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Mahek 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ravi says to Khanna that we met earlier too, at business conference, Khanna asks what is your business? Ravi says i have clothes shop in Delhi market, Jeevan says we sell designer sarees. Vaitlana says we should bring starters, Mansi says i will help you out, Vaitlana says you are guest not a maid, Mansi feels insulted, Vaitlana says i was joking, we have servants to do it, just relax. She ask servants to bring starters.
Shaurya and Mahek are in garden, they look at each other and both say you first.. they laugh.. Shaurya stares Mahek and brings her closer putting hand on her waist, jag ghomiya plays, Shaurya puts hand on her mouth and says look at there, Mahek sees mud in which they fell, Shaurya says remember we slipped on that mud? she nods, Shaurya takes his hand away from her lips,

they gaze at each other intensely, Mahek moves away from him, she blushes and runs away from him but stops and turns to him, she smiles at him, blushes and leaves.
Shaurya’s uncle offers wine to Ravi, Ravi says no champagne at daytime, uncle says this is wine, its like juice, its good for health, come. Jeevan says we drink only at holi, my wife gets angry, Vaitlana comes to them and asks if i should bring wine for her too? try it, rich people drink wine at daytime and scotch at night, you are going to be part of this family so learn our style, Kanta nods no to Jeevan,. Vaitlana says to Kanta that its just wine, let them have it, Karona says its your house, they can drink, Kanta says as they wish. Ravi says lets have wine with our would be in laws. Vaitlana says to Shaurya’s uncle Sameer that make sure, their glass dont get empty, he smirks and says sure. He takes them to bar. Sameer pours wine to Jeevan and Ravi, he says its best wine, have it, Jeevan says i dont drink it clean, put water in it, he says we dont put water in wine, drink it, they all cheer for Shaurya and Mahek and drink wine. Sameer keep filling their glasses making them drunk, they keep drinking. Jeevan is drunk and says why did its color change? Sameer says its whiskey, Jeevan drinks it.
Mahek is at poolside, Shaurya comes there, they look at shadow in water, Shaurya asks how is our couple? Mahek says how is it that Delhi’s most eligible bachelor is now paired with fat, middle class simple girl? Shaurya says i am sorry for that, i didnt know you then, i am sorry, leave those things, Mahek says i will keep remember them always, they will be useful in post marriage fights, they both chuckle. Mahek turns and slips, she is about to fall in pool but Shaurya holds her hand, Shaurya says you keep going low, how low you are? Mahek says what? Shaurya says dont worry, we wont have fights now, he pulls her closer in his arms, Shaurya says whenever we will be about to fight, i will pull you closer like this, mood will become good automatically, Mahek looks at him lovingly, tere sang yara plays, they are close, Mahek looks at his lips aware how close he is, Mahek pushes him and runs away, Shaurya says you cant runaway from him Mrs. Shaurya Khanna, i got for run daily in morning.

Scene 2
Khanna says to Sameer that bring more wine for them, Ravi says no, we cant drink more, we have to back home, Sameer says this is your home too, he pours more wine for them, Jeevan and Ravi are both drunk but they keep drinking more. Kanta is keeping eye on them and is tensed. Kanta says i will go and see them, Vaitlana says let them enjoy, its happy day, eat something, she asks servant to serve her, he does. Mansi eats and feels like throwing up at taste of food. Kanta is about to eat but Karona comes and says this is non-veg, dont eat. Mansi asks what she is eating? Vaitlana says you have fish eggs in your plate, Mansi pukes and runs to washroom, Vaitlana smirks and says to Karona that i didnt know they are vegetarians, Kanta says no problem, it happens.
Mahek is running in garden, Shaurya comes to her and grabs her, he pulls her and spins her in air, they both are happy. Mahek is giggling. Shaurya sits on his knees, she asks what are you doing? he holds her hand and says i did test run that day by holding Pd’s hand, now i am asking you, will you marry me Mahek Sharma? will you become Mrs. Shaurya Khanna? he brings out paper and reads poetry which is romantic and corny, Mahek giggles. Shaurya pulls out ring and holds her hand, he slips ring on her ring finger, Mahek says did you write poetry? Shaurya says i copied it from internet, Mahek laughs and hugs him tightly, he hugs her back, both are smiling in each others arms. White puppy comes there in Mahek’s feet, Mahek looks at him and says from where did this cutie come from? she pulls him in her arms and coos him, guard comes there and says sorry, Shaurya says its okay, he leaves. Mahek says he is witness of our engagement, Shaurya says we will both wait for you till you dont come in this house permanently, Mahek says lets name him tamatar lal(red tomato), Shaurya says how are you red tomato? Mahek laughs.
Karona says to Kanta that i hope Mansi is fine, its my fault, Vaitlana arranged everything nicely, i forgot to tell her that you are vegetarian, Kanta says dont embarrass me saying all this, she arranged everything nicely but we are middle class and have middle class taste.
Jeevan and Ravi are fully drunk, Jeevan says i have only one wife and she is stubborn too. Vaitlana comes and asks did you both eat something? Ravi says we have become fan of your guest welcoming and we are your fan too, Vaitlana hints to Sameer, Sameer pours more whiskey for Ravi and Jeevan. Ravi says to Vaitlana that teach your style to Mansi too, our life will become colorful too, Jeevan says your saree is really nice, i will buy one for Kanta, Vaitlana mumbles that its out of your standard. Vaitlana says Shaurya’s father Mr. Khanna is sitting alone, go make him drink wine too. Ravi brings wine for Khanna and asks him to drink wine, he says i am done, Ravi says no, you have to enjoy and drink.
Shaurya and Mahek are sitting by poolside, Mahek says lets go inside, i am hungry too. Shaurya says yes lets go and see whats happening there.
Khanna says take him away, Kanta comes there and asks Ravi what are you doing? Ravi says nothing, this glass is for relation, he insists Khanna to drink one sip, Khanna gets angry and slaps Ravi, Ravi falls on floor. Mahek and Shaurya comes there and are shocked, Shaurya gets angry on his father.

PRECAP- Mahek asks Kanta handle Ravi. Shaurya tries to handle drunk Jeevan but Mahek says he is my uncle, i can handle him. Ravi says we are not scared of your slap but your love, Mahek leaves from there, Shaurya is hurt. Mahek comes to her room and cries inconsolably.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Moni7

    Hai everyone shaurie morning. all his lovable fans……nethu ellarukkum shaurie dreams vandhu irukkum nu nenaikiren.. especially latha dear ku….avan dream sequence la enga varuvan ellarukum theriyum naa solla vendam???enna la pannuvan nu naa solla vendam….ore romance dhan….pora pokka patha mehak veetla daera potruvan pola….soru kanda edamae sorgam… mehak irukkara veedae sorgam….. avan mom koda vittu avan epdi vandha…. avanukku mom na romba pudikkum…mom ku next than mehak….so mehak first priority illa… idhuvae solludhu edho planning nu….intha matter edhum theriyama KD nu oru loose mehak shaurie ku opposite la plot pandran….

    1. Latha

      Mom pidikirathu, mom first adhellam appo eppo Mehak thaan first edhu ippo ma Kadhal vandruchina edhu vena nadakkum. No planning nothing after marriage with mehak’s help mamikkum kd kkum aappu.

      1. Preethi ilang

        Mom ah love panara paiyaa lover kittayum true va erupaaa…..kandipa mehek hurt panna matta enga choclate boy moni……

      2. Hi frnds gud mrng, ore confusion paaaa…..shaurie planning adi kandippa….bt oru ponnu mela kovam irudhadhunaal he left his imp works, left his hotel, left his house following her to tak his revenge as he said sry coz of investors. Indhalavukka…..lov panra maari nadippu…..yosichi yosichi enakku katchal varum pola?????????????
        Aparam mehek kitta kekkradhu ‘kitni giri huyi ho’. Seeing his revenge i cn tell he s going tooo low to take his revenge…..tht dailog suits him oly.

  2. Moni7

    Ada ponga boss….ipdi solli solli yae enna kalaikka vekkaringa avan na…. .

    1. Hahahahahhahaha?????????

    2. Latha

      Edhukku mela ennamma kalaikka miccham vachirukke Moni

      1. Moni7

        Innum stock irukku latha dear..avana kalaikka…but neenga feel pannuvinga adhan…..cute Dino shaurie……pavam boy…..namma paiyan dhaane …he is doing a great work in ZKM…..making every gal fall for him….saying about his character shaurya khanna…. khadoos to lover boy …..lover boy to husband of Mehak in future ……. ultimately mr.sharuya khanna remain the same of that attitude wala arrogant egoistic Shaurya khanna….missing his attitude ….. mehak. Koda ore romance dhan….

  3. Moni7

    Hai sri correct ner dhan ippo correct route la travel pandra dear…s avan avala viddavae matten…..katti katti dhan pudippan …..fevicol madhiri poi otipan…… pirikka mudiyadu avala thalli vitta dhan ….illa na koda vida mattan…..kd boy…. smart boy…. chumma chumma chumma andha mehak ponna kanna kaati sirichi mayakkaran last episode la twirl vera pannan oru second koda ava la vidala kai ya pudichi dhan irundha….edho try panna flop agiduchi…idhu vera mehak kitta kannu adikkala la ?mami pd kitta kannu adichan….

    1. Latha

      Ooo hello monimma shauri Katti pidikirathoda nirityruntaru Ladoo thaan Jaan nikal jathinnu solli usupetthi vittuttu ippo ellam tappum Shaurya panna madiriye pesuringa. Hello Sri no bad words no calling kd paiyan shauri

      1. Preethi ilang

        Appadi solunga latha…. moniyum sriyum overa paesaraga da…..yes that mehek oly huged him 3times……..shaurya vey dino kd paiyala sollathiga girls pls……enakum lathukum manasu valliguthu…..

    2. Yea moni……as per da story shaurie is a busy businessman who doesnt hav tym. Bt fr mehak he s very free. He s havin tym fr gng her house. He hs left his business n hotel to rajeev…..nw after his fathr insulting mehek’s family he s ready to go n stay in middle class house. He had taken tym fr his revenge frm mehak. Romba attitude. Oru arai n investors kaaka sry solla vechitale ani kovam…..adhukkaga avaloda lyf kuda vilayadra. Enakku shaurie mela kovam ku karanam i cant accept he playin wid her feelings. ??????bt he s dng tht only. I pity mehak. Kanta chachi s right. Kadhallo kannu theriyadhu. ?????? Sudden a shaurie maaramaata. He hate M???. Revenge kaaga he s stoopin low. Kitni giri hui ho—–suits to him only.

  4. Moni7

    Dp mathiten preethi dear….seri kitni giri hui ho na enna artham sri….. apparam latha dear.. neenga koda hindi word use pannunga mehak dhan soldra nu adhukku enna artham……ama dear…. revenge ku kaga oru ponnu life spoil pandran…… Ava feeling kooda play pandra… Kandipa ava romba hurt agiduva…..soldren la ippo namma kku fight illai so thalli vida mattan pool la….adhu koda solludhu he still having vengeance nu……bcoz naa unna eppo venu la thalli vitruvan nu solla ma soldran…..use pannitu thooki potruvan…….adhu romba terror ra irukkum .. but later RK madhiri pinnadi varuvan……still it take a time….. Instagram la oru video iru mehak veedu fulla lights and decorations dhan but idhu mahek n shaurya khanna marriage ah illa ajay koda engagement appo edutha tha nu theriyala….. Ava fulla trust pandra avana adhu dhan last ta avalukku apdi oru pain tharum……….avan revenge edukka la enakku romba happy irukkum pakkalam……

    1. Latha

      Hello Moni kutti nanga no revenge no hurting thaan dear sollurum. Neengellam thaan he will take revenge appadi nnu solringappa. After that slap he has changed and fallen love with Mehak that’s why he told in yesterday’s episode also that forget those which was happened before but Mehak told that she will not forget and those will useful in future sandai dear

    2. Hi moni kitni giri hui ho means hw mean u are or hwcheap or how low. I thnk he s takin revenge only coz appo appo avala ippidi oru oru dailog sollra…..

      1. Moni7

        Oki dear…appi revenge dhan enakku koda adhu dhan vennum … revenge..old form la he should back ….. attitude arrogant egoistic Shaurya khanna?????… missing hin badly …lover boy nu office boy madhiri agiten…..

  5. Ayyo evalavu Tamil karanga Hindi serial pakuranga ennakum mehak pudichi dhhan iruku neengalam Tamil nadula irukeengala

    1. Latha

      Hi saravi welcome to this group and I think u r too excited after reading this Tamil comments. Keep commenting dear.

    2. Moni7

      Hai saravi ….. welcome dear…s tamilnadu dhan ….. enakku zkm romba pudikkum….. neriya peru tamil dhan so naanga tamil la chat pandrom…… keep commenting…..latha dear enna dha solla varinga seri vidunga avan revenge edukka la na m Happy edhumkkum m Happy old shaurie vl back nu happy ya pappen….love va vida angry mode dhan enakku pudikom….Dino kutty???

      1. Latha

        Moni surrendered

    3. hi saravi so happy to see more Tamil cmts day to day welcome yaar .na seven years ah Hindi serial parthutu irukean solaponna serial parthu parthu Hindi understand ayairuchu

  6. Moni7

    Love kaga avan sacrifice pandra na ila revenge ka nu theriyala……. nayagan movie kamal dhan …. shaurie neenga nallavan na illa kettavan na???…avan ? theriyalae ma theriyalaye????….m a hero and m a villan??????…..avan vishwaroopam kodiya viraivil veli varum…..m back u varana illa m waiting nu soldran na nu pappom…..latha dear s avan konjam restricted dhan act pandra romantic scenes la…..hug panna sonna kai 90 potta madhiri nadungudhu???… Mehak nalla pandra……matha apdi nalla dhan nadikaran…..sry character vae vazhdran pa ….

  7. Moni7

    Pudhu promo pathu enakku manasukku romba keshtam ma pochi….raja madhiri irunthanae avana ipdi akkitalae mehak shaurya khanna…..avalukku revenge 200 %, confirm dear…….adikira adila mehak ku bun madhiri agum cheeks….. paavi mehak …..ippo avan na kalaikkra mood pochi enakku….feeling pity for him….heart break down …avana apdi partha odanae???????????????????s shaurie u can do it…avala yemathi marriage pannu first… chumma family ….family nu….

    1. Christina

      Hi moni sis how r u??? Can u translate it in english plz as i dont understand it..u know i tried to to learn tamil but couldnt so plz translate in english

    2. Christina

      Sorry it got posted twice

      1. Christina

        I didnt mean to post it here so sorry it happened by mistake

  8. Christina

    Hi moni sis,latha sis,kathy sis,sri sis,preethi sis,ilang sis n everyone sorry i couldnt mention all of ur names as …forgive me for that
    I missed u all alot n icouldnt cmnt bcoz of my test n how r u all???
    I am damn sure that shaurya is doing this all for taking revenge n what did shaurya said in interview that mine some school frnzs r hating him???he is our cutie pie plz tell me what did he say in interview
    Take care n be happy???✌

    1. Latha

      Hi Christina fine dear and how are u. We are also missing u dear.

      1. Christina

        Hi latha sis i am fine

    2. Preethi ilang

      Hi christina h r u…….how u did ur exams…..from today onwards v ill comment in english itself dr…….we too miss u da….

      1. Christina

        Hi preethi sisn my exams havent started yet but r starting soon nn my tests was awesome i secured highest marks so i am feeling happy

  9. Christina

    Hi moni sis,latha sis,kathy sis,sri sis,preethi sis,ilang sis n everyone sorry i couldnt mention all of ur names as …forgive me for that
    I missed u all alot n icouldnt cmnt bcoz of my test n how r u all???
    I am damn sure that shaurya is doing this all for taking revenge n what did shaurya said in interview that mine some school frnzs r hating him???he is our cutie pie plz tell me what did he say in interview
    Take care n be happy???

  10. Christina

    Sorry it got posted twice…

    1. Happy morning friends,
      I’m also feel pity for shaurya after that new promo…..???????????????
      Sooooooooo bad to see my darling shaurya in that stage ….he offending her middle class from the starting but now he has to spend his days in this middle class house to get back his ladoos love.????????????

      1. good morning to u too MD

    2. hi christina remember me i am from vk family just want to tell u that new epi of vk ff is updated it’s link is
      if u want to comment there

      1. MD it’s for u too

      2. Ooshi dr do u remember me???

      3. Oops ooshi dr u call me MD…I forgot the short form…. vishkanya link didn’t work ma….
        How r u dr???
        We miss u a lot dr…we r waiting for u so long…..

      4. MD first of all i don’t forget anyone but by chance and in your case it’s impossible and onward don’t forget MD

      5. Christina

        Yes i remember u n thnks for the link n i have cmnd in it also

  11. good morning to all members of mehek family wish u all a great day ahear

  12. Preethi ilang

    Happy morning guys……on seeing the promo i too feel pity for shaurya…….but he ill learn the lesson how hard life is middleclass people spending…….before mehek use to beg before shaurya for family… this time he as to beg for his love……shaurya as to get back the trust again……

  13. oh god! i am sure sourya badla le raha h pyar sadi sab drama h,
    jaise usne kaha ki tum kitni giri hui ho tab me samjha gai

  14. ya i am also agry with u. but jo bhi ho both are the most wanted couple

  15. Jayakumarisuresh

    Hi friends my wifi is not working tough time with 2g connection. Moni i have strong feeling that he will take revenge otherwise no svarasiyam kathaiyila. Enakkennavo avan kadanukku avala katti pudichi avloda emotionoda vilayadra madhiri thonudhu. Avan athmarthama love pannala. Andha madhiri endha oru expressionum enakku thiyala something is missing. Pls share new promo link anyone. Ivlo seekkirama oruththan marinadukku endha oru ariguriyum stronga theriyala adhan doubta irukku.

  16. Moni7

    Hai jayakumari dear. ..s dear same feelings…. pakkalam enna agum nu….….. here is the link of new promo probably today’s episode?…….he became insta king of last week….gained soo much response and immense popularity …….karan insta king?… gonna hit th the trp slot top very soon…no doubt in that…. congratulations zkm team

  17. Moni7

    Lover boy nu soli office boy shaurie agitan poor boy……i didn’t expect and accept this much change over …..he s up to something….ivan mehak ka adhavadhu ladooos love kaga anga ponna illa ladoo va boondhi aaka ponna nu theriyala…..(revenge mode)iva too much dhan pandra mehak… chumma family family nu…po di nu avan ponna dhan theriyum…..avan poga mattan pola mehak oru vazhi agama….. waiting for upcoming twist… many things adding spices to zkm like karan’s physique mehak’s bubblesness….on screen chemistry…..fresh faces doing voice work…nice attempt in ZEE TV …not like kkb?…adha patha nee innum ma mudiyala nu dhan naa keppan kkb ….

  18. Hlw guys ! I am new here . Recently i started to watch this show. I think shaurya will playing the role of Shlok from iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir . After marriage he will show his true color to mehek ..

    1. first of all welcome to this family and page Sarah shaurya character can’t say anything he could change to bad too and also couldn’t be

  19. Jayakumarisuresh

    Hi moni namma kooda neraya per irukkanga shaurie fake love urudhi seyya so dont worry. Nejamave mehek laddoothan mutta bonda. Ivanavadu middle class life vazhradhavadu. Mehek pavam. Moni why cant u write ff og zkm.

    Kkb theevira rasigai once uppn a time nan. Ippo andha actors ellarum padu kezhama analum oru matramum illa. Adhan nan vilayatta zkm pakka arambichen ippo ennenna zkmdhan super. Konjamavadhu logic irukku. Abikku irinda charm poi pragyakku sotta vizhundhu (thala mudi kottiduchu) pakka sagikkala adhaym vida andha thanu yemma moonjiya pakka sagikkala

  20. Moni7

    Ha ha ha… Super jayakumari dear ….sotta pragya madu abi make up aunty tanu thai vizhavi aliya……

  21. I still don’t trust Sharya.. when he said how low you fall means he as something in mind which is like revenge and insulting. engagement witness is a dog and will tell Mehek that what middle class fit for. there is lot of things going in SK mind like her aunt. Sorry Sharya still don’t trust you.

    1. it’s good not to trust him because in serials anything could happen and we cannot trust him because these serials make our mind like this

  22. MD do any of u given this family any name or something like that

    1. No ooshi we didn’t name our family….

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