (played by Rajshree Seem) knows the full troubled story of her adopted son. Kanta will figure it out. Slowly, the truth is unfolding . . . and once the truth becomes more apparent we will understand the reasoning for Shaurya’s obsessive and off the cuff madness.

    1. Yeah I agree with you

  10. Chaaya

    Shaurya is a leading character, so as viewers we have to not get drawn into the behavioural aspects alone and wait to understand the cruelty that this character endured.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Karuna does not want Shaurya to know the truth . . . Meera, must have takes her death or really did not die. Obviously, the person in the car knows a lot and is blackmailing Karuna. Karuna maybe doing the blackmailing too . . There’s some mystery for sure. I think Shaurya knows a lot and is playing a game.

  11. Chaaya

    I will tell you on the reason why ZKM is a lot more sophisticated than most verticals. Character development is a technique that is not easy and what the Director is doing is drawing the audience into the deeper undercurrents of this character’s past by seeing his present behaviour. The birthday incident triggers a very ugly stigma or memory for him. No, it’s not the right way a regular person would behave but it is obvious that he hates his birthdate because he must have really bad memories that has affected him to this violent point.

  12. Chaaya

    If you are insightful you would definitely know that we are going to see Shaurya suffer a lot more in the upcoming episodes because he will have to face not just the truth of his existence. I think the viewers then would be in more pain for him. Mahek is going to learn the truth behind his behaviour as well. This wedding may not take place at all. Something is going to happen before that day or on the day again.

    1. Raniboudy

      Honestly Chaaya, I totally agree with your analysis!! Shaurya has been so hurt in his childhood and that is one of the reasons why he has always been business minded and ruthless so he doesn’t get hurt again! His father abandoned his mother in order to marry Karuna aunty and his mother died. He has lost so much that anything he has now, he becomes possessive. In this case it is Mehak. I am sure it is Svetlana who gave Mehak the idea to celebrate his birthday knowing fully well that his birthday is surely a very sad day for him. I think we just need to be patient and bear Shaurya’s possessive nature. He has never really known how to express love and that’s the only way he knows!! Love you all and let’s wait and see!! There is more to this than just what we see! This reminds pe of Arnav Singh Raizada in Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon. He was so ruthless because of his sad past. I have said enough​!

      1. Chaaya

        No, no I am really interested in what you just said. I never thought that Svetlana might have informed Mahek. Good thinking. You actually reminded me Shaurya’s biological father abandoned his mother. Could that father still be alive? The person in the car must be a man . . . Maybe Shaurya’s real father. I may have to revisit the episode when Karuna went to the Sharmas’ home to explain Shaurya’s behaviour.

      2. Chaaya

        Actually if I recall the flashbacks he had was kids beating him up, then there was anotherbit of information that Karuna shared with the Sharma’s that Svetlana hated him when he went to live with Karuna. Shaurya was still a child in that accident. It was Shaurya’s biological father who must have been responsible for the accident with Meera Sharma. According to what we know as viewers is that both of Mahek’s parents died in the accident. We don’t know that really with Shaurya . . . Whatever it is by Karuna’s reaction to the of portrait of Meera Sharma, there is definitely a connection with Karuna and Meera.

    2. Raniboudy

      Chaaya have you forgotten that it is Karuna’s husband who is actually Shaurya’s father and he is still alive? You remember when the Sharmas went to the Khannas and were given a lot of alcohol and started misbehaving? Shaurya’s father and uncle were responsible​ for that! Shaurya’s father is a middle class who married a rich lady and is enjoying her wealth, when Shaurya’s mum died, Shaurya went to meet Karuna and that is when she adopted him as her own even though her husband did not want it. Sanjay is Karuna’s brother and Vicky’s father but he is her junior brother, that is why all the wealth belongs to Shaurya as he made the business to grow and is taking care of them because his own father is irresponsible. So I think Shaurya’s father is the one responsible for Mehak’s parents accident and Karuna has been hiding it in order to protect Shaurya and even her husband!!

  13. Hmmmmmmmmm…i wonder if Shaurya was responsible for Meera Sharma’s death somehow…maybe a drunk driving accident when he was younger?

  14. shaurya behaviour is abnormal. He must be affected psycological problem due to his bitter past. He needed treatment otherwise his anger will burn his lady love and her family

  15. ChandaMaya

    Things are getting interesting.

  16. ChandaMaya

    Moni we love your updated OS. Everyone, please read Moni’s OS . . . It’s a great. Love the song pieces!!!?

  17. ChandaMaya

    i am not enjoying these twists at all. Following KKB. Very disappointed.

    1. Moni7

      Hai chanda sis..Thank you so much ??

      Coming to episode… Oh god I’m dead ??…. He’s too obsessed ?….Hurting her by his obsessed nature…He calling its love but I must say over obsessed love coz of over compulsive… He keep on telling my mehak ??… He’s not to mehak saying ti himself…. That’s she’s mine oly mine.. Karuna Will be game changer i guess…
      Stil confusions!!!…
      200% sure Shaurya will torture her in the name of love….
      Precio:- ??…. Haunted past….Still hanuting him ?…..God plz save mehak… Strong association between birthday nd his sad past… Day by day my getting shock in then name of twist…Lol…..

      1. ChandaMaya

        Moni, you are correct, Shaurya is obsessed, but not evil, just very, very troubled. I think he was tortured as a child so he understands love through material possessions, not really love as most people would understand. He is an internally troubled man, like a ticking time bomb? . . .I am very scared for Mahek, but she is the only one who will be able to save him from himself. I am not pleased with the way this story is turning. Now Shaurya has a new enemy, the man he slapped at the party. I think he was a Svetlana implant, and she might also be responsible for this man coming back into Shaurya’s life . . .might be his drunkard father.? Shaurya cannot marry. It’s not good timing. So true Moni sis, haunted past.

      2. ChandaMaya

        I think Shaurya finds comfort in Mahek all of a sudden, like the baby blanket he never had or teddy ? bear. No one ever really Loved Shaurya, not even his past girlfriends. Where is that Shruti? Did Viki dump her in the garbage?Shaurya has to live with a real witchy Maami?. I’m sure Karuna really cares for Shaurya.

  18. How can Shaurya be responsible for Mehek’s parents death when he was merely a child himself. Maybe someone witnessed the accident and maybe blackmailing Karuna. The only option other than this would be Shaurya maybe in the car and witnessed the accident but did not see their faces. Just my opinion ?

  19. Shauriya NEEDs anger management. Mahek should take him to some group therapy where he will listen and hopefully learn. He is not listening to anyone.
    I hope Mahek is smart enough to do this before she marries him,
    His repetitive behaviour, he’s anger, posessive, obsessive, controlling, ,and so on…needs to be controlled, with patience .. Mahek needs to demand that he needs to go to therapy before they marry.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Regression therapy would be better before counselling.

      1. Chaaya

        Chanda!!!!!!!!? I would go back a bit further, like past life regression??

  20. Does anyone remember PRELUDE/ THE ANGRY YOUNG MAN. by Bill Joel…very old but good music,

  21. Hello my dear friend,s I thinks shaurya is mad totally ……shurya tu pagal ho gaya hai mahek meri hai every body know mahek only for mahek ………mujhe lagat hai ki shurya pagal ho gaya hai kuch bhi sochne ki shamta khatma ho gayi hai apni man ki kar rahai hai …….wo kya chahta hai ……or past mai kya hu tha……..I Thinks shaurya hit mahek parent ….

    1. Sarah2

      No yar he is not mad,ZKM team itni Fool nhi ho sakti ki wo shourya ko mad bna de.wo Jo bhi ker rhe hi uske piche koi strong reason hi maybe unka darr ho.ho sakta hi issi week shourya ka past open ho Jaye Ur jab eysa hoga to sab ki soch phir change ho jayegi.

  22. Sarah2

    Hello everyone,I know now days shourya is very possessive for mahak but yar kuch to hi jiski vajah se wo iss trah react ker rhe hi.valentine’s day ke dance se to bhut hi jada decent dance tha kal ka phir kue wo itna uncomfortable ho rhi thi???ab koi dance karega to jahir hi aapki weist to touch kerega hi Ur wyse bhi shourya ne turat fight start nhi ki thi uss bande ko khud hi pitne ka shuk lga tha tbhi to wo khud chal ke aya shourya ke ignore
    kerne ke bad bhi ??? ZKM team ager aap logo ne inki shadi nhi krane ka man bna hi liya hi to hm logo phle hi bta dejiye abhi se hi ?? hospital me bed book kra le kue roj roj thoda thoda heart attack dete hi ????aap log fans ko. I don’t know why but I have a strong feeling that this time marriage will definitely happens but maybe forcefully ??shourya can do anything to get his love by hook or crook.let’s see what happens next

  23. Chaaya

    Did you hear what Karuna said? She told the shadow man (mystery man) that he would never “come back” in Shaurya’s life. . . And if he finds out the car licence he will find the person out and kill him. Now so could that be? My other point would be that Shaurya was traumatized by an accident but does not know the complete story . . . He just knows that he was an unwanted outcaste. I think Shaurya was horribly abused Asda child, even catatonic at times.

    1. Chaaya

      Correction, that he should not come back into Shaurya’s life.

      I looked at the shadow figure but could not recognize the man . . . I wonder if is someone related to the Sharmas’ in any way?

  24. Chaaya

    Mr.Director your writers have to start filling the many holes ? in the story . . .lots of missing pieces, missing information, and obviously missing characters who just vanished from the storyline like ghosts. I think our Moni should write your scripts. ?

  25. Shaurya to mehak ke pichhe pagal hota ja rha hai plz directors is baar inki shadii kra Dena

  26. Please don’t make d most beautiful entertaining serial into a bore by bringing such hurdles ki shaurya mehek ki marriage keeps postponing, how is shaurya responsible for his parents act which was an accident, so if update is right change it bring something better, happy and good not like other bores on zee TV

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