Mahek 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Shaurya tries to find Mandana’s record

Mahek 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya tells he will help bijli if she can help him…she ask what kind of help? He says he is waiting in car and ask her to come there. Archie person is keeping a eye in Shaurya and he informs her that bijli has gone with Shaurya. She ask to follow them.
Shaurya brings bijli to KM and offers her 1 crore and tells her to help him in proving in front of world that Vandana is his Mahek and he is ready to adopt Neev and she can take back mandhar to haridwaar and this one crore will be hers..Bijli agrees when Shaurya convince her that he won’t hand over mandhar to police.

Mahek sees Mandhar’s phone rining. He is asleep. Mahek sees his phone. Archi is calling him. She picks it. Archi says where are you? Come out I am waiting. Mahek says who is it?


sees a car comng behind them. He is with Bijli. Bijli says why did you stop the car. The car drives past him. Its Archi’s thug keeping an eye on him. He calls and tells Archi that shaureya has seen his car and doubts that I am following him.
Mahek comes out. Archi hides. She sits in her car. She calls her thug and says you are useless. I will do this myself.

Shaureya and Bijli come outside a place. He calls someone and says we are outside city hospital in Rishikesh. A ward boy sits in his car and gives him a file. Shaureya says why doesn’t it have Vandana’s record? He says I joined two days before the date you mentioned. There was another ward boy he left silently. You can meet him on this address.

Mandhar is getting ready. His phone keeps on ringing. Neev comes out. Mahek says where did you come from? Neev says sit here. You don’t have fever. Mahek says what would happen to me? Mahek sees Mandhar’s phone ringing again and again. Mandhar leaves. Mahek says to Neev stay home and take care of the house. Neev says okay Take care of the house.

Shaureya and Bijli come somewhere. He says Bijli he lives in the same area. They ask people about that address. Mahek is following Mandhar. He takes an auto. Mahek follows him in another auto.

Scene 2
Archi comes to the ward boy”s house. She suffocates him. Archi says you must be wondering why this is happening to you. But these questions do not matter. You are dying. Good bless you. Shaurya and Bijli come outside. Shaurya knocks and says open the door. Archi says what should I do now. Bijli says is there something wrong? Bijli says open the door.
Shaureya and Bijli come to the room. The ward boy is dead. He is shocked to see it. Archi is hidden. Bijli says I shouldn’t have come with you. she is crying. Shaureya calls police.

Precap-Shaureya is breaking stuff in anger. Archi tries to calm him down.. He says go away from me. He shoves her. Kanta calms him. Shaurya says I don’t know what should I do to bring my Mahek back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Disturbed Fan

    ENOUGH of this nonsense…. Your serial was really doing well and we were enjoying it.. Till this duplicate and memory loss drama. Now it is like copying kumkum bhagya.. That serial is worth not even being spoken about.. Don’t please take your serial in that direction. Show that Good wins over evil.. Else people will lose hope on good things. Your serial had a freshness which is now lost in this stupid drama. Please end all this. Show mehek and shaurya together and have some different story line

  2. Yes i agree . Laser year this time the serial was different n know it’s the same as the rest of the scrap. The makers are wasting the talent of the these good actors and this can be one of the top shows given the writers stuck to the cooking talent they have not this murdering n abuse of women n children please we see enough of this in reality this serial had a fresh n good start

  3. It was my fav drama archie character dal k bukwas krdiya nw i hate this drama same evil story

  4. This makes me think Indians are sadist. I’m definitely gonna stop paying for Asia chanel. Waste of money And time. And kumkum bhagya is such a joke. Can’t believe I watched that shit for 3 years ?

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