Mahek 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Mahek 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya comes out of Mahek’s room and scolds host of show that it was your responsibility to handle contestants but i had to do it, blo*dy idiot, he goes in his room. Host comes in Mahek’s room and sees her sleeping on bed and Shaurya’s jacket on bed, she says one side she pretend to be middle class while inside walls of room, she did setting with Shaurya to win show.
Kanta calls Mohit and asks him to meet Mahek at any cost. Balwant calls her. Kanta comes and sees on Tv, reporter one Tv says that Shaurya and contestant Mahek are coming closer, they pool scene is played, Balwant says you wanted her to come on Tv, are you happy now Kanta? Pammi sees news too, she asks Surindar to give her money as she wants to distribute sweets in neighborhood.
Balwant says Mahek

has brought disrespect to our house, PD says it must be trick on Shaurya, Mahek cant do this. Balwant says you people are blinded by Mahek and cant see what she is doing.
Reporter says Shaurya was involved with Shurti before. Vaitlana says to Shaurya’s mother that i was right that something was going on between Shaurya and Mahek, Shaurya goes behind any girl, like son like father, they are weak for girls. Shaurya’s father how dare you say all this to me? Vaitlana says to mother that control Shaurya otherwise there might be many newborn Shauryas in different areas of city, Shaurya’s father says if you dont stop rubbish then i will forget you are my sister in law.
Balwant says to his family that if this news is true then Mahek cant enter this house again.
Mahek wakes up and has hangover. She sees Shaurya’s jacket on bed and says its cruel Kumar’s jacket. She recalls how Shaurya offered her juice, how she wildly danced with him, how he brought her to room, she starts weeping.
Mahek comes to host, host says so miss Chandni chowk, how was your night? you are fast, all were thinking but you trapped most eligible bachelor, Mahek says what are you saying? host says Shaurya change girls like cellphone, control yourself otherwise you will become shame infront of world, she leaves, Mahek is tensed.

Scene 2
Rajiv comes to Shaurya and says what is going on? people are talking about it in media, Shaurya says if man’s name is linked with many girls, then he is called Casanova, stud, playboy but if girl is linked with boy before marraige then she is called sl*t and characterless, she wanted to play so i am playing now, Rajiv says this is cheap, he leaves. Mahek comes to Shaurya and says answer me what happened? Shaurya says dont you brush your teeth and change clothes in morning? or keep walking dirty? Mahek says i know you spiked my drink, Shaurya’s mother calls him but Mahek snatches his phone and says i know you spiked my drink, Shaurya says you are like elephant, nobody was picking you up so i had to take you to your room, Mahek says then why didnt you go to your room? why did you sleep in my room? shaurya says i booked all rooms, they are all my room, Mahek says i know you spiked my juice, tell me what you did yesterday night? shaurya says leave me alone, Mahek says tell me truth, what you did? Shaurya says i did everything with you, everything that a boy do on bed in closed room with a girl, Mahek Sharma you are not a virgin anymore, Mahek moves back in shock, Shaurya says this would have happened one day and you should be lucky that boy was me, Mahek is in tears, Shaurya snatches his phone rom her, she leaves, Shaurya snickers.
Mahek comes to Rajiv and is crying, he asks what happened? Mahek says i need your phone, he gives her tissue and asks if Shaurya said anything? Mahek says no and leaves from there taking his phone. Mahek calls Sonal and says my life got destroyed, Sonal asks what happened? Mahek says you were right, boys are jerk, he took advantage of me in drunk state, i am gone, how will i show my face to Kanta Chachi? Sonal says tell me his name, i will not spare him, Mahek says no need for all this, my life is destroyed, he stole my virginity, Sonal asks her to take deep breath, did he force himself on you? Mahek says he took my advantage in drunk state, i will shaurya, Sonal says you had your first time with Shaurya Khanna? i am so happy, i will distribute sweets, Mahek says my life is getting destroyed and you are joking? Shaurya comes and listens her conversation, Mahek says i am going to do suicide, what if i become pregnant? Shaurya leaves there. One staff member comes and says show is about to start, come inside, Mahek ends call and goes.
Mahek comes in competition and starts cooking, she is glaring Shaurya while cooking. Shaurya smirks. Mahek wipes her tears and looks at butcher knife in her hands, she shows it to Shaurya and then crazily looks at him, she puts knife on her arm acting lie cutting her pulse, Shaurya says shit, she has gone mad. He comes to her and takes knife from her, he says have you gone mad? you were going to cut your pulse? Mahek says have you gone mad? i wont do suicide, i will kill you, i will take revenge for taking my virginity, who do this with a girl? Shaurya says shut up.. i was lying to irritate, your virginity is safe with you, you believe anything you listen? and i dont have such bad taste to do something intimate with girl like you, idiot, he goes to sit on his seat. Mahek have sigh of relief. Shaurya says 20seconds left. Mahek says thank God i am saved, Shaurya says run your hands not your mouth.
Pammi gives money to man and make him stick posters of walls of their society.
Sharma family is leaving for Agra but Pammi comes there. Kanta says you here? Pammi says i am with you people, people can says anything but i am with you, Kanta says what are you saying? Pd says tell clearly or else i will punch you, Pammi says let me show you, she shows poster of Mahek and Shaurya intimately close in pool, Jeevan is angry to see it, Kanta reads heading of it that Mahek Sharma can go to any extent to win competition, Pammi says whole neighborhood is filled with these posters.

PRECAP- Kanta and family comes to Shaurya’s set, they call for Mahek. Shaurya shouts Miss Mahek your family has broken rule of show by coming here, he asks his bodyguard to throw these filth out of set, his bodyguards cruelly drag them from there, Mahek sees Kanta be dragged inhumanly out of there, she is raged, she comes to Shaurya and slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It’s about time she slapped him.

  2. Hai Latha athya ishu mouni arshi BBB naina all my friends today episode was good and precap is interesting and I waiting for seeing slap how was the day guys . I am fine dear

    1. Latha

      Hi vavachi why u guys eagerly want to see the slap scene. Today’s episode I enjoyed a lot by watching Mehak scenes. Today Mehak _ cuteness overloaded.

    2. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi vavachi dear… Im fine…. What about u? Even im also waiting for the same slapping scene.. He deserves more…

    3. Hi vavachi,me too eagerly waiting for the slap.

    4. Hiiii vavachi im fine dear what about you.

      1. Moni7

        Hai naina dear….. deserving slap lol….cutie pie shaurie???

  3. Moni7

    Hai frnds athya ishu rayna razna latha bbb vavachi….n all my frnds….nice episode….cute conservation btw mehak n shaurya i loved it…… pretty much excited for tmrw’s epi….mehak slap shaurie……big surprise s waiting for u bl***y rich spoiled brat mr.sharuya khanna….????

    1. Latha

      Hai moni

    2. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hey moni dear.. Hw r u?… Fine dear… Their conversation was really cute…. I laughed loudly on the whole way….. What friend sonal?? She didnt felt awkward of speaking about her frnds first night or virginity… She is feeling happy that her frnd spend a night with a big shot…. ha ha ha….
      And this shaurie khanna, he is damn cute while fooling mehek.. but he shouldnot do this to mehek… How cheap tricks he is using on mehek…. But he didnt realize his love…. Once mehek leaves from the show he will definitely feel it….

    3. Hi moni.

  4. Superb:*

  5. Wow Such A Louely Show Love It..Awesome Chemistry Of MehRay :)


  6. Waiting for toms epi

  7. Marupadium bp ariduchu this precap oh god what he will do further.

    1. Its good to c comments in Tamil 🙂 hmm for sure he ll do something creul… But still am waiting to c that slap :p

      1. Moni7

        Jene u too tamil

    2. Moni7

      Kavi r u tamil…..nannum tamil dhan

    3. Nanum tamil. Romba nalla storyline.

      1. Moni7

        Hai aerly…Hey super pa…neriya peru tamil dhan…

  8. Gosh! I dislike Mehek so much. She’s so emotional. Shaurya may not like her but somehow he has always helped her and she’s always so angry. She’s so emotional and her family is worse. Can’t they leave her to make her decisions? They’re not focused on Mohit that doesn’t know what to do with his life or Neha that’s messing around with Ajay. Mehak this, Mehek that. Disgusting tcheeee
    They all came to Agra now and they messed up. If he charges her with assault, she’ll start crying and making faces with her ugly face. Bakwas character.

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi noorjahan… .mehek sharma is a normal middle class girl.. I think u dont know the middle class rules… Middle class girls should not speak with boys, they should not go out without asking their parents.. Even They cant do anything without the permission of parents…

      He spoiled her name.. Now who wil marry her.. Whatever shaurie did was totally wrong.. He spoiled her future.. Being a middle class i can understand her feeling and what she is going through is not easy for a middle class girl… I feel pity for her..
      No offence just wanna share it with u and all other frnds…

      1. Hi Iswarya.
        Yeah Today’s episode made me feel bad for Mehek. I did not know Shaurya put up the posters to defame her.
        But I understand the middle class girl mentality. I’m not Indian so I don’t really know how tough it is there. I just did not like how Mehek & Shaurya have been relating since they met.
        Although I like how they are as Karela King & Meera Sharma.

  9. Rajkumari Irina

    When will saurya fall in love with mahek can’t wait… ?

  10. Latha

    Ishu kuttiku enna achu comment pandrathe illai. I think u r fine Ishu.

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi latha dear… Im fine… Little bit busy thats all…. Nenga ungala pathi intro vae kuduka matenguringalae…. Yen? intro kudunga.. Athum tamil pesuringa enaku therinjuka aarvama iruku dear…

    2. Moni7

      Hai latha…naa already shaurya fan agiten….even for his voice fan…nethu sema cute ta he fool make la….lol???naa already comments panniten but late dhan varadhu dnt know y?…..chumma irundha sanga oodhi kedudhan aandi madhiri….. shaurie ku sangu dhan sooooooo…….ippo he has no choice oly mehak …..epdi ellam neyabam irukku rendu perukkum….but avan enna panna try pannu mattum neyabam illaya???andha thoongiten?????idhellam pannitu nee en taste illa ????

      1. Latha

        Moni kutti lovela ithellam sagajamappa athanala kadoosa romba thittathe hahaha

  11. I DON’T like mahek cry it’s feel ugly wat the?

  12. I see mehak as beautiful as any other actresses , ?she fits the role perfectly , want the chemistry to start between them

  13. Iswarya_santhosh

    Hi moni, vavachi, arshi, bbb, latha, rayna, athya, and all other frnds.. Hw r u all? Athya and rayna.. Where r u.. I didnt saw ur comments yet…

    1. Hi ishwarya dear,I am fine.Where were you dear from the last few days?I missed you.Happy that you are back.But don’t know where is athya.She has not commented from many days.

      1. Moni7

        Hai rayna dear….. precap awesome??….. shaurie ????

    2. Moni7

      Hai ishu dear. .. nas shaurie fan agiten nu sonna la….but episode nalla irundhuchu…. today m eagerly waiting for that slap scene…. idhai yum media cover pannum tv la varum ?????? shaurie ku ☺??sangu dhan oooooooooooooo

    3. Moni7

      Indha shaurya Instagram la girls comments panna immediate reply dhan . …play boy?????accept most of the girls request in snap chat…….ore machakara dhan…….idhulaiyum girls la luv u dhan comment …..

  14. Diane Almeida

    To save her name, I think he will marry her out of revenge but eventually start loving her.

  15. Mahek is naive and innocent, she doesn’t play games like Shaurya that spoilt brat. I think Shaurya’s mom hearx their convo, I hope his mother slaps him next.

  16. Hi guys,vavachi,ishwarya,athya,moni,
    latha,naina,arshi and everyone.How are u all my lovely friends.
    Finally the most awaited moment is coming.Mehek will slap shaurya.I am very happy and excited.The most deserving slap.Hope from that slap,shaurya will stop his revenge drama.He is so cheap.He spoilt mehek’s name.He told media people to record and spread the closed video of them in news.How cheap shaurya…I hate you.Plz for god sake stop this revenge drama.

  17. Hello everyone how are you guys. Today’s episode was awesome yr love it.

    1. Hi Naina,I am fine my lovely.

  18. Moni7

    Shaurya mami s great….she already found everything……shruti s like ??angry jealousy alien aunty??
    * Shaurie ??After mehak slapped
    * Shaurie?? after mom arrival

    Finally shaurie ku oooooooooo??

  19. Moni7

    Shaurie…..சும்மா இருக்கற சங்க ஊதி கெடுதான் ஆண்டி……..y blood same blood

  20. I aso mahek fan?

  21. Preethi ilang

    Shaurya sariyaaana KD paaiyan……mehek is too funny in yesterday episode… sonal semma friend ya mehek ku….

    1. Moni7

      U too tamil la preethi….

    2. Moni7

      Ore tamil pasanga dhan pola inga welcome preethi……ivlo tamil fans sa super…..

  22. Lijince

    Hi friends…Mehak was very cute in yesterday’s epi…but is that how a girl would have reacted after knowing that someone has ‘used’ her….it’s not the truth but until Shaurya told her she kept thinking that he exploited her right?? And the way she was asking her friend what if I become pregnant?? Really???? I am not sure if girls who come from such joint families will think in such a way….she should have slapped him when he at first told her that he did many things to her and that she is not a virgin anymore….instead of slapping she called her friend to cry…
    why are girls portrayed in such a way??

    1. Moni7

      @lijince …. hai lijince …….very good question????even i wondered how cum she react such innocent…. even after he told her like that…..they showed it too funny….. anyways she gonna slap shaurie today that s more than enough…

  23. Moni7

    Hai new friends ….how r u all…..just tell about urself…self intro plz


    Lijince even I have the same feeling. The moment he talked about her virgin she would have slapped him like anything. That part is missing, she is so worried about her family than her virgin (todays precap after seeing the dragging of Kanta Chachi)

  25. hey guyz…..hi everyone. … r u all……moni ayshu vavachi rayna latha…… and all new comers. ….

    am back….. missed u all frds…..

    aww….there romance. …hate chemistry. ……everything was nice…..

    am glad tat they didnt show tat alien shruti much….

    am very very….happy pa….trp is increasing. ….and members too……

    am also eagerly waiting for their slap……chappu nu oru arai…lolz..

    wow super yaar most of them r tamil…
    but yaar pls try to use english….becoz….. some them r from north they cant understand….its a request. .

    mehrya rockz……. am luving them

    1. Hi athya,my lovely.How are you?And where were you from few days dear?I missed you a lot.Happy that you came back.

  26. Latha

    Wow Tamil pasanga ellarum sernthu kallakaringappa???????????????????

  27. Preethi ilang

    Ya moni….from chennai

  28. Preethi ilang

    Ya moni…..i am from chennai….

    1. Lijince

      Hi Preethi, Latha and Moni….vanakkam chellams….I am from Pondicherry!!

      1. Moni7

        Hai …lijince….just now i saw ur comment super …u too tamil…. vanakkam?????

  29. Hi preethi and lijince welcome to our group.
    If you all don’t mind plz talk in english.I really don’t understand tamil.Plz.It’s a request.

  30. Preethi ilang

    Yes guys…..i am from chennai…

    1. Moni7

      Super preethi….

  31. Preethi ilang

    Ya sure i ill speak in english….

  32. Does any girl cry in that manner if she looses her virginity.. rubbish!!!

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