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Mahek 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nehal and Mohit are excited about Shaurya’s proposal, Kanta says we cant forget that Shaurya elped Mahek but also insulted her many times, Jeevan says people change after marriage too, we cant have guarantee, Kanta asks what you want Mahek? Mahek is lost and says Shaurya, Kanta says i asked what you want not whom you love, are you ready to forget what Shaurya did with you? Mahek says i only remember what he did for all of us, Kanta says people loose their thinking in love, Mahek blushes, Kanta hugs her and says congrats daughter, Mahek is surprised and looks at her, Kanta says what you want will happen, if you are happy with this then we are happy with this too, all smiles. Karona calls Kanta, Shaurya is behind her, Kanta takes call, Karona talks to her which is muted, Kanta is surprised

hearing it, Karona ends call. Balwant asks what happened?> Kanta says Shaurya’s mother walled, Mansi asks what did she say? Kanta says they have called us to their house tomorrow for proposal, Mahek blushes, Ravi says what? all are surprised and happy, Nehal and Mohit lifts Mahek on shoulder.
Vaitlana calls her friend and says tomorrow i have arranged bonfire party, this is my house, i can arrange party, Shaurya takes phone from er and says there is no party tomorrow, go to mandir tomorrow, he ends call. Vaitlana says what the hell? how dare yo take my phone? Shaurya says i am sorry but theya re your so called friends, Vaitlana says be in your limits Shaurya Khanna, dont tell me what i will do tomorrow, Shaurya says i am ordering you that there will be no party tomorrow, Mahek and her family is coming for lunch so behave infront of them and tell all family members to be there, its my order maami(aunty), Vaitlana sys is it again her mehndi with someone else? Shaurya says no her wedding is going to be fixed with me, Vaitlana is shocked then laughs, she says no surprises, i knew it, Shaurya says one more thing, tell my message to everyone otherwise you know i just take action, dont give warnings, he leaves. Vaitlana says let them come, i will torture them, i am waiting for tomorrow’s lunch too.
Its morning, Man is getting ready, Nehal says why you have put on so much makeup? you dont need to paint your face, Mansi says i am going to such big house, i have to be dressed, Nehal drags her to do makeup. Mahek is messaging Shaurya and says i am coming, dont be so impatient. Mohit sees her message and says guys are more impatient, send him your selfie, Mahek scolds him. Mahek comes to Pd and says come with us too, Pd says we are not going to family picnic, everything will be fine. Kanta says to Jeevan that behave there, dont start eating seeing food there, Jeevan says i am not a kid, Kanta says you and Ravi are kids only. She asks all to come. Sharma family leaves for lunch.
Vaitlana comes to servants and tell them about lunch, she ask them to serve drinks then lunch. She scold servants to not overdo decor. Karona is surprised seeing her active, she come to her and says you are happy like Shaurya will leave this house after wedding, you both always taunt each other, Vaitlana sys i am happy for Shaurya’s marriage and guys become soft after wedding, he might stpp fighting with me after marriage, do you like arrangements? she says yes, servant tells that guests have arrived, Karona goes to welcome them, Vaitlana smirks.
Sharma family comes to Shaurya’s house, Kanta says to Jeevan that dont start eating food, Jeevan says dont worry, they wont know we are hungry for food, Kanta asks Mansi to not smile with all teeth, Mansi nods, Ravi asys are we here for Mansi’s proposal? Kanta says we should not look like fool, Mahek asks her to calm down. Shaurya is in balcony and sees them coming inside. Kanta says to Mahek that if you get married in such big house, will you forget our old small house? Mahek says you people like in my heart and i cant forget whats in my heart, all smile. Ravi sees Shaurya in balcony, Shaurya waves at them, Ravi says to MAhek that this is time for romance, look over there, Mahek looks at Shaurya, he waves at her, <ahek blushes, Shaurya hints her to come inside, Mahek nods shyly.. Sharma family goes in house. Shaurya's family is waiting for them. Karona welcomes them, they are greeted by everyone. Shaurya smiles at Mahek. Vaitlana says come inside, its your house and Shaurya is yours too, Shurti glares Mahek. Vaitlana says Mahek you ook nice, once ou climbed wall of this house and today you came through through gate, i forgot to introduce myself, i am Vaitlana, Shaurya's maami(aunty), she makes them meet Shaurya's father, Shurti. Shaurya says to Karona that what happened to Vaitlana? she is more happy then her husband coming out of jail, Karona says why you always doubt her? Mansi asks about Vaitlana's husband, Vaitlana asys he is on foreign trip, Shurti murmurs yes to jail. Vaitlana says to Shaurya that go and make Mahek see house, its time for romance, Jeevan says yes you both go, you both know each othe, let families get to know each other, we wont be able to open up if you both remain here, Shaurya smiles at Mahek and leaves with her. Shurti tries to go to them but Vaitlana says where are you going? help me attend guests, check food and see there is no bone in kabab, Shurti smirks.
Mahek says to Shaurya that your house is so big, Shaurya say we meet each other once in a week but you dont worry, i will meet you daily, Mahek blushes and giggles. Mahek says you remember that place in garden? you roughly dragged me by grabbing my arm there, Shaurya gets sad and says yes i remember, i am sorry, Mahek says its okay. Shaurya and Mahek are walking in garden, Shaurya slips his hand in her hand, she stops and looks at him, he squeezes her hand, she smiles and holds his hand, they both walk in garden hand in hand, tere sang yara plays, they look at each other and smile, Shaurya keep looking at her, she glances at him and smiles.

PRECAP- Shaurya’s uncle is drunk and comes to Shaurya’s father, he says how is it to arrange wedding, he misbehaves with him so Shaurua’s father slaps him infront of Mahek’s family, all are shocked. Shaurya and Mahek are by poolside, Mahek says how is it that Delhi’s most eligible bachelor is now paired with fat, middle class simple girl? Shaurya says i am sorry for that, Mahek smiles and is about to slip in pool, Shaurya tries to hold her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. awesome precap

  2. Aaj kal shaurya ki hasi…har roz dekhne ko milta hai….isliye me bohot khus hu…me to sirf shaurya ke liye hi ye serial dekhti hu????????????

    1. Latha

      Me be sirf or sirf Shaurya ke liye serial dekti hu Garima.

  3. Though I know Shaurya’s love is temporary, but it’s good to see his love for Mahek. Bit sad, bcoz that real not jok will end and either fake love or hatred will start. I am sure vaitlana and Shaurya ex will trouble her and I hope if not Shaurya at least his mother should trust her and
    support her. I just wished rather than directly jumping marriage on the 2nd day itself, they should have showed few days where Mehrya are dating. Mahek truly loves him, she loves him so much that she is not even feeling bad for what Shaurya has done and she is also making him comfortable whenever her past is coming to present. I hope Shaurya tells in advance to Mahek about all his ex gf’s.
    I am still ready to see Shaurya’s betrayal but at least not on the day of Marriage, I don’t think Mahek will be able to handle it.
    At least thinking about investors point of view Shaurya should not be cancelling the marriage.
    Anyways for now,eagerly waiting to see when Karela king and Meera sharma will come face to face. But I don’t think the suspense will be revealed so soon as they don’t want to remove one of motivational factors for us to watch.

  4. I don’t know what is going on…. day by day sharma is being more and more shady… I know he doesn’t want to marry her. OMG I’m so mad rn.

  5. thank u for updating fast….good episode.

  6. Awesome loved it ?

  7. Itna jaldi shaadi nahi honor chahiye.serial boring ho jaye GA.

  8. Moni7

    Hai frnds….day by day m becoming crazy …..zkm….m sry….just crazy for shaurie ?❤❤(character)…..i couldn’t see mehak at all….oly Shaurya khanna??❤??…wow wat a change over man…u nailed it…frm attitude arrogant egoistic Mr.perfect ….to lover boy… exactly cute charm of zkm?❤….and coming to the sudden change over from coat nd suits to casuals ??…nice attempt… Shaurie looks good ?….mehak getting close to shaurie dunno wat s waiting for her in future… REVENGE or LOVE frm shaurie….it is up to shaurie ….by the way I like his attitude wala shaurie more than this cutie pie shaurie…..that killer smile omg ?…he stole my heart…..plz change that shruti soon replace her with new one..she doesn’t look like a model ….. importantly there s a gang of fans for ZKM in south india…mostly tamil fans ??…so plz dubb zkm in tamil and telecast in ZEE Tamil… obligation frm my side CVS….plz plz…..
    Congratulations for trp rise…show s getting more n more interesting.. quite a surprise for me s track is in good story line …. happiness overwhelming…..nice casting …. everyone doing there role perfectly….and mami she s absolutely looking good ….. younger than shaurie too…mehak look like pretty doll….chubby chubby cutie mehak….our hero no words to describe him he s just amazing looking too good v all know he s married then too v girls madly in love with him that shaurya khanna’s character❤❤❤….this s wat i can say perfect casting and performance by the actor Mr.karan vohra aka Mr.shaurya khanna…(azhagan )touch wood…. everything s amazing …..n
    everything s too fast love marriage proposal thank u for that ?….plz don’t drag like all daily india soap ….picture perfect serial of ZKM…hope soon vl see it in top in trp rating…..

  9. Moni7

    Indha shruti ya pakka mudiyala she s just disgusting ..her look her dressing style hair style can’t see it…..vry bad casting of zkm….how can I accept that she s a super model in zkm….wat a joke ….. shaurie day by day pindran pa …. superb performance…for sure he vl ditch her…no doubt in that …but wen either at the time of marriage r after marriage….mehak vk hurt ….he vl be happy seeing her in pain…. sarcastic ….. irunthalum v love u shaurie❤❤❤……keep rocking baby… actors madhiri illa…. awesome performance….. lead pair made for each other….karan nu dailyum hiccups varum v girls avan na pathi dhanae pesurom….all day oly talking about shaurie…???i should thank ZKM team bcoz of this serial i got lots of new friends yep v r in contact personally too thanks to telly updates ….. without tellyupdates…it is not possible….thanks for fast update ….love u zkm team… specially shaurie n mehak …extra specially shaurie luv u soooooooooo much ??❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Latha

      Moni kutti no ditching nothing only romance here after and I think kadoos changed to sweet boy after he met Mehak. Only ditching to Mami and his ex husband KD.

  10. Yarrr….this serial is rocking… by day it increases the desire to see Mehrya…..especially shaurya?….and now this wedding sequence gives goose bumps ?……like the way it grows very fast at least they are not stretching the serial like bubble gum ?……..will able to see more romantic scene as wedding will take place…….egarly waiting for them to tie the knot

  11. Nice epi. Shaurya is silent &thinking something. He better know his aunty then y he allow her to make drinks for sharmas family . I think he is planning to insult sharmas family. I feel pity on mahek . She is truly loving and enjoying the moments with him. When she comes to relise the truth she will break hardly.

    1. Latha

      No yaar jeba shauri is not planning, his Mami and his ex girlfriend only planning.

  12. i really reallly love this serial a loottttt????? and i wish that this will become become no.1 show in indian daily soaps

    1. Latha

      Me too Neha and myself enjoying a lot.

  13. it would have been nice to show Shaurya’s and his mom’s conversation on how Shaurya breaks this news to his mom….

    1. Latha

      Yes dear Ap it would be nice if they have shown both mother and son’s conversation, me too expected that one

  14. Moni7

    Between so many spoiler alert…damn confusing dears….for the first time m watching a serial with this much craze and excitement my heart beat counting is getting increased not 72 beats/minutes…..more than 72beats/minutes… cardiac cycle s itself too fast…dunno wat gonna happen….hope i should not get any cardiac shock….whenever I saw shaurie my adrenaline secretion peeks that moment…omg !!!! Hormonal malfunction??…..increased excitement increased adrenaline secretion !!!!….heart pumps very rapidly….. Less than a micro milli
    second …………i control myself r else my vl die soon bcoz of increased excitement lol?????……

    1. Latha

      Moni unga Appa Amma phone numbera kuda idukkelam oru vali pandren

  15. Different serial.
    Zkm instagram: Shaurya comes her home’s stay with her and her family.
    Now Mehek happy i think Shaurya not bad.
    Now hates after love finally hero & heroin together cute couple .

    1. Latha

      More excited and eagerly waiting for shauri going to stay at Mehak’s home scene.

  16. Moni7

    The worst pain is dental pain (teeth pain)…but for me ….can’t see our shaurie in pain….plz don’t hurt him i saw in one video….eyes are filled with tears …may be upcoming part of yesterday’s episode…..plz plz plz mehak don’t hurt him…..plz don’t change the track….still m nt trusting him he vl not change and all just acting and pretending to normal….but this mehak and his family shaurie mami shruti all making the situation more worsen by doing some thing nonsense……mehak…. y she aking him did u remember how much u taunt me before??????? Baby he didn’t forget that slap too….wait u vl cum to know….. poor mehak…..that lover boy role suits him…he is too good…. proposing mehak eating for that scenes….

  17. Moni7

    Sry ****waiting for that episode

  18. Moni7

    I too saw that live radio talk of karan vohra…he s little disappointed with his girls fans….s ofcourse few plp are crossing there limits….asking him some crap questions n messages in Instagram….. obviously awkward moment for him…..sry for that kind of misbehaviour karan sir… actually v all love ur character Mr. arrogant egoistic Shaurya khanna ……nthg else…v all love u and ur character in zkm… congratulations ..and all the best

  19. Moni7

    Hai latha dear…hope for the best… yeah dear chummae kai ya pudipan kati pudipan ippo veetukae poren enna la pannuvano????….poor mehak….ore romance dhan suthi suthi suthi varan …avalum chumma irukka matta…veetla accept pannipanga….ayio?????

  20. day by day rocking episode. I love shaurie

  21. shabnam yadav

    good morning freand
    ….saurya ki ye hansi bhut dara rahi hai
    kuch n kuch to chal raha hai saurya ke
    dimag me
    bt kya kisi ko nahi pata….. …..
    mai to saur hu ki saurya ki itni sweet beheviar ke pichhe koi bda reason hai
    bt kuch v ho yr mai ye show pahle ni
    dekhti thi jb se saurya ka attitud look
    dekhi to fan ho gai
    iss show ko dekhne ka reason sirf saurya hai
    i love u saurya ?????????
    and i love this show???????
    …very nyc episod……
    awesome ????????

  22. sahi bol rhi shabnam saurya ka to jbab nahi……….
    so handsome…..
    and uski hansi to pucho mt yr ghayl karta hai
    mai khi v rahu bt iss show ke liye tym
    nikal hi leti hu
    sahi bolu to saurya ke liye
    i love u my dear soru???????

  23. shabnam yadav

    very nyc episod….

    1. What a nice episod .its very very agresive

  24. stylish boy arvind

    gd mrg freand
    sab bas saurya ki tarif karne me lge hai
    mahek ka kya
    usko v to like karo
    kitni sweet lagti hai awaj se to gulabjamun niklta hai r uski ankhe to
    mujhe gyal kar deti hai
    meri mahek v saurya se kam nahi
    aj ka uska dress very beautiful
    pink my fevret…..
    i love u mahek ???????
    and very romayntic episod

    1. Hai SBAravind i agree with u mahek look cute in pink dress but we girls na only watch the hero

  25. good afternoon freand

    bhut acha dikha raha hai bt itna jaldi
    sadi ka drama kuch thik nahi lg raha
    sadi k bad show boring ho jata hai
    bt kya pata sadi hogi v ya nahi
    kuch v ho
    i love this show
    very nyc episod

  26. Yes’day episode super……our mehek look to preetty yar….ur smiling face…..too cute….

    1. Latha

      Yes Preeti yesterday Ladoo looks too pretty and day before yesterday also comparing to shauri she was well and good in that dream sequence.

      1. s latha dr nowdays her acting improved too much…..showing enn no of facial expressions….

  27. After hearing karan interview on sabras radio…..i really very disappointed the way he answered for some question……..karan said that some girls are msging crap and shit to instagram it really hurts me a lot……even if i am in that place also its hurts me …..likewise u and ur wife lot…….But u can tell this is some other tune know…..Like i am a married man so dnt post such type of Msg……….As a girl fan for karan i really feel bad on his Interview……..Karan its not a matter daily soap is only watched by normal middle class people all human beings need some entertainment ……….Lot of people are watching ZKM from abroad tooo………I think both shaurya and karan are similar to each other…….

  28. good evening freand
    am new
    i love this show
    very nyc episode….
    so romayntic

  29. Moni7

    I totally agree with u preethi… can he think that v are crap …v just commenting on his performance…..even m hurt a lot after that interview….he simply said m getting some crap messages in Instagram….he should convey his inconvenience in a different way ….as preethi said m a married man so don’t post like that….not all r doing this kind of shit in Instagram …….Vry few plp are crossing there limits….n commenting too
    personal..m totally hurt yesterday….feeling vry bad …..even i used to comment in Instagram for his post…..i should clear one thing that I like mr.shaurya khanna’s character that arrogant egoistic role ….nt karan vohra….and v r not falling for karan vohra….v just like and love shaurya khanna….he itself agree that for the sake of trp rating they showing him soo hot and glamorous in the serial which he doesn’t like….so it is a total crap….and we are not …. viewers and those who r all commenting are not a CRAP…he should be much more specific and careful of wat he saying which may hurt so many girl fans………it is disgusting…….m so sry i thought I shouldn’t comment on this forum…..but I felt very bad …..feeling hurt…

    1. Moni I know u hurt bcoz of this interview…bcoz u like him more than anything….he was an idiot….he doesn’t respect his fans…some ppl do wrong things but how can he taunt every fan of him….when a artist don’t have respect on fans they won’t stand long in the field of art….I think he didn’t know abt that…and u told me he won’t interest in showing his physic to public in that case he use to taunt the director for this not the viewers…if ppl like one thing they have full rites to talk compliment and comment…if u don’t like these means just quit the show and get lost u Mr.karan vohra…..????????

      I’m crazy for shaurya…that not mean I like u…I like the characterisation only…if any other hero done this shaurya role also I’ll fall for his characterisation….

  30. Iswarya_santhosh

    Hi guys! Hw r u!! Coming to the episode, comparing to the other episodes, now a days they r showing very little scenes…… I dont know y?? Hope for more good scenes…. Shaurya is up to something…. Thats true….

    And about that karan vohra’s interview…
    I agree whatever he said… Girsl msgs and all.. I accept each and every word. He might face some problems, thats y he spoke like that….. But Mr. Vohra would have think about this probs before he entering in to this zkm… Crap fans.. Huh…. Middle class girls….
    What kind of words all this???Ofcourse girls should not sent u personnel msgs as u r married.. I accept.. But they r ur fans.. They dont know how to show their love and care towards u…. So that only they sent u some crazy msgs…. But Mr vohra should not use such harsh words in public… As a celebrity he should mind his words…..speaking about Middle class people, will definetly hurt ur fans…so pls dont ever do that again……. Crap.. S v r such a crap, bcoz we r ur fans na? We love u so much…. U was my hero till one Day before., but today u broke our love and trust.. u would have tell this in some other words also… I didnt mean to hurt u Mr. vohra…. But pls think before u speak……. If any of my words hurts u means im sorry for that…
    S u r wright… There is no difference between shaurie and Mr vohra…… Same egoistic, adamant, person who always searches for status and high class people…
    Guys everyone has their own rights to share their feelings.. So no offence….. Preethi, moni let it be..comeon..Move on guys☺☺☺☺

  31. Mehek is my love I want to marry her! Can I work in zkm team

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