Mahek 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya lifts Mahek in his arms. Mohit comes out of burning house, he is coughing. Shaurya brings Mahek out of house, Mahek is dizzy, all are crying. Karona hugs Shaurya and asks if he is fine? she says are you both mad? Shaurya says we are in love but we have symptoms of madness, Mahek sadly looks at her burning house.
Rajiv is dancing, Sanjay says why you are not dancing nicely? sway your back and hips, you are dancing like donkey, i will slap you, continue dancing, Sanjay dances with Rajiv. Vaitlana says dont make this your jail cell Sanjay, focus on work. Sanjay gets call and says to Vaitlana that work is done, Shaurya’s dreams are burning now, he saved girl but house got burned and wedding is cancelled, Vaitlana is happy, Sanjay asks Rajiv to keep dancing.
Mahek comes

to her burnt room and looks at burnt photo frame of her family, she weeps seeing it, she recalls sweet moments with her family. Shaurya comes there and is hurt seeing Mahek in pain, Mahek cries and says everything is finished, Mahek falls in his arms and cries.
Balman says everything is burnt, nothing is left, i dont understand how fire broke out, Mahek was going to marry from this house but everything is burnt now, how we will do it now? Police comes and says there was short circuit. Mohit says to doctor that i was going to die today. Mahek sees Shaurya’s burnt hands, doctor comes to treat Shauryas hands. Shaurya stares Mahek and says to doctor i get fine with prayers not with medicine and now i have wife alongwith mother to pray for me, Mahek says doctor check him, he thinks his rubbish talks are his sense of humor, doctor says they have minor burns, they are fine, he leaves. Nehal asks how fire broke out? Mohit says i dont know, blast happened and i felt like i died, i closed my eyes and saw great grandfather but i opened my eyes and saw tall man, i mean Shaurya, he was coming to me, Shaurya says you make good stories, i know a friend Poonam, she makes poor shows, you go to her. Ravi says whats in this carton that you put your life in danger for it? shuarya says i saved Mahek’s memories, we make home with these memories, how could i let these memories burn which make us learn how to love? Kanta hugs them and says to Shaurya that we should push marriage date ahead, we cant have mandap here, Balwant says to Shaurya that you are almost son in law of house so it doesnt matter if marriage happens after a month, Mahek says how will marriage happen in this burnt house? Shaurya says if you people think i am yours then let this marriage happen, let Mahek become mine, i am your son so please let this marriage happen, i will handle everything.

Scene 2
Sanjay says to Shaurya that you want to bring your bride’s whole family here before wedding? Shaurya says right, i know you want to see me happy right? Sanjay says yes, Shaurya says all wedding functions will happen from this house and all will remain in limits, Vaitlana says where will Mahek’s family live here? only few guests can live in guest house not whole refugee camp, Shaurya says they are my relatives and you people are refugee here not them. Mahek’s family is in Shaurya’s lounge. Mahek says should i go and check what is happening there? Kanta says its not good, we should welcome them to our house not to be burden on them, why Shaurya wants to marry you so badly, if wedding happens after a month then it wont matter. Shaurya says to servant that shift PD and Balwant in Karona’s room. Jeevan and Kanta will live in Vaitlana and Sanjay’s room, Ravi and Mansi will live in Sameer’s room and Mahek and Nehal will live in Shurti’s room. I will live with Mohit in room on terrace. Mahek comes there and says Shaurya please dont irritate your family, we will live in guest house. Shurti says she is right, our guest house is bigger than their whole house, Shaurya says our garden is bigger than our house, should i shift you there? Sanjay says they are our relatives, they are our inlaws like our Gods, what Shaurya is saying will happen and we will live in guest house. Shaurya says Mahek leave, your luggage will be sent to your room, Mahek leaves. Shaurya says to Sanjay that i haven forgot all incidents, once i get free from wedding then i will do postmortem of everything, be ready, Sanjay says you are welcome nephew.
Nehal and Mahek are in Shurti’s room, Nehal says this is great room, Shurti is hot. She lies on bed and says wow this bed is so good, she makes Mahek sit on bed, Mahek says dont irritate me, i already feel awkward here, dont know how his family is feeling. Nehal says these curtains are so nice, Mahek chill, she sees Shurti’s makeup and says she has so much makeup and its so good, Mahek says its not ours, dont touch. Shurti comes there and claps, she says Miss Nehal and Miss Mahek Sharma, its against manners to touch someone’s things, Mahek says it wont happen again, she asks Nehal to put her perfume down, Shurti says i wont touch it now, you people must be used to second hand things so keep it Nehal, she leaves, Nahel says i will punch her.
Jeevan says to his foreign nurses and says i will make you both wear sarees when i get fine, she coughs, one nurse does his massage, he says i am much better now, Kanta glares him, Jeevan says they are both nice, Kanta says you should be praised too for sitting so peacefully between them, Jeevan says i am injured, my hand broke, Kanta says but pain is in your heart, i will handle you once you get fine. Vaitlana comes there with refreshment, she says to Kanta that if you feel hungry at night then you can eat all this, Kanta says we didnt need anything, Vaitlana says i dont like that you deny everything, we are lucky to not only welcome bride but her whole family, Kanta and Jeevan is hurt hearing it, Jeevan says this is all not needed, thank you for thinking about us, Vaitlana says can i take my clothes off? he says no, she says i mean from my cupboard, Kanta says yes its your room only, Vaitlana says i forgot that, she takes her clothes and leaves room. Vaitlana is angry, she goes to see Sanjay.
Sanjay recalls Shaurya’s threat about doing postmortem, Vaitlana comes there and says you should die in this pool, you are nothing but crap, go back to jail, Sanjay shouts to shut up, Vaitlana is surprised, Sanjay says you keep saying rubbish, you are woman and its your work to raise voice, leave or will dig your grave her, she pushes her away, she says how dare you touch me? Sanjay grabs Vaitlana’s neck and strangles her, he says leave me, i am going to kill you, Vaitlana pushes his hand away and leaves. Sanjay says he will die, its out of limits now, he calls his friend juggi and says come to me tomorrow after leaving jail, i have work.

PRECAP- Shaurya comes out of washroom in just towel, Shurti is lying on his bed, he says what the hell are you doing here? Shurti says this is my place sweetheart, see i chose your clothes too. Shaurya sees Mahek standing in doorway and seeing everything, he gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Preethiilang

    Hi mehrya family…..episode was nice…..jeevan chacha is enjoying is life?????……..sharmas are lucky to hav tis kind of son-in-law……it is true house can rebuilt but memories???…….sruthi dr y u r lky tis?……mehek wnt misunderstand shaurya….i can giv 100% guarantee…

  2. Moni7

    Hai my dear mehrya family…hai everyone…goood episode…few funny moments cha-cha ????…mami asusal irritating…mama new entry ooops?.. precap ???… shaurie have to tell mehak about shruti?… shaurie shocks??..this shruti disgusting?… shaurie matikitan?..panchadhandhiram movie …kamal and devayani …simran entry ..kamal shocks ????…wow what a coincidence simran(mythili)… shamishka(mehak)…raam ??.. shaurie??… shaurie to mehak…mehaaaak?? characterless shruti…???….don’t worry shaurie .. mehak vl trust u???….hope they vl get married????… waiting for Wednesday❤

  3. Shaurya had better be careful of his crazy relatives they are insane ,directors sir please stop torturing Mehek she is so innocent .

    1. agreed he had the most evil enemies in his own house

  4. Nice episode. Mahek family in shaurya house is nice. Mahek can know about this ‘ blo*dy high class ‘ lifestyle.

  5. Moni7

    Mami always taunting mehak family…mama irritating with songs now that rajeev also ?… Vicky comedy piece.. didn’t even know wat his wife is doing with his brother….???….vry cheap act…i just want shaurie to tell everything to mehak about shruthi….s she is shaurie’s ex gf…hard to believe wat to do bad casting????…this shows shaurie’s taste???.he used to say to mehak i don’t have bad taste….i think he forget about shruti????…short time memory loss???…they didn’t tell anything about shruti nd shaurie’s past relationship…how she ditch him…..thank God she didn’t married shaurie… payapulla escape agiten..precap…wrong timing but correct entry (mehak..). shaurie ooops!!!!!…kata durai kku katam seri ila shaurie ku…m eagerly waiting for that sakalathi sandai… shaurie(guava)…. shruti(nari wolf)…mehak(parrot)….guava is oly for parrot not for nari shruti?????….(modified version of crow wolf story)

    1. This comment is deleted.

      1. Iswarya_santhosh

        Mind ur language…. Do u have any problem With her tamil means, convey that in a good manner…. Orelse better u keep quiet….

      2. Iswarya_santhosh

        Hi guys!
        It has been long long time….. hw r u all… Hope everyone is fine..
        Today i just want to talk to u guys…. though we r talking in tamil,
        Everybody is having some problem in that… Y u people r feeling irritated while we r using tamil…. even We dont know hindi, did we asked u not to use hindi? Then y u people r asking us? Hindi is ur mother tongue, like that tamil is ours… Whats ur problem in that?… Even tu is asking us to talk in hindi/english…. Tamil is also one of the ancient language in india.. If we speak in russian, italian means u would have oppose it, whats the problem in indian language….INDIA is the only country, where number of different religion, languages, people are merged and living together.. We r example of unity….tu is just a website where we r share our comments… Some people r using harsh words and opposing tamilians. I just dont want to happen this again.. So….. I hope u people will understand our feelings and emotions…. Other than that no offence frnds….
        Coming to the episode…. It is good… Shaurie, such a darling he is…. Mr. vohra ur acting skill is too good.. And u r developing ur skills day by day and u r killing us by that… While seeing his eyes, i cant think he is just acting,….. That is ur talent Mr. Vohra… I like it very much.. Even samiksha has also improved her acting skills… They both look perfect in the onscreen… Shruti is lying in shauries bed, by seeing this how mehek will feel… Omg, if i was in her situation, il definetly burst in that place itself…. Im eagerly waiting for tommorows episode……

    2. Tamizh6

      No moni no guava. He is pasanthi. Mahek parrot. Shruthi monkey. ???

      1. Moni7

        Tamizh ….oki BASANTI ..just for the flow…i named them as guava… parrot..wolf….

    3. hi everybody nice shaurya said his family 2 live in Guesthouse and that chudal shruti is trying to seduce cutie shaurya but i hope mehek understands and trust shaurya

    4. Preethiilang

      S moni shaurya as bad taste……OOPS Shaurya and mehek as become CREAM BISCUIT… sruthi dr u cnt play a cheap game and all…….Kandipa Sakalathi(Sothan Fight) ill be there after marriage pavam shaurya eppadi handle panuva……

      1. Moni7

        Ha ha ha preethi super la…. waiting

      2. GeethuNivas

        hi preethi kandipa fight jealous will be ther bt our sk can manage both one with xcess love and another with bad temper of him…

  6. So much confusion. Shaadi hogi ya NAHI. Really unaware about next. Bass story boring na KAR de. Shaurya ko itni jaldi kyon hai shaadi ki. Really confusing.

    1. i totaly agree with u Aman………..
      so confusing yar itna sb hone ke bad v
      sorya ko itna jldi kyu hai sadi ki
      it’s realy confusing

    2. according to latest news Mahek will save Shaurya from being drowned and his purpose behind this hurry is to make Mehek away from kd’s hottel and use her for his success i don’t believe this may be he wants to take revenge from Mehek for his slap and is treating good with her because he has no one in his life annd Mehek also loves her so there’s no harm in getting her in his life

  7. epi was ok precap is not good looking for romance and marriage functions

  8. Tamizh6

    Shaurya gave super nose cut to maami and shruthi. Bravo man. It’s very irritating to see that shruthi behavior.

  9. Today episode so good and very funny I am tomorrow episode

    1. Moni7

      Hai geetha dear….how r u

  10. Moni7

    Again coming to precap…i wanna see it like.. isqhbaaz …wer anika throw tia out of shivay’s dare tia he s my husband my room my bed???…same scene want to see in zkm also…sakalathi sandai…..just my imagination… Mehak to dare u shruti …who gave u permission to enter into my bedroom… shaurya s my husband this s my room my bed…get out shruti???… finally shaurie s mine (mehak)…u don’t have any rights on him… shruti shocks mehak rocks,????…y he always keep the room door open????… correct ta indha mehak ponnu entry

    1. Tamizh6

      Superji Superji

      1. Moni7

        Hai tamizh dear…

    2. Wow if i imagine that scene as u said dear, i am getting goosebumps, i am extremely waiting, for that but have to see what will happen today episode.

      1. Moni7

        Hai ammu how r u dear…s me too waiting for that…if it’s happen vl be happy na???…in isqhbaaz tia and shivay(Happy to) shocked by anika’s performance…????… expecting same from mehak????? ….

    3. GeethuNivas

      i watched d precap and it seems nice to c mehak having some jealous, and d look on sk’s eyes, thiruttu muli, mehak nalla nose cut kudukanum to that shruthi cat, usual ah irukura scenes mathiri getting angry keeping distance athalam iruka kudathu mehak…….. moni solratha ketu nadanthuko….. okva moni dr

  11. Hi guys
    Hope u all well?
    Looking forward to watching this episode.
    The SBB update says that Mehak will save Shaurya from drowning. Wonder how true this is….
    Let wait n watch ?

    1. Moni7

      Hai shama…i too saw that sbs segment but didn’t understand anything …i don’t know hindi….i came to know from comments that mehak vl save super..

  12. Hi every one todays epi is also good precap is intresting mehak definitely trust shaurya hope she doesnt care shruthi

    1. Moni7

      Hai somi….s mehak trust shaurya…

  13. Sanjay mama should have tightened his hands longer around his irritating wife? SShaury very good episode , superb.

  14. Hello everyone! Blessings to all! I have to compliment all languages because I you all know the basis of languages stems from Sanskrit. Do you realise that Sanskrit and Latin are sister languages. Most regional laguages, various dialects through time have been altered through time; differences in pronuciation, etc. Tamil is a very ancient language. It too has a lot of Sanskrit-like words. English a mix of a lot more variations. No quarrels. A linguist will always see the roots and the similarities. We are all here because the language of art through acting and emotions, thus drama is universal. I am learning so much from everyone.

  15. Zindagi Ki Mahek – good episode but I am so upset that there is no let up to the disasters. Guess the writers have a purpose for the huge tragedies prior to the wedding drama. I have a suspicious feeling that Shaurya has set up his Mamaji for a fall. Maybe the drowning scene is surely going to prove his Uncle’s involvement, after call Shaurya is no fool and the police is working on the investigation in the background. The wedding may be postponed again, do you think? or Maybe the wedding will be saved? There is something odd about all of this? Awaiting the next episode.

  16. One more point, on the subject of Shruti, she is another thorn. Obviously, she and Shaurya is past tense so she married into the family to seduce him, and insinuate herself into his life? Mahek knows about her. Remember what she heard in the garden that Diwali night? Mahek may be simple but she is no fool either!

  17. Oh well, next episode. Thank you.

  18. Episode was sad for Mahek. Shaurya will have to fight this wrong to the Sharma family. Shaurya’s Mamaji will get caught. I am sure Shaurya has a plan to catch his Uncle with his evil plot. The police is investigating the fire so there will be a trail. The upcoming wedding fiasco will only make it worse for the wicked Khanna’s. Next episode will reveal more I hope. Tired of the frequent tragedies for the Sharma’s.

  19. Moni7

    Hai ishu baby ma…love u soooooooooo much????…after a long tym m seeing ur comments…keep commenting dear…
    S guys dont wry marriage vl happen…hope for the best…

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Moni dear??.. Il try to comment here…. Though im a tamilan.. Our feelings and emotions are same…. im proud that im a tamilan…. Tamil is an ancient language, it doesnt come from sanskrit.. Kal thonrah, mul thonrah, kalathae Mun thonrhiyah mootha mozhi engal tamizh mozhi… athil nangal perumai kolgirom??… No offence frnds…. Thanks to tellyupdates team..

      1. Moni7

        Hai ishu dear…s no inferiority and superiority in any languages..all are same all have their own dignity…s feeling proud to a tamilan…. thanks tellyupdates team…????… waiting for tmrw’s episode…shaadi episode???…they putting so much effect … congratulations zkm team…. decorations actually mimics real wedding feel….wow that lights everything is awesome and amazing…love u zindagi ki mehak team… thanks director uncle???


        hi ishu… so sweet of you… ? moni dr I dnt knw wat she said but dnt upset bz of those ppl… we are here na.. leave them dr… ☺☺

      3. Preethiilang

        Super ish…Umaaah

      4. Iswarya_santhosh

        Moni dear.. Love u too dear??????
        Nive.. Thank u and thats so sweet of u too??
        Preethi dear… Public public????

  20. Moni7

    Hai frnds….i know something happened again in tellyupdates…in this zkm forum…i seriously dunno who is he /she…y they targeting me….i m not hurting anyone but they hurting me…m just posting my comments… criticizing fictional characters…but they criticising me… thanks for ur support my family …ishu spl thanks dear….
    AND TELLYUPDATES THANK YOU SO MUCH?????….for deleting that comments…i appreciate ur team work tu…great job….

    1. GeethuNivas

      moni my litl sis, dont get hurt of those who dont hav guts to face and accept others comments and opinion, vidra vidra pathukalam,
      is language is more important for those who r treating others badly…….

      I thought language s created to communicate with others, yethuku ipdi unwanted problems create panranga,
      cheer up dear, they will change and understand, what ishu said is right for every1 their mother tongue is important but nobody has d rights to criticize others language

      1. Moni7

        Exactly geethu dear… thank u sooo much love u dear?????

  21. Vinitha

    Ishu super yar. Tamil la pesuna enna thappu. We are not using bad words right then y the telly update people deleting the comments.

    1. Moni7

      Vinita dear…it is not like that..few plp are using inappropriate words….it is better to communicate in english…..wat they saying is correct (tellyupdates)….if possible small small tamil words not a big paragraph which is used do earlier….

  22. Hi Friends, Nice episode, but here i have to remember one thing dears why did shourie changed drastically and he is showing much love and care with mahek and family as well, some thing will be happening in future episodes.

  23. Moni dear, Please dont worry we are with you…

    1. Moni7

      I know dear… thank u sooo much dear??????….s dear vl wait and watch….. everything s up to director

  24. Moni7

    Hai nivee dear… thank you so u loads?????

  25. Sorry,I could not comment often.I have also seen those cheap comments & simply ignored it.Moni, pl don’t feel for it.We all are with you including TU. Don’t care about this kind of jelousy peoples. We love ZKM.Also we love your sweet & interesting comments about ZKM.Both ( ZKM & your comments ) cannot be separated from each other.So,Pl be as usual,and let us,enjoy! OK.
    I also like so many interesting,true,lovable comments from members of our Mehrya family .Different views from each members. All are very nice & interesting to read and enjoy . Thank you all.

    1. Moni7

      Thank u sooooooo much SVA dear…..s sure vl comment….????

  26. Hello mehrya family…. saw lots of comments on language n especially on tamil….i guess we have lots of tamilians in our family…i am not a tamilian and even i dont understand lots of things but i think its ok as we all the part of one family o matter from which religion we have gathered… just respect all the languages and Moni dear don’t feel so bad if u bad people to hurt then u have some good ones also to heal….please stay happy for those good ones and smile now….now coming to Epi it was good yesterday… especially Rajeev’s face while dancing was looking like bechara….but that idiot deserves it…nehal should really behave in someone’s house…. and looks like jeevan will become english men by the time he will recover….and stupid shruti who doesn’t even have any sensuality to seduce a man is trying to break the strong thread of love…our mehak really understand relationship and will just ignore it and thats what maturity is…

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Thank a lot khushboo… U dont understand lots of words, we r using… Many people r facing this issue.. Sorry about that.. While they r talking happily, without their knowledge, they typed in tamil.. From hereon We will try to speak in english… Thanks for understanding And supporting us..

      1. Moni7

        Ishu ????

    2. Moni7

      Kush dear…. thank u sooooooo much dear…love u loads dear?????… thanks for ur love and affection???

    3. Moni7

      Yeah Kush dear.. mehak vl trust shaurie…

    4. Hi Khushboo dear, i completely agree with you, me too don’t understand tamil, am a hyderabadi telugu, before that we are an Indians hence we all should respect all languages, we have right to speak any language, so tamil friends dont feel bad, keep commenting, we got best family(Mehrya family)be happy….Love u all.

      1. GeethuNivas

        hi ammu u r very clear and have healthy thoughts about language and relationship, i wish those unhealthy (thoughts) people to understand it, above all v people belong to same country, v r accepting hindi dubbed serials in vijay tv, zee tv and so on, cant u people accept our littl tamil coments

  27. shorya dose not love mehak . its all happening because of mahak talent (The notebook of her mother )

    1. little bit agreed but it could also happen for taking revenge from her for the slap

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