Mahek 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says to Karona that you are my mother so tell me if i am not his wife? Karona says you are and will remain his wife, you have wedding photo too. Shaurya says enough of this drama, get out, i will throw Mahek out first. One woman says i will crush you like sugarcane, Karona you didnt beat him in childhood thats why he is spoilt brat, she says call media. Mahek says dont do it, he does this when he is angry, we will live with love, dont call media. Nehal says let his truth come out, let media know how he cheated, till when women will remain bearing torture of husbands? Vicky smiles at Nehal’s bold speech, he is mesmerised by her and imagines all are statues while its only Nehal and him, he dances with Nehal in his dream on song tumhe jo meine dekha, his dream breaks when women start

chanting against Shaurya. Shaurya says lets end this matter, what you all want? Karona says lets go inside, Shaurya says no one will go inside, we will talk here only., Karona says shut up your rubbish, i dont want more drama here, lets all go inside, Mahek innocently looks at Shaurya and goes in house with all women.
One woman says we will give list of demands to Shaurya. Nehal says include that he has to take out Mahek on lunch twice a week, Mahek says make it three times a week, we usually go twice already. Kanta says he has to let Mahek celebrate all rituals and festivals like diwali, holi.. Mahek says valentines too. Shaurya says it will be possible only when she comes in my house, one woman says she is already in your house and if you try anything else then you will go jail. Nehal says one more demand is that he has to cook for Mahek once a week, Shaurya says no way, i wont cook for anyone, Mahek says its okay, lets remove this demand. Nehal reads list of demands to Shaurya(which is muted). Welfare woman asks Shaurya to sign on list of demands, he glares Mahek, woman says take it silently and sign it, Shaurya takes list and signs it. Karona says sign next page too, Shaurya signs it. Karona says i will be witness of this list, i will sign too, if Shaurya doesnt comply to demands then you can black my face and take me to jail. She signs list. Women chant for women empowerment. Mahek says enough women, let me be with my husband now, even if he doesnt follow the demands, i wont say anything to anyone because i love you Shaurya, she holds his hand. Nehal whispers to welfare woman, welfare woman asks Shaurya to reply to Mahek, Shaurya glares Mahek and says i love you too. Karona asks Mahek to take Shaurya to bedroom, Mahek thanks all women for coming, all women leave. Kanta greets Karona and leaves with Nehal and Mansi, Karona leaves too. Mahek smirks at Shaurya and is still holding his arm.
Outside house, Kanta thanks women for standing up for Mahek. Welfare woman says that how can we not help Mahek? this world is full of people like Shaurya but every Shaurya needs Mahek, they greet Kanta and leave. Nehal says i forgot my phone in Shaurya’s house, i will go inside and bring it.
Vicky has Nehal’s phone in his hand, he says these days not roses but phones fall down for lovers. He sees Nehal running to him, dekha do tujhe yaar plays, he is mesmerised by her. Nehal comes to him and tries to take phone from his hand, she says give me my phone, you man like diabetic, she takes phone from him while he is still lost looking at her, Nehal sees her phone and says its broke, you broke it as you were the one who bumped into me earlier and my phone fell, my papa gave money 3monthes back only, what will i do now? Vicky says i am sorry, Nehal shut up you donkey, she turns and leaves, Vicky smiles at her.

Scene 2
Mahek is in bedroom and is singing tu mere samne. Shaurya comes to her and pushes her on couch, he sits beside her and says what you think that you won? you think that bringing some women and threatening me with jail? making me sign list of demands to take you out on dates, to fulfill your dreams, you thought you won? but you can do all this but cant remove hatred i have for you in my heart. Mahek says i created pressure on you by signing list, i wanted to spend time with you, you think that you can twist my wrist, push me around and i will remain silent? i will make you fall for me, i will make sure to set you straight, you have no idea what kind of people surround you, you think you are clever but you are not. Shaurya says so you have come to just me straight? Mahek says no to make you learn right things, if you respect and love me then i will show respect and love in return but you use power against me to throw me out of house then i can use power to comeback in house, i have been raised by eating parathas, i wont back down so easily, i will fight, Shaurya looks on.
Jeevan says to Kanta that what you think that these things like women empowerment are useful in real life? you think that these things can make Shaurya Khanna respect Mahek? you didnt even inform me, just gathered some NGO women and went there like it will make things right, Kanta says what else i could do? Mahek wanted me to do it so i did, this is what she wanted, Jeevan says and you listened to her, didnt even think that this is not solution and she might suffer with that man, Kanta says sometimes we should listen to younger’s advice too, there is no harm in trying.
Ravi says to Mansi that did men of this house die that you all women went to become politicians? why are we imposing our daughter on that man? is there any respect remaining for us? Mansi says Mahek wanted it, she must be doing right, Ravi says what right did you do? Mansi says you should have seen Shaurya’s face, he was defeated. Ravi says what about after you all left from there? do you have any idea how Shaurya would have behaved with Mahek after you all left? you dont care about Mahek at all.
Its morning, Mahek gets ready. She comes to bedside and sees Shaurya sleeping, she sees sunlight casting on his face, she stands between him and sunlight, she takes alarm and rings it in Shaurya’s ears, he wakes up with jerk, and says Mahek let me sleep, he throws pillow on her, Mahek says we will play pillow fight at night so we will get good sleep.. she winks at him suggestively, he stares her. Mahek says its time for us to leave, Shaurya says i am not going anywhere with you. Mahek shows him list and says as per demand number 4, you have to celebrate all rituals which i celebrate even if you frown, Shaurya says there is no festival today. Mahek says to Shaurya that today is my pag phera ritual(ritual in which bride and groom to go bride’s house first time after wedding) and you are coming with me to my house. Shaurya says i am not going anywhere with you. Mahek says i have women NGO’s number, you have 10minutes to get ready, she leaves, Shaurya glares her angrily.

PRECAP- Kanta gifts Shaurya and says take it, Shaurya says i am sorry but i cant take it, Mahek says Shaurya is giving you gift with love and respect, please take it. Mohit says leave it Mahek, he doesnt understand things related to love and respect. Shaurya says to Mohit that you are 22years old right? when i was of your age, i was handling fully successful business not useless like you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooooo wooooooow very nice action mahek kya acting kiya yar so naughty
    Hahahahahahaha….. Saurya ka to memne ki hal kr di mahek …….and so cool unity Ji kya saurya ko lambu boli
    Dashing boy kya hua Attitude ka to band baj Gyi…….I m so happy
    Very interesting episodes…….
    Subrbbbbbb….. Hahahahahahaha

    1. Hii shabnam.. Yar Vo mahila morcha vali aunty to meri fav Ho gyi h.. Maza aa Gaya. Iss khadoos ne itni daant to karuna aunty se bhi nahi khayi hogi jitna Vo ek din Mein suna gayi ?

      1. Yes vishi soooooooo cool unty ji ek dant me I love u 2 oooo v SB k same bt bhut sweet lag rha tha sarya love u bolte tym…..
        Hahahahahahaha very interesting episode

  2. Mahek and shauyra story change and it’s going boring it should have a reason y he change his mind about her and y I took her picture

  3. Shuarya face reaction super….

  4. shaurya inni unnaku apputan da like it very much
    precap mohit ur jiju can’t understand love and respect
    he only knows revenge and snatch business

  5. Moni7

    Hai mehryans…how r u all???…
    I really understand what they trying to convey ???….big question mark❓❓❓
    Am ryt???

    The so called different love story by the director nd producer?

    Bcoz i didn’t find any difference still now❓❓…. Shaurya khanna…showing attitude…. see mehak but u can’t remove hatred from my heart?…

    Am expecting …..All these dialogues from Mehak…but wat to do !!!…

    He (his character)doesn’t deserve mehak or mehak’s love or karuna or karuna aunty love…

    ?Deserving place…i said earlier now women welfare aunties said…

    Thigar ?Thigar?

    1 2 3 4 5 6…. thigar Thigar Thigar…..

    This is called LOVE??!!❤

    No……!!!!…. selfish act of selfish businesses tycoon…that’s all… simple…?
    It is necessary ….

    ❤Love need some trust faith belief ,truth

    ?He don’t have any qualities expect …ego and attitude….?

    ?Coming to precap:-…yes I agree wen 23 shaurya khanna is a big businesses man .. not like mohit….
    thank God mohit is not a business man?
    ?But mohit is not like shaurya khanna..who cheats anyone for his benefits..❓❓.?

    He should feel ashame,wat he had done to mehak…but wow…it is so funny…he taunting mohit..

    ?Am sry to this…it is better to get a brother like ravanan who can ready to fight for his sister,(good or bad)
    Who never left her wife (who assure his wife she is the princess )

    than Raman who ,not even a good (reason.. coz of him oly lakshmanan left his wife which is injustice)brother, husband,and father
    The things raman done against ethics,he killed vaali (on his back…back stabbing)

    Better to be bad then pretending good (doing bad things…(like shaurya)

    ?It is better to beg, rather than to steal?

    Again am sry …total rubbish…

    1. Moni dear.. How are you??
      What I have concluded today is that mahek is concerned about Shaurya. But she hasn’t forgotten anything that he did with her. She is not going to forgive him. As she said. She will leave him after making him realise his mistakes and his love. So its not like she is compromising with her self respect. Its just that she sympathise and love this guy and wants him to have a better future. She wants him to realise what he lacks in his life due to all these insecurities about people and not realising the threats posed by these vultures around him.. She is not begging for love but she is trying to make him a better person. Then she will leave. And real story will begin with Shaurya repenting for his deeds and his efforts to win back mahek..
      That’s what I interpreted today and I so want this to happen..

      1. Moni7

        Hai vishi good..yes hope she will leaves him… biggest punishment?

  6. Hello all the lovely ladies.. So today we got to see an entirely new angle, totally unexpected.. Vicky in a dreamland with nehal ?? I’m loving it.. Now they’ll also keep us hooked to this show.. Frankly speaking I think it is going to be fun to watch these two.
    Coming to mehrya, those conditions written in the agreement were smart, good going mahek.. And laddoo teasing khadoos with her antics was adorable ??? We also got a hint of the future track today.. Mahek is going to leave Shaurya after making him realise his love for her and his mistakes. That is something which will be interesting to watch. Excited to see how laddoo is going to irritate Shaurya on V day, as per the conditions Shaurya is bound to celebrate it with her ??
    So we have an action packed week ahead. Bring it on ???

    1. Moni7

      Vishi dear..i didn’t like it…

      1. Moni I completely understand what you are feeling.. I am excited because I want mahek to leave him after this one month. I will give it a shot till then.

  7. Moni7

    One thing I should appreciate…yes women walfare aunties….???
    ?Oyee lambu!!…i love that word❤…

    ?I hope he will not say in future by arranging some press meet
    ….like i didn’t sign with my will..they forced me to sign…❓❓they threatened me to sign?……….

    Recent times am familiar with these kind of dialouges in tamil nadu politics… that’s y?

    Am really really disappointed with the poor quality !!!….i thought they doesn’t deserve zee rishtey award(not any fictional show of zee tv)

    I should appreciate shows like shakthi(transgender community)…..i don’t want to talk about the serial… but the

    Key factor social msg…❤❤…love is love❤

    Everyone deserve to be loved by someone

    No matters ❤❤❤…….how we look how we behave …it is beyond everything….

    ?For me trust is the key factor for any relationship…?…..basic is trust ,faith …

  8. hi frds. .. i am silent follow er ur beautiful comment’s.. nd b vry happy aftr reading ur comments. .. tdy i also tempted to comment few words… The episode was okay… why she s taking shaurya to her home nd making his family get insulted. . as she no shaurya will do it… nd vicky romance was too funny. .. may be he might help mehek in winning over shaurya…i think thy r dragging the serial….

    1. Hello Jo. Welcome to the family.. Please do comment. It always feels nice to have more members commenting and interacting with some excited views.. ??
      And regarding the episode, Vicky and nehal’s part was funny. And rest was an indication of what we’ll get to see I the future. They have been a bit too fast till now. Would like to give them a chance to make things a little sensible. Lets see what happens

  9. Moni7

    Wow wat a family…wife trying to seduce husband’s brother….?
    Husband trying to flirt with brother’s wife sisters…?
    Idhukku oru song..chi ..???..konjam koda vekkame illa la??..

    If any one having any doubt in Illegal affair relationship….plz watch ZKM!!!!❣?

    ❤Heaven of extra marital affair❤
    ….they vl teach u…step by step procedure..

    ??Showing luv demo also…
    First mom…
    Nxt wife
    Next husband…..

    Still long way to go…

    1. Vinitha

      Moni I totally agree with you dear. idhu allava kudumbam. Chi idhuvum oru kudumbam. Relationship asinga paduthuranga. Idhu comedy ya nehal correct ah sonna vicky ya donkey nu thu vekkam kettavan. Ivanuku dream sequence Vera

      1. Moni7

        Yes vinitha dear

    2. Tamizh6

      Ya well said moni. What a illegal khanna family. Maamy married twice. Shaurya father married twice. Shruti attitude and now Shaurya’s brother attitude. Evanukum evalukum oruthar podhaathu pola. ( they r all having two connection)

      1. Moni7

        Yes tamizh dear

  10. Moni7

    Even i like characters like swetlana sanjay ..bcoz they are transparent..we all know they are bad… definitely plotting something…..which is easy to predict and defeat…??

    Unlike characters like shaurya khanna… pretending good for some time… difficult to predict and defeat such characters…

    As i said earlier…i vl accept bad plp..but not pretending to be good…

  11. Hi mehryans…neither am impressed nor am in a flow to comment…????
    The only thing wat i feel is ZKM is corrupted…????
    Sorry guys not liking the way the track moves without any clarification…???
    Each episode is not sinking means no link between the mood swings of character as well they are making fun n spoiling relationship…BAKWAAS serial hain…??

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby too..see am not even posted any funny comments today…

      M in mood off seriously

    2. Moni7

      Yes..girl trying her level best to get her love back..but it is so unfortunate…

  12. Hello all my lovely ladies, Moni, Vishi Presto etc.
    Loving the OS guys, pls keep them coming??
    What happened to the other ladies with their FF was also Enjoying their stories was super.
    This episode sounds ok, Im hopeful that Mehak doesn’t end up to be the fool again.
    I hope she makes him for her and then drops him like a hot potatoe.
    SK needs to learn a lesson, all he has been getting is moderate scares there hasn’t been any strong comebacks for him
    Even the protesting against him was more like a comedy for the viewers.
    Vicky is married and his is eyeballing Mehak????
    I’m hanging on a thin thread with ZKM, wont give up but not much impressed.

    1. I meant Preeti?

    2. *Meant hope she makes him fall for her then drops him

    3. Moni7

      Hai shama dear…m mood off.. not happy dear Dunno y..

    4. Hii shama..
      True that.. I’m hopeful only because I found an indication that she’s gonna leave him after a month.. If that doesn’t happen I’m also done with it. Just trying to be patient. Though I found Vicky quite funny today ?

    5. Preethiilang

      hi shama dr

  13. Today episode really especially mahek acting mind blowing superb mahek keep it and very funny alsoup I am waiting tomorrow episode but more exciting valentine’s day special episode but how could you tell like that mohit useless and I think mohit start business after that shaurya telling like this how are you friends

  14. Preethiilang

    Hi mehrya family… episode with full bundle of fun????…..poor khanna witout attering a words he signed the condition paper so sad???……vicky funny boy went to imagination with nehal????………mehek u rocks shaurya shocks in today episode????

  15. Preethiilang

    Iyyo iyyo today shaurya khanna situation is lky our TN politics wat to do!!!!!!!…….. Mahila sangam dialogs super hey khanna ganna tara juice nikalkar metro ma 10ruppee ku sale kaarthokki !!!!!!!!???evanala metro vasala vechi sale panathiga pls vandalore zoo illana kilpauk ku kuthithoo ponga????

    Then their condition super kantha chachi words watever function mehek want to celebrate u too have to celebrate tat super in tat mehek even i want too celebrate valentines day???pinitha enn patyu kutty???…….

    Then tat lady dialog if u throw mehek outside then u ill go inside in tihar jail super aunty jii super???……..iyyo iyyo kadavulae nalaiku tamilnadu la eruka kutti singham tha eppadi achhi tihar jail sutti kathithuga pls????…….

    Vicky boy u r too funny today???…..but i ill support vicky oly because one man feeling one women understanding sruthi entha pei pei(devil) mathiri makeup pothutu thericha servant kuda pakathula pova payapudhava avalavu terror ah eruku paa etha sruthi etha poi entha mangoose mandai shaurya eppadi love panna poor boy romba mooka taste paa entha shaurya khannaku????????

    Today i confirmed shaurya is frm Amirtha hotel management group oly dubakkur khanna samaikala evanuku theriyathu but receipe book ka athaiya poda tha theriyum evanuku?????

  16. Preethiilang

    Moni dolly dr dnt get mood off for sure mehek is going to leave him after teaching him a good lesson abt respect of family and her love???….then he ill go behind mehek lky gunna kamal dnt take it serious guys???……..

    But director is literally confused wit something lot of character is missing in the serial lky shaurya father,rajiv sir,sameer mamu ki wife and tamator lal????

    Cming to precap shaurya 23 vayasula bussiness man agarathu oru machine life loosu payalae??……atha vayasula pasagala 10figure sight adhichu 5figure ah oosarru pani 1ponnuda valentine day celebrate panarathu tha periyae vizhayum makalae????

    1. Tamizh6

      Preethiilang sister kya bhathey. Sema.

      1. Preethiilang

        thank u dr

    2. Moni7

      Preethi dear… shaurie periya idhu madhiri pesara …mohit kitta… mohit great avan sister kaga pesaran…indha nayee nee sonna madhri akka vechi bakery vangavan…

      Mohit see….wen am 23 yrs old…i sold my sister to get ta Bakery…not like you stil standing on ur sister’s side…???

      Ippo theriyadhu en shruti vittutu ponna…ivan koda yaru iruppa… may me he sell his wife for money??….ketta business tactics nu solluvan… maanam ketta moorthy shaurya khanna….

    3. Moni7

      Yes dear…yarum illa… director ???

  17. Sorry for all my typos.
    Yes Vishi and Moni, even the way I look at Shaurya is not the same?
    when Mehak was looking after him, it felt like he was faking it just so that she can help him again, so I can’t enjoy the serial?
    It’s going to take alot of hard work from SK side to win back the viewers trust again.
    Let see what the writers come up with, hope they will use logic and reason when planning his redemption?

  18. ♩Tq Preethi dear today u rock me n moni in shock…
    ♩But i will not deny tat I also njoyed the comedy track of mahila seva lady…
    ♩still couldnt accept so many facts…seriously tiz director needs a treatment @ CH-10…
    ♩Wen there is no love – no trust – then why tiz forcefull wedding drama – aur athukkum mela intha loosu mehak,why should she take him to his family to get insulted…sontha selavula sooniyam vechikkara…
    ♩is tiz a different love story…yup never heard like tiz dummy story…
    ♩And moni dont get upset dear go ahead with ur ??? skills

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby…naa one shot ezhutharan…
      Self self…?

    2. Moni7

      Dolly baby..anga anga pondati epdi irukka.. ivanukku kadavul la varam thandhu irukaru…
      Ambur briyani nagore tharga naayee ku dhan na yaralum matha mudiyadhu??

    3. Moni7

      Yes dolly baby… different story dhan… without love .. they calling it as love story .

      Shaurya khanna character pathalae enakku kovam varudhu…. enakku avana madhiri paiyan or husband irundha nalla dosai karandi red agi irukkars heat pani ..tongue la oru izhu ???..

    4. Preethiilang

      s dolly tis is a kind of dummy love story oly

  19. ChandaMaya

    Hello fellow Mehryans . . . Don’t be too down. It’s a bit of comedy relief. I knew Vicky was going to fall for someone. I thought it would be Mahek, but it is Neha!!!! Lol! I made a comment awhile back about Shruti’s husband . . . When a woman uses a man, which I am sure Shruti did (marry Vicky to be close to her ex-lover), and shows him no love and respect, then men stray. This is the common nature of males. There is an ancient unspoken rule in Eastern culture, a woman’s respect and love can transform someone. Love is very powerful. Attraction is not love, it is usually the beginning of interest, it is physical . . . As you know, there are many people who are attracted to someone FALL into love and the FALLS out. This is only the law of attraction. Did you all notice how men speak about females? Men are extreme . . . Mahek’s uncles are upset but women’s feeling better and thoughts count to. If Mahek is up for the challenge then so be it. She came thus far, so way run back. I think Shaurya is just a spoilt child, accustom getting things his way. A lot of married women given in to their spouses. Before you know it, Shaurya and Mahek will be acting like they are married. Sometimes marriage ends up like a couple of indivuals who behave like siblings . . . It’s always women who have to assume multiple roles to a spouse. So how is culture mainly passed on to a generation? Is it not mainly through mother’s? Mahek has a way more than Shaurya’s ex-lover. Tutti fruitie Shruti cannot even come close to what Mahek has! Even her own husband is losing interest. Shruti had cheap ways . . . I think Mahek will surely rise to the honor she deserves. Shaurya may think he can resist her, but Mahek is his match.

    1. Moni7

      I understand chanda dear…still am feeling sad.. for unknown reasons…..

      ❤So am going to concentrate on fan fiction…am writing one shot…i feel myself better and happy❤

      So I can add oly happy moments”…bye cuties….

      1. ChandaMaya

        Do what is necessary but don’t leave us. You are the reason why most of us are here. We love you lots. ZKM will improve over time.?

    2. Moni7

      For sure chanda…i won’t zkm

      Luv u all❤❤❤❤

    3. Moni7

      Chanda dear..i won’t leave zkm….and plp are close to my heart…❤❤❤????

  20. Wat the hell is wrong with sharuya

  21. ChandaMaya

    Sorry for the auto correct typos . . .Give Mahek sometime.

  22. Moni7

    Soon am coming with my new one shot..
    ❤?❤….spl thanks to Dolly hema priya preethi vishi vinitha tamizh shama salma sabnam geeta sweta dharshini..sry if i left few names ….you are all supported me

    Moni luv u all….with panda love?❤?..

  23. Wow moni kutti…mikka makilzhi…one shot fill it full of romance n have it a blast????

    1. Moni7

      Dolly dear..posted new os.. moderation..

  24. Sorry guys am not at all impressed with episodes in these days, i am getting boring to watch the show.

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