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Mahek 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ajay is brought home drunk, Ajay tells her how Shaurya punched him and took Mahek away, Pammi says dont, i will teach lesson to Mahek.
Shaurya says to Mahek that i didnt know this night can be more awful. Shaurya says to Make that i used to get irritated with your voice but i didnt know your silence would be this much irritating so please say something Mahek Sharma. Mahek says its okay, i dont wanna talk, Shaurya says your home is still far away, so say something. Shaurya’s car comes to halt suddenly, Mahek glares him, Shaurya says i didnt do anything, it stopped itself. Shaurya comes out of car and calls mechanic, he comes to Mahek and says my car is out of order, and mechanic is not taking call, Mahek says how will we go home then? Shaurya says i will lift you on shoulder and

take you home. Listen i have handled more difficult situations but i cant handle you please cooperate and get down from car, i am hungry too. Mahek comes out of car, Shaurya opens bonnet of car and is checking problem, Mahek comes there but slips, Shaurya catches her in his arms, they share eyelock, Chitya kaliyan song plays. Shaurya sees music coming from nearby dhabba and says we should go there, Mahek says at this time? Shaurya says did you forget Ratan’s dhabba you used to work at, you have changed after entering show. Mahek says if this dhabba is safe? Shaurya says they should be worried that Shaurya Khanna is coming to their dhabba, if food is not good then i will file case of health violation on dhabba. Mahek and Shaurya comes to dhabba. There are drunkards ogling at Mahek. Shaurya asks for menu, waiter tells him all the dishes, Shaurya says bring anything which is cooked fast. Food is brought to them, Shaurya says you must be feeling homely here, did you watch Satte pe satta movie? she says yes, shaurya says i am hungry like that, so lets attack food, they start eating food. Mahek is eating rice with hands and says real taste of rice and pulse comes when you eat with hands, Shaurya drops his spoon and tries to eat with hand, Mahek laughs at his trying, Shaurya finally atleast you smiled, Mahek says good food makes mood right, Shaurya says give some credit to me too sometimes. Shaurya and Mahek starts leaving dhabba after eating, drunkards are following them.
At home, Kanta is waiting for Mahek. Nehal says they wont come soon, Kanta asks why you are awake? Nehal says same reason as you are awake, Kanta says i should have sent you and Mohit with them, dont know which club he took her, Ajay promised that he will bring Mahek back soon, Nehal murmurs that you trusted wrong person, she says to Kanta that they must be enjoying there, dont worry, they will comeback, she leaves. Kanta says time past midnight and prays for Mahek.

Scene 2
Mahek and Shaurya are walking on road, Mahek praises food of dhabba and says the ingredients were same as my grand mother told me, it was so tasty Shaurya.. she stops and says sorry i mean Shaurya sir, it was good right? Shaurya just stares her. Some truck drivers stop and come out, driver says we should get item like this girl(Mahek) for tonight, it will be good, Shaurya comes and stands infront of Mahek, driver shows dagger to Shaurya, Mahek gets tensed and says Shaurya.. Shaurya comes closer to driver and says its good you people came, you came to take here away? she was irritating me so much, i have interest in her, take her, infact i will put her in your truck myself, driver says good let this item come in our truck, he comes to Mahek, Mahek says no, Shaurya lifts Mahek on his shoulders caveman style and put her in truck’s passenger seat, Mahek screams for help, drivers are happy and says should we finish this guy? driver says to Shaurya that you made our work easy, Shaurya says give my return gift that is give your one hand and one leg, he beats both drivers and tries to go to Mahek but driver catches him, Shaurya beats them more, Mahek is stunned, Shaurya beats both drivers and says take your truck from police station tomorrow, you dont know whom you messed with. He comes in truck and drives away with Mahek.
Shaurya is driving truck, he looks at Mahek who is still terrified, Shaurya says i know you are tensed but i saved you like hero too, darmiyan song plays, Mahek looks at him but looks away and is in tears, Shaurya tries to put hand on her shoulder for support but stops himself. He stops truck near Mahek’s house and comes to Mahek’s side, he opens door for her, Mahek comes down. Shaurya says to Mahek that i am so happy today as i saved those drivers from a witch, he laughs at his own joke, Mahek says i am witch? she is in tears and pushes him away saying i am witch? i am witch? she cries, says thanks and hugs him, Shaurya is surprised. Mahek weeps on his chest, Shaurya tries to hug her but stops himself and doesnt hug her back. Mahek composes herself, she moves away from Shaurya and starts leaving, she turns to look at him, he waves bye at her, she waves back, Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyan plays.

PRECAP- Pammi says to Kanta that i was missing daughter in life but Mahek is coming in our house, i thought why to wait for wedding now so i have brought pundit with me to fix Ajay and Mahek’s wedding date, Mahek panics and says one minute, she says to Kanta that i want to talk to you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Welcome Achu and jigyasa nd keep commenting dear… episode was supurb….mehak hug shurya wow…Just i want more love seens between mehak nd shaurya…..wait for next episode….tashan will start in this serial…..nd hai rayna latha vavachi moni nayna mannu prethi ishu athya arshi nd all my frnds…nd hv a nyc day


    Hi Moni, Mannu, Kavi, Latha, Twinj, Vavachi, Sweta, Rayna, Naina, Preethi Ilang, and all my dear friends, Excellent episode yesterday, I am speechless. What an episode?????????? Woooooooowwwwwwwwww. I didn’t take my eyes. Superb. But still I have a doubt whether he really loves her or not, surely he has feelings on her, but whether he realised it or not? Still it is a big query. Anyway I am enjoying their presence whether it could be revenge or love.
    During truck driving he wanted to touch her but he couldn’t. If he really loves her he will also hugged her back. He is still waiting. I couldn’t come to a conclusion about his feelings towards her. Anyway I really liked the episode. Fully Mehrya Scenes. Loved it.

    Vrishti All the best for your exams.

    1. Preethi ilang

      He started to feel for her jayakumari on the day of roka itself is face changed wen they exchanged the ring…….even mehek as the same feeling…..

    2. Latha

      Jeyakumari but his eyes says he has already fallen love with Mehak.

    3. Hi jayakumari….ya I have that same doubt but he won’t tell until he satisfied wit his revenge plan…

      But I sure when mahek hugs him…he was stunned and realised his feelings for her…

      No dr he really have feeling for her so that he can’t hug her back….if he has no feeling means he hug back and it will b a friendly hug but something has inside his heart so only he can’t do that….?????❤❤

      So that I like shaurya…..❤❤❤❤❤he was too good…but when someone crosses his way he became villian and do whatever to attack them☺☺??

    4. Moni7

      Hai jayakumari …same doubt for me also…but it shows in his eyes he love her..dunno whether it is true r not

  3. Ryt dear jayakumari …I have same doubt…I luv mehya scences…

  4. My comment is missing?

  5. Preethi ilang

    Mannu and latha u r right…….he as fallen in love with mehek……..he as feelings for her thats way he din huged her…………i again watched retelecast……got mad of ZKM………..wen the episode starts he was driving……. His full eyes was seeeing mehek oly not road…….

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