Mahek 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya comes outside Mahek’s house and asks her to come out, Sharma family gets tensed hearing him. Mahek says Shaurya? One neighbor asks Shaurya if its Mehndi today? Shaurya says see Mahek whole world knows its our mehndi, did you forget Mahek? i am waiting for you, come outside. Mahek looks on. Kanta comes to Mahek and says come with me, Mahek says where? Kanta drags her inside house. Kanta pushes Mahek in her room and glares at her, Kanta brings paint there and draws line there, Shaurya is asking Mahek to come out, he says i am waiting for you, come out please. Kanta draws boundary outside Mahek’s room and says if Mahek cares for me and my respect then she will not cross this line(Laxman rekha) and if she crosses this line then it will mean she wants Shaurya and not my love and

upbringing, Mahek pleads to not do this, Kanta says listen to me if you cross this line then your and relation will end. Jeevan says this is madness Kanta, PD says till when you will stop Mahek with these foolish things Kanta? Kanta says i cant stop that Shaurya but i can give orders to my kids, i am testing my kids if they care for me or not, she says to Mahek that if you cross this line then i am dead for her, she leaves from there, Mahek is torn hearing all this, her head spins with Kanta’s words. Family sadly looks at Mahek, Mahek goes in her room dejectedly.
Sonal comes to Shaurya and says dont put Mahek in this dilemma, please postpone this function and dont ask Mahek to come out. Shaurya says no Mahek has to come out. Sonal says dont put Mahek in this exam, you dont put her in this situation, Shaurya says I am not taking her test, its Kanta who is taking her test, i have just loved her, its either Kanta winning today or our love will break every rock that is in our love’s way. Shaurya calls tattoo artist Rick and asks him to come.

Shaurya says to Mahek that today is our love’s test, its okay even if you dont apply my name’s mehndi on your hands but I am going to put your name on my chest today infront of everyone. Kanta comes on street and sees Shaurya taking off his shirt. Mahek comes to room’s window and sees Shaurya on street, tattoo maker comes there and says Shaurya you are injured so much, did you have accident? Shaurya says something like that, Shaurya asks to create tattoo on my chest, Vicky says you have wound on chest, you cant have tattoo there, you will bleed, you are totally broken, you cant have this tattoo, shaurya says they are my inner pain, these outer wounds are nothing. Vicky says to Sharma family that please call Mahek and stop Shaurya, he has fever and he is going for this madness, please call Mahek, he shouts for Mahek’s name, Kanta says dont shout, Mahek is not going to come. Mahek sees from window that Shaurya’s wound on chest bleeding, tattoo artists starts tattooing Mahek’s name on Shaurya’s chest, Shaurya flinches in pain, Mahek is unable to see him getting so much pain, she extends her hand as if to reach him, Shaurya clenches his jaw in pain, Mahek cries seeing his pain, she close her eyes, Shaurya screams in pain, Mahek says please dont do this Shaurya, she begs him to stop but he doesnt listen, Shaurya says you may not put my name’s mehndi on your hands but i have put your name on my heart forever, i love you, tattoo maker engraves Mahek’s name on Shaurya’s chest, Shaurya looks at Mahek and says I love you Mahek, Mahek cries seeing all this. Shaurya feels dizzy with pain, Mahek is unable to bear it, she runs out of her room, crosses boundary which Kanta created, she runs downstairs, she mistakenly throws vase on her way and her foot gets injured, her foot bleeds but Mahake doesnt stop, she comes out, Ravi tries to stop her but Mahek runs to Shaurya, she pulls him close and hugs him tightly, She caresses his neck and cries in his arms, Shaurya smiles feeling her warmth in his arms, Kaun tuhje yun pyar karega jaise mei karti hun plays.. Sonal sees Mahek’s foot bleeding, she says Mahek your foot.. family sees Mahek not caring about her foot. Mahek says to Shaurya that see I have come, she breaks hug and looks at tattoo on his chest, she caresses it and lovingly gazes at him, she says you won Shaurya, you won, your stubbornness won, Shaurya cups her face, she leans in his hand and sobs, Kaun tujhe yun pyar jaise mei karta hun plays.. Shaurya intensely looks in Mahek’s eyes, she smiles, Shaurya calls Vicky, Vicky brings mehndi cone, shaurya takes it and makes design with mehndi on her hand, they both share eyelock, she shakes her head at him, Sonal smiles seeing them, Shaurya says thank you Mahek, today i am sure that no one can break our love, he hugs her, Mahek hugs him tightly, Kanta huffs seeing their hug. Ravi says to Kanta that i will call police right now, Kanta says dont do it, police cant do anything, there is no use for all these things now, she goes back in house dejectedly, Shaurya and Mahek looks on. Mahek looks at Shaurya tensed, Shaurya cups her face, and says dont worry, i will talk to Kanta chachi, she says no, you will silently go back to your house, she asks Vicky to give him turmeric milk and medicine at home and if acts tough to not take it then call me, Vicky says okay, shaurya smiles at Mahek, Vicky starts taking Shaurya away from Mahek, Mahek looks at her mehndi filled hand then at Shaurya, Shaurya keep looking at Mahek while leaving, he puts hand on his chest where Mahek’s name is engraved and goes from her street, Mahek looks on and thinks that between Kanta and Shaurya’s fight, i lost.

PRECAP- Kanta comes to Shaurya’s house and says to Karona that i accept Shaurya and Mahek’s relation,
Mahek and Shaurya are stunned to hear it, Kanta says but before taking your relation at its destination, i have one condition, everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Latha

    Wow Atiba thanks a lot for ur super fast update

  2. Aakriti

    Well I don’t like tattoo as I mentioned previously but if it is Shaurya I don’t have any problem rather I’m happy. I support Shaurya in all his steps.
    Today Mehek really took a step and impressed me a lot. So happy after todays episode. I hope it never ends.

  3. what an episode and finally the chapter of kanta chachi closed and the precap is full of suspense

    1. ChandaMaya

      I will have to see it to believe it that the Kanta story is over, Thank God if it is over.

    2. ChandaMaya

      Hi everyone, sorry I’m late. Spending sometime with relatives.
      Moni sis, Geeta. Gheeta, Rani, Arpita, dhanya, all the Mehrya sis and brothes in the house. Happy New a year to those celebrating. All the best.
      It’s a good day for Mehrya.

    3. Latha

      No Arpita Katha chachi’s chapter not ended yaar I think it begins hereafter.

  4. Hai my deat family friends how are you to all ..omg I am waiting this lovely only wowwwwww today 150 episode director uncle superb Hatsoff you superb true love never fail …… finally katna realized there loves wowwwwww it’s really unexpected scences early but she done a wow …coming to precap wow but one suprised what she tell ?????????? Very big mark questions. …. only one chance weekly promo is come tomorrow or Sunday then only come any idea …….. I humble request director uncle please this time we are all want weekly promo. …

  5. Wawww mehek you did it. Love you Shaurya and mehek .all kanta’s plans fails

    1. You absolutely right Geeta dear today unexpected scences wow katna plans totally failed …… only I am happy

  6. wat will b the condition…???? plz any guesses? ?

    1. ChandaMaya

      Mamiji’s to contend with. This poor couple! Too many human obstacles.

  7. Hope she does’nt put any silly condition again for shaurya…kanta chachi plz come to ur senses after dis…meherya rocked…beautiful epi…keep rocking guyz n dont make it a boring serial again

  8. Ooooooo,,,,, god,,,,,,, I am so happy!!!!!! What a episode yrrrr,,,, I can’t express in few words,,, just say today mahek youuuuuu rock,,,,, I love you mehryaaaaaaa,,,,so much,,,
    And what will be kanta chachi, s condition,,, god knows,,,
    Anyway I am very happy,,, and all the mherya fans, wish you all a happy new year,, and good night,,, or sweet dreams,!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Latha

    Fantabalous episode and atlast Ziddi shauri Jeet gai. Mehak well done dear and u stood on Shaurya’s side. True love always wins and I think this time shauri will be loyal he does not play any game. In future episodes what will Kantha chachi going to do. Precap Kantha chachi conditions – quite interesting. Thanks ZKM team for giving us a awesome 150th episode.

  10. Thank you for your fast update atiba. Hi my friends and sisters. mehaks act is correct but in chachi place think about chachis condition. How she feel that her child ignored her. Anyway we can wait and see what is chachis condition. Good night friends. This is my personal opinion about chachi don’t hurt me because I supported chachi. Good night.

  11. hi guys!
    Happy odia new year.

    this episode is superb.
    Well done mehek.
    Aakriti i am also impressed with mehek. Finally meherya’s wish n also ours is going to be fulfilled. Thank u geetha for the information. Love u meherya family . Today i am super happy.

  12. Saxenasapna

    Super episode..


    Sooooo much emotional… khasshhhh reality me bhi aisa hota..

  14. Hi every one,Dhanya ,Chaaya, CHhanda, MONI ,Latha, Geeta ,x2 ,Priya .awesome episode,let’s hope Chachi does not come with silly conditions.have a good weekend.

    1. Latha

      Hi dk….

  15. Raniboudy

    Hello to you all!! Amazing episode for number 150!! Everything was amazing. Hey Moni I think you got the wrong info! It’s Kaala Teeka that has ended!! It seems KKB still has a long way ahead! Love you all and have an amazing weekend!!

  16. Am…really a big fan of mehek ….todays episode is suberb i just wish chaci wont spoil every thing ?

  17. Hi everyone.finally mehrya united but while hugging mehak i saw the same smirk on shaurya ‘s face when he got recipe book.i cant understand is it for winning over kanta chachi or satisfaction .if he is upto something means i’ll kill him.
    Anyways when he faked i already knew that he was faking as a man like shaurya cant change in a day but i thought he will show his true colors after mrg like other shows but there too he was different as he is the great sk right.
    He told before media that he had stolen recipe book but cant steal the magic of mehek’s hands.if it’s to impress mehek im ok.hey guys am i thinking alot.

    1. ChandaMaya

      No, you are not thinking a lot, you are just being analytical.

  18. At the time of his fake love when mehek left his house after her chachus insult then he cried by breaking all things ,later when mehek told him to leave her home he cried bitterly in car and when he left her at alter there is a feeling of guilt in his eyes and i watched that guilt manytimes in his eyes whats the difference between then and now..
    I think so he has feelings for her before it seems but out of his arrogance and attitude he suppressed his feelings.
    In the show they didnt show when he had fallen for her? According to ur views tell me when he has fallen for her.

    1. Latha

      He has fallen for Mehak at cookery show itself sameeksha and his attitude arrogant behaviour never allow him to express his views.

    2. ChandaMaya

      The day that he concpsciously accepted that he was losing her when Mahek walked out (prior he was seriously fighting his attraction to her). The scene was his blood falling on her forehead, blood sindoor, which signifies a greater union, bound by higher forces. Humans all have some form of destiny. Hopefully we will journey with the two into their married life, etc.

  19. Latha

    In yesterday’s episode I loved Mehak hug very much and it was much needed hug to shauri. Love u mehrya ?????

    1. ChandaMaya

      Yes, such a beautiful, affectionate embrace.

    2. Hai latha baby how are you ma

      1. Latha

        Fine Geetha and how r u dear….

  20. awesome epi
    wish nothing bad would happen .I think again kanta is with some plan against shaurya.
    anyways let’s hope for the best??

  21. Moni7

    Hai everyone..Not in s mood to post comments..

    Avoid piracy..Plz..Don’t try to steal others works..I saw some ff which mimics mine.. Shameless plug… Theft…I already filed My complain in tu…

    Guys I need your support…Stop supporting theft..You all know my writing style… If someone follow mine plz raise your voice for me… Hope tu will take immediate action again privacy

    1. Chaaya

      Moni, this is serious . . .It’s a form of piracy (the unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work), but in terms of your writing, it is definitely plagiarism. I really don’t read anyone’s stories. I check yours because I really enjoy the themes. Maybe I should be reading it all . . .I really don’t care of others’ stuff. To be honest, most of the stories are juvenile.
      This is very wrong and yes, it is theft! It’s downright unethical. Seems anyone can submit whatever, without any guidelines. Of late inhave noticed that there has been a lot of fan fare writing submissions on the ZKM TU page, as if it is some sort of a writing contest. Glad that you took some action. I am going to take a closer look.
      Thank you for letting us know. I think I am going to read the other submissions. Of course, you have my support. I think a lot of people don’t read all the submissions. I sure don’t have time, but if this is going on, I think I need to have a closer look.

      1. Moni7

        Thank you so much chaaya sis??

    2. Don’t worry moni dear we are all always support you ………please take action immediately. …….

      1. Moni
        We all know your writing style.We all are there to support you.

  22. Yurathika

    Special hi to Moni Sis,preeti Sis,chanda Sis, Chaaya Sis, dhanya, vinitha Sis and to all my lovely mehryians family members. Sorry if I left anyone’s name. After a long break I’m commenting here.
    Guys please don’t steal others really hurt them a lot.if u guys wanna write Ff please carry on with ur own style we r all here to u support but we won’t support u if u guys gonna copy others style of Ff writing. So please stop doing all this.
    Moni sis don’t worry we r all there to support u. U know that i’m a very big fans of ur Ff.
    We always support u and we all love u a lot.
    With lots of love ??from ur little sis. I always love ??u to the moon and back my sweet heart Moni sis ???.

  23. Yurathika

    Please TU take immediate action and solve this issue . These things are happening for long time. So kindly look into this matter TU. Guys please support moni sis.
    Happy weekend guys

    1. Moni7

      Thank you rather dear… Thank you so much??…Yes any means of piracy …it should not be encouraged…

      She’s using my character names,story how disgusting all these are…Should feel shame..File a complaint against piracy and plagiarism…..

      1. Moni sorry ma nan avangala encourage panra mari comment panni yirunden enukku theriyula ma adhu unnodu work ah thirudunadhu nu.s sorry moni from now I won’t encourage her. Yen support eppavum unakku dhan dear.marupadium sorry kekkaren avangala encourage pannadhukku sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. inime apdi panna maten dear.We love you.

  24. Hey guys this week ended well. So I hope next week starts well. So have a good weekend and see you all on Monday, hopefully ( inshallah).

  25. How are you guys,the mehrya family. Especially moni di, Chanda sis, chaaya sis, Geetha sis, sameeksha sis, dhanya sis and all the others family. Moni Di you know that we always support you.
    Guys have a bless weekend .we are waiting for Monday episode to know what condition kanta has for the love birds. Maybe after they marriage Shaurya has to leave his house to live in the sharma’s house. Let see

  26. Hey it was a great episode isn’t it. I just want u all to read my comments in ff Imperfectly made perfect love.

    1. Hi divi I read your comments in ff. Soon moni will read it and reply her opinion dear.Happy to see you here. Good night. Sweet dreams.

  27. It was a fabulous episode full of romance , pain , tears , love for each other , hatrate and understanding. I just saw it right now. I m eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode to hear Kanta Chachi’s conditions. ZKM just nailed it tonight.

  28. Hi geeta sis good night . Sweet dreams. Take care dear.

  29. Moni7

    Thank you so much for your support guys. Love you so much…dhanya it’s oki no need of sorry….

    Chaaya sis rathi geetha geeta hema priya Vinita luv you all…❤❤..

  30. ChandaMaya

    What is all this that I am reading? This type of thing is shameful! Openly copying someone’s works? No, no that is unconscionable!!! I think there is something really wrong when people cannot be original. I think there is some hypocracy, so I would be very careful with the sycophants. In other words, not all compliments are compliments or genuine. It is good to exercise some descretion and caution with your creative work. You are a kind and sharing soul but there are unsuspect behaviour from others that might indirectly or directly usurping your natural charismatic personality and your originality for their popularity. I respect you, Moni.

    1. Moni7

      Thank you chanda sis…Love you so much ??

  31. What is going on in this fourm.someone is copying our moni’s work…….. Shameful…
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    1. Moni7

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  32. Good morning.

  33. Hi guys I won’t comment for about 20 days. Because I am going to my native place . No network there. No zee channel and I will be missing you guys and zkm for more than half a month. with lots of love dhans. Don’t forget me friends. I will be back. Special bye to dk,Priya,arpita,aakriti,mama,latha kutty,moni chellam,yura,geetha ,geeta,swetha,chanda dii,chaya dii,dolly akka, sorry if I missed any name.

    1. Chaaya

      That’s a long time dhanya, we will miss you, but have a safe and happy time. Can you not get to a cyber cafe to drop in for a bit and catch up that way? If you are somehow able to connect drop in a give us a hello. You will be missed. Lots of love and blessings. Take care.

    2. Moni7

      We will Miss you dhanya .. Happiee journey….Have fun….

    3. Latha

      Enjoy and have a nice time dhans……..

  34. keziaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Moni akka post ur ff sis ,iam waitinggggggggggggg !!!!!!!

  35. y is shaurie in jail??? sbs this chacii am fed up….

    1. Chaaya

      Hi Achu, just say the posted video clip. I am very disappointed. Looks like we, the viewers will be subject to more torture and blood letting.

  36. We will miss you dhanya. Happy journey and enjoy. Bye

  37. HI Dhanya angel have a safe trip .Moni don’t let some misfit bring your lovely spirit down ,they can only try to be like you only one MONI and all MEHYRA Family truly love you and support you.
    So keep up this forum we shall all suport you.

  38. Chaaya

    Looks like Kanta is secretly going to try and get Shaurya killed! There is not going to be a marriage. So it seems we will have to keep on dreaming. I wonder what the updated video posts of Shaurya behind bars.

    1. Yes chaaya , I also saw that video Shaurya is behind bars…I hate zkm director…. How can they spoil Kanta character like this..

      1. Chaaya

        Oh girl, well said,the have made her role into a villain. It’s really affecting their ratings, so they better stop it. So many people are frustrated with thi yoyo love. Kanta, well they have butchered the character, and the character image. Very disappointing.

  39. Yes very dissapointed. I hate kanta chachi her behavior nowadays. And if the serial is going this way I will stop watching it. Uncle director change the subject of this serial please or you lose it. Why should it be a problem for two people who love each other to get together.

    1. In prison they are beating Shaurya,…….Where disappointed ..,..

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