Mahek 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek comes to Pd’s funeral

Mahek 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode highlight: Mahek finds out Shaurya never went to Singapore. She wonders where is Neev. She doubts Shaurya.

Scene 1
Mahek hugs Arman and says I wish you were here. I wish you could see her one last time. She took your name while dying. Mahek says and Nalini too I hope everything gets well. He says how can they kill a pregnant woman. Mahek says how do you know? He says she told me. My head hurts. I need rest. He sleeps. Mahek recalls both dying people took Shaurya’s name.

Arman gets a call and says I am coming. Mahek says I am going to home. PD’s funeral. Arman says I will stay here. Mahek says neev.. He says they are taking care of Neev in hospital. Mahek calls at the hospital and asks for Neev. The receptionist says there is no such kid. Mahek says no he was there

my husband was there. She says no no one was is here from india. Mahek says how is that possible.
Mahek sees Shaurya’s passport. It doesn’t have Singapure stamp. SHe is dazed. Mahek says where did he go? Where is Neev? Whats going on? Mahek says what is happening? Should I ask him? Kanta calls Mahek. Mahek says I am coming.

Scene 2
Arman says to Abba this is my plan. Abba says Nalini was part of your plan. She almost ruined it. I have given my life to this dream. I shouldn’t have assigned you this mission. I will stay here. Arman says better. He explains the plant to Arman.
Abba says don’t talk in front of Shaurya. Come to back room.

Mahek comes to Pd’s funeral. She says I wish I never left you alone. Mahek says she was a terrorist. She wanted to change but she was killed before she could do somethin for her child. Mahek asks Nehal did you tell Shaurya about her pregnancy. Nehal says no why would I? Mahek is worried. She says why they both took Shaurya’s name?
Mahek is worried. Kanta says where is your mind? Mahek says missing PD. Kanta says no you re worried. Mahek tells her everything. Kanta says ask Shaurya. Nehal says don’t tell him. Mahek says should I talk? He didn’t even come here. Mahek gets a call from White chilies. Shaurya isn’t there. Mahek says where is Neev? Why is Shaurya lying so much?

Scene 2
Mahek comes home. Karuna says Mahek please take some rest. How is Neev? Mahek says let Shaurya come. Arman comes in. Dolly saays please make video call to Neev. Shaurya says sure. Shaurya dials. Mahek sees the doctor. She sees the time on the wall clock is same as India’s. Mahek calls Kanta and tells her that time in clock was same as Inddia’s. Shaurya comes in;.

Precap-Shaurya takes Mahek on a date and dances with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this serial needs to pick up some pace it is dragging way too long and it just aint making any sense at all and too much unnecessary senseless killings going on now you writers if you know you are going to kill off the actors one by one why hire them in the first place; my gosh Poor PD in the wrong place at the right time and nalini poor thing pregnant and about to make a change in her life and bam killed and what about neeve he serves no purpose in the show because he is not maheks child so i guess he will be killed off soon too come on writers these serials can be made more interesting without having to bring in all these unwanted characters with nonsensical scripts/storylines so rev up the pace with this serial please and stop prolonging the inevitable. neeve saw that it was not his hero shauyra and his throat was cut so he cannot speak; PD saw fake shauyra taking off the mask and she was killed and one of their own bad one nalini decided to make a change with her life and was also killed now tell me does that make sense and WHO WILL BE NEXT? NEEVE OR KANTA KARUNA NEHA OR MAHEK

  2. Seriously !!!!!!!
    “Shaurya(fake) takes Mahek on a date and dances with her”

    1) either she get killed off or wise up and smell the fake plastic mask
    2) remember how the real Shaurya used to dance and hold her vs. this fake one
    3) some other curve ball such as getting captured, get hit on the head and cant remember who she is
    (had that one already) etc. etc. etc
    that’s all folks

  3. I think she should follow him to see where he goes n does n also find out where is neev

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