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Mahek 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mehek’s sister asks her if she is dreaming or trying to escape work in kitchen. Mehek says finding reason to talk to Mehek. Mehek tells her mom that her friends are going out for dinner and i am asked to accompany. Her mom refuses permission as they are in Delhi. Her elder sis supports Mehek. Her mom still refuses coz of Mehek’s short temper.
Shaurya’s father brings his friends to Mehek’s father saying this is the way to remove Mehek from Shauryas life. Mehek’s father is drunk and swears to teach Mehek, her sis and her mom a lesson. Shauryas father offers money to Mehek’s father. Shaurays father (Yuvraj) tells his plan to Meheks father (Vikram).

Mehek recollects Shauryas words of waiting for her. Her boxer coach tells Shaurya to encourage friendship with Shaurya

for her own good, to know next step ahead. Mehek reveals how Shaurya invited her for dinner. Boxer coach tells her to meet Shaurya to find out his plans. They say that Shaurya and his father have realised we will not relent to their pressure so they have changed plans. He asks Mehek to go to dinner with Shaurya. Mehek says my mom said no. Boxer coach says i will explain her.

Shauryas father instigates the panchayat against Mehek, her mom and sister. Meheks father fake cries. Shauryas father says that if Mehek and her mom are left uncontrolled they will misguide all other women. He tells them to call Mehek and her mom back to restore the panch’s reputation. The panch agree on Shauryas fathers suggestion. Meheks father tells him his plan is in motion.

Shaurya is waiting for Mehek and Mehek arrives. He says thought you got scared. Mehek says dont show your teeth, lets go. The duo arrive at a dhaba. They feel like they have been there before. Shaurya invites Mehek inside the dhaba. Shaurya is delighted to discuss about food. Mehek asks him to drop gloves and pick up cooking stuff. Shaurya says am a good chef. Mehek says must be cheating. Shaurya takes her challenge to cook and he starts cooking. Mehek watches him. Right then a bunch of goons arrive at the dhaba.

Boxer coach asks Meheks mom to relax and not worry for Mehek. Mehek gets a message from Boxer coach. Shaurya brings the dish to Mehek. The goons are misbehaving with the other waiter. Mehek says your passion is in cooking. Mehek says yes.He says, Boxing is for dad but i love cooking. He tells her to keep it a secret. He feeds Mehek the dish and she smile. The goons taunt Mehek-Shaurya saying what a laila-majnu. Mehek is furious. Shaurya asks her to calm down. The goons encircle them. Shaurya recollects past moments. He says how dare you touch my Mehek. He starts beating the goons. The other waiters stop him. He asks Mehek if he she is fine. He says sorry. Mehek says lets go home. Mehek thanks Shaurya for fighting for her. She says i know how to handle them. Shaurya says dunno what happened to me. Mehek asks if he is fine? Shaurya is drooling on her. BG-Kaun tu mera. Mehek turns to leave but says no one can tell that you love cooking so much. Tell me what can i do for you? Shaurya says nothing, thanks. Mehek says my turn to feed you. Cant cook, will treat you later.

Shaurya comes home and his dad asks where was he? Shaurya says got late with friends, sorry. Yuvraj tells Shaurya his brother is sick so his mom and sister are with him but his grandmother is coming and there is havan. He has to attend.

Mehek’s dad Vikram is shown the location of Mehek’s place. Shaurya-Mehek are practicing. He says it was so tough to come for practice on Eid. You are calling me to Chandni Chowk. He says dad will not let me come. Mehek teases him saying he has to come to Chandni Chowk. He is so confident always but scared of his dad. Shaurya says am not scared of anyone. Mehek says you have to come. If you think i am your friend, you will comee, else dont tell me.

Boxer coach overhears about performance enhancing drugs and decide to tip off the Principal.

Yuvraj is overseeing the arrangements for the havan. He calls Vikram and asks to get on the job on time.

Shaurya comes home and touches Yuvraj’s feet. He calls Shauryas grandmother. Shaurya touches her feet. Shauryas grandmother says am here and will keep you in front of my eyes. Shaurya says have some work. Will be back. Shauryas grandmother says no. First havan, gruh pravesh and then puja. Shaurya resists but grandmother insists he has to do as told. Shaurya sulks that he will lose Meheks friendship coz of this.

Precap — Mehek-Shaurya dancing on Swag se karenge sabka swagat. Yuvraj is calling Shaurya but he is busy dancing with Mehek. Vikram is arriving there with goons.

Update Credit to: Armu4Eva

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  1. Just loving the camaraderie between Mehar and Shaurya and the way they are discovering their previous relationship.Yuvraj has played his cards well by bringing Mehak’s father into picture…let us see how the family is going to handle the situation

  2. As I said before Lakshmi I only hope that Svetlana entry do no t bring destruction to Shaurya and Mehek,I want both of them to remember their past lives BEFORE her entry so that they can be prepared for what she is going to bring their way if a woman can kill her own son and grandchildren she is capable of doing anything so I want them to remember as early as possible I am enjoying Shaurya’s and Mehek’s track for now.

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