Mahek 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone applies haldi(turmeric) to Mahek. Shauray comes there frowning, Grandma asks him to smile, we apply yellow haldi but you are red from anger. she asks Karona to apply haldi on him. Shaurya says i dont want all this, Karoana says you were happily celebrating all rituals till now what happened? Shaurya says you dont know? should i tell infront of everyone? Mahek sees him in anger and messages him that I am sorry, i didnt want to to hurt you, please apply haldi. Dolly says he will get applied haldi by me. Rajesh says blo*dy fools. he says to Dolly that you are here too, she asks how is he? he says everything fine, go and enjoy. Dolly comes to Shaurya and says this is ritual so let me do it, she puts haldi Tikka on his forehead, Shaurya says are you people done with your rituals? can I leave

now? he angrily leaves. Mahek goes behind him.
Mahek comes to Shaurya and hugs him, Shaurya says go away, I am angry, Mahek says what will you do? will you push me away? will you slap me? push me I am standing here, Shaurya asys I am angry on you so please leave. Mahek says if you are miffed because of me so.. punish me, she looks at him with flirting hint in her eyes. Shaurya says stay away, this is nonsense, Mahek says if you do it then its romance and if I do it then its nonsense? punish me today. Mahek pulls Shaurya closer and caresses her cheek on his cheek and haldi from cheek getting smeared on his cheek, he asks what are you doing? Mahek says you denied from applying Haldi but this is tradition of wedding and I have to fulfill it, if not there then here, she pulls closer again and caresses other cheek on his other cheek, applying haldi on his other cheek too, she softly kisses his cheek, Shaurya melts down and puts hand on her waist pulling her closer, he intensely gazes at her, Mahek puts hands around his neck, Tu Thori dair or ther ja plays, Shaurya smiles at her and pulls her closer to kiss her but she moves away, he kisses her cheek lightly. Mahek says I am sorry, I didnt call Rajesh here to hurt you, dont be angry, think about Karona maa once, its her son’s wedding and her husband should be welcoming everyone but he didnt want to even come, how much she would tackle all this?> how will she answer guests? they will taunt her, I know you have strained relation with your father but keep house’s problems in house only, dont let outsiders see it, am I wrong? Shaurya says lets finish this, all your guests have come right? or is there any other surprise guest coming too?
Some rich person enters hotel where Shaurya is getting married with police. He comes in function and says I am inspector Munjal, Vicky meets him and says its my brother Shaurya Khanna’s wedding and we want security here, Munjal says I have heard this name before? Vicky says he is famous hotelier. Mohit brings Mahek’s parents photo there, Munjal sees it and is shocked. He recalls how he inspected accident and death of that couple, he recalls how he met Shaurya when he was charged for hitting and killing them with his car, he looks at Shaurya and says to Vicky where is Rajesh? Munjal recalls how he met Rajesh after Shaurya killed Mahek’s parents and asked him to give 50lacs to end that case without any investigation and freed Shaurya and to save Rajesh’s reputation, Rajesh told him to bury this case, save his respect and he gave him money for that.

Scene 2
Munjal meets Rajesh, Karona, Svetlana and Grandma, Rajesh says I gave you 75lacs to free Shaurya then why you are here? Munjal says you remember you made me transfer to another city after that case, I prayed to God to give me another chance to meet you all. Shaurya asked me to come here to secure wedding. Svetlana asks what you want? Munjal says you look like Sri Devi, you havent changed at all, I want money. Rajesh says we gave you everything 15 years back and now we wont give anything. Munjal says you gave me money to save your son and your reputation and now I am asking money to hide your sin from your would be daughter in law and her family. That time you gave me lacs as per your situation and as per Shaurya’s situation now, I should get crores. Grandma thinks that was I less that he came too? Rajesh says I will get you suspended? Munjal says for what crime? to reopen old case? I should deal with Shaurya. Karona asks him to sit and tell how much he wants? Munjal says lets deal for 10crores. Grandma is stunned. Rajesh says I can get you murdered for 10lacs, Munjal gets angry and shouts that you are threatening a policeman? I am sparing you because you will sign cheque right now otherwise.. arrange my money before wedding. Mahek comes there and says Maa? all are stunned to see her there. Mahek asks what is going on? Munjal says I am from your inlaws family, sit down. Mahek asks what money he is talking about? Karona says we are talking about something important, you leave, Munjal wishes her for wedding, she thanks him. Mahek thinks that there is something wrong, I should talk to Shaurya, she leaves. Rajesh says to Munjal that you will get your money, stay away from my son and daughter in law. Munjal says this is perfect couple, son is a killer and daughter in law is an orphan, Karona and Rajesh glares at him.

Mahek is in her room with Sonal and Nehal. Mahek asks if Shaurya took call? Nehal says I am calling him but he is not picking up, Sonal asks if everything is fine? Mahek says I will go and talk to him, she leaves.

Svetlana shows bridal dupatta to grandma and says this is death of Mahek, Mahek will die tonight and then that Munjal can tell anyone about secret and we wont care, he wont get money, grandma asks how will this dupatta kill her? Svetlana says there is explosive material stitched into this dupatta, when Mahek will wear it, we will make it blast and she will die but make sure no flame or spark comes near it before wedding time as it will explode, Make Mahek wear it. Mahek comes there, Grandma shows her explosive dupatta and says this is my wedding gift for you, I have ordered it specially from Mathura, I dont have enough money to give you expansive gift so wear this in wedding. Mahek says thank you and touches her feet, she says can I ask grandma who was that policeman with you people earlier? Svetlana and Grandma gets tensed.

PRECAP- Mahek gets ready in her red embroidered bridal dress for her wedding. Shaurya’s barat arrive at wedding venue, Shaurya sitting on horse, dressed in bridal pale orange Sherwani. Mansi says to Mahek that Shaurya is here. Mahek blushes and smiles, Mansi makes her wear explosive dupatta which grandma gifted and requested her to wear in wedding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh crap! Do not spoil this again, if it does it will be like KKB, never ending love and marriage story….boringgggggggggggggggg?????????????

  2. Hai my dear lovely family members how are you to all today first half superb but second half is very bad again new police villean arrived this tooo much ….. that old two villeys again again a big mistake .. I want to kill both …….. coming to recap again a lot of trouble facing mehraya marriage this tooo much twist ….. oh god …… buy my dear friends good night

  3. Atlast,marriage of mehrya…so,happy..let they be happy atleast mow..kill that swetlana..grandma and that new policewalla..I hate u..never ever think to disturb them..buffalo’s….iritating…I just pray that their marriage finishes soon

  4. Hai geeta, moni7, chandhamaya, chaaya,sarah,. if any one I missed are you all,
    And coming to the episode all mehrya fans get ready to spend your weekend full of tension….
    Director uncle is going to rock……and mehrya fans are going to shock…..

  5. day by day villains are increasing

  6. Hi,,,, mehrya fans,,,,, hope u all r fine,,,, coming to the epi,,,, mehrya’s haldi scene is just fabulous,,,,,, mahek know very well how to come down her angry sharuee,,,,,,and oh God how many people r know about shaurya’s past,,,,, and 10cores,,,, just too much yrr,,, and again murder plan for mahek,,,,, I don’t think that mehrya will get married soon,,, as this the same like other serial,,, only incomplete marriage,,,, just disgusting,,,, plz director uncle don’t do this with us,,,, we have no power to bear it,,, so plz get them married,,,, plz plz,,,,
    And pre cap,,,, no idea,,, that what will be happened,,,, OK GOOD NIGHT mehrya fans,,, byeeee,,,, love u mehrya,,,,,!!!!!!!!

  7. Never ending marriage rituals for mehyra. Again &again the same marriage rituals and bad omens and incomplete wedding . Very irritating

  8. I think now a days ZKM is getting a little bore wtih some scenes but i hope that some interesting twists will be coming in future so be ready girls we could be enjoying more n more with the mehrya scenese and twists.

  9. I like this serial very much but day by day the villens in it are increasing and I have no power to bear it … Such irritating …..rituals always stops some good happenings in serial and villens too. So I request you director uncle not to do same as other dramas ….. Please include entertainment and joy in it except such stoppings..

  10. I love the serial very much ……..but abhi shaddi karlo na mehek shaurya….

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