Mahek 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
there is loadshedding in Sharma house. Jeevan asks Mohit to call electricity department. Mohit calls him, he informs family that there is fault and light wont till tomorrow morning, papa you should buy inverter, Jeevan says you sit with me on shop and i will buy it, he says no way. Pd says we will spend night in lounge then, Mahek is excited, Nehal says mosquitos will bite me, Mohit says like you pain us, they will pain you today.
Whole Sharma family sits together, Mahek says lets play antakshari, Nehal says who plays it these days? its so middle class, Ravi says we all play in today’s time, he starts singing, he starts dancing too. Mahek leaves from there. Kanta is thinking, PD sees her and asks what you are thinking in such darkness? Kanta says i am worried about Mahek, tomorrow

is her competition’s day and there is no light tonight, how will she work? Nehal says what will happen? cant she work even if she doesnt sleep, its not a matter. Kanta goes to check Mahek.
Mahek comes to kitchen and says i have to do something chill, its hot. Mahek sees kulfi in fridge, Kanta comes there and asks whats happening? Mahek says there are only two kulfies and eight people, i have to do something.
Shaurya’s grandmother comes to kitchen and finds kulfi in fridge, she is about to eat it but Shaurya comes there and says you here? she says i came to take water, nothing else, Shaurya says where are all servants? they can bring you water, Nans says its good to walk, Shaurya sees her hiding ice cream, she asks why did he come? he neds water? Shaurya’s phone rings, he takes water bottle and leaves. Nans have sigh of relief, she eats ice cream, she doesnt like it. Shaurya comes back and says its sugar free thats why you dont like it, she asks where is my real one? he says in trash bin, Nans says one day a girl will come, she will make eat ice cream for me, will do dressing of it and will make me eat. Shaurya says go and sleep, you will find girl in your dreams only.
Mahek makes faluda from ice cream and makes Kanta eat it, Kanta likes it.
Jeevan asks Balwant to sing, he says dont mess with me, i wont sing, Pd says smile sometimes, sing, she pinches his cheek, Balwant says okay i will sing, Balwant sings chahe koi mujhe jungli kahe, he dances too. Mahek brings faluda for everyone, she offers Balwant, he says i wont eat, Mahek feels bad but smiles. PD says to Mahek that i have right on your food first, Mahek hugs her.
Shaurya is going to his room when one man says you are 12hours late. Shaurya angrily stares man, man says i fixed meeting with new investor at 12noon and its midnight, Shaurya says i didnt ask you fix meeting, man says i am worried about you, i ask investors to invest money in your hotel, Shaurya says dont worry about me, i am only 12hours late but you are 12years late in worrying about me, he glares him and says you wanna listen more dad? dad stares him and goes to his room.
Its night, all family members are sleeping in Sharma house but Mahek and Kanta are awake. Mahek says Chachi will i be able to do it tomorrow? she says have faith in yourself, you will be able to do it, sleep now. Mahek lies to sleep, Kanta lies beside her, Mahek dozes off.

Its morning, Nans sees her diet breakfast and says to Shaurya that they call you Karela king rightly, Shaurya glares her, she drinks karela juice and says dont you feel bad for me? he says no. he shows her reports and says you are so sick, Nans says these reports are rubbish, i am s*xy, Shaurya says yeah right, he asks her to give him peck on cheek, Nans says wet or dry? Shaurya says i just need your blessing, Nans asks if he has date? Shaurya says its first day of India’s super cook, Nans peck his cheek and says shave your beard, its prick, Shaurya gives her peck and says takes medicines of time. he starts to leave, she is about to eat jam but Shaurya says i have live telecast of kitchen and dining area CCTV footage, she puts down jam and pouts at him.
Mahek is watching cooking videos on her phone, she is getting ready too, Kanta says come fast. Kanta says to Jeevan that i have kept sandwich, dont eat anything there. Jeevan says to Ravi that we dont need car, w we will take auto, Mohit says its auto strike, Mohit says me and Nehal will come on scooty, Ravi says we all will go in car. he asks Mahek to come. Mahek comes, she hugs PD, PD says best of luck, all leave.
Ravi is driving car, Kanta says why need to go from this way? Ravi says its shortcut, Jeevan shows him way, Kanta says no take other route, Ravi says let me drive. Car comes to stop, Jeevan asks what happened? Ravi says i will try to start, he tries to start but it doesnt, Kanta says i knew it, Jeevan says like you are priest, Kanta asks Ravi to bring any taxi, Mahek says dont worry, i am going and taking taxi, you all meet me at venue, Kanta says all the best, Mahek goes.
Mahek comes on main road, she asks rickshaw to take her, he says its strike, we cant go. Mahek tries to take lift, one car strikes her. Mahek falls on road, people help her get up. She sees Shaurya in car. People gather around and asks him to come out, Shaurya says this girl came infront of my car, people say to Mahek that dont worry, we are with you, one girl says give him to police, people rich like him are reason for bad things happening here. Shaurya comes out of car and says are you guys crazy? one woman says you will come back to your country in one slap, all are taunting him, Mahek says enough, she ask them to stop it, Mahek says it was my fault, i came infront of his car, you all leave now, all leave. Mahek have sigh of relief, she says sorry to Shaurya, Shaurya says middle class, roadside rascals, you brought them to beat me, she says why would i bring them? Shaurya says you must be angry about auditions or you must be partying that you got selected even after i rejecting you, she says but.. he says you are not coming to competition? she says my car stopped working, Shaurya says even if you run from here, you wont reach set on time and you are late, you will be out, Mahek gets tensed.

PRECAP- Mahek says to Shaurya that i am sorry, give me one chance. Shaurya is bare chest, without shirt, Mahek says i got nervous, i have phobia, give me one chance, i will do anything, Shaurya comes closer and says ofcourse you will do anything, i can see it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi guys I just love this serials it’s different and Mahek is good

  2. Hello Deep thi.You are welcome here.
    Hi athya,vavachi,ishwarya and others how are you all guys?
    Episode was nice,but why shaurya hates his dad?I didn’t get it.I think it’s a suspense.And I think shaurya will give lift in his car to mehek for reaching India Super Cook Competition on time.And I love the way shaurya kisses his nani,thank god that there is someone whom he loves a lot.Waiting for next episode.

  3. hi everyone. ….How r u all? ??

    tat antakshari part was really nice. …..
    finally they showed shaurya’ family….his nans is really cool like pd…..

    it’s good that. …story is moving forward…..

    precap was simply awesome. ……. but again shaurya will Misunderstood her ………any way hate is first step for love. …

    shahek rockz…… am loving them. ….

  4. ayshu rayna vavachi and everyone…….where r u guyz……..

  5. hey rayna. …. am also glad hez very close to his nans……

    I noticed in most of the serials. ….. a rude business man who r male lead. …..hav cool dadi or nani…..with whom they are very much attached. …….am I right. …..

    soon nans will meet mehek….she will like her……. our Angel rajiv and nans will get shahek closer. ……its jus my guess. ……

    if my guess turns true….thn it will lose its uniqueness. ……lets wait and what will happen. ……..

    kuch b ho … b ho…….

    shahek rockz………am loving them. …
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ …… <3 <3

    1. You are right dear.

  6. its let wait and see what will happen

  7. ayshu where r u dr…….

  8. hey guys….hw r u all??episode was nice..
    & today is my b’day πŸ™‚

    1. many more happy returns of the day

    2. Happy birthday ? dear

  9. hy guys. episode was good

  10. Hai rayna athya how u all . I fine dear. Today episode was super how sweet nani I think Shaurya don’t do anything . Soo sad for mahek waiting seeing mahek and Shaurya cute scene

  11. thnk u shravani,vavachi ….. πŸ™‚ :-*

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