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Mahek 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Grandma comes to her room. Svetlana comes there and has heard Karona and grandma talking, how Shaurya killed Mahek’s parents, she asks grandma to sit down, grandma does, Svetlana says you didnt tell me such big thing? Grandma says I was about to tell you but I didnt know, only Karona knew. Svetlana says then lets everyone, we will put fire in Shaurya’s life, he will burn for life now. Grandma says dont do this please.

Shaurya and Mahek are sitting at poolside, Mahek lying her back on his back. Mahek asks if I ask anything then will you give it? you have given me a lot of things without asking but it will be difficult to give it to me when I am asking.
Svetlana asks Grandma if she is scared of Karona? we can destroy Shaurya’s life. Grandma says if secret comes out

then we will be doomed, when Mahek will know that Shaurya killed her parents, then she will send Shaurya to jail and Sharma family will get all this property and we will be singing in mandir and we will lose 10croes which Karona is about to give us, Svetlana says you finally got brains? Grandma says no I have become more celever and jerk as I am with you.
Shaurya says to Mahek that I have given everything of mine to you, I can give my life to you too, Mahek says I will keep your life safe with me and protect it more than mine but I want to ask for a promise, can we become friends before husband and wife? friends dont hide things from each other, lies bring bitterness to relations and I want to spend good and peaceful life with you so can you promise me that? she holds out her hand, Shaurya holds it and nods, Mahek lies her head on his shoulder.
Svetlana says to grandma that we have to kill Mahek to get this property? Grandma says yes and we have to make it like neither Sharma family nor Karona can come inbetween that, we have to send Mahek to her parents and Shaurya will go mad and we will get property. Svetlana says tomorrow is their wedding and we will prepare death of Mahek too, we will see Mughal-e-Azam movie live tomorrow.

Kanta says to Karona that we have arranged marriage hall which has specific timing so come on time, Karona says Shaurya is so excited that he might go there now only, all laugh, Shaurya gets call and leaves to take it. Grandma and Svetlana comes there, Mahek touches their feet. Shaurya comes there and says I have booked very nice venue for Mahek and mine wedding, its 5-star hotel, its great, its all world-class thats why I chose it for Mahek and mine wedding. Kanta says but.. Shaurya says I know bride’s side does this arrangement and you dont have budget but I wanted mine and Mahek’s wedding to be great, Kanta says but budget? Shaurya says i am not splurging, its Mahek’s money, she is going to spend it. Mahek says dont joke about it, dont spend money like that, we will have simple wedding. Mahek says to Shaurya that dont ignore it, by naming your property in my name, it wont become mine, Shaurya says to Mahek that if money is mine then let me do what I want with it, Shaurya’s father comes there and says its not your money but your father’s which you got as heir, all are tensed, Father says did you forget or should i remind you? Karona says when did you arrive? Father says i came when i smelt my money being burned, you didnt leave any way so I had to come, father says to Sharma family that first time Shaurya ranaway from wedding but this time you have trapped him fully, congrats you have come fully prepared to get everything, Jeevan says its not that, they love each other, Father says stop this drama, you used your daughter to trap this fool Shaurya and she mad Shaurya name all property to her. Mahek says dont say that papa, father says I am not your papa, you can make these fake and forceful relations with Shaurya and her mother but not with me. Shaurya shouts shut up Rajesh Khanna, neither I accepted you as father nor you accepted me as son, if you cant be part of my happiness then leave, father says see his opinion about me? if i didnt bring him in this house when he was teen then he would be selling tea on stalls, I gave everything to him, Shaurya says you spent money which you got as husband of Karona and all this money, I have earned all this with my hardwork, its not yours. Shaurya says I feel disgusted to call you my father, Shaurya’s father slaps him across face, all are stunned. R am your father, if i had slapped you earlier then you wouldnt have this tongue today, Shaurya charges at him but Mahek holds his hand. Rajesh sees grandma and says you are here too? you must not be alone, your daughter and son in law would be here to enjoy too, all beggars have come together, enjoy the wedding now, he leaves. Balwant says I think we should leave, Mahek is in tears and leaves, Shaurya looks on.

Rejesh says to Karona that have you gone mad? you are hiding such big secret and making them get married? if they get to know it then we will lose all this property. Svetlana comes there and asks him to drink and cool down, and dont make Karona understand, she is blind by her son’s love, Karona asks her to shut up, Svetlana says there will be big problem, Shaurya has brought outsiders in this home, Rajesh says there wont be problem till I am alive, he leaves. Karona glares at her and leaves. Svetlana says we will do everything and Rajesh will be blamed for it.

Shaurya is drinking wine and recalls what happened with Rajesh in function, how he slapped him. Mahek comes there and puts hand on his shoulder, Shaurya looks away and drinks more wine, he looks at her, Shaurya says when i was 5 years old, my father married another woman for money, i remember my mother spending life and died because of hunger and illness and my father didnt even come to see her once, i would be begging on streets today. Shaurya drinks more, MAhek says he is your father, if you keep this much hatred then you will get hurt only, Shaurya laughs being drunk, he says tomorrow is my wedding thats why I am drinking, see I am happy, look at my face, I am happy, Mahek is hurt to see his state, she hugs him and thinks that I will try best to remove your bitterness and bring you and your father closer.

PRECAP- Svetlana is in grandma’s room. Svetlana says tomorrow Mahek’s palanquin will be taken out but for marriage but to graveyard, grandma looks on, Scvetlana smirks.
Shaurya and Mahek are in car, some goons come there, they spray chloroform on Shaurya, he faints, they tie Mahek’s hands and take her from there. Goons throw Mahek in deep ditch and start filling it with sand, Mahek gets scared and screams for Shaurya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hai friends how are you to all soory for i didn’t comment daily my semester going on so that wise. …. Today episode very nice but this two villeys tooo much nonsense planned to kill mehek … but it was very interesting I hope shaurya difently save mehek and married also soon….. I can’t wait till Monday episode it’s tooooo much exciting. …. buts friends take care good night my dear lovely family members to all

  2. i hate the entry of shaurya father and svetlana they behave like as if they are brother and sister.karuna is helpless and soon shaurya will be helpless as soon as mehek find the we have to wait for long enough for happiness.

  3. sadi hogi ya nhi….

    Shaurya ###????

  4. Sorry for not commenting daily friends. I am an athlete after practice I feel tired that’s why not commenting. Nowadays I am not taking phone itself. To be frank nowadays zkm is boring and story line is bad. Sorry to say this but this is my opinion even piya albela is getting better than zkm anyway I will be a mehraya fan always.

  5. Chaaya

    Welcome KKB now to be one with ZKM . . .absolute secret society entertainment ? what are people leaving from this absolute crap? Evil is powerful and reign supreme. Save your previous comments, I am not going to making this serial climb in ratings. I am switching this crap off. I think the writers are are pychos and rich brat filmy industry kids perpetuating their corrupt lifestyles by hooking good people into living in an idiot box . . .yes, bury Mahek alive. That must be a reflection on modern society? Absolutely barbaric. If you enjoy this then you might like it in your own reality. I hope ZKM starts losing its popularity . . . Might teach these cheap writers a thing or two. Enjoy you unintellectual banter.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Chanda sis I know this story is becoming unbearable, like KkB. Women are always victimized . . They are portrayed as super evil or super naive or stupid. I know you know more about the entertainment industry and their secret world of corruption, but I am just sad and fed up and I will be turning my back on this serial soon.

  6. Chaaya

    These storylines are insulting to the truly Ed . . . Ultimately these programs promote violence, drinking, all the vices . . . Then a stupid disclaimer if flashed in your face. Bunch of Wannabees. Failing totally because good values are portrayed with hypocrisy. This ZKM is getting ridiculous, but then if you were making a good salary on this crap and the masses fall for it because they consider this entertaining then most of us are wasting our lives. This is no way to relax.

  7. Chaaya

    What kind of mind set do you live with in the East . . .in the West violence and s?x and drugs and terrorism have real faces and it is confidently perpetuated. I guess you all want a piece of the American pie: guns and loose behaviour and still claiming Western values are superior. You all just got duped by the cancer of entertainment children are rared on in the West. As I said, the new invasion is to affect your pristine, innocent culture and corrupt your tastes and values so you will be aligned with the rest of the world, by corrupting you and instintually your reasons and culture through a box of entertainment feeding you crap. You want to become like the West end soon you will be seeing soft porn and violence bombarding your minds. Consumers of mind control!!???????????

    1. ChandaMaya

      Oh my dear sis! Yes, you are right. I really started looking at Indian serials and recommended it too to my non South Asian friends. It was great, but then when they started asking me silly questions, I said I cannot defend the poor qyality drama. One does not turn the tv on and expect Shakespeare?

  8. ChandaMaya

    As South Asians, we live pretty good, upstanding lives and we work hard for our families. We have high expectations for our children and expect them to respect our culture and values, but this bombardment of competing ideals which are reflected in our current television shows is conflicting. I stopped looking at television for about 3 months and it was great! I think I will be quitting this nonsense e now. It’s childish and meant for idle minds. The leisure class has time for this, not me. I have a lot to get done and washing my own time.

  9. ChandaMaya

    Wasting my time

  10. ChandaMaya

    I will be by from time to time, but I think I am leaving this show behind. Meant to remember it with a good heart.

    Chaaya you are so right!? ZKM is becoming stinking ?………?

  11. I think Kurona will have to tell the truth to save mahek

  12. Sorry guys but i actually like the story line i know that they show women being the victim and all but i really have a faint hope that mahek will save herself and shaurya even if not shaurya wil save them i look into it as love and not characterisation because down here in south soaps its always the female who has an upper hand hero role very less so when i c zkm i am simply loving it but ofc total bad evil wins here but mehraya forever ?

    1. Chaaya

      Good for you dear, whatever turns your crank . . . If you enjoy it then don’t feel bad. That’s your preference. You don’t even have vto defend yourself.

    2. Chaaya

      South Indians are ultimately matriarchal . . . North is patriarchal. So take your pick. Evil reigns in both societal structures.

      1. Thank you chaaya for once sum1 has actually replied to my posts but i like all pf u here the way u analyze the epis

  13. Chandamaya sis and chaaya sis I’m completely agree with you both.
    I think I will stop watching this show.
    Nothing good to learn from this serial.
    Have a bless weekend guys.

    1. Chaaya

      Love you my sis. I will be by from time to time. I blasted KKB today. I will share my comment here.

      1. Chaaya

        The following was a commentary on serials and the kind of entertainment . . . :

        These times on Earth is great . . .Kaliyuga blo*dy great ending. If we came by our existence with a big Bang we are sure to all go out in a Big Bang. God help us all, such absolute childish entertainment. Maybe Mother Earth would give us some real drama! War, Earthquakes, Floods, Volcanic scriptions, tsunamis, Invasions, Wars . . . Then we won’t be so bored . . ?‍? oh, and let’s throw in some famine, hunger, inhumanties to women and children, war, rape of our loved ones . . . That’s the truth of our human history. What have we learned? We get high on petty dramas perpetuating evil. Did anyone think about how many children had no food today? We are feeding our idle
        thoughts on such hunger for garbage entertainment.

      2. Chaaya

        This was meant for KKB, but generally it rings true for our idle middle class, high class societies totally oblivious to the larger world around us. I think as a global society, we spend more time living in the tv box and computer. Our oceans are dying, our planet is dying, and we feel this type of life will be sustained forever? We humans are an absolute self centric tragedy. Sad that this is what our entertainment world is about. It’s the new way to subbsciously condition society – those who cannot help but get drawn into this type of entertainment. These writers are paid to take us diown . . .a lot of them like Ekta Kapoor producer for KKB, she is laughing. Her film parents and her are part of the film caste elite. They don’t care about the quality of the story or writing. If the reasons are good they are laughing all the way to the bank. That Ekta is worth 12 million USD or 72 crores. She can buy an education. So long as we give them good ratings they are catching in. We are consumers of such garbage and a lot of these serials are psychologically warped be and evil. Our children are watching it. Guys in the next generation your children are going to put us all in old age homes. We can are very teaching them really good values, don’t you think?

      3. Chaaya

        They b are cashing ??????? in., While we waste our time. I will support TU and the translaters because they work hard and reading the updates is way better than helping their ratings. I will watch only when the episode is calm without seeing such haneous crimes and evil plots. If it is far and few then I will stop watching.

      4. ChandaMaya

        That’s a lot of money for writing crapola!! ?

    2. Chaaya

      Do you look at Shani? It’s great! So much more to it. At least the stories are about Vedic cosmology. Way more for the intellect.

  14. Chaaya

    Just tired of it, so excuse me, but good night.

  15. ChandaMaya

    Hi Chaaya, Geeta, all other Mehryans . . .I agree with everyone. Some like this stuff but my non South Asian friends laugh about our serials. They ask why all the serials are the same, about weddings and kidnapping and gang behaviour? I feel really bad, so I tell them we are obsessed with marriage and deceitful behaviour. So what about our great spiritual values? Lost, I suppose. I agree Indian society is corrupt and full of under the table bribery. Justice is based on God, if you are lucky, and bit you have money.

    1. True.. Totally agree with you.. Indian tv serials are worst nd best examples see ZKM nd KKB..

  16. ChandaMaya

    Thank God it’s Friday!

  17. Svetlana is irritating .Hope our shaurya saves his mahek. But we’ve to wait till Monday.Hai geetha, moni, Abi sisters.

  18. Hi friends I am anisha . sorry for not commenting regularly. I couldn’t do so because I was having my exam so I was not allowed to even touch the phone. Coming to the episode I would say that today ‘s episode was a good one but I also agree to the view points of all who have commented above ( Sorry I don’t know all of yours name so that’s why.. ) Today’s precap had left me more delighted for Monday as I don’t know about others.

  19. Above I had said much with my writing. So now I will not say much but just to ask all of you like moni7 ,BK,ChandaMaya ,Chaaya and all that can I call you sister ( I mean sis) cause I don’t have any sister so can I ?
    One more thing that I wanted to request moni di to post her ff fast I am eagerly waiting for it. I had read the past episode 5 times . And wants to know what follows ahead.
    Plz do reply to my question.
    And Sorry again for writing much. SORRY TO ALL.

    1. Chaaya

      Love you Anisha we are here even when things seem odd in the shall world. Comment any way you feel. Moni7 sis must be busy. We are all eagerly awaiting her next piece. I said too much so I will be visiting less frequent. The serials are psychologically sickening at times. It all shows the worst of humans. Writers are accepted that I guess the negative but Moni7 accentuates the positive. Yes, we all are awaiting her comments and OS posting.

      1. Chaaya

        Oops, in the serial world.

  20. Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely Mother’s guys.
    Coming to the episode , I was pictures of mehek’s parents on instagram. Are they alive? Her father was with Shaurya’s father.

    1. Chaaya

      More mystery!! ??wow!! I think Chanda keeps saying that from past comments with her crystal ball predictions.

    2. Chaaya

      I think the actors are playing the flashback parts. Check out young Shaurya . . . Cool young dude!! Cute?

  21. Sorry I mean: I saw pictures

  22. I totally agree with you my lovely Chaaya sis.

  23. yeyy happy news for mehek

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