Mahek 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek in coma

Mahek 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arman calls Abba and says don’t worry I will handle everything. Mahek comes to the place where she called Kanta. She sees Kanta on the other side of the road and tries to cross. A car comes and hits Mahek. She falls down injured and her head bleeds. Kanta is dazed. She runs towards her.
Kanta screams and cries for her. A man takes them to hospital. They rush towards the hospital. Doctor checks her.. Whole family comes there. Arman comes too and says where is Mahek? How is she? Kanta and Nehal are scared of him. Arman says I came from airport and left my flight. I want to be with my Mahek in this condition. Doctor says we have to do operation. Arman leaves. Kanta says where are you going? He says I need time alone. Karuna is crying. she says why is all this happening to us? Kanta

says nehal come with me.

Kanta tells Nehal that Mahek knew his reality and that is why he hit her. Arman calls abba and says she is alive. Abba says she can’t live. we have to do our mission. We will create her duplicate too. Nehal says how will we tell everyone? What if they harm Neev and Shaurya. We can’t do that. Kanta says I can’t lose more people. Nehal hugs her.
Abba calls someone and says we need someone like Mahek. Shaurya says what did you do to her? how is she? Aba says she is in hospital.

Doctor says Mahek is in coma. everyone is dazed. Kanta says don’t worry Shaurya. Mahek will fight all this. Arman says can I meet her once? Kanta says I want to meet as well. He says you both can go together. They both go in. Arman holds her hand and checks her pulse. He goes out. Karuna says how is she? He says I can’t say anything and goes out.

Scene 2
Arman comes to room and breaks things. He looks at Shaurya. He says she had to die but she is in coma. Shaurya is dazed to listen to this. Arman says I can’t do my mission because of them. But now enough. Shaurya says you will all pay for the problems you have given to my family. You mission is wrong and you will never accomplish it. Arman points gun at him. Abba says calm down and think of future. Shaurya says you will only fail. Abba says this is a battle. A new person will come here. A new Mahek she will do our mission. We can’t stop our mission if Mahek is in coma. Shaurya recalls his moments with Mahek. The song judai plays in background.
Jeevan says who will stay here? Kanta says I and Mahek will stay here.

Karuna calls Arman. He says I am alone I need to spend time alone. A woman comes in. There are some other woman who are chefs from the camp. The main woman comes in. She looks like Maheek. She says I am here. My name is Naheeda. She looks just like Mahek. Shaurya is dazed. Its actually mahek. She says in heart I am here Shaurya I will save you this time. She says in heart I will reverse Arman’s game on him. She says its me Nahida I will be part of your mission.
Shaurya realizes its Mahek.

Precap-Mahek says its Nahida. I speak to hearts. Abba says you know what to do?
Arman gives her a gun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG

  2. Are we going to have her losing her memory once again? or will there be two Mehek? lmao

    1. You guys didnt read it properly, Mahek seems to be pretending that she is that Nahida to trap them

  3. Kristelle
    are you sure that is the real mehek,
    as you know, the fake mehek can pretend to be the real mehek (curve ball)
    it is too much to keep up with who is real who is fake, but some people may like all the confusions.
    it is ok…

  4. So many duplicates, am getting dizzy.

  5. Hi,
    it can not be the real mehek.. coz, Abba told Arman to go and have a mehek mask made..
    wow , if they made the mask in less than 1 hr .. then I will order some mask for next holloween :):):)

  6. Had, you read it correctly, and seen the episode – it is quite clear and evident that Mahek has turned into Naheeda.
    I’m sure she conspired with doctors to declare herself in comma.

  7. Yeah she is real mehak not the fake one…just chill guys…we will see some gud episodes now…

  8. I tell you, all these shows has lost common sense just to prolong it’s serial length. In their quest to do so, they have turned pretty much everyone show recently into a total circus. I am going to cancel my subscription for these extra channels. I could do much better things with my money and time. After all I can read up here on how dumb all the shows are going.

    There were a very limited few that was good and they actually ended the series at a good point too.

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