Mahek 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Karon says lets go. Shaureya hugs her.
Jeevan says I don’t consider his son in law of this house. Kanta says its okay if you don’t but mahek is our daughter. For her we have to do this. Because mahek considers him her husband. We have to do this. Karona is supporting mahek. There is something right she is doing. We are her family, we can’t leave her alone. she will need our support. Nothing can harm her if we stand by her. Whoever tries to harm her has to pay back.

Mahek and Shaureya reach. Nehal opens the door. Kanta does their arti. She is about to put tilak on Shaureya. He says I am allergic to it. Mahek says apply on my face twice. One for me and one for my husband. Kanta says come in. Shaureya touches Pd’s feet. She says you ran from wedding now

we have you here. You have a good wife though. She will keep you happy all your life. Everyone smirks. Shaureya touches feet of jeevan. Kantra says it please. Kanta asks Nehal and Jungu to bring food. Mahek stands up. Jevan says no you sit. Kanta gives shaureya sweets. he says I am not eating sweets these days. Mahek says take a bite and run 1KM extra. Ravi says wife has started telling you kilometeres too now. Everyone giggles. Shaureya says wife? Of a half done wedding? Mahek says chachi did you notice all men complain and we women enjoy. Shaureya says we can see that. Kanta says we have to do the rituals. Mohit bring the stuff.
Nehal says to Shaureya please eat this halwa. He says I am not eating sweet these days. Kanta gives them gifts. Mahek says why you did all this? Kanta says this is ritual. Kanta says Shaureya this shirt if for you. Shaureya says I can’t take it from you. Mahek says shaureya she is giving with love. Take it. Shaureya says I had to come here so I did. You can’t force me into things. Mahek says don’t be so mechanical. You came here don’t say no to gifts. Chachi brought this with love. Shaureya says your ears don’t work here? I said I won’t take it.
Mohit says di he doesn’t understand love. Shaureya says even frogs have started speaking now. You are 22, when I was your age I was successful business. I don’t talk to useless boys. Mahek says enough. Shaureya says what did I say wrong? Is he worth talking to me? Why are you doing this drama? We can be truthful to each other. Stop this non sense. This is all drama Leave it for the world. Shaureya says you people got what you wanted. I think we are alike. I know I am a liar and cunning. I can do anything for my reason. So you people are like me to. I married mahek for her recipes, then left the marriage. You wanted mahek in my house permanently. So you people did anything to get her there. You were successful to get her in my house. What you think? I am a fool? I know your intentions. When we are alike then why are you doing this drama? We can be truthful to each other. I can’t say anything else. Otherwise my wife would say that I insulted my in laws. So I am leaving.

Scene 2
Karona says I hope shaureya doesn’t misbehave there. Svetlana says didi I feel like he is a child again. He brings so many complains. Karona says he used to pull your hair in childhood and now your leg. Shaureya comes and goes to his room. She asks mahek are you okay?
Sveltna says why are you worried about them? You know he likes toys. when he is done with this girl he will throw her out. Karona says she is not a toy she is my blessing. Svetlana says don’t call her a blessing at least.

PD says even I fear that we are doing a mistake now. Ravi he misbehaved with us in our house. He stayed here in this house to back stab us.
Mahek says to Shaureya you hate me but don’t insult my family. Don’t you know how to talk to elders? She says how dare you talk to my family like this? He says thats how I talk. Your family was doing their middle class rituals. You got all the things you wanted. Big house big car. Then why are you and they doing this drama? She says you only see your money being respected. So you can not imagine someone doing things for you alone. You think money is everything and it has blinded you.

Precap-Mahek says Shareya what did you say that I am here for your big house? This is the money for living in this house. I won’t live here for free. My self respect is way more than your dirty thinking.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hey everyone how are you….NYC mahek but Attitude boy ko itni jaldi ni sudhar skti tym lgega bt mahek kaun si kam ….naughty girl …interesting episode ….subrbbbbbb

  2. Moni7

    Hai frnds….no comments…
    First time m feelings kkb is atleast 0.0000000000000000000000001%.. worth to watch!!! Bcoz abi luvs pragya

    ZKM…no words… shaurya luvs shaurya and money

    Bye goodnight….

    1. Moni dear… I too was frustrated few days back.. But now I’m seeing some improvements.. He surely loves her, but his other feelings are so dominant that he is not able to think beyond them. But as time will pass, he will realise that at least mahek is not someone who can be judged on similar lines like people he has been surrounded by.. But he has already done the damage. When he will realise his love after clearing of these clouds of mistrust she would leave him. And that will be the beginning of the story.. Lets be patient and enjoy the discussions in the forum till then ?? Your comments are vital to keep this forum alive ? For the sake of us please don’t spoil your mood.. You keep us hooked here….

    2. ChandaMaya

      Dear I venture to look at KKB? I saw the pre wedding party. Pragya was smashing, but I made sure to check out the previews and comments before I ventured to look. I cannot stand that KKB . . .Too evil!

    3. Khusbu sharma

      Moni dea u were right …muje bhi abba yeh track accha nahi lagte…haar waqt woo mahek ke burahi hi karta hain…ushe kohi haak nahi tha mahek ke parivar se iss trha baat krnh..vishi is Valentine episode showing ??now me excited to see it…paar muje lagte hain ke usse mein bhi mahek he hoge sabb kuch karne ke liye…shaurie ka kuch khass act nahi hogay sivaye angry man ka..what u say gals??yes moni mahek is talking about her self respect woo self respect kaha gaya jaab mahek shaurie ki ghr aye thi binaa saadi ke…waa mahek tum 5star hotel ke pay karr rahi ho woo bhi 1 month ke…kya isse he khetay hay self respect ….aur shauray tum toh immandari ke baat maat hee karo..tumshe jyadda to dog imandaar hota hain…

  3. what the hell is going on ? pls shut the show instead showing this waste concept .

  4. my god i’m fed up with this shaurya. his behavior is very bad. I hope that mahek will do something with him

  5. Hello mehryans.. What do you guys think?? Please share your views. I think that show will be back on its track now. Things are going to get more interesting. Shaurya going for the ‘pagfera’ ritual was necessary to shift mahek’s approach in dealing with him.. Precap was bang on. Mahek’s gonna give him a hard time now. Beware Mr Khanna, you’ve got your match.. And the way she said, you have seen your money being respected till now and that is the reason you don’t think people can do something out of love.. It is exactly this bad trait of Shaurya she is going to correct. And she will definitely leave him after a month. Coz she has not compromised with her self respect. It was mahek’s day and coming days too will belong to her only..

    1. Moni7

      Vishi dear..she is blindly in love with a mad?

  6. Hai friends are you all guys a especially moni dear how are you ma today episode very boring and shaurya lot of insult to the mahek family again after watching this show I am very angry to shaurya any way I am waiting tomorrow episode and very exiting also I think mehek Difently to nice revenge to shaurya today he lot of insulting mahek family………….

  7. Saurya act so arrogant.poo mehek

  8. the serial is quite boring… Once words said cannot b taken back … watvr may b the reasons… otherwise he she shut his mouth. .. If he scolds r hurts think that mehek will leave..better she can say the reason… The show s really boring.. nd is she mad by taking shaurya to her home nd doing all rituals. .. If he really respect the thr s a point next doing tat… wat mehek s trying. making him to understand the value of relations… nd full full of dialogue this mehek s speaking as if he will understand…If tat s point he would have changed already… fully fed up ..
    nd so irritating. … waste of time ….. no more eager to c the serial at 8 clk. …..

  9. Jeena Subramanyam

    Today… 14th Feb. But there was no Valentines Day between Mehak & Shaurya today at least.
    very sad. Thought some good scene today.

  10. Moni don’t said like this ma please say tune da wait and watch da we are all love you sweet comments da

  11. this show is going no where! no mater what the reason Shourya should not behave like that, and what is Mahek doing? why didn’t concentrate on her life and cooking? I think the makers have gone beyond far in insulting a woman and poor people, even if Shourya has been manipulated from his childhood but he got the best mom who raised him well, where are those manners? what is the different from his Father and Uncle?

  12. they said that Shaurya will try to hurt Mahek by having girlfriends…..

  13. Preethiilang

    Happy valentine’s day friends???………

    Hi mehraya family…….today was ok oly???…….day by day lot of viewers losing their interest in watching ZKM????……even i was making my mind set not to watch ZKM but still i am waiting for some miracle in the serial???……..

    Director as gone mad he dnt knw how to take the serial i think so???……

  14. Preethiilang

    Promo and precap mehek is speaking abt self respect where tis hell went wen shaurya throwed money on his face???……….Self respect my foot director totally damaging a girl imagine in tis society and in tis serial also???………

    Cming to shaurya behaviour expected one oly he is not going to behave lky gandhiji to speak politely wit everyone?????…….Eruma madu mela mazhai paecha mathiri kadaiyatha poithu eruku ZKM mudila????………..

    Y everytime girl family as to insulted in tis society i really fed up wit this type of story line???……..moni dr u r right erthuku KKB yae pakalam pola???……..nowdays watching ZKM is lky watching tamilnadu politics where the hell is going to finish????………

    Madaiya polaga pora atha director ah ethu tha unga different love story ah????……….manusana eruthu love pathi puriya vaikalam ana evan tha robot mathiri theriraney????………..

    Valentines day anaiku kuda etha mathiri episode tha podhuva pola ZKM la????………Middle class people ill oly want money wat the blo*dy high class people want then????………..

  15. Preethiilang

    Sorry typo mistake image

  16. Mehak ko ab self respect yad aa rahi

  17. ChandaMaya

    No Valentine’s Day, because there is no love, just selfishness in Shaurya. Hai, MAhek! ? It takes courage to live in that death trap. Shaurya’s arrogance is worse than Ravana . . . Kaliyuga . . . Lots of real arrogance in the this reality today. Unfortunately, Shaurya represents the architype of our leaders, business moghuls and high class values of today. In fact, so to speak, “the mark of the beast is everywhere”. Lots for Mahek to stand up to. Just as great civilizations rise and fall, so too will humans like Shaurya. Shaurya’s arrogance will be cut down. He will have to face his own demons in this story. I cannot wait to see this Shaurya fall.

    1. Moni7

      Chanda dear..i like ravanan??…???

      1. ChandaMaya

        I am aware of the various versions of the Ramayana, and Ravana is not what people know or think of him today. Ravana was a great devotee of Siva (Shiva) and he was great! However, his ten indriyas, which actually represented his great knowledge. This I what most people are not aware of. Ravana was born on earth for a reason. I am pleased to receive your positive reply . . . By the way, I look forward to your fan fiction. All the best . . .Will miss your comments on ZKM.

      2. Moni7

        Yes chanda dear…one version is … ravanan death is by his daughter …. unfortunately he blessed with daughter….so he decided to kill her…she is seeta……
        Wen he learnt the Truth he killed himself for his behavior”” lust ‘”

        So it is not Raman killed ravanan…it is tamil version…more over ravanan is a “dravidan”…asurargal means …non alcoholic …..they actually good ….

        Sry it’s my personal opinion….

      3. ChandaMaya

        Moni, don’t feel sorry . . . There are many versions, and I am aware of the Dravidian text. Why feel sorry, at least you are aware of it. I wish more people would have an open mind. . . . There are many controversies as well. Yes, Sita was found as an abandoned baby after . . . Sanghadasa’s Jaina version of Ramayana and also in Adbhuta Ramayana. One thing is, it is a story that still withstands the test of time.

  18. Ppffffff what stupidy! I don’t know why I even bothered with today’s episode.
    I think I’ll check in with ZKM after a week or 2 and see if there is any improvement. Until then bye ZKM??

  19. If mohit age is 22than why he is calling d to mahek?? ? Earlier it showed that mahek is 21n shwarya is 28.and earlier their house doesn’t have car parking but today car directly in front of house?? ? God knows what’s going on?? ??

  20. Mistakes in first episode. .pammi family wI’m b coming at 7pm but kya delhi mey 7baje tak dhup nikal ta he? ?Jab unhe receive karne mohit n Ravi chachu lene gaye Tab scene dekh k nai laga k shaam Ho gaya. Chhat pe pura dhup thha jab ajay aur mahek baat kar rahe thae.Patanai sayad mera ankh kharab hogaya. Jago direction team

  21. Moni7

    Vishi dear chanda gets geetha preethi shama dear….nd all my frnds
    Good morning…???

    Sry am not in a mood… totally frustrated with the track..nd story line…
    One thing I want to share…. precap..yes now she talking about self respect ….most funniest part of ZKM….

    Mehak look shaurie ….my myself is more important…??.
    Only one question????.
    Why she did raise any questions wen he throws the money on her face… correct

    Wer is self respect ???

    I can’t tolerate ….. Irritating story line…?

    So any loop holes….failed in all aspects…

    Feeling pity for karan nd samshika…great performers ruining there life in ZKM?

    Plz quit the show sweeties..u both rocks..plz try to get some other good good platform to prove talent…

    ZKM the place of making money by simply driving your talent…

    Chanda dear… personally I felt …kkb is poor i agree…. But that ❤magic of love❤
    ❤Abhi and pragya❤
    I still love it?..✌…

    ?ZKM…. mehak and shaurie❓❓
    Most of the times they showed intimate moments of the lead couple to maintain some trp…but I didn’t find …magic of love in mehrya??

    Reason:-…. obvious… it’s fake love from one side…not like abhigya…. even though dragging story line all rubbish crap sequence….

    Still i love ❤abhigya❤…

    1. Hi moni dear, i am totally agreed with you n depressed to tell you that the ZKM attention is not penetrating to my heart.

      1. Moni7

        Same ammu dear?

  22. Moni7

    Sry why she didn’t raise any questions***

  23. Moni7

    The person who is not supported to be accept as s ” HUMAN BEING”…..

    They treating him as a god just coz he half husband of her daughter…

    Like book…like mehak…. talking about drama…u plp are dramabaze!!!…..

    She should walk out…. reason for still accepting all these nonsense…❓❓…


    To let the other person tears break or kill u in the process of love it is not madly in being love…it is being called blindly in love!!

  24. Moni7

    Guys bye…am going to start my new OS fan fiction…

    Not interested in ZKM anymore…..

    ❤I won’t leave this forum and my plp❤

    1. ChandaMaya

      Glad to hear you are not leaving totally.

  25. I like the story line.

  26. Big Yawn??!!!!! Okay, the director and friends spent too much $$$money on the wedding episodes, so now they have nothing to spend on Valentine’s Day. By the way everyone, hope you all know who Saint Valentine (actually, Valantino) is. He was beheaded, executed on this day, around 720-28 A.D. (couple of saints martyed under St. Valentine’s Day banner) during the wicked reign of Emperor Claudius II in the Roman Empire. Valentine’s Day has little to do with romance. During the reign of the cruel Claudius marriage was forbidden and coup!es were not allowed to marry. Casual living and polygomy was the order of the day. Saint Valentine’s secretly married couples. The actual origin of this day was. pagan festival called Lupercalia which is a bit licentious . . . I will leave the subject left to your interest to research or to your imagination. By the way all, Happy Valentine’s Day!

  27. Guys.. I would like to convey that a valentine’s special episode is on its way..i saw a picture of Karan and samiksha with the director.. So we’ll get to see it in the show.. Its just that they are a bit late in celebrations which is very normal when it comes to tv shows…

  28. Sorry friends am not at all impressed with these episodes now, i am getting bored to watch the show.

  29. ChandaMaya

    I think we should just read the telly Updates. I do that with serials that bother me. Sometimes the visuals make it worse. I would take a break from time to time. It’s a soap opera, so things take awhile. I think a Bramharakshas should get mixed in with ZKM and visit Shaurya!!!!! That might be interesting, huh? In the meantime I have detached, so it is just an amusement now. I am not taking it too seriously. It’s a bit of a tragiconecy now. I will stick around for a bit. I don’t care for the other mushy stuff. I check in on KKB now and then. I am waiting for Abhi to get his memory in order and remember who he is married to. What’s with these serials? The women are always struggling with the love of their life. It’s better to look at more serious stuff . . . Biographies are great. This make believe stuff is not true drama.

  30. ChandaMaya

    Oops, meant tragiconecy!

    1. ChandaMaya

      Hate this auto nonsense, tragicomedy!!!!!!!

  31. I also feel shaurya is going to feel for mehak when she leaves him

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