Mahek 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Investors ask Mahek to come to valentine party, Mahek looks at Shaurya and says i have some work but i will try to come, Shaurya says now leave, Mahek glares at him.
Mahek is making tea on balcony. Shaurya comes there, she asks will you drink tea hubby? Shaurya says you have made dhabba on my balcony, get drowned in it. Shaurya gets call from manager, manager asks him to come to party with his wife, Shaurya says she is busy, she cant come, manager says these foreign investors take valentine seriously so bring your wife fro sure, bring her only for few minutes but do bring her, its important for your public image which is in news too. Shaurya ends call and comes to Mahek. They sees Vicky and Shurti going out of house for valentine. Shaurya says to Mahek that get ready for party, wear

something good, you are wife of mine for even namesake only, Mahek says i dont have clothes of your standard, Shaurya says then wear anything you have, Mahek says i am living here by giving rent, not your employee, Shaurya says i dont want to take you but investors want you come with me, Mahek says then tell them no, you are Shaurya Khanna and can do anything, i am not going, let me drink tea. Shaurya grabs her arm, Mahek’s tea gets spilled from Mahek’s cup, Shaurya says what i have to do that you will agree to go with me? you want me to beg you? you sit in your feet? or drag you with me? Mahek says if you had requested me to come with you then it would be good but now say sorry for spilling my tea, Shaurya says like you requested me to come to your home for pag pheras? what did you do? you blackmailed me with women NGO, Mahek says like you behaved well with my family, you insulted them. Shaurya asks her to come to party, Mahek agrees to go with him.
Sonal calls Mahek, Sonal says i want to talk to you, Mahek says we will talk later, Shaurya says get ready fast.

Scene 2
Party starts in hotel. Investor says that if Shaurya’s wife doesnt come then foreign investors might feel bad. Shaurya comes there alone wearing white tuxedo. Mahek comes behind wearing red saree and holds his arm, investors thank her for coming, Mahek says i am just paying my husband back, investor goes. Mahek says to Shaurya that you came to pag phera with me and did drama there so its my turn to do same. Shaurya says dont do anything, Mahek asys like you insulted my family? i might do anything. Foreign investors come there and says you came Mahek, such nice couple. Shaurya opens champagne bottle. Mahek says to Shaurya that i am your valentine so make me drink wine with your hands, Shaurya sees guests looking at them and makes Mahek drink wine from his hands, Mahek smirks and says cheer. Mahek whispers to Shaurya that you know i bring storm after drinking wine, Shaurya looks away. Music starts playing, Mahek says lets dance. Mahek brings Shaurya to dance floor, she grabs his hand and dances closely to him, she dances around him, Shaurya tries to ignore her but Mahek doesnt leave his hand. All investors are dancing too. Mahek seductively dances around Shaurya, Shaurya says you have done enough dance for show off, Mahek says leaves dance floor and starts migling with guests. Shaurya glares at her. Mahek comes to bar and orders for whiskey looking at Shaurya, she shows him glass. Shaurya says to chef that red color means danger but this fool Mahek doesnt stop, she likes to make fun of her life, chef asys boss start feeling love, Shaurya says girls just want to dinners and parties on valentine so there is no love, guys just want s*x and girls want attention and stuff, there is no such thing as love in real life, this is just for business of chocolate companies. He sees Mahek drinking wine after wine, he says this girl who celebrate indian culture is drinking so much wine, she might puke on investors, ask her to stop drinking. Chef comes to Mahek and says dont drink wine, Shaurya is saying no, Mahek says i am not drinking wine, i am drinking apple juice but dont tell it to Shaurya, he doesnt want to celebrate valentine so let him have sunshine. Chef comes to Shaurya and says Mahek is saying she would keep drinking wine like this, she dont care about you saying no, she will drink, Shaurya glares Mahek, she gives him evil smile.
Nehal says to Mohit that all my friends have valentine partners and i am most hot but i dont have date, Mohit says i went to date with girl last year but police came there and made me do sit ups. Nehal sees Sonal calling, Nehal says she must be calling to tell how she is celebrating valentine with her husband romantically, she wants me to get jealous but i wont take her call, she cuts her call.
In party, Shaurya sees Mahek talking and laughing with some foreign male investor, he says we got freedom from englishmen but our girls still drool over white skin. Mahek comes to Shaurya and says serve some table, Shaurya asks why? Mahek slurs and acts like she is drunk, she says i want to do performance like you did at my house,

PRECAP- Mahek and Shaurya’s performance highlight in Zee Rishte awards is shown.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Moni7

    Hai my dear mehrya family….hai how are you all..

    What is this?????… already we people still in confusion with shaurya khanna’s character

    Now , it’s sonal…omg????…
    Yeah her pair back into the show ..chanda as u said she might be pregnant…..

    Full of cheap tricky tricky drama…. irritating to the core…yeah nice to see mehak in saree…now shaurya khanna in white tuxedo… with red color bow… looking funny….he doesn’t match mehak???

    Wow it’s amazing few months back..I used to say they need some grooming for mehak’s character…but wow factor…she is pretty cool….
    Shaurya khanna…he done something like bleaching or wat his face looking too polish and shiny…he trimmed his bread…looking dashing….but red bow ??..

    One more thing…team ZKM….trying to grab viewers attention in Instagram by making Instagram videos…

    Ravi cha-cha and karan interview….karan sharing his Personal information …

    They gone mad TRP TRP….

    Plz concentrate on ur script than videos…u vl get more viewers…they actually using karan ….
    Cheap trick again …

    1. Hello moni dear.. I became a big fan of samiksha today.. This girl is so beautiful.. Shaurya as usual looking good but no match for mahek ?? She was bang on.. Making shaurya jealous alongwith spoiling the party.. Curious about what’s happening with Sonal.. No precap today.. So they left us with all the guessing work again…

      1. Moni7

        Hai vishi dear….sonal portion ..omg m poor (pavam) girl…????

        Shaurya khanna good or bad ?? answer

        Revenge or not…???no answer

        Now sonal portion???????????????????????.

        Am gonna die…. dragging soooooooooo cute?…today yes spoiler are fake?…..nxt time I’m going to add my os as new zkm spoiler???

      2. Moni7

        Dragging so much ….****..

        Dear u saw karan balachokar chat interview???..u spot any difference??
        Karan blushed???…

      3. Khusbu sharma

        Yes vishi samikshya is too hot n not fat..she has fired de stage wht u say…is sonal really pregnant if so who is the father of de child??bichari uska call too mahek aur nehal nae bhi nahi uthaye…is sonal pregnancy is going to relate wid shauray n mahek life..ohh god so much confusing ..cant wait for monday…why precap isnt showing nowadays…

  2. Hiiiii guys wooooooow soooooo amazing episode……………..
    Kya bat hai mahek very hot look …….
    And acting too good I love you mahek
    Saurya ka ye look very nice
    Awesome episode

  3. Moni7

    Mehak trying to make shaurya jealous or trying to spoil the party??…
    He getting jealous…seeing her dancing with foreign investors…?

    For tha name sake be my wife and behave like my wife… funny mr.khanna?

    Wat he actually trying to say to chef??.
    Taunting her or hubby’s possessiveness??

    His dialogue…No love in valentines…girls need attention stuffs…boys need physical relationship….

    Wat rubbish?…great dramabaze….how he plead mehak….plz mehak… plz…

    1. Khusbu sharma

      Moni u were right when shaurie talk wid chef I don’t lyk his conversation ….but when shauray says plz I lyk it…auur woo scooter ride kaysay bhul saktay hain haam..I think shauray is possessive for his wife…he is feeling jealous when mahek give flying kiss to foreign investors….n her dance with investors…abb mahek kya nachya gee investors kya samnay too kya hogaya shaurie ka…if I m not wrong samikshya is a trained dancer,now she will show her talent to shauray??but one thing shauray ka character bahut hii selfish type ka hain joo mahek ko suit nahi karte..

      1. Moni7

        Hai khusbu..yes samiksha is trained dancer…

        You really think shaurya is possessive ???…

      2. Khusbu sharma

        Yes der by his behaviour I think so…but me confused what he is upto??do u not think so moni…

      3. Hii khushbu.. Kaisi ho??
        Actually kal k episode mein mahek ka vo dialogue ” force to tumne kiya tha apne aap ko meri zindagi mein shaurya Khanna”, it was too good.. Aur uske baad shaurya ne jab party mein kaha k mujhe sudharne ka kaam chhod k ye NRI banne k sapne dekh rahi h.. Usse saaf pata chal raha tha k bhai kitna jealous ho raha h.. Monday ka wait h.. I hope inka ek achha sa dance ho us episode mein

    2. Didn’t watch that interview dear.. Is it on instagram?? I’ll surely watch it…

      1. Khusbu sharma

        Yes vishi shauray is jealous …tum ne uska cherya dekha tha though he is frustrated by her behaviour paar woo jealous bhi tha..vishi dea kya tumhe pata hain sonal ka track kya she pregnant or not…muje lagta hain last mein mohit kaay sath saadi hoge sonal ke , wht u says guys?

  4. Moni7

    If foreign investors wants mehak….. pondati ya vithuduvan pola…for businesses….

    He might sell mehak to foreign investors if they want mehak …just for businesses…?….. business deal…

    Man of corrupted is shaurya khanna’s character

  5. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww…………………,
    this episode is amazing, mind bogling, wonderful,
    I could feel the burning smell from shaurya,
    mehak you rocks,
    guys he cares for her, but y he is doing all this dram?????????????
    WHERE is RAJEEV, SANJAY, ?????????
    WHAT happened to sonal?
    moni, dolly, ammu, maya……………..all my mehrya family
    plz say about precap if you guys know!

    1. Moni7

      Hai likhitha dear…yeah m good…no precap dear .. they using precap time for zee rishtey awards promo…

      But I really don’t understand it’s jealous or she might spoil the party…party fear..

      1. moni dear plzzzz post the next s sooon ,
        so that when I come home in afternoon I would be looking for your os.
        I am very exited!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Moni7

      Oki dear… today vl try to post…… thinking wat to write ?..

      1. Khusbu sharma

        Moni I lyk ur story plz post is soon …I m eagerly waiting fr ur story…n what about precap I think they will show after zee rhistey award…who will win best couple award ??

      2. moni darling kati (tooo) wid you you said you ll post it
        YESTERDAY .
        but you dint,
        very very bad!

    3. Hi Likhitha dear how are you, that was not a precap yaar, as moni said that’s a ZR Awards mehrya performance, just look up on that performance on sunday.

  6. Mehek drama queen ?

    1. Khusbu sharma

      Jash mahek is drama queen she should be drama queen to improve shauray wht u says??now it will be more interesing to see mahek dance.

  7. Hy guys well its long tym i want moni and kashiff to please write ur ff daily and moni as i am north indian most of the tym it take mee too long to understand ur os it would be pleasured if u write in english please

    1. Moni7

      Hai sonali..thank you….i even translate songs in english…oki dear vl try to make it different so that I hope u vl understand much easier….

      The prblm is i don’t know hindi…if i could know hindi…for sure vl use hindi…am sry for my inconvenience dear…hope u understand…

      And i assure i vl make it different… english part …

  8. Hello all the lovely ladies here ? well… I am speechless.. None of the spoiler was correct but the episode was still cool… Shaurya ? his response to mahek dancing with investors was imbued with possessiveness and jealousy.. He wants her to focus on him only even if all he can give her is fight and insults ? Mr Khanna.. How was that?? Got the dose of your own medicine. He was blabbering all the time, he didn’t even think about anything else except mahek…
    And mahek (samiksha? ?? she was breathtaking.. I loved her dance on humma song.
    Regarding Sonal, i think this track is going to bring the real face of shaurya in front of mahek.. He will help Sonal..
    Waiting for monday.. Want to see him getting more jealous.. Today it was not enough. ?

    1. ChandaMaya

      Totally, agreed Vishnu!

      1. ChandaMaya

        Oops, sorry Vishi! I really think we need to at least see that Shaurya had not really not physically taken advantage of her. . .This is at least commendable. The Sonal story just makes for background substory . . .I thought Sonal was an expert in romance and drama. It seemed not to long aback she was giving advice to Mahek about Shaurya. Goes to show us that one can never be too sure about anything when it comes to relationships.

  9. Preethiilang

    Hi friends…….today episode was superb mindblowing acting by our cutiepie samiksha?????……..oh my god irritated and jealous shaurya happy to see is face in such a horrible condition??????………..

    Wow wat an acting by mehek in druken state super girl hatts off????…… shaurya look little comedy tat too tat red colour bow????……….

    Yes shaurya u r right boy need physical relation but every girl ill not lky to make attention of everyone???….we girls oly try to make other girl jealous of us for tat oly we use to make up her self in such a way????…………

  10. Moni7

    Plz drop ur comments there in Instagram page of ZKM….

  11. Thanks moni

  12. Preethiilang

    Marana payam shaurya kanula oh god avana atha stage la pakarathuku manasu romba chill nu erdhuchu mehek?????………before mehek does not match wit shaurya but today shaurya does not match wit mehek oh poor boy??????……..

    Ethu tha vazhkai oru vattam nu solli erukaga pola????………orey vayir eridhu pola avanuku mehek foreign client ah parthu flying kiss kodhukaratha???……..u knw pathi dev after drinking wat i ill do tat time shaurya face was full of shock afraid veeta restrautant la erudhu thala therikka odi erupa iyyo pavam???………

    Etha tha sootha selavula soniyaaam vechikaruthu Mr.khanna pavam????……..nalla vechi seiyara mehek tit for tat…….superb blood ku blood pazhiku pazhiku superb???……long time back today episode was just amazing???

  13. ya this sonal may b pregnant. .. nd this new drama nothing new … girls love nd thy became pregnant soon will insulted by society ..nd mehek will try to save nd this mehek s always having a tough time with shaurya ..
    thy r showing how cheap girls r …nly focus s on TOP TRP…. MR KARAN s thr TRP. .
    nd girls r behind nly this show s some wat having thr TRP…my foot girls r not dolls so tat thy show as thr wish

  14. Hi mehrya…today boring episode…
    ?xpected some romantic moments or atleast thought someone will flirt with mehak…
    ?but ooltaa shocking mehak herself spoiling her image…which is disgusting…
    ?why she is giving flying kiss to tat stupid investor…irritating…she starts to behave like shauri making no difference…
    ?Shauri spoiled brat knows how to use mehak…wenever wants will say pls n sorry juz from lips…kaariya vaadhi…???
    ?why sonal keeps calling mehak n nehal…is she goin to do SUICIDE…
    ?shauri talking rubbish to his chef…men need s*x and women need money…bullshit…
    ?full of non sense…tiz serial has no limits will say all rubbish talks comes out so easily…
    ?we need to blame only the writer of the ZKM may be he has all tiz ugly thoughts which he showcast in a serial which is seen worldwide…
    ?corrupted writer n hence corrupting whole ZKM team and we viewers having no clue keep watching like monkeys and break our heads in TU…
    ?today show not impressive – shauri trimmed bear looking lil artificial n mehak is hot but they can give a different hair style with nice diamond stud n necklace…as her neck is broad had to covered with nice chain n big pendant…
    ?disappointed n bugged with todays episode…
    ?my moni chellam am requesting u to give us 2 FF tiz weekend each day 1…so tat we feel relaxed…luv u guys…happy weekend??

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby… kandipa 2 os post pandren don’t wry dear????
      Indha zkm fan page la feedback kettu irukkanga Instagram la naa poi check tu for better nu pottana… adhalam mudiyadhu inga post nu rply pandranga soo naa link send panni irukken poi comment pannunga

      1. moni your os??????????????????????????
        WE R WAITING dear!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. lovely ,the way mahek called shaurya darling was samw as svetlena.. it was too awesome..sur mahek can carry off super rich and if possible vamp mode too… she looked hottttt and evil too… just shaurya’s bow tie was yuck,,,he was looking like yuck before mahek’s dressing ,glamour and style today..Good makeover to mahek

  16. ?Oooo i din feel shauri was fumed with jealous or worried about mehak…
    ?Infact he was looking tat she may spoil the party…and he was juz irritated with her…
    ?And moreover i feel tat the intense chemistry wat they had in the past is missing…
    ?Now only fake fake fake rare smile n angry shauri can be seen…
    ?I dont understand with tiz kind of attitude mehak will ever be able to change shauri as she is behaving exactly like the girls wat shauri had seen…shauri fulla pulambal thaan…hehehe

    1. Preethiilang

      Yes saruku adhikama mehek avanae pulamba vechitha???………..but dolly u r right whether he is jealous or irritated or something it was not clear in yes’day episode???

      1. Moni7

        Adhan enaku theriyala…avan poramaiya la pongran na illa???…naayee moonjae apdi dhan irukkum pola?

  17. Candiva007

    That Mahek is one SMART girl. lol Apple Juice lol

  18. ChandaMaya

    A lot of societies have warped traditional ideas that women should be seen and not heard, should be a dutiful wife, should please a man in the bedroom, and should be exactly as a man orders, and orders her around. You can look at this from two sides of the coin . . . The story is about the way men use women, not how cheaply women are portrayed. Women are the worst critics to their own gender. Men are responsible for their actions too but get away with it.

    Good for Mahek, if Shaurya could play her, she can play him too. Time to make him dance.

    1. True that chanda… We can already see him being helpless.. He cannot do anything except ranting. He is nothing without mahek.. He needs her at every step. Isn’t it evident from every episode? Whenever he says anything bad to her, the situations somehow turnaround and he has to say sorry or please for something or the other… and yesterday, mahek even being within her limits was able to make him feel jealous and irritated.. Lets see what happens next

  19. ChandaMaya

    Poor Sonal, looks like she got taken advantage of. I think she might be pregnant and left on the wayside. Sad, but this story plays out a lot in the world today. Responsibility with love, being in love, dating, relationships, etc. comes with a harsh reality for any unwed girl. Being pregnant always seems to be a woman’s fault? Why? Because it is a woman who carries the child and bares the real pain in every which way? Responsibility is a two way street. Both males and females have to be responsible for their actions. That’s why there is such a concept of Dharma, and karma.

    1. Preethiilang

      Super chanda yes y girl as to face every problem????…….if a girl get pregnant she is oly responsible but a boy is also reason for tat knw but the society ill hell the girl oly???

  20. Heyy guys…..i just don’t understand why some of you always blame shaurya’s character and ZKM writer or team……this is just a fictional story and characters…so why not to enjoy rather than blaming others….they are entertaining us….that’s the main motive…..and I must say this serial is very interesting among all those stupid sas-bahu drama and family drama……and characters are so well played by our Mehrya and zkm team……they haven’t intension of hurting anybody’s feelings….so please try an understand…..and let’s enjoy our Hottest couple Mehrya’s sizzling chemistry ?with smile on our faces…..please forgive me?? if I have hurt you all…and let me know if i have said anything wrong

  21. ChandaMaya

    If the writers make Shaurya look bad it’s because he is representing a lot of men who think that way these days. When men fall in love they want a lover a d when they marry they want a wife. Lots of double standards out there. Even women have double standards how they look at other women. Being human comes with its comp!Editors.

  22. In this searial i have ine doubt…now a days mehak&shaurya,they are not chatting as karela king &meera sharma…first few episodes of searial shows they are chatting in night and supports each other 4 making decisions…when zkm reveal this secreat in the show

  23. ChandaMaya

    Time to chill a bit and be a be light hearted. It’s a cutey serial all because Mahek is a cutie pie. I like her new balcony bedroom. I like Mahek being a thorn in Shaurya Khanna’s side. I am quite enjoying her and Karuna’s antics towards Shaurya.

  24. Something is strange, according to Nehal, Sonal is married. Read the update above, where Nehal says that ‘Sonal is calling only to show off that she is having a great, romantic time with her husband’. So where is Sonal’s husband? Yes, there might be trouble for her in her re ENT marriage. Maybe her husband has left, simply has no time for her, or maybe having g an affair and she is pregnant. I guess Mahek will be shocked with the news.

  25. I am enjoying the odd couple together. Just like the cartoon Tom And Jerry . . . Couple of adult kids they are, if you ask me. Nice red sari, Mahek. Shaurya, looks good but the bow tie is cheesey. I enjoyed seeing Mahek laughing at the view she had of Vikki and Shruti in their red outfits going out for their Valentine’s Day. I guess they were looking like a couple of imps (little devil’s). ??

  26. Aaj ka episode kamal ka tha mehak ki acting dekha ke acha laga .very nice episode

  27. Hi my dear friends, the Episode is nice but shourya is not a bit of jealous on mehak, he is irritating with mehak that if she may spoil the party in front of investors, why is mehak doing all drama in party actually it is not necessary there, she only said with karuna that she was giving importance her mother recepies and shourya respect while when was opening of hotel that she made some receipe for investors then she is particularly mentioned now that she will take revenge for his family irrespect of shourya and i am very sure that sonal is not at all a pregnant if she is pregnant certainly she would have told to mehak that don’t go to shourya’s house because she is suffering in same state before knot them or she knows some hidden secret about mehak family or shourya or else she seen some thing in some where, i cant wait for monday, what secret is there behind sonal. it is too irritating me.

    1. Ammu dear.. How are you??
      And he was indeed jealous as well as concerned about his party getting spoiled by her.. I’m sure about his jealousy coz it was evident.. Remember when she was dancing with that investor?? Shaurya said that she has forgotten that she came for reforming me and now she is dreaming about being an NRI… He did get affected with it. And when he said about basant panchami and janmashtami, indirectly he was kind of admiring that she has been a cultured, traditional girl. What happened to her now.. He was not liking her modern avatar..
      I think they are portraying him very negatively and that is the reason we are taking his every thing as negative

      1. hi vishi dal am doing good, how are u Ra, yes i agree with u, but my question is mehak is no need to drown in pervert way to show her annoyance for shourya and pretend to drink alcohol to do dance with the investors to create drama and make a viral video in public.

        What is the intention of her that shourya played with her n ditched her, so she said many times with her family and shourya that to make him to know his mistakes n realize him what he did for her and her family as well.

        but i didn’t expect from mahek that she did like this, she is a typical indian middle class girl , she never do such a type of things which affected of her self-esteem and degrade of her family respects.

        I hope monday’s episode will be good as i wish.

  28. Yes Ammu u r right…tiz is wat my doubt is – previously she was worried abt shauri’s respect…
    ?b4 investors she prepared dish and even to ravi chacha she told to b careful not spoiling shauris name…but now she developed tiz attitute tit for tat
    ?now thretens shauri tat she will dance so tat her video becomes viral…here she is proving herself to b cheap in public…spoiling her name along with shauri n whole sharma n khanna family…
    ?no necessity for tiz kind of cheap drama…instead they would have kindled a spark in shauri n made more romantic dance…then tiz loud louzzy music…and nonsense…
    ?Again we nd to blame only the makers of ZKM as usual confused no clarity between past n current as usual…

    1. Hi Dolly dear, me too dal, i could not digest with mehak’s decision and her antics, if she does like this(drinking and dancing)then what is the diff b/w her and swethalana sruthi, already she made some agreement from women rights bla bla, why she is not involving those rights make him realize since he hurted her alot but she has to try and try for a period(one month that she given to shourya) why she was agreed to go party as just once asked shourya with pleased to come party, she at once agreed to go, why she is not being a stubborn and strong in these matters whenever shourya fallen in problem then she gets ready to help him, of course she loved him much but a girl has a self respect as much as than others that must be put in front when she wants to take a step.

      Do u remember when swetalana did complaint about mehak that she did every thing met with awaara to made u fallen down from stairs, he listen and with out any concern he thrown mehak out from house, why mehak dint have that much attitude on that time, i disappointed alot for yesterday’s episode.

  29. Moni dear wenever am trying to add my comment in instagram it comes up with 3 options
    1.Report inappropriate
    Am new to tiz instagram..can u help me with tiz

  30. Moni7

    Likhitha dear…and khusbu dear…i posted os.. moderation..

    Sry for the delay… little busy babies ??

    Busy in the sense is…lazy …lazy…and concept??…i didn’t get any good concept… that’s why….

    Luv u all???…

  31. Guys did you see the new promo. Sonal is in hospital. I think her husband has beat her. Mehek and shaurya also present in hospital

  32. ChandaMaya

    ZKM >))))))))))))))))))))))))?at the awards did great!!!!!!! Here’s to ? ??the cast well done! Congratulations!!!!?on popularity. You did great! Now make us proud and happier!!

  33. Sonal commit suicide, mehek will blame her self for that.

  34. Precap

    Mehek dances on the table seductively.. Shaurya glares at her angrilly. .

    One more news guys.. In new promo sonal was admitted in hospital and shaurya beats some guy.. And i saw a pic on instagram of ajay.. He had more scars on his face and he quoted that he s back to shoot.. Any guesses??

    And hi everyone.. Rmbo naal achu na comment pani.. Miss yu all dears

    1. And one more thing.. Samiksha uploaded a video.. In that pammi sonal ajay shaurya are present.. Shaurya has bandage on his head.. Sonal too and ajay has more scars on his face

  35. hai,I’m new to this group.I have been a silent reader of telly updates all this while.Can I join ?

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