Mahek 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shaurya and Archie(Mahekgetting married

Mahek 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya asks guard to keep their luggage in rooms. Neev runs away from Mahek. Mahek passesby Shaurya to catch Neev but Shaurya doesnt see her face. Neev comes to swimming pool and says they have lake in house and its water is so clear. Shaurya laughs. Neev says I want to bath in it. Shaurya looks at Mahek’s reflection in water, he is trying to see her face, he comes closer to her but Vicky comes there and says Shaurya come with me, its important. Shaurya asks Grandfather to rest, I will meet later, he leaves.

Harish and Karona are working in house and checking decorations, Dolly looks around and says to Karona that house is decorated after so much time. Priest says everything is ready, we should start pooja. Karona asks Dolly to bring Vicky and Shaurya.
In room, Vicky asks

Shaurya to get ready. Shaurya is working on laptop, Vicky says seems like you are working so I will wait, Shaurya says no, fine I will get ready.
Grandfather, Mahek and Neev settles in room of Shaurya’s house. Grandfather says today will be my first performance, I pray to make it success. Neev sees one door locked and says what can be inside, he tries to peek inside but cant see. Mahek comes to him and says why cant you stay in peace for a minute? Neev says why its locked? did they lock someone? Mahek says this is not our house so you cant touch anything without their permission. Neev says I want that big car, Mahek asks him not to disturb her, she is unpacking. Neev looks around and gets an idea, he leaves.
Neev comes to pool side and finds Shaurya’s car there, he goes to it.

Function starts, all are enjoying. Sonal and Nikki comes there with gift. Karona says I didnt know if you people will come or not, Sonal you are NRI now, how is Dubai? Sonal says not as nice as home, Nikki says PD was ill so elders couldnt come and sent us for today’s program, Karona gets sad and says I know Mohit and Kanta are still miffed with us.

Shaurya and Vicky comes down to function, Nehal compliments Shaurya, Shaurya teases her that she is looking awesome too. Priest asks groom and bride to sit down. Vicky says I am not the groom, its Shaurya. Shaurya goes and sits beside bride which is none other than Archie(who killed Mahek). Karona introduces Archie to everyone and says she is my would be daughter in law. Shaurya is in thoughts. Shaurya recalls his wedding with Mahek, he gets sad looking at Archie (same girl who killed Mahek, she is bride of Shaurya now). Priest says lets start ritual.
Mahek is in garden of house and looking out for Neevm she says where is she?
Karona kisses Shaurya’s cheek, she takes shagun from him and makes Archie wear chunri, Shaurya recalls when wore chunri of his name. Neev comes in function jall and finds laddos there, he says so many laddos here? even papa’s shop doesnt have so many laddos. He tries to stealthily go near them. Mahek comes there. In function, Priest asks groom to put his hand in Archie’s hand, Archie extends her hand, shaurya wipes his tear and puts his hand in her hand, she says Shaurya you look lost, are you fine? Shaurya looks at their joined hands and jerks his hand away, Archie is shocked, she glares at him. Shaurya abruptly leaves function. Mahek is there too. Archie angrily looks on.

Shaurya is in room, he looks at Mahek’s photo and is sad, he recalls their sweet moments and is in tears. Karona comes there and says till when you will keep running away? life doesnt stop by someone leaving. Shaurya says I am trying but I cant do it, Karona says Archie is waiting for you, you cant leave ritual in half way. Shaurya says then be it half way, did I ask to do all this? Karona gets teary eyed. Shaurya says I am sorry, I didnt want to shout on you but I cant spend life with someone else, only Mahek has right on my life. Karona says you are not with Mahek but live with Mahek’s memories, if you dont leave this stubborness then you will breakdown like you did one year back. Flashack shows Shaurya coming home drunk one year back and how he was screaming for Mahek, family tried to control him but Shaurya was breaking things, he said I want to go to my Mahek, Vicky cried and said she is not in world anymore. Archie comes to his house and said to Karona that Shaurya has depression, if he doesnt fight back then he will go to depth of darkness, I know how much he loved Mahek but I have lost love too and I know that pain, Karona says what can we do? Archie said that I have studied psychology and I can help Shaurya to come out of this pain, Karona smiled and hugged her welcoming her to family. Flashback ends, Karona says held your hand when you were drowning in misery and brought you out of darkness. Shaurya recalls how he was getting drunk one time and Archie came to him and hugged him, she calmed him down and says everyone needs support, dont worry, everything will be fine, I am here for you, she hugged him while Shaurya cried, then how she gave medicines to Shaurya. Flashback ends. Shaurya says to Karona that Archie saved my life but she is my friend. Archie comes there. Shaurya says I cant love Archie, not Archie, not anyone else, Mahek was my love and will remain my love. Archie is standing near his door and angrily glares at him. Shaurya doesnt see her. Shaurya says Mahek was my life and will remain my life, I cant cheat Archie by marrying her, Archie says aunty? Shaurya and Karona gets tensed seeing her there.

PRECAP- Karona says to Archie that chunri will look good on her. Neev comes near fan and starts which blows Archie’s chunri away. Chunri falls on Mahek’s head. Shaurya comes behind her to take chunri and says excuse me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi every one….i am very upset with shaurya..i can he do this…he loves mehek so much…kanth chachi is correct …hw can Kanna s family do this.. so soon they forgot mehek?

  2. What the hell is going on i hate this new twist ….. who killed mehek that giril shaurya engage its toooo much twist mehek please show your face to shaurya…. please i cant see this much situation

  3. Nice episode

  4. I think these writers needs serious help for writing the episode. This can be done to any reality show.

  5. Shit yaar.. You guys have spoiled the show ??? Go to hell writer’s…

  6. Yes Geetha you’re right. Let the writer stop this crap. And mehek please show your face to Shaurya.

  7. My thoughts exactly they ruined the show first with the stupid memory loss thing which is very common in Indian tv series, second how can the male lead decide to marry one year after the love of his life dies if a woman does this she would be crucified but it’s okay for a man thank god I stopped watching after the accident don’t have time for all this. They are never happy it’s always one problem after the other it’s exhausting to watch.

  8. So… Shaurya still loves Mehek even after “presumed” death, which is one year ago and he’s marrying again? Isn’t that too soon and unheard of from a man who professes undying love for his wife? Why the heck didn’t writers marry Vicky with this witch? Why Shaurya? Vicky needs a wife now and leave Shaurya alone for goodness sake!!! Archie looks like a cobra…with those eyes and arched brows and evil lips!! Ohh wait, writers feel if they don’t do this drama, things here would be boring but we all are fed-up of heartbroken lovers, dissatisfied spouses and unfulfilled desires from couples in soapland ???…i can’t bear to see Shaurya in so much pain..uh uh… I dislike Archie ???????

  9. Chaaya

    Here we go again . . . . Stupid marriage issues. Poor man has been duped into marrying Mahek’s killer. Another serial with a psycho woman drugging up the man she sinks her teeth. Seriously, theceoman needs fangs and she will look like a vampire. I am watching this only for the Mahek part. Just disgusted, and no originality by these insipid writers.

    1. I also think that this Archie looks creepy…something about her is scary, she could really look like a vampire with some killer fangs…..and as for Shaurya, did anyone put a gun by his head to marry this psycho? So what’s the need to marry Archie knowing he’ll die loving Mehek… So frustrating

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