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Mahek 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says what he was saying? that i will run back to him? what he thinks of himself? i dont have debt to give him back. Mansi comes there and asks Mahek to come downstairs, we have made dish, Mahek says i am not in mood, Mansi says its your favorite, come.
Mahek comes downstairs, Sonal says you have got ego after getting job, where are you lost? PD and Balwant are arguing over TV remote. Mahek is lost and is putting salt in her plate blankly, Sonal asks what is going on? Mahek says my heart and mind is having contest, i am loosing in both cases, i am not even getting sleep. Sonal asks who has done it? Mahek says none other than Shaurya Khanna. Sonal says you are going to new job, from where did he come? Mahek says he came there and asked me for coffee, when i said no, he said that

i will go running back to him. Sonal says girls get old waiting for guys and that guy is giving you attention and you are denying it. Sonal asks Mahek to eat dahi.. she says no, someone says on Tv that if girl doesnt eat dahi then she is in love. Mahek starts eating dahi and says to Sonal that i am not in love, Sonal laughs.
Sonal and Mahek are in room. Mahek says Shaurya is behaving like romantic movie’s hero, how to stop him? Sonal says i have learned that if a girl asks boy to not come closer then it means girl wants him closer, tell me truly you want him to not come to you? you cried for Shaurya but you smiled because of him and he has doen favors on you too, my experience is saying that you are in love with him, Mahek says are you helping me? you are saying rubbish, leave me alone, Sonal says you will never be alone from now on because Shaurya will be in your thinking and mind all the time, she leaves. Mahek thinks and is tensed.
Rajiv says to Shaurya that we have done all preparations, only chef is to be employed, we have given our best chef to KD, i have shortlisted few, select one from them, Shaurya is lost in thoughts.
Mahek is looking at moon and says this love is rubbish, i will get busy in love and it wont happen. She looks at her phone and is irritated.
Shaurya is looking at his phone, waiting for someone’s call. Rajiv asks if someone important is going to call? are you having silent fast? tell me what is it, Shaurya says dont disturb me, leave me alone today, Rajiv sighs and leaves. Shaurya looks at moon.
Mahek opens her laptop. Shaurya is looking at his laptop too, both are waiting for each other to contact, both are restless, ae dil hai mushkil plays, Mahek contemplates to contact him or not while Shaurya is agitated that she is not calling. Both are not getting sleep.

Scene 2
Its morning. Mahek is working in KD’s hotel kitchen. she looks at cooker and recalls supercook incident when she asked for cooker from Shaurya, how he brought it for her. Mahek is lost in thoughts. KD is watching her from far, Mahek starts cooking again, she recalls how Shaurya scolded her for evenly chopping veggies and how he held her hand and chopped it for her, she starts chopping veggies and shrugs, KD smirks seeing it. Kd comes to his assistant Shalini and says this Mahek is desi girl, how did she impress Shaurya? he acts like englishman, she agrees.
Mahek is cooking and recalls how Sonal said that Mahek is in love with Shaurya, she tries to concentrate but is not able too.
Mahek leaves office after hours. KD says Mahek is our trump card, he asks Shalini to make exclusive contract for her, give her money as much as she wants but her recipes should be in our menu only, do it fast, i dont want Shaurya to change her mind, she says it will be done.
Shaurya is driving car in anger, he recalls Mahek leaving in rickshaw yesterday when he was waiting for her. Driver is sitting on passenger seat and says to Shaurya that i will drive, you are driving too fast, Shaurya says you think i cant drive? Shaurya thinks Mahek get out of my mind, you have no right to live in my mind. Shaurya drives faster and hits another car, he gets into accident.
Mahek comes out of office and says i didnt want to see Shaurya’s face then why i am waiting for him when he is not here? She calls Shaurya, his driver takes call, she asks where is Shaurya? driver says Shaurya has got into accident, Mahek is shocked and asks where? he tells her address, Mahek ends call and takes rickshaw. She comes to accident site. She sees Shaurya’s car crashed with other car, she sees blood on road and car’s windshield, one man says seems like man is finished inside car, Mahek says no, police doesnt let her to near car, Mahek screams for Shaurya and says i want to go to him, Mahek asks policeman to let her go, i want to meet Shaurya, he says you cant move to accident site. Mahek cries, Shaurya comes there and asks what are you to Shaurya? Mahek turns and sees Shaurya fine and standing there, she runs to him crying and hugs him tightly, Shaurya is little surprised, Mahek cries on his shoulder, Shaurya slightly smiles and asks why are you crying? Mahek says driver said you had accident, he says yes but i didnt get injured, she breaks hug and says then what is it? Shaurya says i thought to do some acting, Mahek weeps and hugs him again, Shaurya says i told you, you will run back to me in 24hours, Mahek says why you did it? what if something happened to you? shaurya says how does it matter to you? he breaks hug and says it wont matter you if anything happens to me right? Mahek hugs him again and says i would have died, Shaurya says why? why would have you died? Mahek breaks hug and looks at him, she says because I.. he asks you what? Mahek says some things are not said, they should be understood, Shaurya says i dont understand them so say it, Mahek looks away, Shaurya says say it Mahek Shaurya Khanna.. Mahek snaps her head back him surprised, Shaurya says say Mahek Shaurya Khanna, Mahek smiles in daze, Mahek says I.. I love you Shaurya, shaurya smiles hearing it.

PRECAP- Shaurya comes to Mahek’s house and holds PD’s hand and goes on his knees, PD says yo are 60years late, you cant propose me now, i am retired, Shaurya says i am just 60years late so i will be satisfied with your shadow, so i can make your laddo(Mahek) dahi(yogurt) of my life(asking for Mahek’s hand), Mahek is stunned and blushes while whole family is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What an epi…i hv no words to describe it…but plz dnt say that its a plan of shaurya to take revenge.i dnt wnt this…want to see them together..plz writers..dnt hurt mehek.we wanna see their romance..nt hatred.

    1. Latha

      Aditi me too don’t want any revenge and want to see their romance dear let us wait and watch what will happen

  2. Moni7

    Hai latha dear maanu dear Christina……..s v should not trust him… fraud shaurie….he make mehak to fall in love with him….. she truly love him…..but wat about shaurie he still look like big question mark…..??

    1. True da but a cutie pie fraud so nama avana kovichuka mudiyathey…..we r very good girl’s….we can’t hate such a cute and handsome boy like shaurya….let’s wait and watch what he is up to….

    2. Latha

      Chumma chumma fraudnnu sollathe adi vanga pore Moni enkitta

      1. Hahahaha ayo bayama irukey…?????

    3. Hi moni sis n u r right shaurya is planning something evil n we dont know what is his plan???i think its for getting info of kd hotel or for revenge..
      Anyway stay happy lota of love to u??????

  3. I think shaurya wants a chef not a wife

  4. Moni7

    Whatever it is ….. all credits goes to shaurya khanna…..he knows how to make girls mad over him…… madness and craziness overloaded❤❤❤❤❤mana mana mana mental manadhil.??oki en kanmani shaurie?❤???

    1. Moni u must ready to accept that he is married and u can’t make him ur’s????
      So try to find someone similar to shaurya and important thing he must b unmarried????????

      And I wish u will definitely get Ur prince charm soon???❤❤❤

      1. Preethi ilang

        Mannu moni mathiri nanum romba excited ayidhuven avana screen la parthu…..but i ill make my self to understand he is a married guy preethi control ur self……

      2. Hahahahha Preethi u r rite….but I’m not crazy for karan vohra I’m crazy for shaurya’s attitude…what to do manufacturing defect ma???????

    2. Latha

      Mini all the best for maanu’s comment

      1. Moni7

        Nandri latha dear?❤??…..

  5. Can any one one confirm…me tht whtehr its all just an acting by shauurya… Am scared …. ?.. Have any hiden motive in his mind..?? Loved todays episode… Bt i dont like one thing in episde.. Y writers fastly made..say i love you..need more scenes jealousy shaurya…misssed tht element..?

    1. Sasha

      Yes he is upto something.. May be revenge for Mehak’s slap..


    So awsome proposal… and so awsome confession of love.. ????????????
    Kash reality me bhi itna accha proposal and confession hota☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  7. Hai friends iam new to this group alaraum apadierukinga today’s episode was good.i feel pavam for mehak shaurya didn’t hug her back even once

    1. Latha

      Hi welcome Niknak to this group and I too think he will hug her happily but he didn’t hug her back….

  8. Hi….couldn’t resist from commenting , god Wat an episode so cute proposal……n shaurya’s smile killer

  9. I love d episode soooo much….. revenge kevenge ,,,,what ever ,,,, u just rocked mehriya, ,, love you so much. …awesome chemistry. …..

  10. His evil revenge plan is now conformed as he neither hugged her back….nor said I love you too…..he is planning something very big…….I can’t able to see them part their ways…plzz be together forever yarr?

  11. Awesome mahek cursed shaurya that he never get a girl’s love throughout his life but she herself loving him its the starting of shaurya victory over mahek. Shaurya & KD both business men need mahek for their business . Poor mahek very soon she vl realise shauryas trick. They r cute couples . Very eager to see both together.

  12. Hello all.. How are you all.. Hope all are doing fine after this threatening cyclone..

    Coming to episode, I was not aware of any serial that audience themselves feel why cvs are taking story so fast ?☺️ But it happened here.. why they jumped into marriage this early..
    Back to back 3 hugs aa.. But guys do you observe today shaurie never hugged her back.. he only instigated mehak to confess by saying mehak shaurya khanna..
    plan worked.. mehak confessed..
    So, now it’s clear that our baby soon start his revenge mode..
    But I’m in confusion that will he stop the marriage at last moment or tortures he after marriage..
    Poor laddoo.. Get ready for fight of course romance bhi hotha?

  13. Hi all, I am new here. Just wanted to share my thoughts. How did Mehek fall so easily, I know situation was not easy when she saw shourya meeting with an accident. But rather than proposing she cud have handled it in different way. She very well knows that he scolded her many times and he used to abuse her badly..she did not even put an effort to research whether it is true love or not and did not even think what are the reasons behind this drastic change.

    1. I agree Mehrya, somethings not right, he didn’t hug her back or admit his love for her. Perhaps he has been too afraid as in the past he has been hurt. Mehek shud tread more carefully. Hope he does t hurt her. Miss his attitude, funny brought?

  14. Sometimes I don’t understand why am I thinking so much about this and becoming emotional when I know Mehrya have to act as per the instructions given to them by the director or producer…very funny ??

  15. Ayesh042

    Dont tell me that this all is Shaurya’s plan to take revenge of that slap for Mehak.
    If it is then it will be horrible

  16. Ayesh042

    but apart from everything the epi was bang and Samiksha *I hope I wrote the correct spelling* is looking so nice in this slim loook.
    But shaurya’s smile seem to appear evil to me. He definetly is upto something, something very horrible which will shatter mehak bt then gradullay Shaurya will gradually fall for her.
    The story is going nice bss I dont cvs to drag it bilawaja for trps :/

  17. Diane Almeida

    OMG I can watch today’s episode over and over again. 🙂

  18. Im seriously scared for them, bc if they do breakup, then im gonna be so upset. I cant handle them separate bc i ship them too much!!! <3 <3 <3 Mehrya 4eva and eva !!!!!!! SOMETHING IS VERY FISHY WID THIS EPISODE bc OF SHAURYA'S creepy smile and the random times when he has an angry look on his face while thinking…….
    Some food for thought

  19. Moni7

    Latha dear and maanu… THANK u sooo much dears for ur comments????hope for the best?.I Too Wish the same❤??…And definitely unmarried man @maanu??…enna pathaa unakku ipdi theriyudhu baby ma?????…..
    @latha dear…oki no more fraud solla maten….but he started his new game wer she s the play card….. shaurie’s oly motive is mehak herself have to confess it….even i noticed he didn’t hug her back….just similing….usal killer smile….the girl who told him that he vl nt get any girl or love frm any girl finally she herself ending up in love with him??? …… shaurie did it…..for sure her vl marry her doesn’t let her go coz if she isn’t with him then whom he vl torture…. He vl give back wat and all mehak does to him…….. It gonna be the most horrible revenge …..i feel pity for mehak?…..she truly love sharuie…..but sharuie too having a feeling for mehak….it shows in his eyes…. Oly his eyes showing love and pain…. That sarcastic smile make me sacred?… is human psychology if someone hurt us r did something v just want to give them the same back….that vengeance? tit for tat???….he is also in the same mind set…..first success in his game mehak propose him……lot more come… one is aware of his true intention…..

  20. Moni7

    As kanta chachi said earlier to mehak…rich boys use girls n throw them just like USE and THROW…the same going to happen in our ladoo’s life also…..poor mehak…. definitely she it hurt her more than anything….

    “BETRAYAL FROM LOVE” the most worst pain ………which hurts more than slap n slap wound…..adha avala thanga mudiyathu adhu dhan avanukku vennum…..ippovae enakku romba keshtam irukku mehak kaga…..plz CVS don’t make our cutie pie shaurie again a anti hero…..v just want him to be a lover boy…….IT ACTUALLY SUITS HIM…..that LOVER BOY IMAGE……

  21. Moni7

    Mehak blindly in love with shaurie….the reason y she fall for him is non other than shaurie …such a smart play he played… tricks…. poor ladoo is unaware of it…..kadhalukku en illa pavam mehak….avana romva nambara….. indha shaurie edhavadhu panna avan face la oru kothu vidanum pola irukkum…angry bird mookan…..nakkala sirikaran…..

    1. Latha

      Moni, Mehak shauri kuda coffee kudikka poi irundirkkalam ivlo sekiram flat ayirukka vendaam. Kadoosa konjam kuda alavittirukkalam. Ladoo ellam kotti tertutta. Ellam Mehak vayaleye solla vechittan. Yaaru petra Magalo enna paadu pada poralo illa kadoosa padutha poraloo teriyaleya. Aiyoooooooooooo ippadi polamba vittutangale.

      1. Moni7

        S dear…total surrender mehak nethu shaurie kitta?❤?… But avan innum luv u Mehak ku solla la…poi ponnu dhan kekkaran …..avan motive marriage dhan love illa…latha Dear…but oru confusion ba dhan irukku…avan dhan badhil sollanum… shaurie??❤???…ponunga neenga vera avana pathi neyabam paduthitinga …. inaiku fulla la naamae idathu enakku…half mental la sutha poren…oru dentist ta ipdi mental akitanae pavi??❤❤❤❤……delhi ku avan shooting spot kitta oru clinic oru dental camp pota dhan seri agum pola…avanum anga vandha ipdi irukkum…❤❤❤❤❤❤…naa mersalatian..
        ..anga enga treatment panuvsn avan dhan pappen …he he he ??❤❤?

      2. Preethi ilang

        S latha ava coffee lu poi erutha evalavu problem vanthu erukathu illa mehek…….unna avan surrender akithan avan kitta…..

      3. Moni semma po
        …baby ma Na una korai solala da….yena than irunthalum nee Frnd illaya athan unaku alert kudukuranga????… shaurya is very bad boy ma?????handsome bad boy…..

    2. Iswarya_santhosh

      Akka va na unaku?…. Kolla poren d una???.. Shaurie paiyithiyam pudichuchuruku moni unaku… Yar petha ponno ipdi loosa akitanae intha shaurie..

  22. Same like iss phar ka kya naam doon ek baar phir.. torture and love after marriage!!

  23. I think story line would be, shaurya will use mehek to get info about KDs restaurant, he will propose mehek, but on the wedding day.. He’ll refuse to marry her, mehek will get broke, but shaurya’s mom will force shaurya to marry her to save mehek n her family’s respect in front of media.. N they will both get married, n mehek will start hating shaurya 4 dat…

  24. Aiyo I dint c the episode.. Crap missed it :'( Moni, Latha, Preethi, Mannu hi..

  25. Preethi ilang

    Hi friends… was ur day….now ly i watched the episode…..mehek was flat yes’day… too flat because of shaurya…..wat a smile shaurya ……love u?…….wen she start to hug him he start to laugh full of 1000 watts light……he din say i love u……but he called her as Mehek shaurya khanna…..he showed is attitude by not telling i love u…..may be today he might say i love u……..

    1. Sasha

      Aweee yep.. In fact even i started to blush at that scene.. He was damn cute at that part.. He could have got little more cheek so that he would soooooooooooooooooo cute….

  26. Omg….too gud….we love to watch the serial really so good we have lots of fans and towards south side like Chennai keep on….. good work……

    1. Preethi ilanp

      hey pavi mee too from chennai….keep commenting yar…….

  27. samikshas acting was too good and would be good if the writer try to give some thing like is pyarr ko kya naam doon season 1 not like season 2.season 1 story was too good but it ended soon becoz of baruns schedule.ispkkd seson 2 was horrible.plz writer show some good story.the actors give life to the story but the life runs if the writer is good.

    1. Hey sweety I had the same thought of ipkknd 1… I want them to b like arnav and kushi…lots of love small small fights like a sweet dream…I don’t want mahek to get pain from this false love….plz CVS make this shaurya to fell for mehak as soon as possible….

      1. mannu u watched ipkknd 1…..i am a great fan baron sobit and kushi yar……wat a story

  28. shabnam yadav

    waw kya bat h mehek ap to chha gai
    …………o m g
    best hugged…..?????????
    very nyc………..
    ap runing wale look so amezing
    ……… apka cry wala look to puchiye mt
    and very cuit?????
    i love u mehek…..
    ….. bt mera soru v kamal ka h
    kya sweet sa awaj h kya look h kya attitud h….
    banda ho to mere soru jaisa
    ……mahek to puri tarh fans gai pyar me…
    kuch v bt aj ka episod……..
    so romayntic ?????????
    i like it
    … suparbbbbbbbb episod ?????????
    i love u my dear soru…..???????????????

  29. samiksha has good cuteness in her face and she portray her character so well than karan.i felt karan gives some same face expression for few scenes.repetative expression and he has a good smile.

  30. hai mannu, they say as love story but either it ends with marriage,revenge then love.orelse like kum kumbakiya the character of alia and made abhi totally dumbo.i felt this mehak was going good for the past 2 weeks again they will show some fake love drama then mehak stands against hero ,why dont they portray the hero in a good way,i expect some good understanding lov story between them,but dont know what the writers will be up to.i expect some good understanding love story.lets see wats happening.i dont know how the writers make mehak to propose so quickly by having so much torture during intial days.they make fool of the character mehak by showing the scene of cutting veggies during cook show but after that he intentionally cut her finger.then later shauria will be made dumb without dialogue s and all female will be leading the story.

    1. Hi sweety ,I agree the CVS mad mahek propose to early but mahek has feelings for shaurya after the rescue mission…but she didn’t realise that but wen sonal and shaurya insist her to confess her feelings…I hope after somedays of marriage shaurya also have feelings for mahek and really fall for her and it will become a heartwarming love story for our time…❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Hey guys!! ?? Soooooo…. I am really happy because I have a very very very good news mehak is in top 20 trp chart list. And on 16 number?????????????????????

  32. I m Sure its all a plan. In most of the serials it happens. Mehak confessed her love not shaurya. He will surely say that in later episodes that i never said that i love u. Mehak will suffer a lot. So lets be happy now by seeing mekrya bromance

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