Mahek 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohit is packing stuff. Jeevan asks what are you doing? you are not father if you wear same size of shoes as mine, he asks works to put things back from tempo, Mohit says Mahek asked me to bring her stuff so i am taking it, Balwant says we want to know what that Shaurya is doing now, Shaurya has destroyed our peace, what this Mahek wants to do? Mahek comes there and says why you all are scolding Mohit? i have done all this. Jeevan says you dont need to be in torture, that man doesnt even talk ot you nicely, always disrespects you, stop all this, stop this game, God is with you. Kanta says i dont sleep at nights thinking how you are there Mahek. Mahek says Kanta chachi remember you used to tell me stories about exploring fragrance when fragrance was inside hero, shaurya is same, he doesnt

realise his goodness, his upbringing, his love, he has put fake facade and living life of lie, me and Karona are trying to break that facade and he starts to live life and i want you all to be with me otherwise i wont be able to move ahead. Jeevan smiles and blesses her. Mahek says lets have magic hug now, Ravi says why you are taking stuff? Mahek says i have to live there with honour.
Karona comes to Shaurya on balcony. Shaurya says to her that i know you cant see your daughter in law’s pain so have come to give me lecture, Karona says why you are giving importance to yourself? why you think that all want to talk to you? i came to see balcony as she doesnt live in your room, Shaurya says oshe is fooling you, you are praising her but in one hour, you will regret it, me and that potato has no match so stop dreaming. Karona says Mahek is right, i should have controlled since childhood so you wouldnt behave like hysteric cow but i will tame you now.
Mahek’s family is packing Mahek’s stuff, Mansi says take your utensils too, you like to cook in them, Mahek says will you give me whole kitchen now? Sonal brings mug and says this is your favorite mug, Mahek sees Sonal sad and asks if everything is fine? Kanta says she is fine, she is just lazy these days, Kanta leaves. Mahek says to Sonal that Kanta is right? you dont have any problem? Tempo driver asks her to put things fast in tempo, Sonal says to Mahek that i want to talk to you, Mahek says i will call you, this driver wont stop, she hugs Sonal but Sonal looks like she is broken and doesnt hug her back, Mahek sits in tempo and leaves.

Scene 2
Mahek is arranging balcony, putting her bed and stuff there. Shaurya comes there and sees her small bed. Shaurya why you are making hut here like poor people? i cant see it daily, MAhek says i have solution for that, she puts curtain on window which is facing Shaurya’s room, Mahek says now you wont see me. Mahek stands on bed and takes of lamp, Shaurya says you dont even know how expansive this is, its imported, Mahek takes it off and puts it on Shaurya’s bed, Shaurya says what are you doing? MAhek says i know its expansive so i have put it on your bed, we hut kind of people dont like this stuff. Mahek comes in balcony, she cuts bulb holder wire with her teeth and hangs bulb instead of antic lamp. Shaurya says you have destroyed show of my balcony, Mahek says we middle class people like to spend as much as we can afford, this energy saving bulb will save my rent money, Shaurya shouts driver bring car, i am late. Mahek says all the best and smirks.
Karona says to driver that do what i am asking you, i am your boss, driver says if Shaurya gets to know it then he will throw me out, Karona says till i am here, nothing will happen to your job, put sugar in one car’s petrol tank and puncture tyre of other car. Driver does it, Karona says dont tell this to anyone. Shaurya comes there and says someone on call that i am coming. Shaurya asks Karona what are you doing here? Karona says one car is not starting and other is punctured, i have to go to friend’s house, i will take rickshaw, Shaurya asks servant where are other cars? servant says Svetlana have taken one car. Shaurya says even owner of this house cant have car to use and cab is away too. Mahek comes there and is leaving. She asks Karona what happened? should i drop you somewhere? Shaurya says shit, this had to happen today? Karona says Mahek can you take Shaurya to his restaurant, he is late for work, you are going so give him lift on your scooty. Shaurya says no thanks i will manage, this small scooty can only bear weight of Mahek so let her go. Mahek says i am leaving then, Karona says Shaurya you have important meeting so why arguing, just take lift. Shaurya says i wont sit behind her on scooty, i wont take her help, Magek huffs and goes to sit on her scooty. She brings scooty near Shaurya. Shaurya says fine its your luck day, now move back, MAhek says if you want lift then say please and request and this is my vehicle so i will drive, just because i am girl, i wont sit behind you, Shaurya says you think i will sit behind girl on bike? Mahek says i am leaving then, Shaurya says Mahek please please stop. Shaurya sits behind Mahek on scooty, Mahek says sit carefully, Shaurya go fast. Mahek starts scooty and drives on road. Shaurya says i feel like i am sitting in amusement park ride. Mahek applies brakes, Shaurya says buy cycle, Mahek says you sell your cars and take my scooty atleast you will reach to your meetings. Mahek irritates him with horn too. Mahek stops at signal, one kid asks Shaurya to buy balloons for valentine’s day, Shaurya says just go from here, kid says you are nice couple, buy it please, Shaurya says i dont want it, Mahek says give kid money, Shaurya gives money to kid and buys balloons, he says to MAhek that if your social service is done then drive. Mahek starts driving again with Shaurya sitting behind and holding red balloons, titli song plays. MAhek applies brakes, Shaurya falls on her, Mahek says dont take my advantage. Mahek stops at Shaurya’s hotel, Shaurya says thanks now get lost from here. Mahek says give me balloons first, he gives it. Shaurya’s investors come there. One investor says its special day, we are disturbing them, other investor says i am sorry Shaurya, we didnt realise its your first valentine with your wife. Shaurya says nothing like that, Mahek you leave. Investor says to Shaurya that we are throwing party for valentine, other investor invites Mahek saying that we are throwing party in Shaurya’s restaurant only, he is her husband. Shaurya says she is busy, she wont come, investor says we will like it if Mahek comes in party, Mahek looks at Shaurya who glares at her.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Preethi ilangovan

    Hi mehrya family…….today episode was nice????………mehek ur way of irritating shaurya was superb girl????……….then wat happen to sonal y she is very sad???………

    Driving part was superb mehek pls take me nice……. karuna auntyji superb brilliant idea?????……..

    No precap may be tomarrow ill be valentines day celebration ill be there???…….atleast in tis celebration he should behave wit her in a nice manner oh god figure crossed???

  2. ChandaMaya

    So where is everyone today? Did you all get an invitation to White Chillies? Lol

    1. Moni7

      Chanda dear….he he he……
      I saw in spoiler he mesmerized by mehak’s sensuous to the party… red color saree

      See again they started there new cheap tricky tricky drama….

    2. Moni7

      Sensuous entry**

      1. ChandaMaya

        Chennai Express theme. . . Love it! Titli Song.. . .I love it. Shaurya eat your heart out. No PreCap because we are in for a surprise with another bang bang at the end, maybe!

        Mr. Khanna with balloons sitting behind Mahek . . . Great statement. Who is leading who now, eh Khanna Sahib?

  3. ChandaMaya

    What do you think Sonal is going through? Hmmm, what’s going on with her engagement? I think she is pregnant.

  4. ChandaMaya

    Something has terribly gone wrong for Sonal. I wonder if the guy she was seeing skipped town? Whatever it is another side storyline is about to weave in Mahek.

  5. Moni7

    Hai guys…. Good episode….but still am not ready to accept ….cheap valentines drama from ZKM team….just coz v plp luv to watch romance…

    And sonal….yes chanda dear…may be pregnant kind of nonsense tract usal in all series….

    Scooty scene….he he he .. looking funny…with that helmet..see suddenly they got two helmet???……

    What is the meaning of fragrance????…can anyone explain me???

    Shaurya khanna….good fragrance…she fooling herself….
    Wer is rajeev????…

    Yaru paithiyam nu theriyala…we viewers or zkm team(mad).

    Idhula live chat vera..with karan b/t ravi cha-cha ….

    Yeah I know trp….. down 1.7…..

    1. ChandaMaya

      Khanna Sahib dumped Ravi too. . . Ravi is trying to pick up the pieces of his life. Shaurya left him after the wedding too. Shaurya is out for only himself!

      Fragrance is a the after effect of a pleasing scent (smell) . . . It’s a poetic form of scent. Fragrance is that essence which has been left lingering in the air long after the source has moved, passed . . .In general terms, it’s synonymous to perfume.

    2. Hey moni dear.. Sorry for not commenting on your OS.. Read it just now… Amazing as always… Love the way you explore different dimensions ??

    3. yes moni dear ,where is rajeev?
      todays epi was amazing,
      Shaurya is really hiding sometime ,remember him saying aunty about mehak?
      I think sonal got to now sometime about mehak!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      gugs I want to know the pecap

  6. ChandaMaya

    Okay, so the way the word fragrance is used in the dialogue is figurative (implied). Fragrance is the sensory equivalent to an aura. Mahek has experience the essence of his higher being. There is always more to some, in this case Mahek mentions a hero. So Mahek has to work on her spice with him. Just the right spice she will find to fix him.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Fragrance also references to someone who has a lasting effect and the core of one’s being is where the true essence and truth lies in a hero. Obviously, Mahek sees more to him than his childish behaviour.

  7. ChandaMaya

    Don’t worry Mahek will make that hot to tomali (red chilli) into a whit chilli.

  8. ChandaMaya

    ? hot hilli Shaurya??????

  9. ChandaMaya

    Oops I!! Forgot the “C” in the chilli. ? Lol!

  10. Raniboudy

    Hi everyone!! episode was ok, Mehek amazing as usual… have to say in all this hatred there is the need for a bit of love, so I think the promo with the love is kinda cool… Moni dear, you finally got your bike scene!! well waiting for what’s next in ZKM!! Love you all!!

    1. Moni7

      Hai rani dear .. yes yes…bike scene?????….

  11. Hi mehryans…
    Tiz story ZKM has we hope is hopeless only…
    Daily incidence will never be linked or sinked…
    konja kooda soodu sorana illa intha characters la…
    yesterday too much happened between them…
    today they are in bike with ❤balloons…
    Tomorrow valentine day dating…sappa mudiyala…
    U r right moni ma again they had started with new cheap tricky tricky drama…
    Anyways forgetting the past today i also njoyed the show…
    seeing him in bike with her with balloons and the song “Ban ke titli uda uda uda kahin door”…
    Stealed the show…

  12. Definitely tiz ZKM is making us fool only…
    Yup friends if we remember in the previous episodes we had bn told n showed that mehaks house is located inside street tat vehicles like car cannot enter their street…
    And yesterday shauri car very well parked outside their house…
    Today big truck…wats goin on guys…is the director’s nut has loosened…
    Sonal…wat else same old pregnancy cheap drama n abscond or refusal of her fiance…???

    1. Moni7

      Ama Dolly dear… sudden na car truck la podhu???

    2. Moni7

      Avan thookitu povan la….

  13. Nice episode.

  14. ChandaMaya

    Not too much action here today. Guess everyone is tiring of ZKM.?

    1. Moni7

      Chanda dear..but I didn’t find any fragrance in shaurya khanna’s character??

      1. ChandaMaya

        Mahek has to check her sense of smell!!! Heeheheee what fragrance? ?

  15. Khusbu sharma

    Finally Valentine special is showing …but atiba why so late updates ..anyways now there should be some changes on track..hope shauray realized his love for mahek…scooter ride was awesome..well done sash bahu ke jodi…

  16. Hello ladies ? missed me??? Sorry I couldn’t comment on any of the ff and the update, was a bit busy with something… I’m in for this storyline.. There are indications of something interesting. And valentine’s day episode, more than anything i’m excited to see samiksha in a saree.. ? by the pictures she is looking absolutely stunning?. Sorry to say but shaurya will be no match to her today ?would love to see a jealous shaurya.. What say girls??

  17. Hii friend today episode is good………I went to know why mehak help to shaurya khanna ?

  18. hi Episode was not impressed much, what director exactly wants to say to people, it was dragging of scooty scenes that wasted time instead of making to us see good scenes of story telling or involved other characters, and also agreed with dear dolly whose said about truck tracks, where are rajiv, sanjay and shouryas dadi, why mehak team is hiding the characters to not involving the story, and am thinking that is sonal knows about shourya? or as said chanda that is she conceived? oh my god so much confusions in portraying story.

    before some days i was a very hard core fan of ZKM, but i don’t know now what is the feeling of mine about ZKM.

    are you friends same like me?

  19. hi guys good morning…☺
    s today valentine day spl…
    i want a new hero entry,who is mesmerised by mehaks beauty and dances with her??…and our hero should b left with fuming jealousy…?????
    lol…juz a thought…??

    1. Seriously dolly.. I too want the same.. This shaurya Khanna should fume with jealousy.. And I read in a spoiler that mahek will ignore him in the party. And he’ll get irritated with her ignorance and seeing her getting more friendly with others??.. Ohh god how I wish writers fulfill my dream today ?

      1. Moni7

        Yes baby missed you?…
        Yeah yeah… Happy …. to see him getting jealous…i want some good looking handsome man new entry….to make him jealous??

  20. Moni7

    Hai guys..posted new os.. moderation

  21. the maker of this serial saurabh t iwari is stupid

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