Mahek 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya and Mahek save anjali from kidnappers

Mahek 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Karuna says to Shaurya that was my past that I forgot while marrying your dad. It had gone. I started a new life. Please listen.. please forgive me. i can’t hurt you. He shoves her hand. He says stop. She says can you accept anjali ? i can’t force you. ANjali deserves her mom. She shouldn’t pay for the sin i and her dad did. He says will you leave us all? She says you are most important for me. he leaves.

Kanta texts dolly we will come to meet mahek/ dolly says they shouldn’t come. They shouldn’t know this dirty truth.

Mahek is worried in her room. She recalls all that happened. she calls shaurya because his phone is off. she says he has to share his pain with me. Mahek comes to balcony and sees anjali running. She says anjali please stop. Anjali

runs on the road. A van comes and some thugs kidnap her. Mahek runs after them but she fails. Mahek is worried. shaurya comes. Mahek tells him everything. They rush towards the car.

Karuan comes to Anjali’s room with milk. She says i have my daughter today;. I am so glass. I will always take care of you. your ma is always with you. She takes off sheets to see its just pillows. Karuan is worried. She looks for anjali everywhere. She comes to mahek’s room but they aren’t there either.
Karuna calls mahek. Shaurya says tell that anjali was running from the house. We are bringing her back. Karuna says why didn’t you tell us. mahek says don’t worry we will bring her back.
Mahek says how will we find her. Karuna is crying. She says my daughter.. Please bring her back to mee. Harsh says she better stay out. Karuna says don’t dare saying a word about my daughter.

Mahek and Shaurya look everywhere and ask people. His car breaks down. He sees glass on the road. His car is punctured. She says what will we do now? he syas we have to walk. A bike comes. He takes Shaurya and Mahek where the van went. They look at the van. They hear someone talking about a truck. Mahek says he is talking about the same truck. He peeks inn. They tie Anjali. she is crying. There are many other girls inside. He says we will sell them off in dubai.

Shaurya says to mahek i have to do something. We have to save those girls. He stops the truck that is coming to take them. Mahek and shaurya hit the driver. He faints and they hide him.
Shaurya comes out as driver. A man comes out. Mahek and shaurya hit him and go in. Shaurya stabs one. Mahek releases the girls and they all hit the thugs. A thug points gun at Anjali. shaurya says leave her please. He says we will sell them off.
Precap-Harsh says those thugs kidnapped you because you are characterless. Shaury says enoguh.
If i have to choose between you and anjali i will choose her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Most useless show. Why these writers are so rough and negative minded ??????????????????????????

  2. Use less show kuch bhi interest nahi hai

  3. Trishavidushi

    What happen to zkm becoming boo oozing? ???????? What a serial what had it become

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