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Mahek 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sharma family is eating breakfast, Jeevan says to family that Mahek has started cooking nicely after show, Balwant says you people will like worst food too. PD asks Kanta to call Mahek. Kanta comes to Mahek’s room and doesnt find her. She says where did she go? She sees letter on bed, she reads it, its from Mahek. She has written that i am going to Agra to fight for my self respect, i was never stron before but Shaurya has given me strength to fight, he has tried to break so much that have learned to fight for myself, i am doing something without your consent for first time, forgive me.
Show’s team is getting ready to go to Agra, Shaurya says to Rajiv that Mahek is not going to come. Rajiv says turn around and see who is coming. Shaurya sees Mahek coming there with determination

on her face. She stands infront of him, Shaurya takes off his glasses and stares her, Mahek looks in his eyes, Rajiv says i knew you would come Mahek, right Shaurya? Mahek says thank you sir, this contest is important for me, she smiles and Rajiv, glares Shaurya and goes to give her luggage. She sits in car. Rajiv says lets go shaurya.
Kanta reads letter that i know your nose must be red due to anger, you will be miffed but if i dont take this step then i wont be able to look at myself in mirror, the person because of whom my chacha got slapped, i would get peace by silently slapping him by winning contest. Kanta says what new story Mahek has started?
Shaurya is sitting in his car, Mahek is sitting another car, both cars are moving together, they both are glaring each other through window.
Kanta informs family about Mahek’s letter, all are tensed. Kanta says how can Mahek take such big decision without asking us? Jeevan is calling her but she is not picking, Ravi says Shaurya told us that there wont be phones with contestants there. Kanta asks Mohit to call organizers of show. Mohit calls organizer and requests her to let them talk to Mahek, she says Shaurya has not allowed contestants to use phone, she ends call. PD says call police and tell them that he has kidnapped her, Balwant says that ill cursed girl is headache. Jeevan says we will go to Agra and find her. Mohit says we can go to Shaurya’s too. Kanta asks Mohit and Nehal to go to his house, they leave.
All arrive at Agra. media is there too. Shaurya ignores them. Shaurya sees media gathered around Mahek too. Organizer says we will start program in an hour, contestants leave. Rajiv says to Shaurya that i think you are planning something big, dont do something weird as media is here, they are here to make news, Shaurya says i want news, controversy, Rajiv says be serious, our deals are stuck so dont do any mistake, Shaurya says relax, dont worry about business, nothing can happen without my permission, worry about Mahek, she has big challenge to follow today.

Scene 2
Contestants are entering hotel. Mrs. Chawla says its big hotel, she shows Mahek her room, Mahek thanks her and says i am alone without family for first time, Mrs. Chawla leaves. Shaurya comes to Mahek and says didnt you find your room? Mahek says dont worry, you have big things to handle, she goes to open her room. Shaurya says we are neigbors, our rooms are beside each other, if you get scared then disturb me, if you want then i can open connecting door between our rooms? and yeah, best of luck, take care, he ges in his room. Mahek says he is dog’s tail, dont burn your blood. Mahek comes in her room and chant to not boil her blood. She says there is no family here, i have to take care of myself, she takes deep breaths, she says sorry Kanta chachi, dont worry i will handle everything. Door knocks, she goes near it, Shaurya asks from otherside of connecting door if she is fine? i thought to ask you, we are neighbors, if you ned anything then tell me, i will break door to come to your side, Mahek sees door locked, she puts dressing table, chair, luggage infront of door so that it doesnt open. Shaurya smirks on otherside.
Mohit and Nehal comes to Shaurya’s house, guard ask them to leave, you people keep coming here. Mohit says let us go for two minutes. Shurti listens commotion and comes out of gate. She sees Mohit and Nehal and says i have seen you somewhere, Mohit says you thought we are beggars last time, Shurti says you people came to get food againt? Nehal says we have come to ask about our sister, she is Mahek Sharma, contestant of Inda’s supercook, she says so you are siblings of Mahek? where is she? Nehal says Mahek has gone to Agra, we want to know venue of show, Shurti says she must have gone to mental asylum there, she is mental, she leaves. Mohit says she is witch. Jeevan calls Mohit and asks him to note address, Mohit notes address of some hotel in Agra, he says go there and ind Mahek, take care of yourself, he ends call.
Contest starts. All contestants are waiting for judges. Rajiv, Shaurya and Geeta comes there. One contestant says its difficult to carry yourself seeing Shaurya here, what you say Mahek? Mahek says i only prepared for cooking contest not fashion show. Rajiv says to Shaurya that her confidence is boosting, you wont be able to irritate her easily, Shaurya says when enemy is strong then winning is more fun, when i will throw her out of here then it will be interesting. Shaurya says to contestants that you will have to do cooking but we will play game also, all look on.

PRECAP- Shaurya says your ingredients are hidden in hotel garden, you have to find them then start cooking. Mahek is trying to climb tree to get ingredient, Shaurya says TRP will increase when Mahek will climb tree and God forbid if she falls down…

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode
    Thanx atiba

    1. Mehak just show itself to this shaurya

  2. Seeing this I feel like reaching in my TV and slapping Shaurya.

  3. Nice episode

  4. Hello guys…how are u all?
    Episode was nice.I like this strong mehek.Love you.Go my girl and win the competition.And slap that shaurya.

    1. I’m fine my dear what about you. Angry mahek aachi lagti h love it.

  5. And you all guys know that current week trp is 1.4 and last week trp was 1.2
    Feeling very happy that it is increasing.I thought that after coming of the new serial in star plus at pardes mein hain mera dil it will get mehek trp decrease, but it’s increased.It’s miracle na.Hope that it will increase more.Congo all of you.

  6. Hmmm tik tha episode Waiting for the next episode. Hiiii guys how r u.

    1. Hi Naina,I am fine my dear.Me too waiting for next episode.

    2. Moni7

      Hai my frnds…how r u all…. athya ishu arshi rayna razna late bbb vavachi n all my frnds…..nice episode.. shaurya keep in starring mehak… N that connecting room sequence was nice.. look funny while mehak try to block the room…n shaurya looks good …. waiting for Monday episode….

      1. Hiiii moni I’m dear.

      2. Hi moni,I am fine dear.

  7. Latha

    Yesterday’s episode was good and kadoos Kumar was looking damn cute love you shauri.

  8. Nice Dont tensed mahek we r waiting for a slap on sharuya

  9. Cuteprincess

    mahek should win..dont know whats next in shaurya’s plan..

  10. Moni7

    Hai naina dear….

  11. any idea when will their romantic track start?

    1. No idear dear.Don’t know dear when their romantic track will start.Only cvs can know this.Let’s see what they are cooking in their brain.

  12. Update pls

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