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Mahek 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Its morning, Sharma family prays to Lord. Mansi says Maa please get Mahek selected in competition, she does aarti and gives parsad to Mahek, Mohit and Kanta. Kanta asks Mohit to fill form now, he asks for pen, Ravi gives it to him and says all the best to Mahek. Ravi comes to Jeevan and asks if he talked to DIG’s wife? Jeevan says why i have my wife, Ravi says you said you would talk to her about car agent, Jeevan says i said that being drunk, Ravi says now come with me to car agent or else i will tell Kanta bhabhi that you drank wine last night, Jeevan leaves with him.
Mohit fills Mahek’s form, Balwant taunts that family saw one ray of hope and all are running behind it, PD says once a grumpy oldie, will always grumpy oldie. Mohit is filling Mahek’s form for competition.

He says to Kanta that there is one question here that why Mahek has interest in cooking? Kanta says write something impressive that judges will like, he recalls how in DID dance competition, people tell their emotional and struggle stories, he says okay and writes down. Mahek sees her form and says what was the need to write all that? Kanta says leave it for the one who will read it.
Shaurya checks one form of Kabir Gupta and says atleast food is important for someone, he accepts his form. Shaurya sees Mahek’s form and says my astrology is going good these days, i told you that they were just doing drama, see she filled form, Rajiv is happy to see her form. Shaurya reads that in form, she wrote she hates aim, he says M for motapa(fat), M for middle class and M for Mahek Sharma. Shaurya gets Mahek’s form and reads to Rajiv, he says its written that when i was 12years old, i lost my mother, she was really good food and cooking makes me feel closer to my mom so whenever i miss her i cook.. He throws away form and says how middle class, he says this is not casting for TV soap, she has sold her dead mother’s story to get entry in competition, blo*dy fraud.
Jeevan and Ravi comes to showroom. Ravi grabs agent’s collar and says you gave me petrol car when i ordered for diesel car. Agent says i gave you car which you filled for in your form, he brings form, Jeevan sees petrol written on form, Ravi says i didnt read it but i trusted ths agent, agent says its your fault, Jeevan says do you know that according to law, you will get jailed for 2years for cheating your customer, i will see you in court not. Jeevan and Ravi starts leaving, Ravi asks Jeevan when did he learn about law? Jeevan says i just lied to scare him. Agent runs to them and says dont drag me to court, i will change your car and will give you diesel one, he goes to confirm their car, Ravi hugs Jeevan happily.
All family members are sitting around phone, waiting for Mahek’s confirmation call. Mahek says anyone wants tea? Jeevan says yes me, Mahek is about to leave but phone rings, Kanta asks Mahek to pick up and talk in english. Mahek takes call and says okay. She ends call, Mohit says its good news right? Kanta asks her to tell, Jeevan says tell me, i have to go to washroom. Kanta says tell us, Mahek says they have called for audition tomorrow morning, All clap for her, Balwant says its just first round, she will be out in two three rounds maximum, PD taunts please clean my slipper, it has dirt on it, Balwant leaves, all are excited for Mahek but Mahek is tensed.
Mahek comes to her room, she is tensed. She opens her laptop and messages Shaurya hey.. Karela king.. CCTV? tomorrow is my big test, i want your best wishes. Shaurya doesnt reply her. Mahek says he must be busy, all doesnt have india super cook in their lives. Kanta comes and asks to sleep, she asks why she is going for chatting and all? its Nehal’s department, i dont like all this you know, Mahek says i have made page on my mother’s name, you know it. Kanta sees page where food recipes are posted, Kanta smiles and says this is all happening with your mother’s blessing only, she hugs Mahek and asks her to sleep, she leaves, Mahek turns off laptop and goes to sleep.

Scene 2
Its morning, Ravi says we will all fit in car, Nehal will sit in lap of someone, Nehal says no i wont, i am not going. Kanta says no need to get stuffed in car. Mahek comes there, Mansi says she is looking really nice, Ravi says we should hire cab, Kanta says no, only Mahek, me and Jeevan will go, its just audition, not all have to leave their work, let two.. three rounds pass then we will see. Mansi makes Mahek eat yogurt as good will. They leave.
Mahek, Jeevan and Kanta comes to audition venue in rickshaw. Kanta asks Mahek what happened? Mahek says i am tensed, Kanta says you will do good like in Dehli heart. Mahek says there are so many people here for competition, you think i will be able to compete with them? Kanta says dont worry. Mahek is tensed, host asks Mahek to not be tensed, relax and enjoy the competition. Host sees car stopping and says seems like our judges have arrived. shaurya gets off car. Mahek looks on. Other judge Kakkar,, comes out of car then Rajiv comes out. Shaurya says this anchor is talking so much. He sees Mahek standing there and angrily stares her. Shaurya says to Rajiv, go and motivate. Kanta greets Rajiv, She says to Mahek that one judge is already impressed with you, there are two more, impress them too. Shaurya messages Mahek that my best wishes are always with you, all the best and rock the desk. Mahek smiles reading his message. She writes that i wish, you were here and would see how nervous I am. She looks up and sees Shaurya waving to people, she frowns seeing his arrogant face, she recalls how they met first, then how they fought at dhabba, Shaurya recalls how she insulted him, Mahek recalls how he threw her out of his hotel, they stare each other, Shaurya leaves.

PRECAP- Audition starts. Mahek says there is something missing her. shaurya comes and asks what? she says cooker, he asks what she cooked? she says rice pakoras. Shaurya says you were asked to cook risotto but you didnt, sorry Miss. Sharma your journey has ended even before starting, Mahek is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Good episode,i luv Sharuya’s attitude…Oh Mahek my cutee…

  2. I like mehak…nice epi…see looks vry innocent person

  3. Dear Atiba… Being a Delhite its my responsibility to correct you.
    .. its Dilli Haat… aplace in Delhi… not delhi heart…..

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