Mahek 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to Shaurya that money has blinded your ego, you cant see anything straight. Shaurya says now you will teach me? i agree that i am liar, cheater but on their faces but your house is like is drama house, like your Kanta chachi was doing drama by giving me cheap shirt, you people should start teaching how to trap rich guys, i still say that i did drama of loving you to get your recipes but i was ready to give you 50lacs but you want to grab this 500crores property, you see love in my eyes but how? because its not there, all i have seen in your eyes is greed, for luxury and riches, you are shrewd, Svetlana, Shurti are more better than you as they atleast hate me from front, their eyes are on my property but you wanted my surname, someday you will seduce me and will get pregnant with

my child, thats why you share room with me, thats why you sleep in my bed, once you become pregnant then your child will be heir of this property, Mahek says enough. Shauray says cant handle truth? you know my father cheated my mother and started affair with rich woman and trapped her to get money but you are ahead of him as you are blackmailing me to stay here, you didnt even try to trap me in your love trap as you i got trapped myself, so Mahek Sharma enjoy living freely in my five star hotel type house, enjoy free food, free jacuzi, free pool, everything as thats what you want, he leans in and kisses her cheek, he says enjoy honey, he smirks at her and leaves, Mahek cries being so hurt.
Shaurya is sitting in room and sees Kumkum show on Tv, he sees couple romancing on tv and turns it off. Shaurya comes on balcony and sees Mahek sitting in garden. Mahek silently sits in garden, bheji thi dua plays. Shaurya is standing on balcony looking at Mahek. Karona comes to Mahek and covers Mahek with shawl, Mahek says i know you can see mistakes of your son and pain of mine but dont request me to go inside, i want to stay alone for now. Karona says you didnt eat anything since morning, should i bring something for you? Mahek says no my hunger and thrist was snatched my Shaurya. Shaurya looks at them and says if my mother was not trapped in Mahek’s trap then i would have thrown her out way earlier.
Karona calls Kanta and says Mahek is silent from the time she has comeback from your house, did something happen there? Kanta says what should i tell you, she recalls how Shaurya insulted them, she tells this to Karona. Karona says Shaurya should be punished not forgiven, i dont even know how to ask forgiveness from you. Kanta says we cant blame you for Shaurya’s deed, neither can Shaurya be blamed because Mahek has started walking on this path on her own, we are mothers and we cant do anything but to see our kids fighting, just let time take its course, she greets her and ends call.
Is morning, Shaurya is having breakfast. His father says boys are happy when they get married and they remain joyous for 2 3months but you have bad mood, you are even more bitter now, Svetlana says Shaurya is always bitter. Karona asks Shaurya if Mahek did breakfast? Shaurya says i dont care about her breakfast, its not written in contract too. Mahek comes there, Karona asks where are you going? Mahek says i will eat later, i am coming back soon, i have some work, she leaves.

Scene 2
Mahek is riding scooty with Mohit sitting behind her. Mohit says your plan is death trap, if someone knows then i am dead, why you are dragging me. Mahek says dont worry, just follow. Mahek comes to Shaurya’s house and screams for Shaurya to come out of house. Shaurya hears her screaming and says her drama has started again, i will lock her in store room someday. Mahek is in hall of house, she is screaming for Shaurya to come out. Svetlana says if we make videos of their daily drama then dramaqueens will shy away too. Shaurya comes there and asks why you were shouting? Mahek says its good if we talk infront of all because people of this house have habit of twisting words and making them gossip. Svetlana huffs that she taunted her. Shaurya asks what you want money? Mahek opens envelope and gives him money, he asks what is this? Mahek says what did you say? that live in this house luxury life, use jacuzi, pools and every luxury of this house free of cost right? i never used anything free of cost in my whole life so you think i will take it from you now? this money is fees of living in your five star hotel like house, how much it will cost? 2000? 3000? no its 50,000rupees, this is rent for whole one month, if you think its less then tell me, i will arrange more money but dont boost your ego thinking i will live freely here and have fun with your money. What did you say that i will seduce you and take advantage of you? your bedroom and dignity is safe, my honor is way more important then your cheap thinking, i wont enter your room till you dont beg me to comeback, me and my family dont need your money, the money you earned has sobbing of other people on them so keep it with you only. Mahek says to Shaurya that if you say publicly that you cheated me, you tell whole world what you did with me then i will leave your life and if you dont then i will live here in your house, i will live here by giving rent of everyday and live here with right, we are middle class but dont cheat, we respect but the one who cheat us, we slap them. Shaurya says if you have so much self respect then why you are living here? what you want to prove here? Mahek says people like us dont need to prove anything, people rich like you have to prove. I started working at age of 25 not because i had issues but because i wanted to be independent and not to be burden on anyone, i am not like other people here who live freely, Svetlana says are you trying to say we are burden? Mahek says i didnt say anyone’s name, Shaurya says stop this drama, Mahek says i am not doing drama but stating truth, i will live here till you dont accept infront of everyone that you left me at alter of wedding, stole my mother’s recipes and cheated me, Mahek turns and leaves as Shaurya looks on.

PRECAP- Karona says to Shaurya that i came to see balcony if its fine as Mahek is not going to stay in your room. Mahek puts her bed on balcony and is putting bulb there, Shaurya comes there and says you have destroyed show of my balcony, Mahek says we middle class people choose things which we can afford only so we dont regret it later, she winks at him when he glares.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Well done mehek he deserves that slap to wake him up

  2. Plz update completely

  3. Moni7

    Hai frnds…. coming to mehak…yes??????…
    Samishka show stealer?✌…
    Best dialogues✌??..

    Mehak?No need to seduce him and get pregnant…..

    Womens are not a machine….. he hurting her by words…. disgusting shaurya khanna…..he need to be careful (saying about writer using inappropriate words humiliating mehak)

    ZKM…once again proved they are _______?

  4. pls update

  5. ChandaMaya

    Shaurya is such a trivial man! Mahek is way smarter than her fool. Lol!

  6. ChandaMaya

    Shaurya deserves whatever figure comes to him. . . .Takes courage to endure what Mahek went through and still keep one’s sanity, to stand up to an back stabbing foe and fight back, while still trying to maintain a bit of dignity. Shaurya band his family Re totally unrefined.

  7. Hi friends…how r u all?
    No comments???…juz hate tiz story to the core…????

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby ma…yes me too m in anger with the ZKM team

  8. Moni7

    Mehak is not a pr*stitute.? seduce him…

    Then why kissed her???…wat name should i give to him??????

    Writer nd director keep on humiliating girls images and respect…

    Yes I agree mehak dialogue are superb…
    Thinking wife is a pr*stitute… brilliant husband….???????…

    I should appreciate it…
    Again m saying trump is waiting for plp like director….

    Need some good consultant for Trump government.. regarding women and girls …

    Zkm team deserves to be in Trump cabinet …

    Women welfare minister ???

  9. hi!everyone…i m new here…

    1. Moni7

      Hai afyaas welcome to mehrya family

  10. I feel one new third person should enter into Mahek’s life who is more handsome and richer than Shaurya and he should be ready to do anything for her n Mahek shud start her new business to compete with Shaurya rather than falling down this way which is not even hurting her self respect. She should prove that she can still stand without her mother’s recipe book.

  11. hi my dear merhya family,
    sorry couldn’t comment coz I was bit busy wid my assignments.
    I missed all of you guys, today I have lot to talk coz we don’t make a conti comments.
    Moni- your all 3 short stories was awesome ,I enjoyed it (reading your stories I missed to watch todays epi on tv ). Missed you dolly,
    waiting 4 achu’s( mehrya simple love part 17!!!!!).
    ok now coming to epi- I strongly feel shaurya is hiding something ! his is not rude to mehak when compared to how his behaves wid shruthi, all those villain gange, ( I hope you guys understood how I ment).
    buy the way where is rajeev ? mehak rocks in todays epi!
    I HOPE the ZKM becomes more ROMANTIC, like before, this director uncle should not make it boring just to make the serial run long,
    this story is simply amazing , I don’t wana lose interest in it!
    egerly waiting for 19 feb 2017( ZEE AWARDS 7pm)

    1. Moni7

      Thank you so much… likhitha…???

    2. ChandaMaya

      I agree with you, there is something odd with this Shaurya Khanna (he’s like a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide). There is more to unearth behind this behaviour of his. There is a mystery that has yet to info!D . . . and It serves the purpose to keep the viewers off the path and frustrated. That is the intent of the writers. There was a lot more trauma this Shaurya endured as a boy, do this persona be has made for himself is a false bravado to protect his true inferiority and his insecurity. Granted, he prizes himself on his smarts, but Mahek is way smarter than him. Mahek will unearth Shaurya’s dark, ugly secret. Who knows maybe he has a child with someone else from a past mistake, and paid her off . . . The story can take many turns.

  12. Preethiilang

    Hi mehrya family……today episode mehek dialog and her expression was superb awesome today she was the show queen????………but words spoken by shaurya after tis i confirmed my self he is not loving her anymore he did everything for the receipe book oly????………

    Shaurya she is not tat type of girl lky shruti to seduce u and all!!!!!! I am not surprised wit tis kind of word frm u because u dint love her?????…….

    Yes middleclass people oly knws how to plot rich guy and marry them!!!!!!!!! U blo*dy rich people knws how to steal other things and other hardworks and corruption and all blaa blaaa????

    1. Moni7

      Then crom whom he got a traning to cheat mehak????

      Talking about shruti and swetlana…he said they are better than mehak… shruti …bro’s wife his ex gf…wow… idhu oru kudumba poonu…avan kitta vandhu nee dhan venum solludhu…then mami…2 purusan?
      Family girl..?…i think vicky is good… having some soft corner….

      Sanjay…even he praised her cooking talents…yes wer is rajeev sanjay kd… suddenly we saw his father….

  13. Moni7

    And saw pics of valentines day celebration in zkm team…
    Wow..guys…see going to celebrate party.. awesome na…

    Character of mehak???…wife of shaurya khanna or a pr*stitute girl seducing him to get pregnant and hier the property in that child. Name.????…

    Must say … beyond the world????…
    Awesome story line and the soul … fabulous ….. He also use the same trick to get the book…

    Then i should call him a male pr*stitute..???.. seducing a girl and getting her recipe book….my goodness…he ready to pay 50 lac ….

  14. Moni7

    Rubbish valentines day celebration….

  15. I love you shaurya

  16. Preethiilang

    How can he say tat a girl can go to any extreme for money property and all bullshit thought ????……….Everytime money money wat u want money or money he knw oly value of money not the relationship??????………Even girls who are doing pr*stitute la paavam avanga family situation and society as ditch them at tis point????

    As per is contract ava saptala illa na kaeka theeva illaya???…….evan mehek ah oru business deal ah tha parkurra ennum!!!!!!!!kandipa oru naal akka vechi bakery vanguna mathiri mehek vechi etho oru business deal vangidhuva pola?????…….so cheap guy but telling kantha chachi and middleclass family as cheap???

    Y director is portraying a show in such a cheap way by speaking bad abt a girl and middleclass society too????………by watching ZKM v people hav to go to kilpauk soon ???………..solaruthuku onnum illa eppo poi self respect pathi paesura mehek atha ava moochila kaasa thooki pothum pothu paesi erutha i ill appreciate her????

  17. In first part mr.khanna rocked and mrs. Khanna shocked by kissing her… second part mrs. Khanna rocked and Mr. Khanna shocked by giving him tit for tac… this is what we call takkar ka pyaar?… needs such treatment from mahek everyday

  18. Dear girls
    Hiiii to all
    I’m a silent reader…..i red all your comments every day and wanted to be a part of this group egarly……may i????I’m a huuuuuuuuge fan of zkm, Mehrya and especially shaurya☺️……..I just love him to the core…..your comments make me very happy and lightens my mood ?

  19. Hai friends how are you all today episode really awesome and mahek done good job how dare you said like this if you pregent and you blackmail with our child shaurya how cheap are you anyway I am waiting valentine’s day special episode with more exciting and interesting also moni dear how are ma

    1. Moni7

      Hai geetha dear m good how r u…

  20. ChandaMaya

    Other than Karuna, who is a mother figure, Shaurya does not really have great example!es of women in that household. Shruti is a number all on her own. . . . I am sure she married for something other than money, to be close to her ex-boyfiend/lover. Shaurya’s Aunt, well, she’s in her own category. He has no great female role models and he’s got a nasty streak towards anything or anyone that seems good and kind-hearted. He hates the middle class. Really, this man is a big fake.

    1. Moni7

      Chanda dear..yes fake…he is big fake…?

  21. Hello everyone this is first time when I am very disappointed with shourya how could he say that she seduce him I think he’s forget that how was he desperate to his first kiss with mahak ?? even today he kiss her disgusting shourya.Mahak well done today you rocked ??????? I think now story is coming on track. I hope for the best ??? I am waiting for some romantic moment of mahirya

  22. ChandaMaya

    Poor Shaurya, he’s afraid Mahek might try seduce him. . . I’m sure he is secretly wishing it. Lol! Oh the male human species! ? Oink, oink!!! This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home, this little piggy are bread and butter, etc., etc. . . Mr. Piggy!!

    1. Moni7

      Mr.piggy …????…
      Actually he tried to get close to her…..
      Even today’s episode…there is no need to kiss her…??…
      Enjoy honey ???…

      1. ChandaMaya

        I really think you should take over the script writing, Moni. We want clean, yet a good mysterious type of love and romance. How difficult is that for these writers, huh? I keep giving this ZKM a bit more time, then a bit more time. I’m running out of time. I will have to add ZKM to my prayers? !!!!!!!

    2. Moni7

      Chanda dear… in my fan shot (totally 4 )i never showed any negativity ….
      Coz I hate negative vibes … it’s unfair to show negativity……
      Yes it has so many twist and turns…but again oly positive / good twist…

      ❤❣❤❣❤Good love story❤❣❤❣❤

      ?Good Love? ➡ another way of spreading happiness?

      ‘YES yes am ready to write a script for ZKM..?

  23. ChandaMaya

    Sorry for all my typos, hopefully you can read over the typos. I am not to give up on ZKM, though I am more dispassionate about the storyline now.

  24. ChandaMaya

    Yes, that kiss on the cheek . . .Shaurya is still playing her, man! He’s a brute . . . The view from his balcony is about to change. Lol!?Mahek is camping out now.

    By the way, did you all get a preview of the Zee TV celebration? Did you see what Karan Vohra was wearing. . . Just too much! The man is a “hunk”!!! Wow!

    1. Moni7

      Hai chanda dear… superb.. learning tamil wow???
      Yes yes poor nehal….buy vicky is soo funny….. shruti is not showing any interest

      Valentines day celebration…first time mehak is in red color saree with golden color sleeveless blouse….???

  25. Vinitha

    Hai mehrya family. Coming to the episode. Mahek Super dialogue ma before that shaurya enna sonna unna seduce panni pregnant agiduvala. Ponnunga na avlo cheap ah pocha. How dare u ( ne avala pregnant agama irundha k dha) that time am expecting mahek wil slap shaurya but she didn’t. That day kanta chachi throw slipper on shaurya but Adhu miss achi. Now kanta chachi hear that shaurya conversation definitely she will hit him with doubt on this. Director manda kasayam y u showing so much of negativity in shaurya character. Yuk. Cheap dialogue. It’s un bearable. So much of male dominant…sorry guys if anyone get hurts.

  26. Tq lithika for remebering me…missed u too dear…pls posting ur comments abt ZKM?

  27. Hi friends am really unable to control my frustration…
    Mr.directorchi just answer one thing if he was only acting
    ☇For wat __________ he kissed her during cocktail party n again today for wat __________ he kissed her so intensely on cheeks…??????
    ☇is he the same man who supported n gave a good punch to the society on the day of pooja @ mehaks house during pregnancy drama…wherein today talking rubbish abt seducing n pregnancy…really disgusting n unbelievable…??????

    1. Moni7

      Dolly ama dear……thirudan kittae sa i irukku??????

    2. Moni7

      Avan sapta la vesham vechi avana close pannanum….illa anniyan style dhan…
      Thudikka thudikka saganum ….last few minutes avan yosikkanum…

      Indha du enna pandrathu….?????
      Avan la aavi ya dhan alaivan???

      Indha idhula valentines day vera…
      Idhu vera love illa lust of shaurya khanna…

      1. ChandaMaya

        Moni, I am actually learning a bit more Tamil, just by reading your comments. Super! So let’s see what this Valentine’s Day is going to be like. Nehal will be spotted again by Viki. Poor Nehal, the girl attracts these leftover males. Foolish man, he should replace her phone? . . . He can afford the courtesy.

  28. Moni7

    Savi *

  29. SHuarya is a typical rich male pig – writers show him the way soon. Teach him to respect people and not worship his money. You go Mahek – slap him with words of abuse every day

  30. Dear Friends, wanted to tell u all some where drama is falling in bore , Our cutie mehak nailed it the full episode, but what ever shourya did (a lot humiliated and hurted excessively)with mehak, compulsory he should pay to mehak with his realization. when he knows his love with mehak then mehak will not be available his encircle.

  31. introduce the second hero, competition of shourya

  32. Aaj kal bahut km comment reh rah h mujhe lag raha h sourya ke rudeness se sab gusa h. plz writers sourya ko itna rude mt dikhao nhi to show ka trpf bahut km ho jayega

  33. Khusbu sharma

    I have stop watching zkm now just seeing written updates…mein bhi bahut zyada angry huu zkm ke team saay moni…shauray kaa character saay mujhe ghin atte hain, karan tumhe too woo smiling face hi suit karta hain…samikshya u rock de show ….karan ka character plz change karoo …plz writers make some change in track..

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