Mahek 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram comes back

Mahek 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya sees flashbacks. Coach calls Mahek. She says I can’t hear you. Vikram comes to the house. Sajita says lets go home. swati says we will come in half an hour. SHe comes home and sees Vikram and his thugs.
Mahek and Swati dance with people.
Shaurya’s heart aches. He feels something. Yuvraj says what happened? You have fever. Go and rest upstairs.

Vikram grasps Sajita’s hair. He says you thought you can run away from me. Mahek comes in. Vikram says you ran away from me? His men grasp Mahek. Vikram says your life will be hell now. Mahek hits his thugs. She says you are not a father you are a monster. she hits him. Neighbors come and call police. Coach comes as well. He says how dare you come here. You have no shame. Police comes and arrests him.

Shaurya is asleep in bed. DAdi comes to him. He says I am just not feeling well. Shaurya says there is something related to Mahek in my heart. Is she in trouble? Mahek’s foot are bleeding. Sajti says your head is bleeding. Mahek says I am fine. This doesn’t hurt me. This is my mistake. Shaurya and his father did this. We should run away from here. Sajita says you can’t give up on your future. She goes to her room.
Vikram calls yuvraj and says police has arrested me because of you. Police man comes and takes his phone.

Mahek says I will leave this city. Coach says shaurya’s fathe did all this to stop you from become a champ. Mahek says he said he wants to be my friend and that he wants to be a chef. He is fooling me so he can win. Coach says I have a plan.

Scene 2
Shaurya comes to Mahek’s house. He says is everything okay? Why is there stuff on ground? Mahek says we are cleaning the house. She says someone came. Mahek says my father came. You helped her in chlidhood as well. Shaurya says I didn’t do anything. Are you okay? She says i am fine. Shaurya says let me know if you need anything, He leaves. Mahek smiles.
Mahek says now you see what I do.
Precap-Mahek says this is voucher for cooking championship. He says but there is boxing match. she says if we both don’t come it will be delayed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Imagine people can stoop so low eh!!!! This Vikram needs a good trashing I wonder what sassy Mehek is up to hmm will just have to wait an see.

  2. Hi….everyone ..the first season of mehak was gud..this is boring..mehak always misunderstands sad of shaurya today he will get slap from is father..he shud be bold like last season..pls dont make shauryas character dumbo..

  3. Jayashree,I loved the spirited Mahek giving her father a taste of his own bitter pill….She has shown him that she is no longer a child to tolerate his greediness and cheap behaviour that are unbecoming of a father.A cheat he is,he was taught a good lesson by another high class cheat ,Shaurya’s father…I hope after coming back from the jail ,he will clear Mahek’s misunderstanding and tell her that Shaurya had nothing to do with what had happened that evening…

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