Mahek 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Karona calls Kanta and says we are coming. she ends call. Shaurya says lets go maa. Karona looks at Rajesh ignoring them, she says i pray that my son get every happiness. Mahek comes there and says to Rajesh that i made your favorite sweetdish, please taste it and get ready. She shows him will and says these are property papers which Shaurya named to be. Shaurya says what Mahek? Mahek says you named everything to me to gain Kanta’s trust so I am also giving everything to papa to gain his trust. Mahek says to Rajesh that I dont know where to sign on these papers, please tell me. Rajesh reads papers and looks at Mahek suspiciously, he reads thoroughly. Jeevan and Kanta comes there too. Rajesh asks what is this is joke? its written that Shaurya cant take this property from you. Shaurya says

i added this clause in will so that if Mahek gets emotional sometime and wants to transfer property to anyone else then she cant do it. Rajesh says then why playing this game with me? he throws papers and leaves. Shaurya grabs Mahek’s hand and says i told you its useless to expect him to understand emotions. Karona sees them and thinks what will happen when Mahek will know that Shaurya did accident of Mahek’s parents? they all leave.

Svetlana is in grandma’s room. Svetlana says tomorrow Mahek’s palanquin will be taken out but for marriage but to graveyard, and all will doubt Rejesh as he created drama, grandma looks on, Svetlana smirks. Grandma says be careful that no danger fall on Shaurya. Svetlana says you are feeling love for him? Grandma says I love myself most but he is my grandson and I shouldnt take sin of murders more. Grandma drinks wine. Svetlana says you drink, you threaten and you murder then you worry about sins? Grandma looks on.

Sharma family and Shaurya’s family are sitting in cars. Kanta asks Mahek to sit with her. Nehal says let Shaurya and Mahek go in one car as they will be separated till marriage, let them spend time together, Shaurya says only my sister in law understands about my heart, he takes Mahek’s hand and goes to car.

Shaurya is driving car and sees Mahek silently sitting, he holds her hand but she takes her hand back. Shaurya pulls her cheek but she frowns. Shaurya says have good mood, its our wedding day. Mahek says dont irritate me, Shaurya says i havent started. Mahek says papa? Shaurya says dont talk about him, I have been bearing him since childhood, you will get habituated to him too, Mahek says sorry.

Svetlana, Grandma, Mohit, Sonal and Nehal are in one car. Svetlana messages her goon and murmurs goodby lovebirds. Sonal asks if she said something? Svetlana says nothing.

Shaurya is driving his car with Mahek sitting inside. They see someone lying on road with bike fallen down. Shaurya stops and asks man what happened? Man says he fell down, now its your turn, goons spray chloroform on Shaurya, he faints, they tie Mahek’s hands, Mahek says Shaurya save me please. Goon ties Mahek’s hand and puts black cloth over her head and takes her from there while Shaurya is unconscious.
Karona, Vicky and Kanta are in one car, Karona says I am not seeing Shaurya’s car ahead of us.
Shaurya wakes up in his car and sees Mahek missing, he is dizzy but looks around and says Mahek? he sees flat tire of car and screams Mahek. Shaurya says I will find you Mahek.

Goons have thrown Mahek in deep ditch, she is lying there unconscious.

Karona calls Mahek but says its unreachable. Kanta calls Mahek but she doesnt pick up too. They get worried.

Shaurya is looking around for Mahek. He sees bracelet on road which he gifted to Mahek and follows the path.

Mahek wakes up and sees herself lying in a deep pit, she whimpers and says Shaurya? She sees her hands and feet tied, she cries for Shaurya. Shaurya is searching for Mahek.
Karona says to Kanta that there is something wrong. Mohit gets message and inform his car members that Shaurya and Mahek’s car is missing. Grandma smirks, Svetlana whispers to that act like you are worried for them.
Mahek sees glass piece in pit, she holds it with her tied hands and starts cutting ropes using glass.
Shaurya is running on road to find Mahek. He buys water bottle from stall and drinks it. Shaurya says I have lost my wallet, seller shows him wallet and says it has your photo, some guys came and gave me this wallet when I asked for money, Shaurya asks where did they go? he says straight ahead, Shaurya gives him money and leaves.
Svetlana says to Sonal and Nehal that maybe Shaurya went straight to honeymoon skipping wedding? Grandma says Shaurya is not a kid, he might have gone to hotel. Svetlana messages her goons to finish work.
Goons start filling pit with sand in which Mahek is crying, Mahek gets scared and screams for Shaurya.
Kanta prays for Mahek’s safety, Karona says everything will be fine.
Shaurya reaches pit site, he goes in bulldozer which is filling pit with sand, he beats bulldozer’s driver. Shaurya beats goons, they try to overpower but he keeps beating them until one goon hits his head with wooden stick, Shaurya falls near pit and sees Mahek inside it, Shaurya says Mahek I am coming. Mahek cries seeing him. Goons try to handle Shaurya.
Svetlana messages her goons to bury Mahek in that pit.
Shaurya stands up and starts beating goons again. Goons runaway being afraid of him. Mahek starts feeling dizzy in pit. Shaurya calls out to Mahek, he finds rope in bulldozer, he ties one end of rope to bulldozer and throws other end of rope in pit, he climbs the rope and goes in pit, he comes to Mahek, he hugs Mahek tightly and says I am here, I wont let anything happen to you. Mahek lies her head on his shoulder and faints. Shaurya says nothing will happen Mahek, I am here. Mahek hugs Shaurya’s back, Shaurya ties rope to him and Mahek and starts climbing the pit. He brings Mahek out of pit and holds Mahek, he balances her and lies her on sand, he lies back too tiredly, Mahek holds his hand.

PRECAP- Shaurya and Mahek dances on Kala Chashma in their wedding function and playfully gazes at each other. Kanta brings shagun there, Svetlana sees her coming with it and deliberately puts foot in her way, Kanta trips and falls down, shagun falls down too, Shaurya says Chachi!! Grandma says this is bad omen for wedding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Can anyone give me update of savithri devi college and hospital

    1. Hi sargarika do u want the episode update or any news abt savithri Devi college of hospital

  2. Hi friends.. how are you. Today’s episode was very nice, isn’t it? I loved it and I loved the most Shaurya’s heroic entry to save his beloved mehek . And for precap I would say that Svetlana I want to kill you for spoiling meherya’s best moment . But for over all episode I would say that it was amazing.

  3. Chaaya

    Superstition has totally replaced religious principle of life . . . Why? Why are these serials so filled with I believe my people living under a veil of archaic superstition?

    1. Chaaya

      Excuse typo . . .so filled with superstition over using the higher faculty of the intellect.

  4. Chaaya

    That grandma is an omen!! I have only read the update but I am not watching this a episode totally dedicated to ruining the lead characters. Writers have put the evil doers as the smarter ones. A real hero and heroine are exactly that, heroic not only for great deeds but higher thinking. So the evil doers are smarter and capable of greater deception.

  5. Expected but the lrecap us again so eeewwwww….omens and stuff v live in a society where now many ppl dont believe in bad omens due to such small accidents omg cvs pls suit it to the likes of the current genera v can still ggo through the typical love story bcoz love in any form is just beaitiful as it is love but these omen and stuff pls.yaar grandma gl to hell

  6. Chaaya

    Lol!!!?????pretty soon the villains will be going to the voodoo black magic priest.!!!!! Too funny.

    1. ChandaMaya

      I think all the serials are in the goon business!!! ?????????Wow!! I guess soon someone will be able to buy a goon for a sale price . . . No problem! The goons can take care of the problem, they will even go to jail for you!!! Jail is another school where you can get a goon or criminal degree!! Wow!

      If you don’t succeed with goons then buy a jadoo priest! ????

  7. Chaaya

    Soon Indian tv will be no different than North American tv, sociopyscho nonsense.i guess hurting people and evil makes good entertainment. How insulting to society thriving to rise above the sum of humanity.

  8. ChandaMaya

    Moni7, where are you sis?

  9. hai my dear friends moni ,latha, geeta , chaaya etx how are you guys i hope you are all well……. wowwwwwwwwwwww today episode awesome bold performance, heartouching scences……………… i love it today episode ……………….. i want you kill that two villeys …. both are very irrating sooo much….. anyway i am waiting next episode…

  10. That grndma is irritating. Writers should remove her from the track. First kill Svetlana.How dare she hurts our Mehrya.Hai geetha sister.

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